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Hell's Kitchen is an American cooking reality show based on the British program of the same title, where Chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through different challenges and dinner services to decide who is the best.

Episode One [19.01][edit]

[During the signature dish challenge, Declan and Nikki are the first to have their dishes judged by Gordon]
Gordon: Declan.
Declan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Born in Dublin?
Declan: Yes, chef. I've only been in America four years. I'm forty-two now, I'm here now, and I'm an executive chef in (Washington) D.C.
Gordon: So, a big, strong Irish guy in the middle of Washington. Declan, by name, what’s the nickname in the kitchen? What do they call you?
Declan: Uh... Big D.
Gordon: Big D?
Declan: Yeah. [some of the contestants laugh]
Gordon: Ladies, say hello to Big D!
Kori & Syann: Hi, Big D!

Gordon: Kenneth, you did something tonight that I haven’t seen in over a decade. You had twenty minutes to go, and you started plating this dish!
Kenneth: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You were wiping your plate for fifteen minutes! I’m not looking for the Usain Bolt of cookery! Use your time wisely!
Kenneth: Yes, chef.
Declan: (interview) Time management for a chef is being close to godliness. His dish better be perfect!
Gordon: Let’s have a look at what you’ve put under there. Describe the dish, please.
Kenneth: Pan-seared chicken, eggplant, andouille sausage, and orzo.
Gordon: Oh, dear, Kenneth.
Kenneth: Oh, my God.
Eliott: [quietly] Fuck!
Gordon: What happened there? [lifts chicken breast with a fork] You fucked it, you scorched it! Right now, looking at this chicken, I’m feeling bad for those kids in Philly. Are they still talking to you?
Kenneth: Yes, chef.
Marc: Fuck!
Gordon: Uh, for me, that’s a one.
[Later, Gordon is impressed with Kori’s chicken dish in comparison to Kenneth’s terrible one]
Gordon: The chicken’s like butter.
Kori: Thank you.
Gordon: Literally, you sliced through that, and it’s like, I’ve never seen a chicken so soft.
Kori: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: That is beautiful. What did you marinate that in?
Kori: Just a little bit of yogurt. Let it sit in as long as I could. As soon as you yelled twenty minutes, I pan-seared it.
Gordon: [points at Kenneth] Can you just tell him that? As soon as we yell twenty minutes, you started cooking your chicken. He plated it!
Kori: [to Kenneth] Takes about fifteen minutes to cook, five minutes to rest.
Gordon: If there was one tip you could give Kenneth on how to cook chicken beautifully, what would it be?
Kori: Just, you know, take your time. Make love to your food.
Gordon: Make love to it, don’t fuck it! Yeah?
Kenneth: Yes, chef.
Marc: Oh, fuck. [covers his mouth and laughs with the rest of the contestants]
Gordon: Young lady, you just earned yourself a four. Great job, yeah?
Kori: Thank you, chef.

[Brittani and Marc are the last two contestants to be judged]
Gordon: Brittani, describe yours, please.
Brittani: I kept it simple, chef. I went with a pan-roasted pork chop with a little brown butter rosemary baste on it. (interview) I’m from Kentucky. We know how to cook a pork chop.
Gordon: [cuts into pork] Now... what does that look like to you?
Brittani: It came out a little dry. (interview) Oh, God.
Gordon: The pork is overcooked, so... Brittani, you have a two there.
Brittani: Thank you, chef. (interview) I got two points. Motherfucker! Oh, sorry, Nanny. [chuckles] Don’t watch this! Oh, good Lord! I can hear her right now, "Oh my stars, Brittani!"

[For their punishment, the Red Team have to clean the fountain outside Hell’s Kitchen]
Christina: You got me in front of my restaurant with the losing team like a dick!
Kori: (interview) Of course she’s gonna pissed! She has every right to be!
Christina: [to Fabiola] Go, go!
Kori: (interview) She shouldn’t have to be there in front of a restaurant that she opened and be humiliated because we don’t pull our fucking game out!
Christina: Don’t scare that duck over there either. It’s not his fault you guys didn’t win today.
Jordan: This is stupid.
Nikki: Yeah, it is. It’s a lot colder than it looks, too.
[A large crowd of people show up near the fence to watch the ladies clean and pick up pennies in the fountain]
Mary Lou: (interview) The crowd is starting to gather, and every time I would look up, a new person whipped their phone. I feel like an animal attraction. I’m not here for your enjoyment, people, okay?!
Jordan: [to Fabiola and Mary Lou] Well, who else can say they cleaned the fucking statues at Caesar’s Palace? [laughs]
Mary Lou: I’m sweating. Throw some water at me.
Fabiola: It’s not funny!
[Christina and the rest of the Red Team start noticing Mary Lou, Fabiola, and Jordan splashing each other]
Amber: (interview) Some of my teammates aren’t exactly taking this serious.
Jordan: You better get the water out of your boots first! [Mary Lou laughs]
Amber: (interview) This is a punishment and not a pool party.
Christina: Jordan, Mary Lou, Fabiola! Yeah, you guys are having a good time?! You guys have fun on punishment? Like, you enjoy losing? Is that what this is?!

[Adam and Declan sit outside after returning from their Vegas reward and start shit-talking Eliott once he leaves]
Eliott: I’m about to go to sleep, man. Fellas, good night.
Declan: Good night.
Adam: [to Declan] Dude, I cannot stand that motherfucker. He’s gotta go. You saw what he did? He parsed the rice!
[Flashback to the signature dish challenge, where Eliott grinded brown rice into a powder]
Adam: [laughs] I was like, “What the fuck is going on?” (interview) There’s some people that I feel like are in over their head. They have no idea what’s about to happen. This is just day one. If you’re sending up shitty-ass food, you’re going home.
Declan: There’s two that I know are gonna go.
Adam: Who’s the other one?
Declan: Kenneth. With the chicken.
Adam: I’m on the same page as you, man.
Declan: I am not leaving here until the last day.
Adam: Fuck, yeah.

Episode Two [19.02][edit]

[Kenneth is the last of the worst to have his shrimp dish checked by Gordon]
Gordon: Kenneth, describe the dish.
Kenneth: I did a penne pasta, chef, with sautéed peppers, bacon, garlic, and mushrooms.
Gordon: [picks something with his fork and holds it up] What the fuck is that? What is that?
Kenneth: I have no clue, chef. It looked like a potato.
Gordon: A potato?!
Kenneth: And I didn’t even use potatoes.
Gordon: What the fuck?! BLUE TEAM! We have a potato that has dropped in Kenneth’s dish!
Declan: What the fuck?
Blue Team: None of us, chef.
Gordon: Oh, my God! POTATO-GATE! [to Kenneth] You don’t know how that got in there?!
Kenneth: Chef, I didn’t touch potatoes. Potatoes wasn't even a part of my dish.
Gordon: [tastes the "potato"] Taste that. It’s a block of Parmesan, you fucking doughnut! Did you put the Parmesan in there?!
Kenneth: Yes, chef, but I grated the Parmesan cheese.
Gordon: Grated?! It’s a block of Parmesan in there!
[Flashback to Kenneth doing a half-ass attempt at "grating" Parmesan cheese while a small size chunk falls into the bowl; the Blue Team grin and laugh hysterically]
Marc: (interview) We're trying not to laugh, but... Kenneth, come on, man. Like, it's a piece of Parmesan! You know, you can’t fix stupid.
Gordon: [to Kenneth] Do you want to swallow that or do you want to spit it out?!
Kenneth: Spit it out. (interview) Yo, I know the difference between a potato and Parmesan cheese, but it looked just like a potato!
Gordon: It’s a mess. Take this back, step in line next to Eliott. Kenneth and Eliott, two appalling dishes. The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is... [beat] Kenneth, it’s time to leave Hell's Kitchen. Give me your jacket. Eliott, back in the kitchen, and wake up.
Eliott: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [takes Kenneth’s jacket] Thank you.
Josh: That’s heavy as fuck.
Kenneth: (interview) Coming to Hell's Kitchen, I had a lot to prove. I thought I was gonna make it further in the competition than what I did, but it's a learning experience. At the end of the day, I feel that my great-grandmother is smiling down. I really did her proud. [starts tearing up] I made it this far. [pause] I really don't have anything else to say.

[Gordon checks shrimp and polenta brought by Nikki]
Gordon: Ah, fucking hell. Jesus Christ. [returns to workstation] Sorry, Lisa (Vanderpump). [to Red Team] Hey, come here!
Amber: Oh, fuck.
Gordon: Breaking news: The fucking lobster’s raw! [points at chef's table] And it’s for Mrs. Vanderpump! Congratulations! It’s fucking raw!
Kori: (interview) Perfect risotto, completely wasted... over raw lobster. Great.
Gordon: Who cooked the lobster?!
Nikki: I did, chef.
[Gordon angrily drops the lobster onto the plate, and throws the plate into the trashcan before walking back to the pass]
Lisa Vanderpump: Okay, I’m feeling the stress. I need a drink!
Gordon: I think an apology would be nice!
Nikki: I'm so sorry.
Gordon: No, no! Hey!
[Gordon points at the chef’s table again, and Nikki walks over there]
Nikki: I sincerely apologize, guys. I’ll have that re-fired for you as soon as humanly possible, okay? I'm so sorry. [returns to her station in tears]
Kori: (interview) Miss Nikki, you don’t cry in front of anybody! You cry in the walk-in, where nobody sees you! And then you walk out and say, “Oh, shit! I got pepper in my eye!”

