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Hey Vern, It's Ernest was a children's variety show that aired Saturday Morning on CBS from September 17 to December 24 1988. It starred Jim Varney as Ernest P. Worrell.

Outer Space[edit]


Scary Things[edit]




Auntie Nelda: They needed a young beautiful vivacious girl to lead the cheers for Ernest. Check it out buster. Gimmie an E, gimmie a R, gimmie a N, gimmie another E, gimmie an S...(out of breath) Gimmie a break!
Auntie Nelda: Gimmie a P, gimmie a Z, gimmie a long O, gimmie a dotted I, gimmie a D. Give me an asprin, give me air. Give me more money than the Beatles and I'll continue.


Ernest: Hey Vern. You're just in time for nap time at the Ernest P. Worrell daycare pet center. I'm going to read 'em a little story. Okay, all you little critters settle in now. "Once upon a time, there was a little dog named Rover who lived in a pet store. And not far away in the same town, there was a person who loved Rover very much. And Rover dreamed about this person every night and this person dreamed about Rover. The only problem was Rover cost a hundred dollars and this person didn't have a hundred dollars so--" Look Vern, they all fell asleep just as I was getting to the good part. Isn't that cute? (starts shouting) "ANYWAY THIS GUY DIDN'T HAVE A HUNDRED DOLLARS! SO HE WENT TO THE PET STORE AND HE TOLD THE MAN..."





[During a spelling bee]
Teacher: Ernest, your word is Chystantium.
Ernest: Chystantium. You mean the flower or the car?

Lost and Found[edit]