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Hubert: The Series (known as Hubert's Life, often shortened to Hubert) is an 2002 French-Canadian animated television series produced by Ellipse Programmé, loosely based on children's series of books written by British author Michael Bond. It is created by Tony Barnes.

Pilot (2000)[edit]

Mr. Thompson: So we arrived, I'm here.
Hubert the Parrot: Finally you're back!
Rosie Thompson: Hello, Hubert!
Hubert the Parrot: Hi, Rosie...
Rosie Thompson: I've got a surprise for you, Hubert...
Rosie Thompson: That's baked cookies!
Hubert the Parrot: Wow!
Roger the Dog: Fly into your cage, Hubert!

[Metal hit sound]

Roger the Dog: (devilishly laughs)

Season 1[edit]

Hubert at the Vet[edit]

Rosie Thompson: Hubert, what's with you?
Hubert the Parrot: (sneezes) I'm ill.
Rosie Thompson: We are going to vet to cure you, Hubert.
Hubert the Parrot: (sneezes) All right.
Mr. Thompson: Rosie, it's time for the veterinarian!.
Rosie Thompson: Right!
Roger the Dog: W-w-w-who are you?!
Dr. Jones: I say, I say, I'm Dr. Jones, son.

Geese Hunt[edit]

Rosie Thompson: Hubert, now we are hunting for geese!
Hubert the Parrot: That's right!
Roger the Dog: I'm going to eat you one day!
Rosie Thompson: (laughs)
Roger the Dog: Follow us! This is the right path for you!

[A flock of geese flying]

Roger the Dog: Ugh...
Miss Thompson: No parrot meat, huh? Big shocker. Guess i'll be cooking eggs and beans again.
Roger the Dog: Shut up, woman.

Roger on the Loose[edit]

Hubert the Parrot: And you know, Rosie, I played with you.
Rosie Thompson: That's great!
Ralph the Cat: Why do you have bowl!?
Roger the Dog: No, it's you who has my bowl!
Dog Police 1: Gotcha, pooch, you're arrested!
Dog Police 2: Yes, we will take you to the shelter!
Roger the Dog: NOOOOO!!!!!!!

Season 2[edit]

Snow Day[edit]

Rosie Thompson: Dad, you're here.
Mr. Thompson: Miss Thompson just told me I'll be make a snowman for you.
Hubert the Parrot: Wow, That be great!
Miss Thompson: Then the snowballs wouldn't have anything to go after. I'll tell Rosie. Rosie!
Rosie: Mom?
Miss Thompson: Don't throw the snowballs. Make a snowman. That's what they're after. Trust me.
Hubert the Parrot: Don't worry, we'll be okay.. I think...
Roger the Dog: You think!
Hubert the Parrot: Hold on, I'll just (crack) whoa!
Roger the Dog: AHHHHH!

[Hubert and Roger fall to snow]

Roger the Dog: (shakes head) Oww...
Hubert the Parrot: I'm really sorry, are you all.
Roger the Dog: (running back to tree) let's do that again!

Hypno Hubert[edit]

Rosie Thompson: Listen!
Hubert the Parrot: (gasps)
Rosie Thompson: When I was 9 years old, my mom bought me stickers with Pink Pony Princesses. It's so cute!
Hubert the Parrot: What are you talking about?
Rosie Thompson: About the hypnosis!!

[Swings the pendulum]

Rosie Thompson: When I snap my finger...
Rosie Thompson: Your eyelids are heavy...Your eyelids are heavy...
Rosie Thompson: Sleep, Sleep!

[Rosie snaps her finger] [Hubert's spiral eyes began to appear] [Hubert sleeps]

Rosie Thompson: (gasps) It works!


Mr. Thompson: Good night, Rosie.
Rosie: Good night, Dad.

[The one of the aliens cames to the house]

Hubert the Parrot: Sweet Jesus, Rosie, that's an alien!!
Rosie and Hubert: (screaming)



  • Martial Le Minoux - Hubert the Parrot
  • Eric Metayer - Roger the Dog
  • Philippe Roullier - Mr. Thompson, Dr. Jones
  • Nathalie Homs - Rosie Thompson, Miss Thompson
  • Dorothée Pousséo - Buster Watson
  • Jean-Loup Horwitz - Stephen the Cat
  • Jean-Claude Donda - Ralph the Cat
  • Guillaume Lebon - Bobby the Cat


  • Ron Pardo - Hubert the Parrot
  • Gilbert Gottfried - Roger the Dog
  • Scott McCord - Mr. Thompson, Dr. Jones
  • Julie Lemieux - Rosie Thompson, Miss Thompson
  • Eric Bauza - Buster Watson, Stephen the Cat
  • Daniel DeSanto - Ralph the Cat
  • Blair Williams - Bobby the Cat