Narrator: With the V.I.P. table satisfied, Chef Ramsay is pushing ahead with the rest of the dining room's...
Gordon: Appetisers: Two risotto, two scallop! Heard?!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Nikki: How many scallops was that? (interview) Chef Ramsay, I do not understand what you are saying.
Gordon: Scallops are in, yes?
Nikki: (interview) My brain can't even wrap itself around the accent and the speed and the volume of your voice.
Gordon: Scallops, how long?
Kori: [to Nikki] Scallops, how long?!
Nikki: I have one order of scallops [walks to the pass]
Christina: Wait, you're one off. Did you give me two orders?
Gordon: Fish! Where's the other scallop?!
Nikki: Thirty seconds!
Gordon: Hold on! Hey, young lady, can't you cook two scallops at the same time?
Nikki: I can! I misheard, chef. I apologize.
Gordon: You misheard?!
Lisa Vanderpump: Look at her. Look, she's gonna cry!
Gordon: What is going on?!
Nikki: I can't keep it together.
Gordon: You can't keep it together?!
Nikki: I can keep it together, but...
Lauren: It's alright, chef. She's good.
Mary Lou: We got her, chef.
Gordon: All of you, come here. Fucking... Hey, come here!
[Gordon leads the entire Red Team into the pantry]
Lisa Vanderpump: [while doing her makeup] Gordon looks like he's under pressure.
Gordon: What's happened?! [to Nikki] And why are you crying? Are you done? [pause] You're done?
Nikki: No.
Gordon: You can't bounce back.
Nikki: I can bounce back, chef.
Gordon: Let's get a grip a little bit, shall we?
Nikki: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get in the game!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Quickly!
Red Team: Yes, chef!

Drew: [to Peter] This duck’s gonna overcook. We need to re-fire another one.
Peter: Huh?
Drew: This duck’s gonna be overcooked. Re-fire another one, man.
Peter: Fuck!
Gordon: [to Blue Team] New York strip, lamb, duck for the chef’s table! How long for the re-fire?!
Peter: Uh, six minutes, chef! Six minutes!
Gordon: [to Drew] Is that lamb in?
Drew: [looks around the kitchen] No, chef, it is not! The lamb, uh...
Gordon: The lamb for the chef's table is not even in?!
Drew: Fucking son of a bitch.
Gordon: It’s for our CHEF’S TABLE!
Wayne Brady: Wow.
Gordon: I'm getting pissed off now!
Wayne Brady: They are getting reamed!
Marc: Now, I’m getting pissed now. [to Drew] If it’s not ready, let us know. (interview) This stuff is not rocket science! We’re just cooking!
Drew: Three minutes! It’s three minutes, Cody!
Cody: That lamb, three minutes. Realistically, is that true?
Drew: That’s correct.
Cody: Yeah?
Drew: Yes.
Cody: If it’s not, that’s fucking it, alright?
Drew: (interview) Cody’s over there giving me some heat. And it’s like, dude, I am fucking trying to get this food out!
Gordon: How long, Blue Team?
Drew: [to Eliott] How close are we on the garnish?! [Eliott doesn’t respond] Garnish?
Gordon: How long, Peter?
Peter: Ummm...
Gordon: [slams fist on workstation] Where is it? Come on!
Drew: Eliott, could you walk on the garnish? [Eliott is still standing around and not doing anything]
Gordon: Eliott, what the fuck are you doing?!
Wayne Brady: I should give Eliott a hug.
Eliott: Yes, chef.
Wayne Brady: Poor Eliott. [chuckles]
Gordon: Look at the energy in here!
Marc: That lamb has to rest, chef, for—
Gordon: SHUT IT! He’s (Eliott) fucking standing there doing JACK SHIT!
Declan: (interview) I’m keeping my head down, ‘cause I can’t believe what’s going on. Eliott’s like E.T. You’re—you’re lost in space. [makes a weird face] ELIOTT!

[Gordon cuts the lamb brought by Drew in half, and it turns out to be raw]
Eliott: Oh, no way.
Gordon: Fuck off, fuck off. [walks to the back of the kitchen and holds up a raw rack of lamb]
Wayne Brady: Oh, shit!
Gordon: [throws lamb on tray] I’m fucking done. FUCKING DONE!
Wayne Brady: Oh, that’s my food.
Gordon: I’M DONE! So, your (Peter) duck... Now, your (Drew) lamb. Now, your (Eliott)—I don’t know what fucking planet you’re on! I’ve never seen anything like this! [to Peter, Drew and Eliott] You, you and you, fuck off! GET OUT!
Drew & Peter: Yes, chef.
Drew: (interview) This is our first service, and I’m being sent back to the dorm?! I can’t even fucking believe this! [goes into the dorm bathroom] FUCK! [punches bathroom stall] GODDAMMIT! Oh, that really fucking hurt. I shouldn’t have done that with that hand. (interview) I am fucking livid right now!
[Later, Gordon looks at fries for the lamb entrée sent by Cody]
Gordon: Hey, all of you, come here.
Maile Brady: This is so stressful.
Gordon: Come here. Chef’s table there.
Maile Brady: I’m gonna be able to drink before we get our food.
Gordon: Look at these fries. They’re soft as shit! [slaps lamb on workstation]
Wayne Brady: Was that my lamb that he just threw?
Gordon: [to Blue Team] All of you, GET OUT! GET OUT!! [to Jay] Serve those two main courses. Drop some fries, please.
[The rest of the Blue Team walk back to the dorms]
Declan: Fuck!
Cody: (interview) Ugh! I’ve never not finished a service. Tonight was an absolute epic fucking failure. It was embarrassing. The worst service of my entire fucking career, by far.

[During elimination]
Gordon: [to Eliott] How do you lose focus when you did nothing?
Eliott: I was forgetting what goes with what.
Gordon: "What goes with what?" [facepalms] Fuck me. [to Drew] Drew, what happened to the teamwork on the meat section tonight?
Drew: It went out the window, chef. Things were obviously crazy as you could see, and we didn't bounce back. I had a bad service, but I have more to prove, chef.
Gordon: Are you a better chef than Eliott?
Drew: I can definitely perform better than Eliott.
Gordon: Eliott, are you a better chef than Drew?
Eliott: Chef, we have skills in different places, clearly.
Cody: Oh, my fucking God.
Gordon: What the fuck does that mean? Are you a better chef than Drew, yes or fucking no?
Eliott: [beat] The answer is no, chef.
Gordon: Give me your jacket.
Cody: Fuck, yeah.
Gordon: Drew, back in line!
Drew: Yes, chef.
Gordon: [to Eliott] You just made it easy for me. Good night.
Eliott: Yes, chef. (interview) Coming into this competition, I knew it was gonna be an ass-kicking, didn't necessarily realize it would be that bad. It's kind of a knife to the heart, it really sucks. But I'm only just getting warmed up. Love me or hate me, you're gonna see this face again. I guarantee it.

Gordon: Eliminating a chef this early is usually quite hard. But tonight, I didn't have to eliminate a chef, I had to eliminate Eliott.

Episode Three [19.03][edit]

[For their punishment, the Blue Team have to peel quail eggs]
Jay: If for some reason they're not peeled correctly, don't chuck them. I don't wanna waste any product.
Declan: Egg-cellent idea.
Cody: Egg-sactly.
Drew: (interview) You gotta be yolking me! [realizes the lameness of his joke and hangs his head in embarrassment] Dude, come the fuck on!
Cody: Your hands are too big and manly.
Declan: That's what she said. (interview) They are so delicate, and then we've got these big sausage fingers, and we gotta peel them all? One by one, as a team? And then get ready for service? Man, that's Hell on Earth!
Josh: Just trying real hard to be happy.
Peter: (interview) Be gentle, be soft. And I'm getting so excited. I'm like, "Yeah, you're about to be finished with this one." And, "Boom!" AHHH! The freaking whole top of the egg comes off! Shit sucks, bro.
[Marc leaves when Sous Chef Jay returns to check on the Blue Team's peeling progress]
Jay: How are we looking? Slow? [sees dozens of cracked eggshells in the trash] What is all of this? [to Cody] Is this you?
Cody: No, chef.
Jay: So, who is this? [pause] Guys, I told you not to throw any of this shit away. We can use it!
Blue Team: Yes, chef.
Jay: Well, someone threw it away, right?
Declan: The big man that was standing there, chef. Marc. [several of the men voice their agreement]
Jay: Oh, my God. There's tons of it! This is a blanket statement, but I'm on your side until I'm not on your side, okay? I ask one thing. I'm trying to help you guys out, and you dog me like that. I can dog you ten times as hard, okay?
Josh: Yes, chef.
Jay: One thing, please!
Drew: Yes, chef.
Jay: Jesus, fuck.
[Marc returns to the blue kitchen]
Cody: [to Marc] He (Jay) looked in the trash, he saw the eggs that you fucking threw. I'm sorry I have to say that, dude.
Declan: Lost his shit!
Marc: They—they weren't all me. I'm sure he... I saw he (Drew) threw a couple. I—I thought if they were cracked, they go in there.
Declan: (interview) Again? Dude, come on, please. You fucked up, Marc.

