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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [18.01][edit]

[During signature dishes]
Gordon: Kanae, describe the dish, please.
Kanae: It is a coconut broth. Cooked the shrimp in the broth a little, and then the plantains are mashed.
Gordon: This is the one dish that you chose to do. [pause; looks at mashed plantains] Am I the only one in the room here that thinks that visually looks like some camel's turd?
Kanae: (interview) Fuck. I can't even believe this is happening right now.
Gordon: Holy fuck.
Jen: (interview) Man, that poor child. Oh, baby Lord.
Gordon: Two elements done right, one badly executed. Three out of five.
Kanae: Thank you, chef. (interview) I shot myself in the foot with those mashed plantains. Won't do that again.

[Jen puts unwashed mushrooms into a food processor during the veterans' punishment]
Jen: Man, it smells like baked ass.
Jocky: Jen. You washed the mushrooms before?
Jen: I'm sorry?
Jocky: Did you wash them?
Jen: You know what, chef? That would be a negative.
Jocky: Yeah, you need to wash them.
Jen: Yeah, I'm... Yeah.
Jocky: I don't think I have to explain that.
Jen: You're right. (interview) I don't see nothing wrong with not fully rinsing the mushroom.
Bret: That shit is so gross, yo! (interview) You're fucking cleaning the mushrooms. It's not very difficult.
Jen: [to herself while rinsing the mushrooms] Oh, these motherfuckers are gonna get on my nerves. These motherfuckers are gonna get on my nerves.
Jocky: What's that, Jen? What are you trying to tell me?
Jen: Nothing.
Trev: (interview) Jen, come on! Wash, rinse, repeat. It's very simple. If you can't hang, you need to get the fuck out of the way.
Jocky: [to Jen] What were you saying there? You said something. Tell me what you were saying.
Jen: Nothing. [walks out of the blue kitchen] These motherfuckers.
Jocky: This is gonna be a fun few weeks!

Episode Two [18.02][edit]

[Sous Chef Christina calls the chefs in the dorms before dinner service]
Christina: Everybody, come in the red kitchen.
Jen: [to the other contestants] Everybody in the red kitchen.
Roe: Let's be the first ones there. Let's go.
Narrator: While the all-stars know the importance of being on time and showing up as a team...
Christina: You guys can line up right here.
Narrator: ...the rookies have to learn some lessons the hard way.
[Mia, Chris, and Scotley are seen still getting ready upstairs]
Christina: Where's the other team?
Gizzy: We're gonna get yelled at. Come on.
Christina: [walks out of the red kitchen] Don't fuck with me today.
Heather: (interview) Rookie mistake numero uno.
Christina: [to Jose and Motto] YO! Where's the rest of your team, and why aren't you travelling as one?! Get the FUCK in the kitchen!
Heather: (interview) They don't know what to expect, and no veterans are gonna give them any kind of pointers.
Christina: [to Scotley] Are you kidding me?! Are you on vacation or are you trying to win a fucking job?!
Heather: (interview, shrugs) Sorry, rookies. You're on your own.
Jocky: [to rookies after they line up at the pass] Is that how you go to work? You just, like, wander into work, do you? It's not funny, yeah?

Gordon: Where's the shrimp?
Gizzy: Right behind you, chef.
Gordon: [checks shrimp brought by Scott] Oh, fucking hell. Scott! [returns to workstation] So I've got three fucking shrimp! How many risotto are going?
Scott: Just one.
Gordon: Oh, fuck me.
[Flashback to Gordon calling out the order, which had two risotto instead of one]
Gordon: [to Scott] I need six shrimp, you send me three.
Scott: [brief pause] What do you need, chef?
Gordon: Oh, my GOD! Where are the other shrimp?!
Scott: I'm–I'm confused, chef. What do you need?
Scott: I will put them on right now, chef. I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: Oh, my God!
Gizzy: [to Scott] Please don't fuck that up again!
Scott: (interview) I'm so lost on what he's trying to order, and I need him to slow down to be able to process that information. [walks to pass with shrimp] Six shrimp, chef.
Gordon: Six shrimp?
Christina: Oh, my God. You only need three now.
Gordon: Oh, my God!
Christina: You already cooked three!

