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The Hills is an MTV reality television series, following the personal lives of several young adults living in Los Angeles.

"Love isn't a maybe thing. You know when you love somebody" - Lauren Conrad.

"I was like, `Oh, my God! Ashlee Simpson`s here!` ... I was freaking out, pretending like I didn`t see her. Then Ashlee Simpson walked right up to me and was like, `L.C., love your show! I watch it every week with my friends!" - Lauren Conrad

"I know he is younger than me, but I absolutely love Zac Efron. His hair is always so pretty." - Lauren Conrad

"Like everybody and trust no one." - Lauren Conrad

"Shoes make me happy" - Lauren Conrad

“This is my chance to make it all happen, in the one city, where they say dreams come true.”~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 1

“We can get a fire pole!” ~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 1

“You definitely have to hang out with us! You’re adopted!” ~Heidi to Audrina, Season 1, Episode 1

Heidi: School gets in the way of everything. I’m like ready to finish already. Lauren: Heidi, you haven’t even started here. ~Season 1, Episode 1

Susan Aronson (Director of Admissions, FIDM): How would you characterize yourself as a high school student? Heidi: I never did learn anything, I never went to school, I never did anything, I just went shopping and hung out. ~Season 1, Episode 1

Lauren: Did you ever see that Seinfeld episode where that bald guy’s fiance licked all of the envelopes and she like died from glue poisoning? Whitney: No! Lauren: And there were only 300 of those. ~Season 1, Episode 1

“I have a very stressful job! I have to guard this VIP area!” ~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 1

Jordan: We (Heidi and him) made up. Brian: How many times did you make up? You’re in Hollywood now, Jordan, not North Carolina. ~Season 1, Episode 2

Heidi: That’s bad I’m already planning on ditching all of my classes. Lauren: You can’t ditch your first class, Heidi. Heidi: Why? Lauren: Why? Seriously? ~Season 1, Episode 2

Lauren: So how’s your first day going? Heidi: Um, I didn’t finish. Lauren: What do you mean you didn’t finish? Did you just leave? Heidi: Yea. Lauren: Heidi, you can’t just walk out of a class. Heidi: Whatever. Lauren: What other class do you have? Heidi: Art. I already missed it today. Because I couldn’t find it so I was like screw this, I’m not going. Lauren: Heidi, you can’t just like not go to your classes. Heidi: Well, I don’t think they want me to go an hour late. Lauren: But they want you to go. Heidi: Art is really lame, ya know. Lauren: Yea, but Heidi I’d give it more than a day. Heidi: I will. I’ll give it more than a day. Lauren: Heidi. Ready to go. I have to go to work. Heidi: I’m ready for a nap. ~Season 1, Episode 2

Jordan: I’m still tired from last night. Heidi: I would be if I were you too. ~Season 1, Episode 2

Heidi: And their office is gorgeous. Like inside they have brick walls and this awesome paintings, and I get like a lunch break and stuff. Lauren: A real lunch break. (Dripping in sarcasm). ~Season 1, Episode 2

(singing) “Fashion school dropout. No graduation day for you. Fashion school dropout.” ~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 2

“You know you are going to have to work, though.” ~Lauren to Heidi, Season 1, Episode 3

“Do the models get mad that the receptionist is hotter?” ~Brian to Audrina, Season 1, Episode 3

“The way we work is, either you sink or swim.” ~Brent Bolthouse, Season 1, Episode 3

Lauren: How was your first day? (of work) Heidi: Well, it’s not what I thought it was going to be. Now they’re saying it’s full time 9-6. It’s so boring! I’m stuffing envelopes. This was my nightmare of a job. Lauren: You’ve got to give it more than one day. ~Season 1, Episode 3

“I just don’t know how I’m going to do this and school.” ~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 3

“I’m going to go with the green apple Soshoot (sp?) because I’m secure with my manhood.” ~Brian, Season 1, Episode 3

Lauren: How do you get rid of hiccups? Heidi: Drink water upside down and put a pencil in your mouth. Lauren: Is that possible? ~Season 1, Episode 4

“My Dad always told me ‘Flowers mean I’m sorry, chocolates mean I love you.’” ~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 4

“Sometimes there are just some people you just never get over.” ~Whitney, Season 1, Episode 4

Heidi: Just be careful with Jason. Lauren: I’ve got my guard up this time, it’s fine. Heidi: As long as you know. Lauren: I do. Heidi: I just don’t want to ever see you that hurt again. Lauren: Yea. It’s like different this time, you know. Heidi: Yea. Only you know. Lauren: I know. Heidi: I will kill him if he does it again. Lauren: I know… ~Season 1, Episode 4

“It sounds kind of golf - Calloway” ~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 5

“(The food’s) a little greasy.” ~Audrina on her terrible date, Season 1, Episode 5

“Jeans can be really addicting. There’s always new ones and you feel like you have to have them. I can’t do it.” ~Whitney, Season 1, Episode 5

“(The food) it’s a little greasy.” ~Audrina on her terrible date, Season 1, Episode 5

“Brian, would you like to carry my golf clubs?” ~Jason, Season 1, Episode 5

“Okay, Miss ‘I-have-a-really-big-personal-schedule’.” ~Elodie, Heidi’s Co-Worker, Season 1, Episode 6

“Just make the best of it.” ~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 6

“All I hoped for was a drama-free New Year’s kiss.” ~ Lauren, Season 1, Episode 7

Heidi: I feel like it’s Christmas at home. Somebody always has to cry. Lauren: Nobody cries at our Christmas. Jordan: Yea, who cries at your Christmas? Heidi: I always cry at my Christmases! Jordan: Why do you cry? Heidi: Because I never get the present I want. Holly always gets the – Everyone: Oh my gosh!! Heidi: My sister gets all the attention, then we start fighting. Oh my God, you guys have to tell me you families cry at Christmas sometimes. Jordan: Never. Jason: Not my family. Lauren: My family doesn’t cry. Heidi: You’re such liars. Whatever. ~Season 1, Episode 7

“You know you’re growing up when you want stuff for your apartment. Instead of like toys and clothes. I’m not there yet.” ~Heidi, Season 1, Episode 7

“It’s snowing in LA! Let’s dance!” ~Heidi, Season 1, Episode 7

“He gets mad at the dumbest things. I’m not going to apologize, I didn’t do anything wrong.” ~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 7