Gordon: Right, Blue Team, here we go! Right out the gate, four covers, Table 1: One special tableside, one scallop, two beet salad! Heard?!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Let's go!
Declan: Are you good with the beet salad, Drew?
Drew: Yes. (interview) This is our second dinner service right now, and we are amped up. We are rocking out. Me and Big D are about to destroy apps. I'm feeling confident!
[The camera cuts to behind Drew, and... his pants are slightly down]
Gordon: [to Drew] Hey, you! Can you pull your shirt down? Hey!
Drew: Yes, chef.
Declan: Drew, fix your jacket! Pull up your pants! (interview) Drew, pull up your pants! I see the crack of dawn coming out of the back of his arse. It's a full moon!
Gordon: Fuck me. The size of that fucking crack, are you kidding me? [to Jay] In front of the chef's table with his arse out!

Amber: [brings pizza to the pass] Right behind, coming over.
Gordon: Show me that flatbread. [lifts pizza up with spoon] Holy fuck. Out of the way. Out of the way, come here. Come here, come here!
Fabiola: Fuck! [sighs]
Gordon: In fact... [hands burnt pizza to Fabiola, who immediately throws it away] Yeah? Oh, you don't wanna taste it?
Fabiola: No, 'cause it's fucked up, chef!
Gordon: Oh, so you wanna serve it to—
Fabiola: No, I don't, chef.
Gordon: What are we doing? What has happened to us?!
Lauren: We're gonna get it together, chef.
Brittani: [to Fabiola] Let's get it. Bring it, baby.
Lauren: (interview) Fabiola in the kitchen is... she's a little bit of a hot mess. Not just mentally, but physically.
Fabiola: [to herself] Get your shit together, Fabiola.
Lauren: (interview) She really needs to snap out of it.

Cody: [to Adam] Garnish!
Adam: Yes, chef?
Cody: Can I walk with salmon?
Adam: Yes, go!
Cody: [walks to the pass] Coming down.
Jay: Put it down. Put it down right here.
Gordon: [after checking salmon with Jay] The salmon's raw!
Marc: Oh, fuck! [to Cody] COME ON, DUDE!
Gordon: The salmon is fucking cold in the middle and raw, yes?!
Adam: Yes, chef.
Gordon: This is where the wheels come off!
Marc: [to Cody] How long on the re-fire?! Say it, tell me now!
Cody: One minute!
Marc: One minute! Is that official?!
Cody: Yes!
Marc: Alright! (interview) Cody, if you're touching the product and you're gonna run it up to that pass... you better own it! [to his teammates] Y'all are pissing me the fuck off, man!
Adam: Dude, be calm.
Marc: No, I'm not calm!
Declan: Relax! [to Cody] Right, that was a fuck-up. We're getting a re-fire, we're gonna bounce back!
Marc: Let's go! Hustle, Cody! Hustle! Urgency!
Cody: [to Gordon] Behind. Salmon on your right, hot.
Gordon: I hope it's hot. It's a fucking kitchen, you doughnut.

Christina: How long on duck wellie?
Jordan: Chef's table, walking! [walks to the pass] Garnish for (New York) strip. You got garnish for everything?
Nikki: What the fuck's going on with that steak? [reads ticket on the pass] Beef wellington. (interview) What the fuck?! [laughs] That's the completely wrong piece of meat.
Gordon: Fucking hell's bells. [returns to workstation] I'm begging for the chef's table: One duck, one wellington. I get a duck and a New York strip. COME ON! I am at a loss for words! I'm done! [walks towards the back of the red kitchen] Here's the insult.
Lauren: Rare.
Gordon: Rare?! It's fucking quacking! With a table like that, and that's the shit you serve. I'm done! Head to the dorm, have a chat amongst yourselves, and come up with two individuals that don't belong here! Now, FUCK OFF!
Jordan: (interview) That was fucking pathetic. [to her teammates as they walk out of the kitchen] My bad, guys. (interview) I feel Lauren doesn't deserve to be a part of the team. She's never run a brigade. Obviously, she's lost on the line. It was just a full, complete fucking breakdown.
[Kori and Jordan toss their aprons off in anger when they arrive in the dorms]

[After elimination]
Gordon: Drew! [holds up belt] Have you got one of these?!
Drew: No, chef.
Drew: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Quickly!
Drew: Yes, chef!
Gordon: (interview) To be my head chef, you need to have passion, leadership, and great skills. Fabiola had passion and not much else.

Episode Four [19.04][edit]

[After losing the wedding brunch challenge, the Blue Team head to the dorms before their punishment starts]
Marc: (interview) Chef Ramsay wants a leader? I'm a natural leader! [to Declan] You wanna talk to me, just me and you for a second? Just you and I? (interview) There's no way that I'm taking a backseat to anybody!
[Marc and Declan walk outside to the patio and sit down next to each other]
Declan: Alright, shoot.
Marc: I'm just letting you know that I'm not the person who's gonna ever say, "Yes, Declan, I'm gonna stand behind you," or–or take command from you. Ain't gonna happen. I'm here to win! I don't look up to you, I don't. I look at you.
Declan: (interview) All I'm hearing is, "Blah-blah-blah-blah, I am here to win. Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah!" You barking at me is like a little chihuahua barking at a big grizzly bear! Sit down! [to Marc] You're up in my face. I'm sitting down, and you're like that. So, that's twice you've disrespected me. Come at me again, and you're gonna see a knuckle sandwich.
[Marc walks away from Declan like a little bitch and sees Adam smoking a cigarette nearby]
Marc: [to Adam] Hey, you gotta stop fucking smoking! You're gonna get emphysema!

[Gordon decides to transfer Amber to the Blue Team to even out the amount of contestants on each team]
Gordon Amber, welcome to the Blue Team, yes? I want to hear your voice.
Amber: Yes, chef. [to Declan] Declan, do you mind if I move a couple things?
Declan: No. Don't move anything. We got it set up the way we want to, yeah?
Amber: Perfect.
Adam: Are you okay?
Amber: This is not how I want this set. I can't work like this.
Josh: [trying to comfort Amber] Come on, we're a team now. This is not—This is not like...
Adam: Amber, we got you! Don't worry. Whatever you need.
Josh: All you gotta do is cook meat, pass it over.
Amber: That's fine.
Josh: That's all you gotta do.
Amber: Yeah, that's fine.
Josh: We're all a team now.
Declan: [sees Amber crying] What's wrong? It's okay.
Adam: What's gonna make you feel better?
Amber: Nothing. I just—
Josh: It's a lot, just to switch like that?
Amber: I'm not into losing.
Declan: (interview) What the fuck?!
Josh: Dude, we won!
Adam: We won the last dinner service!

Gordon: So, we're six minutes to the window: Two risotto, one flatbread, yes?
Jordan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: So, [points at pizza oven] she's (Syann) burnt the flatbread.
Jordan: Pull it now. [Syann takes the burnt pizza out and bins it] Trash it.
Syann: (interview) Me and Jordan are tryna get our groove back like Stella. [to Jordan] Let me know when I can fire.
Jordan: Fire it now.
Syann: (interview) Messed up on that one, but we're gonna bounce back. [to Jordan] I mean, I'm worried.
Jordan: Just watch and turn it!
Kori: (interview) Sy, I don't know what the problem is.
Syann: This flatbread is not...
Jordan: Then fire another one, Sy. Fire another one.
Kori: (interview) Talk to someone, pray to Jesus, pray to the fire gods, whatever you gotta do to figure that shit out!
Gordon: Is the risotto ready?
Jordan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Is the lobster ready?
Brittani: Thirty seconds, chef.
Gordon: [to Syann] Is the flatbread ready?
Syann: No, chef.
Gordon: No, stop, please! Come on!
Syann: No, chef, it's not. I have to start over.
Gordon: Holy fuck. Red Team, this is our third flatbread on our first table. What is happening? [pause] No answer. [to Syann] Are you trying to screw your team?
Syann: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Amber's gone, and this is what happens?!
Jordan & Brittani: No, chef.
Gordon: Come on, then!
Red Team: Yes, chef!

