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House of Bloo's is the first episode of the animated television series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. The episode's plot follows Mac, an eight-year-old boy who is pressured by his mother to abandon his imaginary friend Bloo, on the grounds that he is too old for him. Upon seeing an ad on television for an orphanage for imaginary friends, Bloo convinces Mac to let him reside in the house so then Mac can visit him everyday. Various intrigues and troubles arise with Mac's brother Terrence and imaginary friend Duchess.


Mac: All right, guys! Let's bloo this!
Wilt: Aww, Man! I'm sorry, but that was not ok!
Eduardo: Muy stinko!
Coco: [shouts] Coco!
Terrence: Lame! That was stupider than even me!
Bloo: Yeah, Mac! C'mon! "Let's bloo this?" That was so stupid!

Wilt: Oh guys, this is Eduardo. He's one of the nicest imaginary friends here at Foster's! He couldn't hurt a fly!
Eduardo: Oh si, I'm too scared of them anyway!

Coco: Coco?
Mac: No, thanks.
Coco: Coco?
Bloo: Yes!
Coco: Coco?
Bloo: Yes!
Coco: Coco?
Bloo: Yes!
Coco: Coco?
Bloo: Yes!
Coco: Coco?
Bloo: [shouts] Yes!
Coco: Coco?
Bloo: [shouts] Yes! With marshmallows!
Wilt: Oh, no, Bloo. This is Coco. She wasn't asking you if you wanted cocoa, it's just that... well, all she ever says is "Coco."
Coco: Coco!
Bloo: Then what was she asking?

Wilt:: [imitating Groucho Marx] You want any juice?
Bloo: But, c'mon! 'Bloofus?' How stupid can you get?
Terrence: Hey, no STUPID imaginary friend of my STUPID little brother is gonna tell me how STUPID I am, cause i know how STUPID I - [catches himself when he sees Mac and Bloo's stupid wide grins] SHUT UP!

Millionaire Father: My daughter is in need of an imaginary friend.
Millionaire Mother: Yes, and whenever she tried to create one of her own, she gets a headache!
Millionaire Daughter: Nuh-uh. Shut up, Mom! I just think I shouldn't waste my time making one up when I can just buy one.
Frankie: Well, having an imaginary friend is not like buying a toy. It's a big responsi...
Millionaire Daughter: Ya-ya whatever. Just get me a friend, okay?! And don't give me a cheap one either. I want the best one you got. YOU GOT IT?!
Frankie: [threateningly] Ohh, you're gonna get it.
Millionaire Daughter: [shouts] WHAT?!
Frankie: Oh nothing. Nothing.
Millionaire Father: So, miss, do you have a friend for my precious little sweetie or what?
Frankie: Well, uhm. Look, at heart, most of our friends are really nice and your kid is a real... Look, how am I gonna put this. Friendship is- no that's not it. Listen, to be honest, I really don't think we have a...
Duchess: Out of my way, out of my way!

Bloo: Uhm, nice girl, cute girl. Stay away now. Go on, shoo, shoo.
Bloo: Yes. No. What? Uhm uh. AAAAAAAAHHH.
[Bloo's call for help was soon answered when a purple blur swooped him up and away, and disappeared with him in the blink of an eye. But the girl wasn't giving up that easily]

Millionaire Daughter: [off-screen] Eww, she's ugly I hate her! [her sudden reaction to Duchess not only surprised Duchess, but also made Frankie try to stifle laugh] I want this one!
Bloo: No, you don't. I smell!
Wilt: [comes in the office] Yeah, yeah, he smells, really, really bad. Whooh, he's a stinky, stinky man. [grabs Bloo and smells him] Peeehhhh-yew. [to Bloo] I'm so sorry.
Millionaire Daughter: Nuh-uh! [grabs Bloo and sniffs him] Tiffany smells nice!
Bloo: Thank you, but, but I'm a vicious monster!
Eduardo: Sí, vamos chica, vamos, he loco. [Eduardo acted as he let go of Bloo for him to bring out his teeth and claws as he lathed onto his upper-arm. But Eduardo wasn't hurt because of his thick fur and because he would be in a lot worse pain if Bloo was actually trying to hurt him] Help me, help me I am being attacked by a vicious monstro!
Bloo: [with his teeth still biting Eduardo] Rawwwr. Rawwr.
Millionaire Daughter: Look, stupid, you call this vicious?
Coco: Cocococococo. Co cocococo cococococo coco co cococo co co. Cococo cococo co CO CO!!
Bloo: Exactly!
Millionaire Daughter: [not understanding Coco] What? No I don't want any cocoa, I just want my Tiffany.
All: [get on their knees and start begging the girl to take one of them] No, take me! / Take me, take me!
Millionaire Daughter: No. [to Wilt] You're broken. [to Eduardo] You're a chicken, [to Coco] and you’re uh- a crazy chicken! I want this one.
Mr. Herriman: Very well.
All: [losing Bloo sadly] Noooooooo!!!
Frankie: Okay, guys, that's enough. I'm really sorry. I know you all wanna help but this little girl here really wants Tiff- I mean Bloo and..

Frankie: I'm sorry, sweetums, you see, Bloo was Mac's idea and since Mac's here, Bloo is no longer up for adoption. You can still have Duchess if you like. Come on, Duchess is great. Don't you want her? Take her. Take her, pleeeeaase take her.
Millionaire Daughter: NO! I HATE HER!
Frankie: So do I.


  • Mac (voiced by Sean Marquette)
  • Bloo (voiced by Keith Ferguson)
  • Wilt (voiced by Phil LaMarr)
  • Eduardo (voiced by Tom Kenny)
  • Coco (voiced by Candi Milo)
  • Frankie Foster (voiced by Grey DeLisle)
  • Mr. Herriman (voiced by Tom Kane)
  • Madame Foster (voiced by Candi Milo)

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