Jason: Are you going to have fun with me tonight or are you goig to be all angry? Lauren: I’m not angry. I just want to have a good New Year’s. Jason: Know what I want to talk about? A friendly relationship. Just being close friends. Lauren: What the hell is that supposed to mean? Jason: You’ll find out. I told you we’d have a good New Year’s. I’m not saying anything after, but I’m saying we’ll have a good New year’s. I’m not saying it’s going to end up good though. I love you. I didn’t do anything. Lauren: Yea, You did. Jason: I did? Lauren: You’re doing it right now. Don’t sit here and like threaten to break up with me tomorrow and then say let’s have a good night tonight. Jason: Baby, I never threatened to break up with you. Lauren: Why do you keep saying, “This could be an ender”? “I’m looking forward to having a friendly relationship with you”? Why would you say that? Jason: Woobie, I never said that. Lauren: Yea, you did babe. Jason: I said let’s just deal with it tomorrow. Lauren: But then you’re like, “It’s not going to end good.” Like what do you want me to do babe? Jason: Honey, it’s just like we argued about it the first few nights. It’s like you understand like where I’m coming from. It’s like you do it again. Lauren: I didn’t do anything. What did I do? I picked up a phone call. Should I have lied to you? Do you want me to lie to you about things? Cause if I had just lied and made up something we wouldn’t be fighting right now. Jason: You liked the kid. You wanted to go out with him, but he still calls you. You think that’s okay? Lauren: I don’t know what you want me to say to you. What do you want me to say? Jason: How about you just listen and not talk ever again. How about that? Everyone I talked to agrees with me that you were wrong. And you try to say, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry about that.” Lauren: I apologized. What do you want? Jason: Why do you apologize? You do it all the time. Why do you apologize? Lauren: Well then what do you want? What do you want? Jason: What do you want? Lauren: I want you not to be angry with at me. Jason: You keep making mistakes over and over again Lauren. You do it all the time. Lauren: I don’t care. I don’t care. ~Season 1, Episode 7

(Later on the phone) Jason: Babe. Can I please talk to you? Where are you? Lauren: Happy New Year’s Jason. ~Season 1, Episode 7

“I have twenty minutes until New Year’s. And I will celebrate it.” ~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 7

“Heidi, it looks like you may be my New Year’s kiss. ‘Cause we have 12 minutes and I will have a New Year’s kiss.”~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 7

“You should run up there, and just be like I love you, grab her and put her on the bed, make love to her, do whatever you’ve got to do to her.” ~Jordan, Season 1, Episode 7

“And now my only problem, was figuring out what to wear.” ~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 8

Whitney: Guys, I’m glad I’m skipping school for this day. Heidi: I love ditching. It’s like a thing I love. Lauren: She loves ditching so much, she permantly ditched school. Heidi: I did. ~Season 1, Episode 8

  • While looking at male models….

Lauren: You don’t think they’re cute? Whitney: No, I do, I like all of these guys. Lauren: Do you want me to leave you alone for awhile? ~Season 1, Episode 8

Jason: How’s work going and stuff? Lauren: We rented out one of her stages. (Audrina’s). We’re scouting models for a, for like a swimsuit, bathing suit model. And it’s at her work. Jason: What kind of models? Lauren: Like, girl swimsuit models. Jason: Is there gonna be dudes? I don’t understand what you’re doing Lauren: I don’t know, baby. I just know that I caleld girls between a certain age. Jason: No buff dudes? Lauren: I got all girls. I called all the agencies, all girls. Jason: I was just asking. ~Season 1, Episode 8

Lauren: We’re doing a modeling call for a bathing suit shoot. Heidi: For guys or for girls? Lauren: For both. I told Jason it was only girls so he doesn’t get mad at me. (Pause) What they’re like young guys. Heidi: Are they kids? Lauren: They’re not kids, they’re like guy models. Heidi: He’s gonna get mad at you. ~Season 1, Episode 8

“Um, I would take off your shirt.” ~Whitney, Season 1, Episode 8

Whitney: Want to take your shirt off? (To a male model) Male Model: Hell yah! Lauren: God, you’re such a perve, Whitney. Whitney: Sorry! ~Season 1, Episode 8

Male Model: Where’s the party at tonight? Whitney: Um, I don’t know. Where’s your party at tonight? Male: I’m gonna be all over. ~Season 1, Episode 8

Jordan: Will you fix me a glass? Brian: Ooo, I have an idea. I’m going to mix orange gatorade with orange soda. Sometimes with Jordan you just kinda have to make things in grow in life. Brian: (all laugh) First thing he does is put more gatorade in. Jordan: When you got a body like me, you gotta, ya know… ~Season 1, Episode 8

“Good job, Jordan, yea really frickin’ good job!” ~Heidi, Season 1, Episode 8

“I’m just going to tell him, be mad at me, I’m even not going to argue with you.” ~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 8

“It’s kind of different, I never thought I’d do something like this. Just kidding.” ~Jason, Season 1, Episode 8 (about decorating the hotel room for Lauren’s 20th birthday)

“You can’t just be with me?” ~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 8

“I feel like it’s all on the verge of a turning point but I don’t know exactly what it’s going to be.” ~Heidi, Season 1, Episode 9

“I used to be so strong, I used to be able to do whatever I want, and then I feel like I’ve been broken down little by little. I don’t know what to do. I can’t have him talk to me like this anymore. (Pause) I just want to be with someone who loves me so much. Okay, whatever, I do think I deserve to be a princess, I think that every girl deserves to be treated like a princess. But you don’t treat me like crap. That’s not okay and that’s not an excuse. Like, I know what I have to do and I know what I want to do, but why can’t I get there? I just don’t know what to do.” ~Heidi, Season 1, Episode 9

“Love is not a maybe thing; You know when you love someone.” ~Lauren, Season 1, Episode 9

Season Two

  • Coming Soon!

Season Three (As they air!)

“I just could never understand hating soomeone so much that you would want to do something like that to me.” ~Lauren (about the inappropriate tape rumors), Season 3, Episode 1

“We don’t have any real proof, but they were best friends, and for Heidi to just stand back and not do anything and then for her to come in here and give us invitations and expect us to go to her house warming party — it’s not going to happen.” ~Audrina, Season 3, Episode 1

“I have Lauren’s back regardless.” ~Audrina, Season 3, Episode 1

We’re going to Les Deux. Almost everytime I go there I meet a cute guy ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 1

“Oh well. Hope she (Heidi) has fun.” ~Whitney, Season 3, Episode 1

“Girls, girls, this is Jason. And he has an accent. ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 1

“Audrina, Audrina, I just found an adorable boy from London with an accent who’s leaving tomorrow. Jackpot. ~Lauren at Les Deux, Season 3, Episode 1

Jason (from London): Is that a sidekick? Lauren: It’s a blackbery Jason (from London): All you Americans e-mail? Lauren: Americans? Am I American? Jason: I like to hope so. Lauren: Whitney, Whitney come here. I met a cute guy, come here. Tell me if you think he’s cute ‘cause I’m drunk. Whitney: Who? Where? – No! ~Season 3, Episode 1