Gordon: On order, chef's table, Chef Jason's family—
Marc: V.I.P, boys!
Gordon: He just butts over me. [throws ticket at the pass; to Marc] I don't know what it is with you, but you got a big mouth for a small guy. 'Cause I'm fucking pissed! When I call out an order, everyone should be fucking listening and cooking! That's it! Then, you move on! Why are you shouting over me?
Marc: I'm sorry, chef.
Gordon: What's more important than Jason's family?!
Marc: I—Yes, chef.
Gordon: No, what's more important?!
Marc: Jason's family, chef. Absolutely, I apologize. I–I understand.
Jay's Friend: He's still talking.
Declan: (interview) The big man, Marc, you're all talk as usual! You shouldn't be a chef. You should be a spokesman, a politician, or a car salesman.
Gordon: [to Marc] Be careful with your fucking mouth! Entrée: One halibut, one New York strip, one chicken!
Amber: Yes, chef!

Gordon: V.I.P, Marino's family. Entrée: One lamb, one salmon! Heard?!
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Let's go! Appetizers got off to a shit start. I'm hoping the entrées pick up a little bit, yes?
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Brittani: I know this is something we can fix, I know this is something we can bounce back from. I can cook anything you put in front of me—snapping turtle, squirrel, rabbit—the list is endless. Listen, I've got this! [to Gordon] Walking salmon, behind you. Behind you, behind you!
Gordon: Oh, fuck me. Unbelievable! [returns to workstation] Okay, ladies, come here! Touch that underneath. Touch it, ladies. The salmon's fucked.
Brittani: (interview) It's definitely embarrassing letting Marino's family down, 'cause, like, what the fuck has Marino ever done to me?
Gordon: Come on, girls! Jesus Christ!
Nikki: [to Brittani] Alright, two more salmon. Start right now, set it up. (interview) I have no idea why Brittani is struggling so much. [to Brittani] Take a breath. (interview) So, I feel like that's where my support's needed. [to Brittani] You got salt on those? Next time, both sides.
Brittani: Salt, both sides.
Nikki: Both sides, okay?
Gordon: Nikki, you're supposed to be on meat with Kori, yeah?!
Nikki: I'm just trying to give Brittani some support.
Gordon: Some support? Does she need any more support?
Nikki: [pause; Brittani nods to her] She may.
Gordon: Holy fuck. This is painful.
Brittani: God, I am so fucking sorry. Goddamn.
Nikki: Hey, listen. Don't be sorry, man. Learning curve, but you know what? After tonight, who's gonna know how to cook fish? [Brittani laughs] This bitch!

Gordon: Chef Jason's family, how long?
Declan: Right now, chef, I'm on the pass in two minutes! (interview) This is Chef Jason's table. Come on, gents. No one let this table falter. Nobody! [to Marc] Get your garnishes ready. Be ready! When you're ready, I'm ready, okay?! When you put it on the pass, tell me you're ready, and I'll bring the meats up!
Marc: We'll be ready. Okay.
Declan: (interview) We're getting this table out exactly right. I'm gonna punch my way through this if I have to. [to Gordon] Walking to the pass now, chef.
[When Gordon cuts into the steak, it turns out to be raw in the center]
Gordon: Declan, meat's undercooked.
Thuy Santos: [gasps] Oh, no!
Jay's Friend: That big boy's going down.
Gordon: Come on. It's fucking bright white, and it's rare! Get it in a hot pan now!
Marc: (interview) Declan, you wanna self-proclaim yourself the leader to the entire team and then not be able to cook? That makes me chuckle. [laughs]
Gordon: Where are we now?
Declan: [to Peter] Fish is ready to go, right?
Gordon: Hold on a minute. The halibut's not in?!
Peter: Not in, chef.
Declan: Chef, I told him to put it in! [to Peter] Did we not have a discussion?!
[Flashback to Declan telling Peter to get the pan ready for the halibut]
Declan: [to Peter] I said to put the pan down and the halibut on!
Gordon: Oh, fucking hell!
Adam: Come on, Peter!
Gordon: Oh, my God! ENOUGH'S ENOUGH! I'm done. I'm getting so fucked off, it's ridiculous! And I'm fucking minutes away from kicking you all out! One mistake on that table, and it's fucking game over! Good night!
Amber: Yes, chef.
Peter: Six minutes, I'm good!

[Gordon checks halibut brought by Peter]
Gordon: Look at that. [returns to workstation] All of you, step down here. That's the last piece of halibut there. That's what I've just been given. Just fucking look at–look at the black shit on there. I'm fucking done. [pause] Get OUT! Get fucking out of here! Get out! And Blue Team, come up with two individuals that need to leave quickly!
Adam: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Bullshit.
[The Blue Team sit down near the patio, where the Red Team are discussing their nominees]
Jordan: You guys got kicked out?
Declan: Don't talk to me for a while.
Brittani: Yes, sir.
Marc: [to Declan] Listen, man.
Declan: Dude, just stay the fuck away from me!
Marc: I don't wanna argue.
Declan: Stay the fuck away from me!
Marc: I don't wanna argue with you! We're stronger together, that's all I'm saying.
Declan: Dude, shut the fuck up! Stay away from me!
Brittani: Marc!
Syann: Marc, just don't provoke him!
Mary Lou: (interview) I feel like we're just classy English ladies having tea. The Red Team is talking, and then all of these hoodlums just show up!
Marc: We're stronger together. That's all I'm saying, we're stronger together.
Declan: Well, then fucking lead, follow, or fuck off!
Amber: (interview, sighs) I hate the Blue Team. They're just shouting and yelling and I don't know what the Blue Team's gonna do. It's a mess.

Gordon: Brittani floundered on the fish station and sank her team, which left me with one option: Cut bait.

Episode Five [19.05][edit]

Marc: [to Amber] It’s ready in thirty seconds. I got it.
Amber: (interview) I’m with Marc on apps. He’s all over the place. There’s always shit everywhere, it’s always disorganized. I’m so fired up about how I don’t like this guy.
Josh: Marc, lobster tail going up!
Marc: Heard that.
Josh: [to Gordon] Coming down, lobster tail! Right behind.
Gordon: I got the lobster! Where’s the risotto?!
Marc: It’s ready in thirty seconds! I got it, chef!
Gordon: Back in, please. Back in! [to Blue Team] Hey, where’s our teamwork?!
Marc: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [to Marc] I don’t want that going until you walk!
Marc: Yes, chef! My apologies, chef!
Gordon: Fucking hell.
Marc: [to Josh] Hey, lobster for the risotto, right? How long do you need?
Josh: No, it’s your risotto. Your lead.
Cody: Exactly. You’re driving it, okay? How long?
Marc: In fifteen seconds, you can walk.
Gordon: Let’s go! Risotto, please!
Josh: Coming down, lobster tail.
Gordon: Yeah, hey. Did he (Marc) check with you before you went?
Josh: Yes, he did, chef.
Gordon: [to Marc and Josh] Did he check it?! Did he check with you before he went?! [pause] Is that a yes or a no?!
Marc: Yeah, he did.
Gordon: Oh, my God! Fuck me! He (Josh) doesn’t run with the lobster until what?
Marc: Until I’m ready to go, chef.
Gordon: Regroup, let’s go!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Amber: (interview) Marc, just fucking cook and communicate. How about that?

[In the blue kitchen, Peter gets frazzled while working on the garnish station]
Gordon: Where’s the mashed potato? [to Peter, who groans] Where’s the mashed potato?
Peter: Right here, chef.
Gordon: Just give it to me in that pan! It’s a wellington, yes?!
Peter: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Put it down! I can’t work all day, young man! Fucking hell!
Peter: [to Josh] What do I have up next?
Josh: Uh, that’s you, man. You’re the director.
Gordon: Oh, my God. Fuck me! All of you, Blue Team, come here!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: What is difficult?
Cody & Josh: Nothing, chef.
Gordon: You need to own it. Cut the fucking shit!
Declan: Heard that.
Gordon: I'm looking for a leader! Is there anyone here who can’t lead?!
Marc: No, chef.
Gordon: Have you got the qualities to become a head chef in Lake Tahoe?!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Peter: No, chef, I don't.
Gordon: You haven't?
Peter: I don't.
Gordon: Take your jacket off and fuck off! [pause] Amber, take over garnish.
Amber: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Regroup, let’s go.
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Marc: (interview, looks around) What happened?
[Peter walks back to the dorms and takes off his jacket]
Peter: (interview) You know, if this is what it takes to be an executive chef, then the facts are there. I am not ready. I don’t believe that every executive chef that’s established in the world has gone through all this mental pain and, like, negativity. No amount of money is worth that stress. I just need to get back home. I miss my family. [breaks down in tears and wipes his eyes]

Episode Six [19.06][edit]

[After finishing their punishment prepping both kitchens, the Red Team notice Jordan looking despondent]
Syann: [to Jordan] Hey, babe. Red Team, top six. Keep that in mind. Babe, that’s an accomplishment! Win or lose, you are not leaving here no loser!
Jordan: (interview) For most people, Hell’s Kitchen will break you at some point. It’s trying to drive me to drink, and I’m almost six months sober. This is rough.
Kori: Hey, Jordan. Win or lose, go home or stay here, will you do me one favor? Promise me one thing. Don’t break sobriety over this. Hey, look at me. Don’t break sobriety over this! I know it’s tough. [Jordan looks down] Look at me! It ain’t fucking worth that shit. You are a hell of a lot stronger. Six months is a long time! And I admire you for that! Don’t you break.
Jordan: [crying] I won't!
Kori: Look at me! Look at me in the eyes! You promise me what?
Jordan: I won’t break sobriety.
Kori: Promise me?
Jordan: Yeah.
Kori: I'm the mama around here, and I’ll come kick your ass, motherfucker! I’ll find you in Texas. Do you understand me? [hugs Jordan]
Syann: And I second that!
Kori: [to Jordan] Ain’t worth it.
Syann: It sure ain’t.