[Gordon sees Scott grilling shrimp for the tableside orders]
Gordon: Hey, doughnut. Why are you cooking the shrimp?
Scott: Pardon?
Gordon: You've already done the order! IT'S GONE!
Scott: Tableside. [Mia and Marino look baffled]
Gordon: Are you real? Your name is Scott. Scotley is doing tableside. Come here! Come here, you!
Scott: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Come here, come here. Let me show you what "tableside" means.
[Gordon takes Scott into the dining room]
Motto: (interview) Scott cooking tableside in the kitchen? Ooh, man.
Gordon: Tableside means it's sat next to the fucking table.
Scott: Yes, chef. (interview) This is so embarrassing.
Scotley: Don't worry about it.

Jen: I think he's gonna say there's not enough color on there. [to Trev] You don't think they're a little light?
Trev: No, I don't. It's the one thing I never fucked up on.
Jen: (interview) Alright, mate. Now when Chef come back here yelling, I don't want that energy coming my way because I told you.
Trev: [walks to pass] Scallops up!
Jen: (interview) I'm trying to be proactive so we don't get kicked up outta the kitchen.
Jocky: [to Gordon] Why are they coming in a pan?
Gordon: And why... [touches scallops; returns to workstation] Hey, hey, come here.
Trev: (interview, groans)
Gordon: Just touch them first. Just touch how rubber they are. All milky.
Heather: Bigger pan, guys. Come on.
Gordon: Hey! Hold on, hold on. The worst thing is—Hey! They didn't even come out the pan for me to drain them. [drops pan] Get it together!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Enough's enough! Scallops on the fly, urgently!
Trev: Scallops on the fly heard! (interview) It's frustrating. Scallops are, you know, a fickle bitch. [] Scallop re-fire, thirty-five.
Jen: (interview) Oh, my God! Once I saw the beads of sweat coming off Trev, eyes and them glasses of his getting all fogged up, I knew it was something.
Trev: [walks to pass again] Scallops.
Jen: (interview) But, hey. I can pat myself on the back.

[Gordon checks halibut brought by Jose that turns out to be raw]
Gordon: [returns to workstation] Hey! Hey, Red Team, come here. I'm fucking pissed off. Come here. Come here, hey.
Chris: Fuck.
Gordon: This is just lunacy. [pulls apart fish] I got raw fucking halibut. This guy (Scott) can't even cook me six shrimp with your (Gizzy) risotto. This is ridiculous.
Scott: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And you need to get a fucking grip. [to Jose] And you need to grow some quickly, otherwise [points at Jose and Scott] you and you can fuck off on that cart and I'll push it down the dining room! You're professional chefs and you're acting like idiots. [smashes halibut] I need a halibut on the fly COOKED!
Red Team: Yes, chef!

Ariel: Don't break my heart today, please.
Jen: Three minutes on this halibut.
Bret: [cuts lamb] I'll be right behind you when I slice.
Ariel: (interview) I'm just focusing, it's dinner service. We're all professionals, and we should know how to work a station. [to Bret] Go, go, go.
Bret: Right behind, right behind. [walks to pass] Hot behind, lamb.
Jocky: OI! What are you doing carving the meat?
Bret: I'm sorry, chef?
Jocky: Who told you to carve the meat?
Bret: Fuck my life. I'm so sorry, chef. I cut it, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! (interview) I sliced the lamb, and it was cooked beautiful!
Gordon: Bret, don't slice it!
Bret: I know I fucked it. I'm sorry, my apologies.
Gordon: I'll slice it! It's not building confidence, Bret!
Bret: Won't happen again. I'm so sorry, chef. I'm so sorry, chef! I sliced the first one. My apologies, chef. Fuck!
Heather: Don't be sorry, Bret. Bounce back.
Gordon: My bad, yo.
Heather: (interview) My God! Get over it, swallow it, move on.
Gordon: [cuts lamb and checks it] Lamb beautifully cooked!
Bret: I'm so sorry. Won't happen again, chef.

