I Ought to Be in Pictures (film)

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I Ought to Be in Pictures is a 1982 film about a young girl named Libby Tucker who wants to become an actress and reunite with her father Herbert Tucker.

Directed by Herbert Ross. Written by Neil Simon.
Libby Tucker Hitchhiked from Brooklyn to Take Hollywood by Storm. And her Father By Surprise.

Herb Tucker[edit]

  • Grandma, do you like the Phillies against the Dodgers tonight?


Libby: Grandma was right. Once a shitheel, always a shitheel.
Herbert: Your grandmother talks like that?
Libby: The words are mine, the wisdom is hers!

Truck Driver: [cursing in Spanish]
Libby: [cursing in Spanish]
Truck Driver: You speak Spanish?
Libby: No, Jewish, but in Brooklyn first we learn Spanish then English then Jewish.


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