[Smoke starts coming from underneath Jordan’s pan that quickly becomes a fire]
Jordan: Oh, shit. [blows on flames to put them out]
Kori: I’m dropping pasta!
Gordon: Two scallops, two spaghetti! Spaghetti’s down, yes?
Kori: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Who’s cooking the spaghetti?!
Kori: I am, chef.
Gordon: How long for your spaghetti?
Kori: I need four minutes, chef.
Gordon: Four minutes? How long does it take the scallops to cook?
Kori: Two minutes, chef.
Gordon: So why are they in the pan? [pause; to Jordan] Before you drop the scallops, who should you be talking to?
Jordan: [points at Kori] Appetizers, chef.
Gordon: And did you talk to her?
Jordan: No, chef, I did not.
Gordon: Oh, Jordan. Fucking hell, man. [takes Jordan’s pan and violently flips it over, dropping the scallops] Holy fuck! I do not get it!
[Jordan starts tearing up and walks out of the red kitchen]
Kori: Hey, Jordan!
Lauren & Mary Lou: Jordan!
Kori: (interview) We are big girls and we are not always gonna win. But when we lose, tough, tough, tough it up!
[Jordan crouches down on the hallway floor and cries]
Jordan: (interview) Anybody who knows me will say that once I’m pissed off, it’s hard to bring me back from being pissed off, but I can’t let that shit happen again. I need to get it out of my head, and actually show them that I know how to cook on a line and that I’m not an idiot sandwich.
[After some time, Jordan returns to her station]
Mary Lou: Jordan, do you need any help?! I can shake some, move some. (interview) Jordan’s got that one eyebrow, that one eyebrow just tells on her. She’ll be angry, she won’t look at you in your eyes. I’m like, "Fix your face!"

Narrator: With the Blue Team finally managing to get on the same page, over in the red kitchen…
Gordon: On order, four covers going to the show. Entrée: One lamb, two wellington.
Red Team: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Let’s go!
Narrator: ...Syann and Mary Lou are trying a personal approach on the meat station.
Syann: [to Mary Lou] How does that sear look?
Mary Lou: Don’t worry about going fast, fast, fast. Beautiful. Make love to it, alright? Feel it.
Syann: So, don’t—don’t be rushed.
Mary Lou: Don’t be rushed.
Syann: Sexy sear. (interview) Hey, how you doin’? My name is Sy. I’m a Leo. What’s your name, what’s your sign? [to Mary Lou] Should I pull it now?
Mary Lou: No, 'cause that side don’t look good. This side look like a masterpiece, the other side look like a tragedy. We-we’re trying to turn them into masterpieces.
Christina: How long, wellie?
Mary Lou: Right now.
Syann: Walking right now, chef.
Mary Lou: Right behind, right behind!
Syann: [hands lamb to Nikki] Here you go.
Nikki: Beautiful. [walks to the pass] Walking lamb! Lamb to your left, chef.
[Gordon cuts into the lamb, then puts a towel over the plate and picks up the tray]
Mary Lou: Wait a minute.
Gordon: All of you, come here! [takes towel off to reveal the raw lamb] The lamb’s been back in the field.
Mary Lou: Chef, this is all me.
Gordon: [beat] Let’s go! Is there another lamb on now?! Let’s go!

Gordon: Fire, entrée: Two salmon, two orecchiette!
Josh & Amber: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Six minutes to the window, yes?!
Amber: Yes, chef! Six minutes!
Adam: Get it on the heat.
Amber: It’s not gonna take me six minutes.
Adam: [stutters] Okay.
Gordon: Amber, why is it not getting cooked, the salmon?
Amber: He (Adam) needed six minutes, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, 'cause it’s raw.
Adam: That’s what I said!
Amber: Yes, chef!
Gordon: I'm looking at you thinking, "What the fuck is going on here?!" [slams fist on workstation]
Adam: Amber, when I tell you to drop the salmon—
Amber: Don’t talk to me!
Adam: (interview) Oh, my God! We’re not here to fucking babysit.
Josh: I need six minutes on the orecchiette! I’m firing it right now!
Declan: It’s an orecchiette and a wellington.
Josh: Oh, I had it right here! I’m sorry, I had it in my hand. I’m ready.
Gordon: You’re saying six minutes, and it’s actually—
Josh: I know. It was in my hand, chef.
Josh: I know. Sorry, chef. I'm fucking scatterbrained right now.
Declan & Amber: Yes, chef.

Josh: Coming out, right behind, chef.
Declan: Where’s your orecchiette, Josh?
Josh: It’s in the window!
Declan: Good man!
Cody: Well, actually, he’s kind of a good man. He’s kind of a little bitch.
Declan: Son of a gun.
Amber: [to Gordon] Behind you, coming down!
[Gordon checks salmon brought by Amber]
Gordon: Oh, man. [returns to workstation] Blue Team, come here. Declan!
Declan: Chef, coming out!
Gordon: Just touch the skin.
Adam: It’s not even...
Gordon: Touch the fucking skin. Look at the colour of it! [flips salmon over twice] Look at it again, look at it again! Look at the [slams fist on the salmon] FUCKING SHIT! ABSOLUTE FUCKING SHIT! [throws plate away] Come on, guys! SERIOUSLY!

Gordon: Tonight, when Josh blows out the candles on his birthday cake, he should wish for one thing: A stronger voice.

Episode Seven [19.07][edit]

Mary Lou: Everybody who saw my fun muffins, you all owe me $20.

Mary Lou: [sees salmon cooked by Syann] Sy, you can’t sell that.
Syann: Why?
Mary Lou: It’s burnt.
Syann: [looks at her pan] That skin is burnt?
Mary Lou: (interview, shaking her head) Sy, don’t sell it. Don’t sell that. That salmon is black. [to Kori] Mama, look at that skin!
Syann: She said it was burnt. Is that burnt?
Kori: It’s a little burnt. Just a little. Do you have another one?
Syann: How’s this? [holds up another salmon that also looks slightly burnt; Kori says nothing]
Nikki: [shrugs] It’s on the brink.
Syann: So, no. I’m not selling this?
Nikki: It looks okay to me.
Mary Lou: That one looks better than the other ones.
Nikki: I really think it’s okay.
Kori: Yeah, put that one down with the other one.
Nikki: (interview) Salmon is not a hard protein, so I don’t really understand what’s happening to her right now. I cook salmon every single day of my life.
Kori: Walking wellington and salmon sides, girls!
Red Team: Heard!
Gordon: Come on, Sy! Get in the game! [pause] Where’s the callback? Let’s go.
Jordan: Yes, chef. Right behind.
Gordon: Wellington nicely cooked.
Jordan: Thank you, chef!
Gordon: Lamb nicely cooked.
Jordan: Thank you, chef!
Gordon: Where’s the salmon, please? Come on, ladies!
Nikki: [to Syann] Get that over the heat! Put it on the heat!
Gordon: I’m waiting on the salmon! I got the sauce, I got no fucking salmon!
Syann: I need—I need two minutes! I told them, chef!
Gordon: You told them? Is that right?!
Syann: Yes, I did! I kept them updated, chef!
Kori: She told us two minutes.
Syann: I did!
Gordon: She did tell you that?!
Jordan: Two minutes ago!
Gordon: She said, “two minutes,” two minutes ago?!
Jordan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: So, it’s time now, right?!
Jordan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I’ve sliced the wellington! The lamb’s sliced!
Syann: I’m almost there, chef.
Gordon: She said two minutes ago! Time’s up, Sy!
Syann: Yes, chef! I’m there, chef!

Kori: Wellington and lamb are walking!
Jordan: [to Gordon] Behind, chef.
[Gordon and Sous Chef Christina notice something wrong with the lamb]
Christina: What’s that lamb up there, chef?
Gordon: God knows.
Christina: I told them, next ticket. That’s the one they messed up last time.
Gordon: Oh, boy! Red Team, sorry to disturb you! The meat station’s brought the lamb again!
Jordan: Kori, come on, man!
Kori: The lamb is for the next ticket!
Nikki: You told us there was lamb on this ticket!
Kori: No, it’s the next ticket!
Nikki: You said ten times that it was on this ticket! Don’t tell us to fire it if it’s not fired.
Kori: I didn’t say fire, I said next ticket!
Jordan: [to Nikki] She fucked us. (interview) At this point in the game, I’m not taking fire for something that I didn’t fucking do.
Gordon: So what do we do now then, Red Team?!
Jordan: Re-fire it, chef. (interview) There’s a lack of communication on Kori’s part, and now we’re just dragging ass.