Gordon: Two duck, one lobster, one chicken! [to Mia] How long?!
Mia: Ten out, chef.
Gordon: Ten?
Mia: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Why ten?!
Mia: Because I only have one duck.
Gordon: [sees Chris writing down the order] Oh, Jesus. What are you writing down there? Hey! Hey, where's the duck?
Chris: It's... It's right here, chef.
Gordon: Hey! Hey, Red Team! All of you, over here! We got two duck on here, and one fucking duck cooked. All this fucking writing! It's not an English exam! Shit!
Mia: (interview) Chris right now thinks he's Chef with his little pen and his little paper. He can't even write down the orders correctly.
Gordon: [to Chris] You've got to stop writing now. [rips up ticket] You gotta stop writing, and you've got to come here, young man. You've got to come here.
Chris: (interview, buries face in his hands)
Gordon: This is elementary, guys!
Motto: Oui, chef.
Chris: (interview) This fucking duck, and he just comes up and rips my whole fucking map up!
Gordon: [to Chris] Give me that fucking thing! [groans; snaps pencil in half] That way you can't write anything down!

Gordon: Away now: Two halibut, one lamb, one beef, two pork! [to Chris] What's away?!
Chris: One lamb, one beef, two pork! [Gordon hangs his head]
Kanae & Scotley: Halibut.
Chris: Oh, the halibut! Yeah, fuck! We have... two–two scallops, one halibut, one lobster.
Gordon: Two scallops?
Chris: (interview) I'm not used to having this fucking ticket system. I'm not a space cadet. I just need to write these things down. I visually have to see it.
Gordon: Two halibut, two pork, one lamb, one beef! SING IT!
[Everyone on the Red Team calls out the items in a different order]
Chris: Everybody's saying something different.
Gordon: Two halibut, two pork, one lamb, one beef!
Red Team: Two halibut, two lamb...
Jose: One lamb, one beef.
Gordon: AGAIN!
Red Team: Two halibut, two pork, one lamb, one beef!
Chris: (interview, facepalms and shakes his head) This is not happening. This is not happening!
Gordon: AGAIN!
Red Team: Two halibut, two pork, one lamb, one beef!
Gordon: HOW LONG?!
Jose & Chris: Seven minutes, chef!
Gordon: Seven fucking minutes, let's go!
Scotley: Yes, chef! (interview) OMG. We gotta bounce back. We're coming back with fire, like the red on our jackets.
Chris: Coming behind.
Mia: Hot sizzle pan, chef.
Gordon: [cuts into lamb that's revealed to be raw] Oh, fucking hell. Lamb is raw. [returns to workstation] Mia, Chris! Hey, hey, Red Team! All of you, come here! Hey. [removes towel over raw lamb]
Gizzy: Oh, God.
Gordon: I've never known such a fragmented service in all my life. He's (Scott) lost, he's (Chris) writing things down, and the only thing missing there is the wool. [drops lamb] I'm done. I'd rather cook on my own with fucking Christina. Fuck off to your dorm, and start thinking about two individuals that you can do without! Now, fuck off, will you?! GET OUT!

Gordon: Scott remembers working with some of the biggest named chefs in the world. But whether they would remember him is another matter entirely. I know I won't remember him by tomorrow.

Episode Three [18.03][edit]