Jen “Bunny”: I’m totally focused on my real friendships right now and like you’re a very important person to me. I’m just really glad that I’m here and we’re talking. Heidi: I’m glad that you’re part of my fresh start. I’m glad that you’re here to really be a part of this because you mean so much to me. Jen: Did you invite Lauren? Heidi: I did. I just wish she were here to see how much fun this is. ~Season 3, Episode 1

Audrina: Lauren. How are you feeling? I think the girls preparty before going out isn’t always a good idea. Lauren: No, no more -we can’t start so early. Audrina: Ugh, I have the worst headache. Lauren: What time did you get home? Audrina: Six in the morning. Lauren: The club closes at two what did you do for four hours? Audrina: We went back to Justin’s apartment. Lauren: So you hooked up with him? Audrina: We made out – you made out with that guy from London. Lauren: Oh God. Audrina: You guys kissed a lot, and it wans’t just once. Lauren: Really? Audrina: Yes! Lauren: No! (laughs) ~Season 3, Episode 1

Spencer: Frankie invited us to his birthday part at Les Deux tonight. Heidi: Oh yea? Is Lauren going? Spencer: Um she actually just called me, I just missed her call, I’ll call her back and ask her and she what she says. Heidi: I wish that Audrina and Lauren would have come last night. Spencer: I mean I totally accept that she doesn’t like me, but she shouldn’t take it out on you. Heidi: Yea, I know our friendship shouldn’t suffer from it. ~Season 3, Episode 1

Lauren: when you’ve disrespected someone so much, they arent going to be there for you. Audrina: No, not at all. Lauren: And at this point I have no intention of being there for her. Audrina: Oh well, what can you do? Lauren: All I know is thank you for getting out of my life because now I have a better roommate and a better apartment and I’m just in a better situation. Audrina: Yea. Lauren: Cheers, Frankie’s birthday. Audrina: Let’s go have fun, who cares, it’s done and over with. Lauren: It’s going to be a long night. ~Season 3, Episode 1

Spencer: I’m dying to see if Lauren, Audrina and Whitney show up to Frankie’s birthday, somebody they’ve known for three months and they didn’t show up to their best friend’s house warming party. Heidi: I wrote Lauren a letter about not coming to the house warming party. Spencer: Let me read these. Heidi: Well, how about you don’t read them, they’re personal. Spencer: Whoaaaa. ~Season 3, Episode 1

Heidi: It sucks that we can’t be at the same place, you know for no reason. Audrina: I think you and Lauren should talk. Heidi: I would love to talk to her. I have no idea what’s even going on. I don’t know what to say. ~Season 3, Episode 1


Audrina: Heidi knows exactly what she did. She acted stupid like ‘What did I do? Why did she get so mad at me?’ We’ve heard all the s*** you guys have been talking about Lauren. You know what you did. Go talk to her. ~Season 3, Episode 1

Lauren: I can’t believe her. Audrina: What did the letter say? Lauren: Oh, I want to read that. ‘Lauren, I wish you were there, we need to catch up. I really miss you. I understand you don’t like Spencer, but I didn’t do anything. I have always loved you, call me when you get a chance. P.S. The housewarming party wasn’t the same without you.’ She won’t f****** admit it. ~Season 3, Episode 1

Heidi: That’s her problem I guess. Spencer: Let’s go roll on her. Heidi: What? Spencer: Go roll up on her right now. Just be like, what’s your problem? ~Season 3, Episode 1

    • The Fight at Les Deus*

Heidi: Lauren? Lauren: I don’t want to talk to you. Heidi: What is your problem? I don’t understand. Audrina: Heidi, you’re a different person. Lauren: You’re not my friend anymore. I don’t care about you. I don’t ever, ever want to talk to you again. Heidi: I think that’s really sad, Lauren. Lauren: I think you’re really sad. I feel really bad for you. Heidi: I always feel bad for you, Lauren, always! Lauren: What did I do? What did I do? Heidi: I was there for you through everything and now you’re mad it’s like oh come on seriously? Lauren: You know why I’m mad at you? Heidi: Why Lauren? Lauren: You know why I’m mad. You know what you did! Heidi: Why? Why? What did I do? Lauren: You know what you did. Heidi: What did I do? What? Lauren: Heidi you’re brainwashed, you’re a different person now. Heidi: You guys are crazy, what are you talking about? Audrina: You’re crazy. Heidi: What did I do? What did I do? Lauren: You guys are sick people. Heidi: What did we do? Lauren: What did you do? Heidi: Yea. Lauren: You started a sick little rumor about me. Heidi: I didn’t start any rumor about you. Lauren: Oh really, nothing? You’re a sad pathetic person. Heidi: Oh yea. ~Season 3, Episode 1 “I’m not a catty girl, I don’t have time for this.” ~Heidi, Season 3, Episode 1

Lauren: She just won’t take any responsibility for it. I mean, it’s sad that I lost her as a friend, it’s sad the things she did to me. Whitney: But maybe you haven’t lost her forever. Lauren: I don’t want a friend that I know I’ll never trust again. Whitney: Right. I know I feel like lately, or at least since I’ve known you, it’s been really difficult with friends, like you’ve had a lot of problems with friends. Lauren: I’m lucky that I have Lo who moved back and I have you at work and Audrina in my apartment, but I literally feel like one of my friends died, you know what I mean, like that friend is gone. Whitney: So sad. Lauren: She’s just not a part of my life anymore. Maybe that’s a good thing. Whitney: Yea, and maybe you’ll be better off, ya know? Lauren: I am so far. ~Season 3, Episode 1

Spencer: You’re brainwashed, that’s why. Heidi: Ooo, master, what should I order for lunch. No, I just don’t even know what her problem is. And Audria, oh my God, this is between me and Lauren, you can go back to whatever you were doing lil lady. *** We still need get all the stuff for the apartment and start really moving in. Maybe I’ll pick out some paint colors for the walls. Spencer: Whatever. Heidi: Like a light yellow. Spencer: Light yellow? EHHHH! ~Season 3, Episode 2 “I’m keeping my opinions to myself, they just get me in trouble.” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 2

Heidi: Hunny, I’m home. Spencer: Oh, my favorite part of the day. ~Season 3, Episode 2

Spencer: What’s wrong? It’s a gift. Heidi: It’s a great gift. It’s a gift to yourself. ~Season 3, Episode 2

Lauren: He’s (Justin) not very nice to her though. Lo: What do you mean? Lauren: Stories I’ve heard. Lo: Well what did he do? Lauren: He like abandoned her in Vegas. Lo: (gasps) Oh my gosh! Lauren: You know how like there’s that one person that you always go back to? You’ll date other people, but like you kind of want to run into them when you’re out. Lo: Yea, its like somebody you always have a crush on. Lauren: Exactly. He’s kind of that for her. ~Season 3, Episode 2

Lo: Do you think they’re going to be boyfriend-girlfriend? Lauren: Yo no se. (I don’t know in Spanish). But I’m all about second chances, I’ve done second chances. Lo: Yea. But do you really think people can change though? Lauren: I think that everyone can change if the right person comes along, and I think that every girl wants to be the right person. Every girl wants to be the one girl that can change that guy. Lo: But why do you have to have guy that you have to change, don’t you want to meet somebody that’s good already? Lauren: That’s too easy. ~Season 3, Episode 2

Lo: So what’s this guy’s name? Justin? Lauren: K, his name is Justin. But like he wants to change it to Bobby. Lo: Why? Lauren: But people keep calling him Justin Bobby.

