I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer is a 1998 slasher film and sequel to the 1997 film I Know What You Did Last Summer. The murderous fisherman with a hook is back to once again stalk the two surviving teens, Julie and Ray, who left him for dead, as well as cause even more murder and mayhem, this time at a posh island resort.

Directed by Danny Cannon. Written by Trey Callaway, based on character originally created in a popular novel by Lois Duncan.
Some secrets will haunt you forever.taglines

Julie James[edit]

  • Bless me father, for I have sinned. It's been a year since my last confession. I've never told anyone about this. Not my mom, not the police, or not even my friends, except for the ones who were there, well, they're not around anymore. You see I, I killed a man, but it was an accident.
  • 2 summers ago, we lied to authorities. We hit Ben Willis with our car, then we threw his body in the water to cover it up. Only, he didn't die. He killed Barry and Helen last July 4th.
  • [Karla has just shown her a sun bed] Great, cancer in a box.
  • [after shooting Ben Willis] Just... [shoots him again] fucking... [shoots him again] DIE!

Ray Bronson[edit]

  • Every guy in history who tried to pick up a girl did the good-friend thing first.


  • This island didn't have a murder rate until you people showed up!

Karla Wilson[edit]

  • "Try" is like "maybe", Julie. "Try" is bullshit.


  • Don't get her started all right. It's a long fucked up story and you probably won't believe it anyway. All i know is that this is the worst vacation of my life. I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm fucking horny and I ain't seen one goddamn psycho killer.


  • Hush, child. No more screaming, no more running. It's time to die!
  • What are you gonna do, boy? Call us names?
  • Think about it, boy. You're no killer, that's my job. You don't have it in you.
  • [last words before Julie shot him to death to the empty grave made for her] Stand him up!

Will Benson[edit]

  • [last words before Ben accidently kills him] You want him, dad?


Julie: [holding a large kitchen knife] What the hell are you doing in my closet?
Karla: Dude, I thought you were outta town. Look, I just wanted to borrow your black skirt, but I'm not ready to die for it.

[Ray appears pointing a gun at Ben Willis who's holding Julie hostage]
Ray: Let her go.
Will: Oh, God. You've got to be shitting me!
Ray: Let her go, Willis!
Ben: Or what? What are you going to do, boy? Call us names?
Ray: Let her go, NOW!
Ben: Think about it, boy. You're no killer. That's my job! You don't have it in you!


  • Some secrets will haunt you forever.
  • Someone is dying for a second chance.
  • I Still Know
  • The sequel that will hook you...again
  • ...the story continues
  • Get Hooked Again
  • The man with the hook is back, and this time, he's really mad!
  • Some people never forget.
  • It's happening again


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