Jocky: [after tasting mashed potatoes brought by Jen] Jen, season it. [to Roe] No, it's not ready. Keep that hot. Cook them together!
Roe: Yes, chef. (interview) I'm just taking these wellies for a walk around the kitchen. [to T] She fucked up.
Jocky: [to Jen] How can you not taste your food?
Jen: I did taste it! That's why I put the salt in there!
Jocky: You gotta taste it! Guys, we gotta help back here with garnish. Can somebody show Jen how to do mashed potatoes, please?
Jen: Chef, I'll put a little more salt in there for you. (interview) I'm a sister. I know how to season food. That's never been an issue for me.
Heather: A little creamier.
Jen: Yeah. (interview) I don't know what shit he's eaten in his past that ruined his palate, but the food had enough salt in it. I mean, I guess he just wants to put these people in cardiac arrest.
Gordon: Young lady!
Jen: What am I doing wrong now, chef?
Gordon: Don't fucking talk to me like that! "What am I doing wrong now, chef?"
Jen: I mean, 'cause I see you looking with that look on your face. I mean—Okay.
Gordon: Yeah. Hey, young lady!
Jen: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Wha—Who do you think you're talking to?
Jocky: This is still bland. [brings mash back to workstation] That's still bland.
Gordon: "What are you doing wrong now?" Is that what you just asked me?!
Jen: No, sorry, chef. Is there something I can fix for you, chef?
Heather: Let me try that there.
Jen: Yeah, taste it. It's salty, it's good!
Heather: (interview) Her tartar potatoes were disgusting. [to Jen] You need pepper. (interview) That is embarrassing. You don't know how to season food?
Jen: Black pepper in here, too?
Heather: You need pepper, you need butter.
Jen: Yeah, I put butter, cream, all of that stuff in here!
Roe: (interview) Now we're at a standstill. No one can do anything without garnish.

Gordon: [returns to workstation after touching halibut brought by Gizzy] Out the way, Scotley. Out the fucking way.
Gizzy: Oh, no.
Gordon: All of you, come here. I honestly don't know what the fuck has happened. Look how dry that is. It's like fucking canned fish. [to Gizzy] Is this good enough for you?
Gizzy: No, chef. (interview) It's like my soul that he's just, like, tearing apart. He's like, "It's fucking dry!"
Gordon: Start cooking like pros and get your shit together!
Gizzy: (interview) I'm tired of letting Chef Ramsay down, and I gotta figure it out or else it's gonna start to get scary.
Gordon: Time to get a grip! All this fish is so overcooked, it's insane. If there's one fish we never fucking reheat, it's halibut!
Scotley: You got a hot pan down, Gizzy?
Gizzy: Yeah. (interview) That was all Scotley's fault, and that's why I'm pissed. Ugh, that shit was so fucked up, man!
Gordon: I want the meat, the fish, the garnish together!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Jose, cook two halibut for me!
Jose: Going, chef.
Gordon: Six minutes to the window!
Jose: Six minutes to the window, chef. I got you, Gizzy. (interview) I came here to cook, so if he needs me to cook two halibuts, just suck it up, get the job done, and do it right.

Narrator: While Mia brings some order to the rookies kitchen, the all-stars are once again at a standstill thanks to the garnish station.
Gordon: How long?
Kevin: Jen!
T: How long do you need, Jen?
Gordon: [to Roe] How long?! I'm asking you!
Roe: [points at Jen] I'm waiting on—
Gordon: Yeah, but she doesn't know!
T: Jen, I can walk in three minutes!
Bret: Heard, three minutes! Me too!
T: Fucking Jen, tune in!
Jen: What?
T: I need three minutes! Can you get garnish up in two?!
Jen: YES, I AM!
T: Alright! I'm sick of this shit now! Fuck!
Jen: I'm answering everybody's questions right now! Hot pan! (interview) Everybody wants a piece of Jen. "Jen! Jen, how many of this?" It's just chaotic now.
T: My meat is overcooking! (interview) Jen can't cook. I don't know why the fuck she came back. Maybe she came back to promote her damn chef's jackets and her fucking berets.
Jen: You know what? Y'all really trying to clown me right now, and it's all gravy, man. (interview) I'm definitely the oddball out of the group, so of course whenever anything happens in our kitchen, it's Jen, Jen, Jen.