  • Both start laughing*

Lo: We have to be nicer. (repeats it in a whisper) ~Season 3, Episode 2

Lo: So Justin, I heard you’re trying to change your name to Bobby? Justin: Well, my friends call me Bobby. Lo: Oh Lauren: Everyone’s confused on what you were being called. Is it Justin or Bobby? Justin: Well friend call me Bobby Lo: So you don’t want us to call you Justin Bobby? Justin: You can call me whatever the hell you want. Lo: I kind of like Justin Bobby. Justin: Okay, whatever floats you. ~Season 3, Episode 2

Lauren: That was really weird. She invited me and we had to tickets to go. Lo: I think that Justin Bobby took your ticket. Lauren: You think? ~Season 3, Episode 2

Lauren: Do you want salsa with your eggs? ~Season 3, Episode 2

Spencer: I definitely want you to be my best man. Brody Jenner: Best man? For what? Spencer: Dude, I’m probably going to pop the question tomorrow at my beach house. Brody: What? Dude? Are you talking about getting married? (pause) You can’t even say it with a straight face. Look at that little smirk. Spencer: That’s ‘cuse it’s not getting married, it’s getting engaged. The st step to marriage. Brody: Homey, you’ve been dating Heidi for one year. Why don’t you wait at least two or three or four or five Spencer: But I mean this has been the best year of my entire life Brody: Just because all of a sudden you get into a relationship where it’s great, that doesn’t mean you need to get married. Spencer: Not great. Flawlessly perfect. Brody: Okay, okay but do you know what I mean? Spencer: I can totally… Brody: Get your hopes up Spencer: It’s not about hopes, I would go marry her in f****** Vegas right now. Brody: You don’t have to get married right now Spencer, you’re 23 years old. Spencer: Turning 24 player. Brody: Oh but it’s like homey, get married at like 30, 35, it’s like wait, you gotta live your youth, you wan to really waste your whole youth? Spencer: By the way, did you bring your credit card, I think I’m going need to borrow that, $100, 000. Brody: You ain’t using my credit card, fool. This is your ring. I’m not stupid enough to get married at 23. You are. ~Season 3, Episode 2

Spencer: Looking for some bling. Spencer: Some JLo, Kobe Bryant ring right there. (later) Sold. Done. Ready to get engaged. Actually, you know what. No retunign this. Take that. (Rips up receipt.) Brody: You have officially lost your mind. ~Season 3, Episode 2

“Go with your gut, but use your head.” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 3

Kathy Conrad (Lauren’s Mother): I was wondering how you were holding up with your rough series of events. I was worried it was going to harden you a little bit on life. Lauren: I mean people, a lot of times when you into Hollywood, it brings out a side in people that isn’t necessarily good. Kathy: But you have to realize it’s just in Hollywood, right, do you realize that? LA is just a totally different place than the rest of the world. Lauren: But the people that were not nice to me in LA and betrayed my trust in LA, they’re not from LA. Kathy: Yea, but I think they get caught up in LA. (later) Kathy: I just want you to know that most people are good. Lauren: I know, I know there’s a difference between good people who do bad things and bad people who do bad things. Kathy: I don’t want you to have trust issues… Lauren: I’m going to, I had like the three most important people in my life in the last year. Kathy: I know, that’s why I’m worried about you. You have got a great internship, you have some good friends and you’re going to school and I don’t want you caught up in all that drama. If you start focusing on that again, it’s going to take you off track. I really want you to stay focuse and do your thing and you’re going to be so great.

In Santa Barbara…

Spencer: Okay, in all seriousness. You’re pretty much the most amazing human I’ve met in my whole life. And it’s so real and every single day I’m with you, I’m really happy everyday and it’s so real that eveytime I wake up next to you I’m just like ‘Ah, you’re there, yea You’re stil there.’ I want to spend the rest of my life with you so I got this for you. Heidi: I love you. Spencer: I love you more, I really do. Heidi: I don’t think so. Spencer: I don’t even know what hand a wedding ring goes on. Heidi: I don’t know I just I love you more than anything. When people told me don’t be with him, I was like you obviously don’t know him because he’s the most amazing guy I’ve ever met in my life. I never had a relatinoship like this; it’s so fun, it’s so everything and you’re always there and I know for my whole life that you’ll always be there. And I know that you’re the most loyal, amazing, loving everything person and I love you more than anything in the whole world.

“Go with your gut, but use your head.” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 3

Episode 3

Elodie: O.M.G. Elodie: You’re not pregnant are you? Heidi: No way, no way! Elodie: So you’re fully engaged? Heidi: I think I’m about to have a panic attack thinking about planning a wedding. Elodie: Now are you going to do it like a big wedding or small wedding? Heidi: (speechless) Elodie: Or are you not even thinking about it? Heidi: I’m not even - I have no idea. Elodie: Can we just have a lingerie brunch instead? Heidi: Yea. Elodie: I just know at your age, I would have been like ‘Are you kidding me? No way!’ Heidi: But it’s like if you meet a Spencer at my age, you know like it’s a whole different thing. Elodie: Really? Heidi: He’s not only my fiancee, he’s like my soulmate. Elodie: Yea, my advice to you is just to make sure that you take a lot of time with your engagement. Heidi: Yea. Elodie: I don’t think you should buy a wedding dress anytime soon. Heidi: No. Long time. Elodie: I think you should just start with the magazines. ~Season 3, Episode 3

Spencer: It’s summertime playa, I need to get my gear on. Spencer: I never thought at 23 I’d be wanting to marry a girl. I used to think marriage was the dumbest thing for guys who couldn’t get laid. Brody: I remember that. Spencer: I used to say that back in the day ‘Hey, I’m going to give you half of money. All you gotta do is make my food and hang out with me.’ Brody: Make my food haha Spencer: So I was really against it. Then you meet somebody like Heidi who makes you realize you can spend your whole life with one girl forever and be happy. ~Season 3, Episode 3

“You said you’ve been a bacholor for 23 years, that’s good because you’re about to get married, you won’t have an sex. I know married couples, they don’t have sex!” ~Brody, Season 3, Episode 3