[Gordon checks New York strip and salmon brought Nikki and Syann]
Gordon: Oh, boy. [returns to workstation] Red Team, come here!
Jordan: Fuck.
Gordon: Come here!
Nikki: Oh, my God!
Gordon: Fries soggy, undercooked! Beef overcooked, we got medium now. We got medium. And salmon’s ice-cold in the middle!
Nikki: There’s no excuse, chef.
Jordan: No excuses.
Gordon: I’m done! [walks into the blue kitchen] Blue Team, come here! All of you! On their stations, now!
Declan: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Amber, on meat! Declan, on fish!
Declan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Adam, take over the garnish!
Adam: Yes, chef!
Gordon: [to Red Team] Now, show some accountability!
Red Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Have a fucking meeting—a very serious meeting—and find out which two individuals you can do without! FUCK OFF!

Gordon: Sy’s winning personality and determination were enough to take her far, but her lack of experience made me say sayonara.

Episode Eight [19.08][edit]

Gordon: If you can't fit in with the pack, you better be the top dog. But Lauren was bringing up the rear.

Episode Nine [19.09][edit]

[During the Blind Taste Test, Nikki and Declan are blindfolded, while Jordan and Marc are sitting in the dunk booth]
Gordon: This is...pear! [to Declan] Open up! [to Nikki] Choo-choo!
Declan: Pears, chef.
Gordon: Well done, Declan!
Cody: YEAH!
Adam: Yeah, Big D!
Gordon: She (Nikki) said carrots were pears. I wonder if she will say the pear is carrot?
Nikki: It tastes just like the last one! Apple!
Gordon: [laughs hysterically] Oh, shit!
Jordan: Fuck!
Gordon: [lifts Nikki's headphones] Pear, wrong.
Nikki: Dammit! [facepalms]
Gordon: Okay, Christina! Chocolate syrup!
[Everyone laughs as Christina dunks chocolate syrup on Jordan]
Adam: Oh, my God!
Gordon: Blue Team, you are off to a flying start!
Cody: Keep getting those points. We need it.
Marc: (interview) Declan has a palate. I give credit where credit is due. And I'm squeaky clean right now, but man... [looks to his left as if looking at Jordan and chuckles]
Jordan: This is some bullshit, man! It's in my fucking shoes! [Mary Lou and Kori laugh]
Marc: (interview) It's like a massacre right now.
Gordon: One more, here we go. Cheddar cheese. [laughs] Are the cherries coming out?
Nikki: [after tasting the Cheddar] I know this, I know this!
Jordan: I fucking hope so!
Nikki: What is wrong with me?!
Jordan: There's gonna be a lot wrong with you if you get this shit wrong!
Gordon: Come on, Nikki.
Nikki: I know it's wrong! I'm just gonna say tahini, even though it's not tahini.
Gordon: Tahini. [Jordan grunts angrily]
Declan: Cheddar cheese, chef.
Adam: Yes!
Gordon: Well done, Declan! Four for four! [high-fives Declan]
Declan: (interview) I got a FOUR, Nicole got ZERO!
Nikki: What is my problem?!
Gordon: Christina, let's go! Maraschino cherries!
Nikki: Jordan! [tries not to laugh as Christina dunks cherries on Jordan] I'm so sorry!
Jordan: NIKKI, I'M BEATING YOUR ASS WHEN I GET UP! I SWEAR TO GOD I'M BEATING YOUR ASS!! (interview) You didn't get nothing right! I'm... Oh! [to Nikki] Get away from me right now, dude! [Declan laughs] (interview) Like, you put us in the hole by four! By four! And you had easy shit, bro! Pears! Like, come on, man! Have you ever eaten a pear, Nikki?!

Gordon: Okay, Blue Team. Four covers, Table 1: Two risotto, one scampi, one meatballs! Heard?!
Blue Team: Heard, chef!
Gordon: Let's go!
Amber: [to Declan] Does that look good to you?
Declan: Yep. (interview) I'm so proud to be on this team, but I know there's still a few glitches. [to Marc] You got two lobsters dropped, right?
Marc: Yes, Dec!
Declan: (interview) The weakest member of the team still, is Marc. He's gotta try really hard, but it's all talk. It's all bravado.
Marc: [hands lobster plate to Adam] Adam, walk that, please. The lobster.
Gordon: Where's the risotto?
Declan: Right now, chef!
Gordon: I got the lobster! [pause] Are we talking to each other, Marc?!
Declan: [walks to the pass] Yes, chef!
Marc: Declan! How long on the risotto, Declan?!
Gordon: [plates risotto] Very nice, that risotto!
Declan: Thank you very much, chef!
Gordon: Where's the scampi?
Marc: I got it right here.
Gordon: [checks shrimp] Hey! [returns to workstation] There's no citrus, no seasoning! There's fuck all in there! Lemon juice, salt!
Amber: Heard, chef.
Gordon: Speed up, Marc! I'VE GOT TO FUCKING GO!
Cody: [to Marc] Yo, knock that rust off, alright? This is the first ticket, but that can't happen again, heard? Right? Yes, Marc? [Marc ignores Cody and continues cooking]
Declan: Marc, where you at right now?
Gordon: Where's the scampi? [Marc still doesn't respond] He's not answering me. Marc!
Marc: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Where's the scampi?! I'm dying here! Where's the scampi? [pause; still no response from Marc] Oh, my God. Come on, Marc, please!
Marc: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Fried egg!
Declan: [to Marc] Egg ready?
Amber: You got the egg, Marc?
Marc: Egg's right here, yes!
Gordon: Hurry up, please! Let’s go!
Adam: I got you on that egg.
Marc: Thank you.
Gordon: EGG?!
Declan: Egg coming down, now, chef.
Adam: Behind you, chef.
[Adam brings filet mignon and egg to the pass; Gordon looks at the egg briefly before returning to the workstation]
Gordon: Hey, fuck yourselves. Fuck yourselves. [shows Blue Team the fried egg on top of the steak] That’s burnt in there, okay?
Declan: Marc, it’s poached gently in butter! (interview) Dude, seriously?! A fried egg! My blood boils. Why do I have to be standing around these turkeys when I’m trying to soar like an eagle?!
Gordon: Is our head still in the fucking (Grand) Canyon?! WHAT’S GOING ON?!
Amber: (interview) Fish station should be the last station on steak night in Hell's Kitchen to go down.
Gordon: [to Amber] Can you look at a fried egg?! Not raw white, not crispy as fuck underneath!
Blue Team: Heard, chef!
Adam: Three minutes, chef!
Marc: On the veal, four minutes.
Gordon: Fucking hell. Really? No one's leading this thing! All of you, stop. Stop! Come here! Hey, Blue Team, come here! [everyone on the Blue Team gathers at the pass] What is going on?! He’s (Marc) not talking to him (Declan), and he's (Cody) not talking to him (Adam)! [points at Cody, Adam, and Marc] You and you need to get on the same page!
Cody & Adam: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Just FYI, come here. [walks into red kitchen] Just listen to this a minute. Just stand there and listen!
Kori: I need two filets, one New York, one chicken! Six minutes!
Mary Lou: Six out on garnish!
Kori: Six minutes to the window, heard?! [Gordon throws his arms up]
Blue Team: Yes, chef!
Amber: (interview) Kori is just leading the team through a successful service. My God, I miss the Red Team!

Gordon: One salmon, one New York strip next!
Cody: One salmon, one New York strip! Five out! [pause] Marc?
Marc: It was one salmon, two veal!
Gordon: Really?! Is he serious?! Enough's enough!
Cody: (interview) Marc, what the fuck is going on?!
Gordon: We are fucking way off!
Cody: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Way off! THIS IS BULLSHIT! All of you, come here.
[Gordon takes the Blue Team into the pantry]
Marc: (interview, facepalms) Oh, my God! [looks up like he’s about to say a prayer]
Gordon: It isn't the same Blue Team that I had the other night, let me tell you. Nothing came together! As a team, right now in the dorm, come up with two individuals that you can do without! Is that understood?
Blue Team: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Pathetic!

Gordon: Adam started off the competition strong, but unlike his beard, Adam stopped growing.