Heather: [to Jen] You need the duck garnish up now. She (T) needs to push it or it's gonna die.
T: I need to fucking go!
Jen: [walks to pass] Walking up with duck garnish!
Jocky: She's not giving me enough garnish.
Gordon: I'm short on two portions of duck garnish!
Jen: You're short on the leeks, chef? I gave you the potatoes—
Gordon: No! Fucking hell, where's the pan gone? [grabs garnish pan from underneath the pass] Fucking hell.
Jen: I gave you the creamy leeks, chef. The... Okay, you need more.
Gordon: Fucking hell. [to Blue Team] Hey, hey! All of you, run up here with me a minute! I'm short on the duck garnish! I've got one portion out there, and barely a third of the next!
Jen: You just pulled that from under there, chef!
Gordon: [to Jen] Come here.
Jen: You threw that under there! I gave you enough leeks! You're trying to clown me up in here right now!
Gordon: Hey, come here, you. Hey!
Jen: No, you're trying to clown me in here right now!
Gordon: No, come here!
Jen: I gave you the leeks, chef!
Gordon: [angrily drops tray of dirty dishes] All of you, come here! All of you!
T: Fuck!
Gordon: No, all of you, in the storeroom!
Jen: You're trying to clown me, chef, and I gave you enough!
Gordon: No, you're lying. Hey, all of you, come here! All of you!
[The Blue Team walks out of the kitchen and into the pantry, while Gordon pulls Jen aside]
Jen: You're trying to clown me and that's not gonna happen!
Gordon: [to Jen] Hey! Get in there! Get–get in there!
Jen: I appreciate what you meant with the duck, but you're not gonna disrespect me like that!
Gordon: [to Jen] Take your apron off and get out!
Jen: Yeah, I will. Don't worry about it.
Gordon: Front door!
Jen: 'Cause at the end of the day, you lying, chef.
Gordon: Yeah?
Jen: You trying to sabotage me right now.
Gordon: Oh, really? Where?
Jen: You set me up! I'm steady bringing you the food, chef...
Gordon: Who set you up?!
Jen: ...and you throw the pan under there and say I didn't give you enough!
Gordon: You're making an excuse. You're lying!
Jen: [hands her jacket to Gordon] Have a good one, chef.
Gordon: You're lying! Ask Jocky!
Jen: No, I'm not lying.
Gordon: [points at kitchen] Ask Jocky!
Jen: No, I'm not. And then you stand there whispering and say a little smart shit! I'm giving you your food, chef...
Gordon: Huh? Smart what?
Jen: ...but you're not gonna keep disrespecting me for nothing!
Gordon: Bullshit! GET OUT! GET OUT!! [follows Jen into the blue kitchen on her way out] You haven't got it and you know that!
Jen: I do have it!
Gordon: Get out!
Jen: And there's plenty of people that think so, but you're not gonna disrespect me in here!

[After Jen leaves, the rest of the Blue Team stand around looking shocked and confused]
Bret: (interview) What the fuck is she thinking?!
Gordon: [walks in the pantry] I've had enough! All fucking night, we've struggled in that fucking station. Get a grip, or follow her.
Blue Team: Yes, chef.
Bret: (interview) She's having a yelling match with the OG, triple-OG, the motherfucking jefe! Come on, what the fuck?
Gordon: Two salmon, two New York strip!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Bret: (interview) She was going to be the first one to go anyway. Deuces, bitch. That's all I gotta say about that.
Jen: (interview) At the end of day, I have an entire business at home waiting on me. I accomplished a lot of things. I'm going home wishing I would have said more. I wish I would have told him to take that blue chef's jacket and stuff it so far up his ass he started coughing out blueberries. That's what the hell I wish I would have told him.

Gordon: Jen accused me of sabotaging her. The truth of the matter is, the only thing that sabotaged Jen tonight was her cooking.

Episode Four [18.04][edit]

Gordon: Rookies? Veterans? The only title I really care about is executive chef. It's time to see who will lead and who will fall.