“He’s a good looking guy, but looks can only take you so far.” Whitney, Season 3, Episode 3

Heidi: When is it (video arcade game) going back? Spencer: What? Heidi: When is it going back? Spencer: What do you mean going back? Heidi: Going back to where you got it from? Spencer: It’s for here forever. Heidi: What? Spencer: Whoa, watch your head. Heidi: I thought we were getting a table in here. Spencer: Alright, let’s get a pool table. Heidi: A table – to eat on, something. ~Season 3, Episode 3

“I love bikes, but you be careful. That’s precious cargo you’ve go there.” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 3

Justin: (burps) Hey~ Audrina:You burp a lot. Justin: (burps a lot) Audrina: Excuse you Mr.! Audria: So what do you think Lauren? Do you think he’s a good guy? Lauren: You know, it takes more than a couple drinks to tell. ~Season 3, Episode 3

“Give me my evaluation.” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 3

Lauren: So do you want my evalution? Justin: No. I don’t care. Audrina: Audrina cares.

Lauren: Really though, when you look at Justin do you say oh there looks like a gentlemen? Audrina: No. ~Season 3, Episode 3

“You should have a guy that makes you feel happier, not upset. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 3

Spencer: This mural is so much more fun to look at than a blank wall. Heidi: I literally feel like we are in a playhouse. ~Season 3, Episode 3

Spencer: They’re not decisions, they’re surprises. Heidi: Okay, there’s a difference between surprises and coming home and seeing spray paint all over the walls and video games.

Lo: I love Pink Berry. Lauren: You’re such a little kid, I love it. Lo: I know and I got fruity pebbles too. I haven’t had fruity pebbles in a really long time and they looked really good!

“Eat your Pink Berry and enjoy life!” ~Lo, Season 3, Episode 3

Lauren: I can’t do the roommate thing with a sucky boyfriend. Heidi: Yea, you already did that, didn’t work out so well. Lauren: I can’t do it. ~Season 3, Episode 3

Audrina: I don’t know, maybe we’re better off being friends, what do you think? Justin: I don’t know. Audrina: You tell me. I don’t know, I’m not good with commitment. Justin: Well, you like me and that’s why we have these issues. Audrina: I know. Justin: So we have a choice. We can choose to either say peace and kick rocks and be acquaintances. Or we can be cool with each other and enjoy the company and have fun when we go out and do things and not let the bullshit get in the way. But if we look beyond it and we’re just cool…. Audrina: So do you just want to look beyond it? Justin: I’ve already looked beyond it. I take you for who you are and the person you are and the heart that you have and I don’t let anybody interfere with that. I think truth in time tells all. Audrina: Alright, so cheers to truth in time. ~Season 3, Episode 3


Heidi: Surprise! I have a surprise for you!

Spencer: Are you kidding right now? Heidi: I mean, were you kidding when you put it up? This is a surprise, just like you surprised me. Spencer: I surprised you with a beautiful mural, you surprised me with a boring white wall. Heidi: A beautiful white wall. You can’t really be mad at me. Spencer: I can’t? Heidi: No. Spencer: I mean, I just can’t even believe you did this. Heidi: Well, we can decide what to do with this wall together. I mean I don’t know what to tell you. You can’t be mad at me. Spencer: I can.

Heidi: No, you can’t. I mean, I thought we should make decisions together, what furniture we get, what we put on the walls, what dishes we get, you know, it’s all us being together, that’s part of…

Spencer: I totally agree. (sarcastically) Heidi: You know, if we’re really going to do this engagement thing and everything, it’s like our whole lives our decisions are together. Heidi: So…from now on do we agree to make decisions together? Spencer: What could I do without you? Heidi: Don’t say it like that. Anyways, so this is what it is.. Spencer: So this is what it is? So great, great, great painting job. Heidi: Thank you, I thought I did well. ~Season 3, Episode 3

Spencer: So this weekend, I’m going to go meet Heid’s whole family in Colorado

Brody: This weekend is the BBQ that we planned two months ago with Nick and Frankie and all the boys, if you forgot about that.

Spencer: I’m giong to be there in spirit.

Brody: Homie we’ve planning this for two months, it’s like they’re all – don’t look at me like that you’ve known about it for two months; check your little backberry schedule.

Spencer: Alright, how many BBQs have we had? Five?

Brody: It doesn’t matter, we planned on this. Just stop flaking out. I mean if you’re going to make plans with me then just stick with it.

Spencer: You’re a lot like LC over here.

Brody: I understand that you’re in love, BUT, it just sucks when you just flake out on the homies like that.

Audrina: It seems like you and Lauren got off to a rough start. I hope you two can get along.

Justin: It’s all good.

Audrina: She’s just worried.

Justin: For you?

Audrina: For me because I’ve been screwed over by so many guys.

Justin: Aww, dum dum dum.

Audrina: So you know, she just looks out for her friends. Justin: She should, that’s being a good friend.

Audrina: Yea.

Justin: She doesn’t need to worry about it though. (Pause) ‘Til you piss me off.

Audrina: ‘Til I piss you off?

Justin: Right. Then it’s all good.

~Season 3, Episode 4

“This is pretty much the heaviest thing I’ve ever done.” ~Spencer, Season 3, Episode 4

Lo: “Well, It’s always nice to have somebody new and unique in your life.”

Lauren: They’ve (Justin and Audrina) been on and off again for two years.

Lo: I know, but everytime he comes back into your life then all of a sudden it’s like a party again.

Lauren: Justin-Bobby is complicated

Audrina: He is that compliated. And I think that’s why I like him because he defitiely keeps me on my toes. ~Season 3, Episode 4

“You okay, you up for the challenge?” ~Heidi, Season 3, Episode 4

Frankie: Where’s married boy?

Brody: Crap Daddy? Crap Daddy is with his wife in Colorado.

Brody: I bet you right now he riding horseback in the mountains.

~Season 3, Episode 4

Lo: I’m not going on the kayak. Brody: You’re at a beach. Lo: I’m too afraid, I don’t want to go overboard. ~Season 3, Episode 4

“I broke my finger. Swear to God. It’s broken. Lauren did it.” ~Brody, Season 3, Episode 4

Spencer: I mean all I can tell you is that my whole life I never, never thought I was going to be the kind of person that wanted to get so serious with a girl ever ‘cuz I was like oh I’ll get married when I’m 50. And it’s like at the end of the day, I just love spending every second with Heidi so..

Heidi’s Stepdad (Tim): But Heidi has been this type of gal that would be very social, and then should would get a boyfriend and she would lose all of her friends because they would become secondary to her and I mean, now all she has is you. If things were to go south, what would happen to her? I just hate to have all of her eggs in one basket.

