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It is a 2017 film about a group of bullied kids who band together when a shapeshifting demon, taking the appearance of a clown, begins hunting children.

Directed by Andy Muschietti. Written by Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga, and Gary Dauberman, based on the novel by Stephen King.
It Takes Many Forms  (taglines)


  • Where you going, Eds? If you lived here, you'd be home by now. Come join the clown, Eds. You'll float down here. We all float down here. Yes, we do!
  • [to Eddie] Tasty, tasty, beautiful fear!
  • This isn't real enough for you, Billy? I'm not real enough for you? It was real enough for Georgie!
  • [To Beverly, via speaker] Step right up, Beverly! Step right up! Got change? Come float! You'll laugh, you'll cry! You'll cheer, you'll die! Introducing Pennywise the Dancing Clown!
  • [to the Losers Club, about Bill] No! I'll take him! I'll take all of you! And I'll feast on your flesh as I feed on your fear... Or... you'll just leave us be. I will take him. Only him. And I will have my long rest, and you will all grow to live and thrive and lead happy lives, until old age takes you back to the weeds.

Bill Denbrough[edit]

  • What happens when another Georgie goes missing? Or another Betty? Or one of us? Are you just going to pretend it didn’t happen like everyone else in this town?
  • If we stick together, all of us, we'll win. I promise.
  • [to It/Pennywise] You didn’t kill Beverly because she wasn’t afraid. We aren’t either. Not anymore. Now you’re the one who’s afraid. Because you’re gonna starve.

Beverly Marsh[edit]

  • I want to run towards something! Not away!

Ben Hanscom[edit]

  • Derry is not like any town I've been in before. People die or disappear six times the national average. And that's just grown ups. Kids are worse. Way, way worse.

Richie Tozier[edit]

  • I can't believe I pulled the short straw. You guys are lucky we're not measuring dicks.
  • Can only virgins see this stuff? Is that why I'm not seeing this shit?
  • [to Ben] I'm glad I got to meet you before you died.
  • You know the Barrens aren't that bad. Who doesn't love splashing around in shitty water?
  • [to Bill] I told you, Bill. I fucking told you. I don't wanna die. It's your fault. You punched me in the face, you made me walk through shitty water, you dragged me into a fucking crackhead house... [grabs a nearby bat] and now I'm gonna have to kill this fucking clown.
  • [to Pennywise] Welcome to the Losers' Club, asshole!

Stanley Uris[edit]

  • It's summer! We're supposed to be having fun! This isn't fun, it's scary and disgusting.
  • Um- reflecting on what I just read [about the Torah.], I like what it says about indifference. Well, when you're a kid, you think the universe revolves around you, that you'll always be protected and cared for. That you'll always have the same friends as when you were 12. Then, one day, something bad happens and you realize that's not true. You wake up suddenly not caring about lives outside your own, nothing going on outside of your front door matters anymore. You separate yourself from anything that might matter to you. Neighbors, your family, your friends. But when you're alone as a kid, the monsters see you as weaker, and they start to come for you, and you don't even notice they're getting closer until it's too late. So they attack you before you find the truth about whats happening. If any of you opened your eyes, if you really cared, you would see what we're going through. I guess, indifference, is a part of growing up. Becoming an adult, isn't about being able to vote, or being able to drink, or drive. Becoming an adult, according to the holy scripture, in Derry, is learning not to give a shit.

Mike Hanlon[edit]

  • My grandfather thinks this town is cursed, that all the bad things that happened in this town are because of one thing. An evil thing.


Pennywise: [from inside a sewer grate] Hiya, Georgie! [pause] What a nice boat. Do you want it back?
Georgie: Um... Yes, please.
Pennywise: You look like a nice boy. I bet you have a lot of friends.
Georgie: Three... but my brother is my bestest.
Pennywise: Where's he?
Georgie: In bed. Sick.
Pennywise: I bet I can cheer him up! I'll give him a balloon. Do you want a balloon too, Georgie?
Georgie: I'm not supposed to take things from strangers.
Pennywise: Oh! Well, I'm Pennywise the Dancing Clown! "Pennywise?" "Yes?" "Meet Georgie. Georgie, meet Pennywise." [Georgie laughs] Now we aren't strangers. Are we?
Georgie: What are you doing in the sewer?
Pennywise: Oh, a storm blew me away. Blew the whole circus away. [chuckles] Can you smell the circus, Georgie? There's peanuts... cotton candy... hot dogs... and...?
Georgie: Popcorn?
Pennywise: Popcorn! Is that your favorite?
Georgie: Uh-huh.
Pennywise: Mine, too! [laughs] Because they pop! Pop, pop! Pop, pop! Pop, pop, pop!
[they both laugh, then Pennywise glares/stares at Georgie evilly. Georgie starts to feel uneasy]
Georgie: Um... I should get going now.
Pennywise: Oh! W-Without your boat? You don't wanna lose it, Georgie. Bill is gonna kill you. Here. Take it. [pause] Take it, Georgie.
[as soon as Georgie starts to reach for the paper boat, Pennywise bites Georgie's right arm and rips it off. Georgie cries, screams, and attempts to crawl away while bleeding. Pennywise then grabs Georgie and drags him into the sewer]
Georgie: BILLY!