Episode Ten [19.10][edit]

Gordon: [to Marc] I want finesse from you. I only want your best! Don’t give me shit!
Marc: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I'm not sending it!
Marc: Heard, chef.
Cody: [to Marc] Is this your risotto? I'll do this, you work on your carbonara.
Marc: Yep!
Cody: Marc, where's your carbonara sauce?
Marc: [bumps into Declan] Sorry.
Cody: Marc, where's your capers? (interview) Dinner service is starting up, and Marc's already in a haze.
Marc: I need white wine. I don’t have white wine.
Cody: Get it together, man.
Amber: Do you need me to go get wine for him?
Cody: White wine, please. Yes. (interview) I will be the leader that I am. I will hold your little hand and walk you. [pause] Walk you like an infant child.
Declan: [to Marc] Hey, look. It’s not even on. [turns on heat for flattop] It was off.
Marc: I turned it on!
Declan: It was off!
Gordon: The fucking stove is off?!
Declan: Yes, chef. [points at Marc] Just him.
Marc: It was on, so I don’t—
Gordon: So who turned it off?!
Marc: Cody made the last risotto.
Gordon: Cody did?!
Marc: He cooked the risotto right here! [to Cody] Did you not, Cody?
Cody: [smirks and chuckles] Interesting. [to Marc] How long on the risotto? (interview) At this point, he's just clutching at straws. Check your equipment, you little child.
Declan: One more minute to the pass on this.
Marc: [to Cody] Alright, I'm one minute out to the pass!
Cody: That rice needs to go on heat. Look at it, it’s grainy.
Marc: I—I will own what I'm cooking, okay?! Thank you! Thank you!
Declan: Marc, chill out. He's only trying to help you.
Marc: The risotto's done, I got it!
Declan: It's a team, Marc!
Cody: I am gonna fucking murder this kid.

Gordon: I've sent the Red Team already! [to Marc] You said seven! We’re now at nine!
Cody: How long? You’re leading this! How long?!
Marc: Right now. I'm going right now to Chef!
Cody: That better be good.
Gordon: Marc, come on! Speed up! I’m glad you got so much time on your hands! [tastes the risotto, then spits it out] That is disgusting. [returns to workstation] Marc! Hey, hey, just taste that! Taste that!
Declan: Fuck!
Gordon: Right now, all of you!
Amber: Yes, chef!
Declan: Heard!
Cody: [to Marc] If you can see the granules like that, it’s not cooked.
Gordon: [to Marc] Hey, come here, you! [to Cody] Hey, finishing that fucking risotto! Finish the risotto! [to Marc] Come here, you!
Marc: (interview) Here we go again. [sighs] I can’t believe this. I can’t.
[Marc follows Gordon into the pantry]
Gordon: You wanted to be on appetizers, right?
Marc: Yes, chef.
Gordon: So far, nothing’s come out on point! I’m warning you, get a grip now.
Marc: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Quickly! And I mean fucking quickly!
Marc: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Declan, where’s the meat, please?
Declan: Meat's coming up now, chef! Walking with the strip, walking with the lamb!
Cody: I need two minutes.
Declan: Strip up!
Gordon: How long, Declan?!
Declan: Right now, chef! Walking! [walks to the pass]
Cody: [sighs] Declan, I said I need two minutes, alright? Declan, I need two minutes. (interview) No, no, no, Declan. Declan, don't—don't—don't do that! Don't do—Stop! Stop... Ah, fuck. [to Declan] I just—I needed two minutes.
Declan: I know, but I couldn't do it! He was calling me over.
Cody: You—you gotta though. The garnish has to go up first.
[Gordon cuts into New York strips and lamb brought by Declan]
Gordon: Blue Team, come here!
Declan: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Just look at that meat there. It's raw! I can't serve that shit!
Blue Team: Yes, chef!

Gordon: Marc is a big talker and a decent cook, but I'm looking for someone who can lead a brigade. Marc couldn't even win over his own team.

Episode Eleven [19.11][edit]

[During the Spells Kitchen challenge, Mary Lou and Cody are the last to be judged by Gordon]
Gordon: Mary Lou, describe your dish, please.
Mary Lou: Chef, I have a pan-seared halibut with a whipped guacamole, and it has a rice pilaf with the spinach in it.
Gordon: [shows inside of halibut] Look at that. Glistening, beautifully cooked.
Mary Lou: Thank you, chef.
Gordon: But that smear, it looks like the inside of my granddad’s fucking underpants. [Declan stifles a laugh] Everything else looks lovely and rustic, but this thing here... Ay-yay-yay.
Mary Lou: I'm sorry about that, chef.
Gordon: [to Mary Lou and Cody] Both of you, take your dishes back for a moment, please.
Mary Lou: (interview) Chef just pretty much shat all over my plating technique, but I feel like all my flavors are there, so I think I can still win.

Declan: Amber, check those filets for me.
Amber: These are—This is what you want me to serve, D?
Declan: Medium rare, right?
Amber: Yes, Big D, you're good.
Declan: Start taking the steaks out!
Amber: (interview) This is Declan's course, but it seems like I'm doing everything. [to Declan] D, you gotta get to the pass.
Declan: Yeah, go now.
Amber: [walks to the pass] I'm gonna drop the filets!
Declan: Yeah.
Amber: (interview) If you want to be an executive chef and run a restaurant, why the fuck can’t you cook your own meats? I’m sorry, but, come on.
Gordon: [flips filets over] Declan.
Declan: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Come here. You tell me what's wrong with that. You—you tell me.
Declan: It's too dark.
Gordon: I didn't want the best.
Declan: Heard, chef.
Gordon: Only the best for the charity, end of fucking story, okay?!
Declan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Cut the bullshit! Way too seared!

Narrator: The Blue Team has delivered entrées to happy diners, but over in the red kitchen, Jordan is still plating.
Gordon: Jordan.
Jordan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You’re not checking any temperatures, you’re not doing anything. You’re just silent!
Jordan: No—
Nikki: [to Jordan at the pass] Uh, this steak is rare.
Jordan: Alright, then... hold on.
Nikki: Mary Lou, can you throw this back in the pan?
Gordon: [cuts filet in half] Ladies, come here!
Nikki: Yes, chef!
Gordon: Yeah, look! Just touch that!
Nikki: It’s cold, chef.
Gordon: So don't serve it to me!
Nikki: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Look! It’s for the charity table! [to Jordan] This is your course, young lady! I said, check, and all you do is plating, plating, plating! [slaps workstation repeatedly] We need to check!
Jordan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: It's not even—Look! It’s marbled inside, there’s no heat in there!
Jordan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Get them back in the pan! Jordan, look at me. You need to own this.
Jordan: Yes, chef. We cooked them extra for this reason exactly, so—
Gordon: You still need to own it! Whether you're cooking extra minutes or not, that’s not good on the plate!
Jordan: That’s not going on the plate. (interview) I bust my ass for everybody in that kitchen, and the one fucking thing they can’t do is cook a fucking steak!

Gordon: Jordan soldiered through many battles here in Hell's Kitchen, but tonight she lost the war.

Episode Twelve [19.12][edit]

Episode Thirteen [19.13][edit]

[After earning their black jackets, Cody and Mary Lou hug it out in the dorms]
Cody: [to Mary Lou] Congratulations.
Mary Lou: Thanks, Hams.
Cody: Hams!
Mary Lou: Are we going in meow? (interview) I'm gonna get in the hot tub. Who's gonna follow me not the hot tub? [to Cody] Oh, my gosh, you're such a gentleman.
Cody: I think so.
Mary Lou: (interview; smiles) Cody's gonna follow me into the hot tub. [to Cody] Let's go.
Cody: Just wait until I cook you dinner, and not in a challenge.
[Cody and Mary Lou strip down to their bathing suits and get in the hot tub outside]
Mary Lou: (interview) It’s very relaxing to get in the hot tub after a very hard day. [notices Cody staring at her flirtatiously] What?
Cody: Nothing. [Mary Lou sits down next to him] You don't need me to be proud of you, but I am so proud of you.
Mary Lou: Aw, thanks!
Cody: I was so proud, I was so excited. (interview) Mary Lou got the first black jacket, and I feel like tonight is a very big catalyst for her.
Mary Lou: I feel like you see me for me.
Cody: Aww! (interview) Sometimes at the end of a long day, Mary Lou’s kind of like a light at the end of the tunnel. She’s a very honest person, and it’s nice to have someone like that.
[Mary Lou lightly touches Cody's arm while they both gaze into each other; Cody tries to move closer to her...]
Amber: Hey, guys.
Mary Lou: Amber's coming!
Cody: (interview) Everything was going smooth.
Amber: Can I come out here?
Cody: [to Mary Lou] I hate her. (interview) Amber basically ruined it. [sighs heavily]

[During the King of the Hill challenge, Declan is currently on the throne as Amber presents her dish]
Amber: (interview) I always feel like Declan’s food is a little bit lacking. I know my dish is better than his. [to Gordon and the guest judges] So, I have prepared for you today a Yukon mash with a filet, and then I have finished the dish with a little bit of a poblano and truffle cream sauce.
Declan: (interview) What the fuck is that? That’s a hot mess, just like you, Amber. You’re not hot, but you are a mess.