~Season 3, Episode 4

“That guy should be jumping to date you.” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 4

“Yea, keep on laughing, can’t wait until it happens to you.” ~Brody, Season 3, Episode 4

Heidi’s Mom: I’m so happy that you’re in a loving, mature relationship. Spencer could be the guy that ends up being your husband. Heidi: Not could be, that’s who I want to be. Heidi’s Mom (Darlene): Well, he’s made a huge effort to come all the way out here to Colorado and get to know your family. Heidi: I can’t imagine my life without Spencer. He’s my best friend, he’s my boyfriend and he’s my everything.

Heidi’s Mom: I know and that’s kind of my concern. Heidi: You don’t need to be concerned, this is my life, and what I’m doing. Heidi’s Mom: My only concern for you is if you guys end up having trouble where are you going to go? Heidi: I have a lot of friends. A lot of Spencer’s friends and they have girlfriends and I hang out a lot with them. Heidi’s Mom: What happened between you and Lauren? It seemed like it was just all of sudden. Heidi: She was upset that I was spending time with Spencer, I guess. Heidi’s Mom: That couldn’t be the only thing, there must be - Heidi: Mom.. Heidi’s Mom: It just seems to me there’s a lot – if you guys aren’t getting together.. Heidi: I don’t even want to talk about this right now.

Heidi’s Mom: It just seems like everything is getting magnified. Heidi: Well I just don’t think we’ll be friends again. And that’s it. ~Season 3, Episode 4

Darlene: So Spencer I’m impressed with your commitment with this ring. Spencer: I just got it because I wanted her to know I think of her as a wife. We live together. Darlene: I just think before you make an ultimate commitment with someone you need to go through some really rough times you know? And bounce back from those. Spencer: I would marry her today so she deserves the world. I’m ready when she is.

~Season 3, Episode 4

“I get it, I lost a best friend last year too.” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 4

Spencer: What an angel. Darlene: So Spencer, it seems to me that Lauren saw it has Heidi being taken away from her. Why does it have to be an either or? Spencer: Cuz it’s literally like a stubborn immature selfish little girl who’s like ‘I want Heidi to myself. You don’t share her.’ It’s like literally like that, that’s what it’s about.

Darlene: Heidi could have benefited from having her as a best friend and you as a boyfriend. There’s room for everybody, especially with a heart as big as Heidi’s. Heidi: What are you talking about? Darlene: As a best friend, to be there for two years and to work as hard as you did – Heidi: Why are we talking about Lauren? ~Season 3, Episode 4

Audrina: Seriously, I’m done. Lauren: I’m sorry. Audrina: I’m done Lauren. I can’t do it anymore. Lauren: I know sweetie. Look at me. Home boy wore combat boots to the beach. I know you don’t want to call that your boyfriend, I know you don’t.

~Season 3, Episode 4

“Hey Babbah, life’s tough. Get a helmet.” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 4

“My the tables have turned.” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 5

“I’ve never cried over a guy in my life. Never.” ~Audrina, Season 3, Episode 5

“Whatever, rollercoasters are so fun.”~Chiara, Audrina’s co-worker, Season 3, Episode 5

“That’s like hell freezing over to me. To each their own.” ~Spencer, Season 3, Episode 5

Lauren: Want to hear something kind of funny? I was in the bathroom, there’s three sinks, so I’m standing there are there are two other girls. And all of a sudden one of them looks at the other and there’s a moment and they start full on making out. Hands in the hair, making out. Who makes out in a public restroom with another girl? ~Season 3, Episode 5

Lauren: Bud you know what’s even more fun? Brody: What? Lauren: Your condo.

~Season 3, Episode 5

“Spencer doesn’t go out. Spencer stays at home all night. We’re always together. I like you. We’re friends. Who cares. Let’s go have fun. Let’s go party.” ~Brody, Season 3, Episode 5

Whitney: It’s probably just a momentary tiff. Lauren: Uh! I love that word ‘tiff.’ Did you know that my name was going to Tiffany? Or Crystal. Whitney: Crystal?

Lauren: Could you see me as a Tiffany or Crystal? Whitney: Tiff…Chris….Chrissy

Lauren: Crystal.

Whitney: Crystalllllll.

~Season 3, Episode 5

“When something’s working, you don’t go and f*** it up by throwing labels or doing stupid things like throwing a ring on your finger because society or friends said so.” ~Justin-Bobby, Season 3, Episode 5

Spencer: Yo what up? Brody: Yo whats up? Dude I’ve called you like five times, you’re not returning my phone calls?

Spencer: I really have nothing to say to you.

Brody: Oh you’re mad at me, what are you mad at me for?

Spencer: Cuz I’ve been hearing about who you new little best friend is and I don’t respect that.

Brody: Dude, if you are mad at me for hanging out with Lauren, then that is ridiculous. It’s like how long have we been friends for? I’m not going to have an enemy just because you hate her. That’s just not who I am.

Spencer: You can make excuses, excuses, this and that, I care about loyalty and you have none of it.

Brody: Dude! I don’t have a problem with you, you know that, it’s like I love ya, we’ve been best friends since we were kids, it’s like I don’t have a problem with Lauren either, so I’m not just going to go around hating Lauren just cuz you hate Lauren.

Spencer: You are rolling around with my enemy, so that makes you my enemy. Do you not see how that works?

Brody: I feel like I’m back in high school with this.. how long have I been friends with you?

Spencer: I’ve got nothing to say to you.

    • Hangs up phone**

Brody: What a little b****.

~Season 3, Episode 5

“Oh first of all homeboy is not cute. I don’t know you’re all in. I can see ribs. I like a little meat on my man.” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 5

“You weren’t being over-sensitive, he was benig an over-a** hole.” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 5

“Spencer broke up with me.” ~Brody, Season 3, Episode 5

Lauren: I don’t care that you hang out with them. Brody: Oh shut up, you harrass me for it. Lauren: I’ll harass you but I’m wouldn’t be like ‘Oh I’m not talking to you anymore Brody.’

Brody: Him and Heidi, I guess they’re just inseperable and that’s all he needs right now. That’s what I feel like. So, now me and Frankie have started dating.

~Season 3, Episode 5

Heidi: I have a fun activity.

Spencer: A fun activity, what is it?

Heidi: You can help me fold laundry.

Spencer: I’m working here darling.

Heidi: Excuse me?

Spencer: But I would, uh, mental be here for ya.

Heidi: Thanks, I appreciate the mental help.

Spencer: No worries. Moral support.

~Season 3, Episode 5

Heidi: You know what happened, Brody was saying things about Lauren. So then, he starts hanging out with her. And Spencer’s like ‘You know what, Dude, where’s your loyalty?’ It’s like do you know who spread all these rumors? It’s Brody Jenner. And it’s like she’s hanging out with Brody Jenner as her new friend?