Episode Five [18.05][edit]

Christina: How long, two scallops?
Chris: Chef, I got about another thirty seconds.
Christina: No way.
Kevin: No, you got forty-five seconds.
Bret: Sixty seconds, chef! Why are they taking so long?
Motto: (interview) Chris, man, if we're gonna be late on it, we gotta be right on it.
Chris: [to Christina at the pass] Scallops to your right.
Gordon: [returns to workstation after flipping scallops over] Hey, Red Team!
Kevin: (interview) Oh, God. Here we go again.
Gordon: Look what I've got. And we're sending that to the customer?
Trev: (interview) You know better, brother! I know you know this! God knows this! [pause] Meaning Kevin of course, and he's gonna kill ya.
Kevin: [to Chris] I'll cook the scallops. Portion me out two scallops. (interview) My patience is done. I've tried to give Chris the benefit of the doubt, but you know what? Fuck you now.
Chris: [to Kevin] Would you like me to finish this halibut for you?
Kevin: No, no.
Scotley: You watch the fucking pass, bro!
Chris: I heard! I heard the pass!
Kevin: [points at hotplate] Fucking watch the pass and tell us and talk to us!

Narrator: While the Red Team looks for a safe place to hide Chris, blue diners are starting to enjoy their appetizers, and the women have moved on to their first order of entrées.
Roe: Mia, you're coming with the wellington, yes?
Mia: Yes, right now! [slices wellington] Under. Fuck me! [cuts into another wellington] Under. Let's see this one. [slices a third wellington that also turns out to be undercooked] Fuck.
Kanae: (interview) Oh, my God. She's slaughtering that beef wellington.
Mia: [cuts fourth wellington] Under... Fuck!
Kanae: (interview) And she cuts it again, then she's just like... [flails arms around] just butchering that.
Gordon: Wellington? [pause; Mia says nothing] Mia! Look what she's doing. Put it down. Stop. Stop, stop, stop.
Mia: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Why have you cut these?! Why?! How do you gauge whether or not it's cooked? What do you do? [angrily taps spoon] What do you do?
Mia: You cut the end off, chef.
Gordon: Thank you! There's your indication there, but that's super pink. So, you get back in and you haven't destroyed it! Hey, ladies! Come up here! I'm busting my arse off here trying to help you, but you're not fucking listening! I turn my back, and they're FUCKED! Tell her (Mia) to stop doing it! She's crazy!
Ariel: [to Mia] Alright, put these back together so you can keep them warm...
Gordon: Fourteen minutes, pick up!
Ariel: ...because we have another one after this. Put it back together, keep it together.
Mia: (interview) It's my mistake. I fucked up, but I don't trip over the same stone twice.
Heather: Okay, see that's hot. You're gonna keep them close together, and you're gonna keep them tight, yeah?
Mia: Yes.
Heather: Okay. (interview) Mia is strong when she's cooking her own dishes, but everything changes come dinner service. Stop being so frazzled, Mia!
Ariel: Mia, ask me before you cut the next one, okay?
Mia: Yes.

Bret: Scotley, three minutes to the window! [Scotley doesn't respond] I'm waiting on garnish? You got potato puree goin'? Creamy, salty, sexy? [Scotley continues to ignore Bret] Scotley!
Trev: Scotley, you good? (interview) Scotley, you're supposed to be driving the train. Come on, bro. What are you doing right now?
Bret: Scotley, how long?
Trev: (interview) Nothing. Not only not an answer, but literally the guy's doing... nothing. [walks to pass] Wellingtons up.
Gordon: [to Christina] Are you still waiting on mash?
Christina: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Garnish!
Scotley: I got you right here, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, I know! It's just a bit weird for me! All this fucking time, and we haven't even got the garnish in there! You gotta think a little bit, young man!
Scotley: Yes, chef.
Gordon: It's just too casual for me!
Scotley: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You're sharp enough up there! You may be a good cook, but you're not sharp enough for me!
Scotley: (interview) This a new system, working with new guys, and that communication definitely wasn't good. But I know I'm way better than that. I know I'm way better than that.
Bret: Garnish up, Scotley?
Scotley: Yeah, I already went.

