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It's Pony is a American-British animated television series created by Ant Blades on Nickelodeon. The show is storyboarded, designed, and animated by Blue-Zoo Animation.

Pony on the 6th floor
Pony in the bathroom
Pony in the kitchen
Pony on the school bus
Pony, Pony, Pony
He's a funny-loving pony
Never going slowly
When you've got a pony
You'll never feel lonely
Pony, Pony, Pony
George: Pony!
It's Pony, Pony, Pony
Pony, Pony, Pony
It's Pony!

Annie: Pony.




Coffee Run[edit]

Annie Bramley: It's Pony.
Pony: [high pitch] Shorts!

Helen Bramley: Don't worry, we're still alive.
George Bramley: We're just out of coffee.
Annie: Phew. We'll go and get you some more. Won't we, Pony?

Pony: Why are we getting Mom and Dad coffee?
Annie: They never get us coffee. They need it to wake up. They're like zombies without coffee.

Annie: We brought you some coffee.
Helen: It's okay. We're awake now.

Paper Chase[edit]

Annie: It's Pony.
Pony: [holding...] Shorts!
Annie: Where'd you get those?

George: Pony! Ugh, not my toothbrush! [grunting] Get out of the bathroom!
Pony: I just don't know how to please that man.
Annie: Maybe make him breakfast. That's what Mom does instead of apologizing.
Pony: Dad, I'm making you breakfast!
George: No, you're not.
Pony: Yes, I am.
George: Don't you dare.
Pony: He dared me. Now I have to do it.

Annie: There, finished.
Pony: What is it?
Annie: My homework for Monday.
Pony: It's only Friday.
Annie: It means it frees up the whole weekend.
Annie: I had to guess a few things, like the title of the homework, the subject of the homework... Even if we have homework for Monday.
Pony: Well, the front cover looks very good.
Annie: The whole thing is very good. It's the tale of a clever and beautiful tween, and her champion stallion.
Pony: You really captured my essence.

Pony: What were you trying to tell me?
Annie: I was just trying to say "thank you".
Pony: For what?
Annie: For giving me my homework.
Pony: Aw, Annie, that was ages ago.
Annie: Yeah, I know.
Pony: See you after school, then.
Annie: See you later, Pony.
Pony: And I'll stay out of trouble.
Annie: [chuckles] Yeah, okay.
[car alarm blaring]
Brian: Hey, Annie, you hear the news? No homework for Monday. [laughs] Whoo-hoo!
[Annie sighs]

Hold My Spot[edit]

Annie: Where is he?
Pony: It's Pony! Shorts…

Annie: I love my boots and all, but nothing beats a pair of genuine Leave-on Chiffon sneakers.
Pony: Unless it's a genuine Leave-On Chiffon neck brace.

Screen Time[edit]

Annie: It's Pony... shorts.
Pony: Uh, I think I need another pair.

Clara Bornstein: [clearing throat] Hi, Annie.
Annie: Hey, Clara. Sorry, in late.
Clara: So what'd you get for #2?
Annie: X = 134.
Clara: Oh, I got "X = 189".
Annie: Okay, well, let's figure it out.
Pony: Whoo-hoo!
Clara: What's Pony doing?
Annie: Oh, he found some springs in the dumpster. Now he thinks he's a kangaroo or something. Just ignore him. Anyway, I got 134 by– AAH! Pony, can you–? Ah! (Ow!)
[Clara hangs up.]

Brian: [logs in] First, yes! [Heston logs in] Heston, it's just me and you, dude, the bros, guys in the house. What do you wanna talk about?
Clara: [logs in] Hi, guys.
Brian: [disappointed] Oh, hi, Clara.
Beatrice: [logs in] Of course he's gonna bite if you hold him like that. Hi, everyone. Where's Annie?
Clara: Hospital, probably. Last time I saw her, Pony totally wrecked her.
Brian: I saw Pony release a wild animal on her.
Heston: I saw him flooding the place. It was insane.
Clara: I don't know how she deals with it.
Beatrice: OMG! Are you crazy? I would love to have a pony. He is so adorable.
Brian: Better her than me.
Heston: A glutton for punishment.
Annie: Oh, hey, guys. Sorry I'm late. What were you talking about?
Clara, Heston, and Brian: Nothing.
Beatrice: Pony.
Annie: Huh? (Oh, well.)
Clara: So… looks pretty quiet in there.
Annie: Yeah, Pony's not here. I told him I had to do this homework, so he went to visit a friend.
Brian: Uh… what friend, o-one of his friends or one of yours?
Annie: Hmm. Well, he didn't say.
Clara: Think, Annie. Where could he be going? It's important. My family's hosting a big fundraising lunch.
Annie: Well, (before he left,) he did say he was hungry.
Clara: Hungry? Really? Then he knows! Everybody out! Move it! Pack it up! Go, go, go! Everyone to the safe house! (I'll call you back!) [signs off]

Brian: Clara really freaked out. And as Hero Horse says, "Don't freak out."
Annie: Oh, yeah, Brian, I-I told Pony about that limited edition collectible.
Brian: W-what, you did?
Annie: Of course, he said he can't wait to see it.
Brian: He said that? Got to do something, be right back! I-I'll just be a minute. Just putting this somewhere safe.

Annie: Guys, can you all just stop panicking? Look, can we just… Heston, did you leave home?
Heston: Uh, no. Just another one of my awesome computer backgrounds. Definitely not hiding my new computer from Pony.
Annie: Wow, that's a very realistic one. It looks like you're in an alley.
Heston: [laughs] Why would I go to an alley to hide my new computer from Pony?
Beatrice: Who are those guys?
Heston: Oh, those guys? Th-th-they come with the background.

Beatrice: Hmm… He didn't go to Clara's, he didn't go to Brian's, he didn't go to Heston's. That must mean... [gasps] It's happening! I gotta go now, Annie! Signing out, bye!
Annie: Um, Beatrice, I'm still here.
Beatrice: What? Uh, no, nothing to see here. Go! [signs off for real]

Annie: Pony!
Pony: Hi, Annie. Question - what's Heston's favorite ice cream, is it chocolate mint or mint chocolate chip?
Annie: Where are you? Didn't you say you were visiting a friend?
Pony: Yeah. I met my friend, Guessepi's ice cream stand. I got us all ice cream.
Annie: Aw, that's so sweet. I bet everyone wishes they had a pony.
Pony: Well… I better go deliver this to Clara, Brian, Heston, and Beatrice.
Annie: You may wanna skip Beatrice. (How about you give one of them to Fred or Gerry instead? Long story.)

Vending Machine[edit]

Inside Pony[edit]

Annie: Pony, what happened?
Pony: It's Pony shorts.

Voice cast[edit]

George and Helen's daughter / Ruth's granddaughter
Annie's dad / Ruth's son / Helen's husband
Annie's mom / George's wife / Ruth's daughter-in-law
  • Taylor Polidore as Clara Bornstein
Mr. and Mrs. Bornstein's daughter / Barrington's cousin / Gerry's love interest
Marti and Meg's nephew Kyle's brother
  • Noshir Dalal as Gerry: Clara's love interest


  • Kimberly Woods as Polly


Pony's rival / Mrs. Okaba's pet
Meg's wife / Heston and Kyle's aunt
Clara's mom / Mr. Bornstein's wife / Barrington's aunt


George's mom / Annie's Nana / Helen's mother-in-law
  • Secunda Wood as Mayor Rita
Clara's cousin / Mr. and Mrs. Bornstein's nephew

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