Jen Bunney: We don’t know that though.

Heidi: I do know that. I wasn’t the one, how would I know?

Jen: How do you know that?

Heidi: Because I heard him say things about it. But that’s their relationship, you know.

Jen: It’s just sad how the past year, like so many of our close friendships have just disintegreated. Like this time last year, like me, you and Lauren were having the best time of like, having so much fun.

Heidi: Maybe you’ll be friends again.

Jen: You know what she said to me when we were fighting. She’s like ‘You know that I don’t want to be friends with you right now, you know that we need our space right now’ and I was like ‘yea’ but she’s like ‘But if you ever needed me, really needed me at 2 a.m. in the morning, crying, you know I’d be there in a second.’

Heidi: Well, if you talk to her, tell I say hello.

Jen: Do you think that you would ever be friends with ever again?

Heidi: It’s funny how one – it’s funny how things happen. You know? I don’t really care.

Jen: Yes, you do.

~Season 3, Episode 5

“And for once, my career and my personal were under control. Why is it that just when you get things together, you hear from the one person who could pull it all apart?” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 6

Whitney: So do you want to? (Lauren meet up with Jason) Lauren: I feel like he just has a way of everytime I start to have everything back together and everything’s good, he’s like – Whitney: He slips right on in. Lauren: He’s like a pager, it’s like everything is going good in Lauren’s life – mm I got to call her!

Whitney: Time to show up!

~Season 3, Episode 6

“You know like dog whistles, like only a dog can hear them? That’s how I am with my blackberry, like no one will hear it and I’m like ‘My phone’s ringing.’” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 6

Jarett (personal trainer): Yea, we’re doing shots too.

Lauren: What kind of trainer are you, telling me to take shost? Jarett: Once a week. ~Season 3, Episode 6

“Don’t you hate that? Like bads guys, you’re like I just want to get over you, I just want you out of my life. And as soon as you stop thinking about them, they’ll send you a text message or they’ll call you ‘cause they know you just stopped think about them. It’s like a radar.~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 6

“No more Justin or Jason. Only new boys!” ~Audrina, Season 3, Episode 6

Elodie: Did you hear about the new job opening?

Heidi: No, what?

Elodie: There’s an opening for a new job for an Events Director. It comes with its own office!

Heidi: So much space in here.

Elodie: I know. I’m dying for my own office.

Heidi: It’s like one of the biggest offices here.

Elodie: I am dying for my own office.

Heidi: Yea, it’s like a step up.

Elodie: Yea, a lot more client interaction and stuff like that so I don’t know when they’re going to hire.

Heidi: Sounds like a big job!

Elodie: I know! I don’t know when they’re going to hire anyone for it, but hopefully they promote within.

Heidi: Yea, definitely.

Elodie: I’m definitely going to talk to Brent about it.

Heidi: You should.

Elodie: I mean I definitely think that I’m ready and I’ve worked here for two years.

Heidi: That’s it?

Elodie: Yea. A little over two years.

Heidi: So you started right before I did?

Elodie: A year before. You know I’ve worked pretty hard, so hopefully Brent will, you know….

Heidi: Acknowledge it.

Elodie: Acknowledge it.

Heidi: When are you going to talk to him?

Elodie: I don’t know. I have to check his schedule and set up an appointment.

~Season 3, Episode 6

Heidi: I got some good news.

Spencer: I love good news.

Heidi: There is a postion opening up at Bolthouse. I guess Brent’s looking for someone to be like the Event Director.

Spencer: Event Director? Very legit.

Heidi: But, I think that Elodie was saying she might want it.

Spencer: You beyond deserve it. And I think you should do whatever it takes to get that position. I’m ready to help you step up.

Heidi: You’re ready to help me? Spencer: Whatever you need from me.

Heidi: It would be amazing and I’d get my own office and my own assistant.

Spencer: And guess who I think deserves it the most?

~Season 3, Episode 6

Lauren: Why do you have a Michigan State t-shirt?

Derek: Because it cost 40 cents in a thrift store.

Lauren: That’s a good reason to wear it.

Derek: Well now that thrift stores are $50, $60 bucks for shirts. I was in one the other day in Melrose, it’s vintage, $70 bucks, I was like I have nine shirts at home that were all 40 cents. Now vintage is like more trendy, that’s why they can mark it up, you know what I’m saying? Isn’t it weird that I can buy a shirt for 40 cents and then a year later I can probably find the same shirt it’s going to be $40?

Lauren: It’s very weird. Derek: I know. And I found that out, that’s why I got them all before I got out here.

Lauren: Good job.

~Season 3, Episode 6

At Les Deux Nightclub….

Derek: I kind of like you mor than everyone I’ve ever met.

Lauren: No you don’t!

Derek: What? What if I can’t stop thinking about you? Is that a bad thing? In a non-psychotic way. Maybe I’m psychotic. Maybe I murdered people, but… In high school, I dated a girl for seven years.

Lauren: Be honest, you totally have girlfriend issues, don’t you?

Derek: Not at all.

Lauren: I had a boyfriend for a year and I have a million issues with that.

Derek: Well, then that’s your problem…no, in a nice way of saying…

Lauren: There’s not a nice way of saying that to someone.

Derek: Yes, there is.

(Seconds later)

Jarett: How are you doing with Lauren? Alright?

Derek: Is it too early to propose?

In the Les Deux bathroom….

Lauren: He thinks I like him.

Audrina: He thinks you like him?

Lauren: Seriously, I never wanted to stab myself in the eye more.

~Season 3, Episode 6

Whitney: Yea, I’m supposed to color cordinate these clothes right here.

Lauren: Give me my job Boss Man!

~Season 3, Episode 6

Lauren: On the first date, don’t tell me you like more than any other girl you’ve met?

Whitney: That’s scary.

Lauren: Right? It’s not just me, I feel like a guy should know not to talk about himself for two hours straight.

Whitney: At least you weren’t there with him by yourself.

Lauren: Don’t even say that, that’s not even funny.

Whitney: Guys need to realize that they need to wait awhile and that they shouldn’t be so desperate.

~Season 3, Episode 6

Lauren: I have a one date curse that I need to break.” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 6

Whitney: I think it’s just one of those things that you need to go through. Not everyone is going to be like your Prince Charming.

~Season 3, Episode 6

“You pick up on no-numbers?” ~Lo, Season 3, Episode 6

Reading from a Love & Sex book….

Audrina: How many times have you fallen in love and allowed yourself to just be swept away?

Lauren: (Holds up one finger).

Audrina: Once? Lauren: Mm Hmm.

Audrina: Was that Jason?

Lauren: (Nods head).