Gordon: Two salmon, two New York strip, how long?
Bret: How long two salmon, two New York?
Kevin: Oh, no. No, no. I need—Give me six minutes, please. Six minutes.
Gordon: Six? [shakes his head] Fucking hell.
Kevin: I didn't know I had two salmon. I had one ready. (interview) Scotley, you drive the ship. Garnish station, what's going on? [sighs] Alright, here we go. (interview) How the hell am I gonna make this happen in six minutes? I have to add, wicked hot, hot butter. I'm gonna take a risk with this, but I gotta get this salmon up before he loses his mind.
Christina: [to Kevin at the pass] Right here. Right here, please. Right here. Thank you.
Kevin: Behind, behind, behind.
Gordon: [touches salmon] Look at this. [returns to workstation] All of you, come back down here a minute. Hey, just stop that!
Motto: (interview) This is Hell. It's just getting ugly and more embarrassing.
Gordon: What I'm concerned about is just the way we're cooking the salmon.
Kevin: You think that's raw?
Gordon: Raw? Are you trying to be funny?
Kevin: No, chef.
Gordon: They are fucking rubber. Do me a favour! I'll finish this! Fuck off in the storeroom, and sort your differences out! In fucking private!
[The men walk into the pantry]
Scotley: [to Kevin] I'm fucking cooking garnish. I can't do the pass no more!
Kevin: Okay.
Scotley: I can't you expect me do the pass if I'm cooking fucking garnish!
Kevin: (interview) Fuck kind of word is that, Scotley? "You can't?!" You're supposed to be a chef, aren't you?! That's your job!
Scotley: No! Somebody do the fucking pass!
Kevin: Who's gonna work with him, then?
Chris: I am.
Kevin: You're watching the pass. We need all fucking days all day long.
Bret: Let's do it, come on. [opens the door and returns to the kitchen with the rest of the Red Team]
Trev: (interview) Is this the Red Team that I know? No, it's not! Is it over? No, it's not! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?! No, it's not over yet! Come on!

[Gordon checks wellingtons brought by Bret with Sous Chef Christina]
Gordon: Hmm... terrible. Oh, boy. They've given up. [returns to workstation] Hey... Hey, put your finger in there.
Jose: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [chuckles sarcastically] Put your finger in there. Just identify how fucking ice-cold it is. Yeah, fuck off. [throws sauce pan into the sink] How pathetic. Not even a boiling fucking sauce. When you can't be bothered, leave me—Hey, all of you! Enough's enough! I've taken shit all night. Every fucking table has been a battle, and I'm done! All of you, try and do something as a team. Fuck off out of here, and have a great discussion about two individuals that you wanna get rid off. Get out!
Bret: Sorry, chef.

Gordon: Kevin was a standout in his first time in Hell's Kitchen. Unfortunately, this time around, he seemed more determined to head back to the ski slopes than to the Las Vegas Strip.

Episode Six [18.06][edit]

Trev: (interview) Good morning, and welcome to Hell's Kitchen. I'm Trev. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, isn't it? Too bad I haven't seen the outside of these fucking walls in two weeks! JESUS CHRIST! CAN WE GET ON WITH IT?!

Episode Seven [18.07][edit]

Episode Eight [18.08][edit]

Episode Nine [18.09][edit]

Trev: (interview) Good day, HK. I'll be your host, Trevor. Rise and shine. We're about to get out with another day of fun in the sun. Hopefully. So let's check in with the weather, and it's... Yeah, we're still inside the dorms! So bring your umbrellas and your stomping boots, 'cause it's gonna be a crackin' good time today!

Episode Ten [18.10][edit]

Episode Eleven [18.11][edit]

Trev: (interview) Good morning, Hell's Kitchen. How are you today? Oh, I'm fine, thanks for asking. Let me tell you, the roads are backed up from here to Santa Monica. And it doesn't really matter because we won't be getting outside anytime soon today, so I hear the weather is shitty, but again we wouldn't know anything about that. So, back to you at HK Station. Trev, how are you doing this morning? This SUCKS!

Episode Twelve [18.12][edit]

Episode Thirteen [18.13][edit]

Episode Fourteen [18.14][edit]

Episode Fifteen [18.15][edit]

Episode Sixteen [18.16][edit]