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Indiana Gregg (August 12, 1971 - present) is a songwriter, composer and activist. Her music contains elements of pop, soul and folk. Releases include featured artist on Kool & the Gang's "The Hits Reloaded" where she performed their hit titled "Tonight" and a 2007 debut release of her album "Woman At Work" with singles "Sweet Things", "Love Is Blind" and "One of Us" released from the album in April, June and October 2007 respectively.

Quotes From Indiana Gregg's published musical lyrics[edit]

"To answer that question very literally, well I would just say that the most important things in life are children, love, happiness. All the things you don't get in the media today. Really there is too much concentration on all that is unachievable, or all the things we 'can't' change. But there are so many things that we can change and there are so many things which we have an influence over. And it seems to be very difficult for modern day people to understand that they really don't need all that they 'think' they need. Maybe." -Indiana Gregg (Sweet Things, 2007 from the album 'Woman At Work'

Quotes from Interviews and Public Pages[edit]

I used to be Einstein in a previous life. Ever since I've been born, people have been trying to prove me wrong.- Indiana Gregg[citation needed]

Google thinks it's more 'real'.... "The Google+ project makes sharing on the web more like sharing in the real world." I'm like whaaaaa? No it doesn't! Real world sharing is like when someone borrows your shirt or you share your M&M's. I mean WTF (welcome to faceboook) - Indiana Gregg (on the launching of Google+) [citation needed]

I'm losing faith. What is this all about? Poli-tics doesn't exist. It's not politics. there is no 'poli' involved and the only bit that true is that they are 'tics'. They will suck the blood of life out of you. They need you because you are the creator of wealth in society. You are a slave. You are the commodity. You are what is being traded internationally. You as a human work force. You are bonded. You are not 'free'. So, there is no left-wing. There is no right-wing. There are only non-issues. Buy goods. Withdraw your money and turn it into real goods and store them safely. Protest and regain life for the future, for posterity. this world has been hi-jacked! (September 2011, Facebook public page) - Indiana Gregg[specific citation needed]

If you don't think outside the box, you are thinking inside a box. It's like living in a milk jug and eventually it goes sour. It will even smell rotten. That's all I'm saying. - Indiana Gregg [citation needed]

What you've survived, hasn't killed you. And that's all I wanted to say - Indiana Gregg

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