~Season 3, Episode 6

Audrina: He’s (Derek) probably like “Hi Wifey. You’re not married?”

Lauren: IT’s not funny! Is it just me or…?

Audrina: No, you just know what you want. You’re not going to settle for any less.

~Season 3, Episode 6

Lauren: Maybe I just have too high of standards in my head.

Audrina: There’s no perfect guy.

Lauren: Obviously, I don’t want a perfect guy. I like imperfection but…

~Season 3, Episode 6

Lauren: I think you just want to be with him when he’s the good Justin. But he can’t always be the good Justin. And you can’t just like half of who a person is.

~Season 3, Episode 6

Elodie: Morning!

Heidi: Hey! What are you doing?

Elodie: Congratulations.

Heidi: Thank you. Elodie: So are you going to decorate it?

Heidi: Um, yea definitely going to put up some picture frames and stuff but…is that a new purse?

Elodie: No. (Pause) Well good for you. I mean I’m glad.

Heidi: I mean, I’m…yea, sorry it didn’t….

Elodie: That’s okay.

Heidi: …work out…

Elodie: No, that’s fine.

Heidi: I didn’t want to step on anyones toes and I said that to Brent and I know that I didn’t want it to be like that, you know what I mean?

Elodie: Mm hmm. Yea, but no good for you and I mean, as long as you appreciate it as much as I would have.

Heidi: I do.

Elodie: But no hard feelings.

Heidi: No, exactly it’s not personal.

Elodie: If we have to work together, then….

~Season 3, Episode 6

Jason: It’s kind of weird how it happened.

Lauren: What?

Jason: The whole break-up thing it’s like we totally stopped talking.

Lauren: I had to. I had to make a clean break from you.

Jason: I know. It was hard. It was weird. I was out of control. I had some bad habits. It was good seeing you though, again.

Lauren: I told you I would be your friend again eventually. I just couldn’t do it at first.

Jason: It was just hard to get over.

Lauren: I know. ~Season 3, Episode 6

“There’s just something about those bad boys that we always end up going back to.” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 7

“Ooooo, Audrina has a boyfreind!!!”~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 7

Heidi: Aw, look who put the toilet seat down. Spencer: Oo, do I get an award?

Heidi: Yes you do.

~Season 3, Episode 7

“Lipgloss” ~Heidi, Season 3, Episode 7

“Okay yea but the calls that will always get through are Spencer, Brent, Jen…other than that these are pretty much …”

~Heidi, Season 3, Episode 7

Lauren: So guess I went to get coffee with yesterday.

Whitney: Who?

Lauren: Jason.

Whitney: Jason as in ex-boyfriend Jason?

Lauren: Mm Hmm

Whitney: Oh my God, that’s like a big step. How was that?

Lauren: Good.

Whitney: It was good?

Lauren: Yea.

Whitney: Like what kind of good?

Lauren: Good like it was good to see him again obviously.

Whitney: Yea.

Lauren: ‘Cause he used to be the one I told everything to you know what I mean?

Whitney: Mm Hmm

Lauren: And you don’t get that many people in your life that you can just tell anything to.

Whitney: Yea.

Lauren: He’s like a different person now.

Whitney: Hopefully.

~Season 3, Episode 7

Whitney: Well, they (Audrina and JB) probably worked it out on their own. No need for anyone else to get involved.

Lauren: Nope

Whitney: No.

Lauren: Nuh uh.

Whitney: Bad news.

Lauren: Yea. Uh huh. Lessons learned.

Whitney: For sure

Lauren: Stay out of your friends love life.

Whitney: Never do it.

Lauren: Nuh uh.

~Season 3, Episode 7

“Catching up on old times. Catching up on recent times.” ~Whitney, Season 3, Episode 7

Lauren: I really want to have red lights in my room because red lighting makes – Jason!

Jason: What? You think I was checking her out?

Lauren: Yes!

Jason: (Laughs) You know me too well.

Lauren: I know you better than anybody.

~Season 3, Episode 7

Spencer: “It’s great to see you guys back together. It’s heartwarming.”

(later) That is just too funny. Heidi: Oh, I just can’t believe that.

Spencer: Go say hi to her, she’s your best friend.

Heidi: Best friends don’t yell at best friends.

~Season 3, Episode 7

Lauren: I just hate him.

Jason: That really make you that mad?

Lauren: I just don’t like the kid breathing near me.

Jason: Don’t let it bother you, who cares.

~Season 3, Episode 7

Spencer: Maybe she picked him up at rehab.

Heidi: Maybe she picked him up out of jail.

Spencer: I wouldn’t know.

Heidi: Maybe they’re back in the movie making action.

Spencer: That is crazy.

~Season 3, Episode 7

Jason: I just don’t like them, at all.

Lauren: I know.

Jason: I don’t think anybody does.


Jason: I can’t help it, I just want to stare.

Lauren: If you’re my friend you’ll just sit here and you’ll talk to me and you’ll behave.

(Turn drinks away)

Jason: I think there’s going to be some serious beat-downs. I so want to right now.

Lauren: Look at me. Them. You. You’re above it. Besides, if you get hurt or something happens, I’ve got no driver.

Jason: Me get hurt by Big Mouth?

Lauren: I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I know, I’m kidding.

~Season 3, Episode 7

Heidi: You know what I find actually disturbing.

Spencer: What?

Heidi: That after everything she’s been through with Jason – everything.

Spencer: She’s sitting with him here at dinner, though.

Heidi: And now me who was there for her through all of that hell is the one she won’t talk to. Because of you. I mean its just baffling, it’s like are you kidding me?

~Season 3, Episode 7

“Homeboy would poison my drink!” ~Lauren, Season 3, Episode 7

Heidi: Hey.

Elodie: Hey Heidi, what’s up?

Heidi: Ugh, you’ll never guess who I ran into? I went to dinner at Ketchup and guess who was there two tables away from us? Lauren and Jason. So, first of all, we walk and they’re sitting there. I just can’t believe she’s talking to her crazy abusive ex-boyfriend who went to rehab and jail and she can’t forgive me? It’s like is she out of her mind? So we try to send them over drinks to be like let’s feel out the water ya know, so they send them back, so we’re like, okay.

Elodie: So what exactly did you do to her that makes her not even want to accept a drink? And also, you were also friends with Audrina and now she doesn’t talk to you anymore. You were friends with Whitney too, you don’t even know what’s wrong and what’s right anymore. It’s so sad. Well, I’m going to finish up on this, so see ya.

~Season 3, Episode 7

Jason: None of my friends are sober.

Lauren: I’ll have sober nights with you. We can go bowling and we can go to movies. We should go to like a comedy club.

Jason: Exactly. Nice purse.

Lauren: Thanks. My loser ex-boyfriend gave it to me. ~Season 3, Episode 7