Cody: Alright, meats walking to the window!
Amber: I need you to walk that salmon, Mary Lou!
Cody: [to Gordon at the pass] Behind you.
Gordon: Good. One lamb, one New York strip. Straight down, thank you.
Mary Lou: [brings garnish to the pass] Right behind you.
Gordon: Nicely cooked, Cody.
Cody: Thank you, chef!
[Gordon sees the salmon burnt on the bottom when he turns it over]
Gordon: [returns to workstation] Who cooked this salmon? Who cooked this?
Amber: I did, chef.
Gordon: Look at that. You see that?
Cody & Kori: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Black shit underneath, and burnt fucking butter! Butter going in way too early!
Kori: Yes, chef.
Gordon: I've repeated myself time and time and time again! Attention to detail, that's bullshit!
Declan: Yes, chef!
Amber: I got a new salmon coming in a minute and a half, chef!
Cody: (interview, sighs) We're doing this again? There’s only a few things that are coming off of that station. If I'm not going down, you shouldn’t be going down. What is happening, Amber?

[Kori, Mary Lou, and Declan jump on the fish station after they notice Amber falling behind]
Amber: Oh, my God.
Kori: Don't worry. Relax.
Declan: Behind with the salmon.
Gordon: So, two halibut, one salmon, one wellington! How long for that?!
Declan: Salmon's re—
Amber: Salmon’s ready?
Gordon: Hey! Hey, stop! Just stay there! [points at everyone except Cody] One, two, three, four of you on fish.
Cody: (interview) All of the other stations are abandoned. There’s four people standing around fish. It’s just like, [facepalms] "Oh, my gosh!"
Gordon: Amber!
Amber: Yes, chef.
Gordon: We're in the weeds!
Amber: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Take control!
Amber: Yes, chef!
Amber: Yes, chef! Kori, stay here with me!
Declan: (interview) I can’t believe that Amber is not getting this!
Declan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: That's making it worse.
Declan: Yes, chef. Heard. (interview) After all your talk and talk and talk, you’re still going down like a ton of bricks.

Gordon: Amber came here expecting to beat the competition, but her biggest obstacle ended up being herself.

Episode Fourteen [19.14][edit]

[The remaining four contestants return to the dorms]
Cody: [sees Mary Lou bundled up on the couch] Aww!
Mary Lou: You wanna come sit with me, Hams?
Cody: I would love to, Hams!
Mary Lou: (interview) I got really scared that Cody was gonna go home.
Cody: I saw my life flashing before my eyes today.
Mary Lou: Oh my gosh, I thought I lost you.
Cody: You'll never lose me. I’ll always be there. [grabs blanket]
[Declan sees Cody cuddling with Mary Lou and snickers]
Declan: (interview) From the time Cody walked into Hell's Kitchen, he’s been chasing Mary Lou like a dog in heat.
Cody: I don’t wear boxers. [Mary Lou laughs hysterically]
Declan: (interview) It was like in the cartoons where the eyes pop out of his head, and his mouth opens up, and his tongue rolls down. And he goes, “Wah!”
Mary Lou: I was like, "Oh, Hams is gone."
Cody: Hell, no.
Mary Lou: (interview) Cody makes me feel tingly. And he can’t go home. Not yet.
[Later, Cody and Mary Lou get in the showers together]
Mary Lou: [to Cody] When you leave here, are you still, um... seeing me?
Cody: I would love to see you.
Mary Lou: That's really sweet. I’d like to see you, too.
Cody: Aww!
Mary Lou: (interview) I don’t know what’s gonna happen next, but I’m really excited, and I don’t know why.

[During the club challenge, Declan keeps getting distracted by the pole dancers]
Declan: (interview) Holy shit! Look at that!
Christina: That’s not too distracting out there, is it?
Declan: (interview) OH-HO-HO!!! Wow, I see this tall glass of water with blonde hair and a little black number. Oh, my God! I’m a Viking, and that is a Viking woman to me! Look at that! DAMN!
Jay: [to Declan] Keep your eyes off that blonde.
Declan: Yes, chef!

Mary Lou: Two lamb, how long?
Christina: [to Kori] Two lamb, how long?! [Kori doesn’t respond]
Mary Lou: Is Chef Christina the only one that hears me here?!
Kori: Yes, chef!
Declan: Heard, chef!
Kori: One minute! I’m ready, one minute!
Gordon: [to Mary Lou] Now you're sounding like a chef. You control it from here.
Mary Lou: Kori, how long on the two lamb?
Kori: Walking lamb right now, chef! [walks to the pass] Hot, hot, behind. Hot pans, both hands.
Gordon: That's it, let’s go. [cuts into lamb that turns out to be raw] Fuck’s sake. Come on! [to Mary Lou] Stop what you’re doing. Come here.
Mary Lou: Yes, chef.
Gordon: It's just not good enough. Come on, Mary Lou. Do your job, okay? So you get her (Kori) here and you tell her. Or we’ll stop the whole fucking table.
Mary Lou: Kori!
Kori: Yes, chef!
Mary Lou: I need you to come here! (interview) I’mma look deep into her amber eyes... AND I'M GONNA HAVE TO CRUSH HER! [to Kori] Kori, your lamb is raw.
Kori: Heard.
Mary Lou: Take it back, cook it.
Kori: Heard.
Gordon: What’s happened?
Kori: Nothing, chef.
Gordon: No, look at me! I wanna know what’s happened!
Kori: Yes, chef.
Gordon: It’s a small lamb, it’s not even big. And that’s not—that’s miles away.
Kori: Yes, chef.
Gordon: This is embarrassing! Let’s not fucking dick around, ‘cause I’m gonna get pissed here in a minute, okay?
Kori: Yes, chef!
Gordon: I'm not expecting this! Enough’s enough!
Kori: (interview) I’m so kicking myself right now. My meats aren’t coming out the way I want them to, and I’m fumbling big time.

Narrator: For Declan’s first quality control test, Chef Ramsay has swapped braised fennel for braised endive.
[Jay and Mary Lou bring garnish and halibut, respectively, to the pass]
Gordon: Here you go, halibut. I got the mash, let’s go. Check everything. [sees Declan begin plating the endive] Stop.
Declan: Chef, heard.
Gordon: Taste that.
Declan: This is wrong. It’s meant to be fennel. [returns to workstation] I need the fennel pickled for one halibut!
Gordon: Look at me.
Declan: Yes, chef.
Gordon: Last line of defense. Everything is on your shoulder, and you need your eyes coming out of your fucking arse, okay?!
Declan: Yes, chef. Heard.
Gordon: Let's go.
Declan: Yes, chef. (interview) I can’t believe that I didn’t catch that mistake! I’m gonna quality control every single dish they give me. No mishaps, this has to go well.
Gordon: Wake up, Declan.
Declan: Chef, heard.
Gordon: Focus, yes? Let’s go.
Declan: Heard, chef.
[Kori sees Declan wipe his forehead multiple times]
Kori: (interview, sighs) Declan, you need to wear a rain jacket next to you sometimes. You sweat all over the place.

[Kori and Gordon check wellingtons brought by Cody]
Gordon: That's nowhere near cooked.
Kori: No. Cody, come here, please!
Gordon: Fuck the please. [to Cody] Hurry up!
Kori: The wellingtons are not cooked all the way. Can you please put them back in?
Cody: Yep, heard.
Kori: Thank you.
Cody: (interview) From the get-go, Kori’s station was a mess. There was four burnt lambs, three wellingtons that looked like they were overcooked, and they were raw. I just felt like I was set up to fail.
Kori: Can I get those wellingtons?
Cody: Wellingtons are coming, chef.
Kori: Come on, Cody, hurry up! [Cody drinks lemonade from a container] Enjoy your cocktail, but I need those wellingtons, please!
Cody: [cuts wellington in half; to Kori] Those wellingtons are cold in the center, chef! I need three minutes!
Kori: I don’t have three minutes! Hurry up!
Gordon: All of a sudden, it’s a meltdown in here!
Cody: (interview) I’m embarrassed! I have to own this, they were on my station, I sent them up, and so that falls on me.
Kori: I need those wellingtons!
Cody: Wellingtons are coming to the window right now! (interview) However, I just feel like I’m taking credit for someone else’s inconsistency. Kori’s performance was the reason that the meat station is a disaster.

Gordon: Throughout this competition, Cody was never shy about his abilities. But when it comes to running the pass, he was just a bit shy, so unfortunately, it was time to say good-bye.

Episode Fifteen [19.15][edit]

Episode Sixteen [19.16][edit]

Declan: Four minutes on risotto.
Kori: Four minutes. Thank you.
Marc: Four out. Thank you, Declan.
Declan: Adam, four minutes out on risotto.
Adam: Heard that.
Declan: (interview) When Adam gets too confident on the line, his head gets in the clouds. I don't think he's putting 100% in it.
Kori: How are those tostadas coming?
Adam: I'm gonna drop the scampi now.
Kori: Make sure you talk to Declan on the timing, please.
Declan: (interview) Focus! You gotta stay focused!
Adam: You don't need anything from me, right?
Declan: (interview) He's like, "Yeah, I got everything. I got everything. It's all good." If you start putting your head up the clouds thinking you're fucking awesome, that's when you're gonna go down.
Gordon: Kori is everything I could want in a head chef. She is decisive, level-headed, and most importantly, passionate. From the moment she stepped into Hell's Kitchen, she was an instinctual and natural-born leader. She'll be a great asset to Hell's Kitchen in Lake Tahoe.