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If Only is a 2004 film directed by Gil Junger. Filming was done between November 2002 and January 2003. The movie made its world première at the Sarasota Film Festival in January 2004. However, it was not picked up for US distribution. It went on to play around the world throughout late 2004 and 2005. American audiences finally had a chance to see this film when it premièred on the American ABC Family television network on January 15, 2006.


  • I love Miss Andrews, everyone does. If I was just a few years older.


  • Sam's diary: They say there's always someone in a relationship who loves more. Oh God I wish it wasn't me.


[Ian is holding Sam's diary.]
Sam: Read one word and I'll kill you.
Ian: [looks at her, scared to death] AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Sam: I was just kidding, I was just kidding!

Sam: Alright. What happened in the dream that freaks you out so badly?
Ian: It was... It was awful!
Sam: OK, alright. Let's be logical about this. In your dream or vision or whatever, what happens next?
Ian: You go back to the apartment to wash your sweater and I go to my meeting.
Sam: That is... awful! Uh...

Ian: There are certain things that I know are gonna happen.
Mike: [to a woman] Excuse me. Haven't we met before... in my dreams?
Woman: Oh, just piss off, will you?
Ian: You see? I knew that would happen!
Nigel: Ian, we both knew that was gonna happen!


  • I don't wanna be adored, I wanna be loved.
  • The way you love me, vanish all the tears.

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