Eddie: Hey, guys. What do you wanna do tomorrow?
Richie: I start my training.
Eddie: Well, what training?
Richie: Street Fighter.
Eddie: Is that how you wanna spend your summer? Inside an arcade?
Richie: Beats spending it inside your mother.

Richie: [opens a cabinet full of medicine and pills] Hey, Eddie. These are birth control pills?
Eddie: Yeah and I'm saving it for your sister. This is private stuff!

Richie: [about the rumors about Beverly] I hear the list is longer than my wang.
Stanley: That's not saying much.

Ben: Derry started as a beaver trapping camp.
Richie: Still is! Am I right, boys?

"Georgie": I lost it, Billy. Don't be mad.
Bill: I'm not... I'm n...not mad at you.
"Georgie": It just floated off... But, Bill? If you'll come with me, you'll float, too.
Bill: Georgie?
"Georgie": You'll float, too. You'll float, too. You'll float, too. You'll float, too. You'll float, too! You'll float, too! You'll float, too! You'll float, too! [“Georgie”'s voice deepens] YOU'LL FLOAT, TOO! YOU'LL FLOAT, TOO! YOU'LL FLOAT, TOO! YOU'LL FLOAT, TOO!
Pennywise: [drags “Georgie” into the water] YOU'LL FLOAT, TOO!

Bill: [to Richie] S-s-stay here.
Richie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What if her dad comes back?
Stanley Uris: Do what you always do: start talking! [the others Losers, except Richie, all go to Beverly's apartment]
Richie: It is a gift.

Beverly: I need to show you something.
Richie: More than you showed us yesterday at the quarry?

Bill: We like hanging with you.
Beverly: [smiling] Thanks.
Bill: You shouldn't thank us too much. Hanging with us makes you a loser, too.
Beverly: [still smiling] I think I can live with that.

Woman on TV: And this is my most favourite part of the afternoon. Getting to know all about so many of you. Is there someone here that wants to share with us what they most enjoyed about today?
Girl: Me!
Woman on TV: How about you?
Girl: I liked seeing the clown.
Woman on TV: You did? You liked the clown?
Children: Yes!
Woman on TV: What about the rest of you?
Boy: I liked when the bubbles float.
Woman on TV: You did? Me too! I just love watching things float.
Boys: We all float.
Woman on TV:That's right! And you will, too, Henry. Make it a wonderful day. Kill him!
Children: Kill him. Kill him. Kill him! Kill him!
[Henry stabs his father in the throat with his switchblade]
TV Narrator: Oh, no! Give him a big round of applause!
Children: Yay!
[Henry's father struggles as Henry holds him back]
Woman on TV: Well done, Henry!
Pennywise/Children: Kill them all! Kill them all! Kill them all! Kill them all! Kill them all! Kill them all! Kill them all! KILL THEM ALL! KILL THEM ALL! KILL THEM ALL!

Beverly: I'm not afraid of you.
Pennywise: [sniffs at Beverly briefly, then turns away and starts glaring at her] You will be.

Bill: Georgie...
"Georgie": What took you so long?
Bill: I was looking for you this whole time.
"Georgie": I couldn't find my way out of here. He said I could have my boat back, Billy.
Bill: Was she fast?
"Georgie": I couldn't keep up with it.
Bill: 'She', Georgie. You call boats 'she'.
"Georgie": Take me home, Billy. [starts crying] I wanna go home! I miss you, I wanna be with Mom and Dad!
Bill: [crying] I want more than anything for you to be home. With mom, and Dad... I miss you so much!
"Georgie": I love you, Billy.
Bill: I love you too... [pulls out bolt gun and points it at "Georgie"'s head] But you're not Georgie.


  • It Takes Many Forms
  • You'll float too.
  • What are you afraid of?


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