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There are six Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons and a seventh one that was combined into one movie . They are all about Sonic and his friends and the adventures they have.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)[edit]


  • Sally: Sonic, where were you when the brains were handed out?
  • Sonic: Time to juice!
  • Sonic: Juice time!
  • Sonic: Jelly and jam time!
  • Sonic: Dust and bust time!
  • Sonic: The Hedgehog knows.
  • Sonic: Plan won't fly, Sal.
    Sally: Yes, it will!
    Sonic: Won't!
    Sally: Will!
    Sonic: Won't!
    Sally: STOP THAT and give me one good reason!
    Sonic: Because you'll be a sitting duck for the stealthbots.
    Sally: We can fly at night.
    Sonic: Robotnik's radar will pick you up in a Sonic second.
    Sally: We can fly low, under the radar.
    Sonic: Well, I don't like it. I'm not going. And I don't think you should go either.
    Sally: We can use the scrolls' powers against Robotnik. We are going, with or without you!
    Sonic: Okay, okay! I'll go! But I'm using the old ground transportation. I'll follow you.
  • Robotnik: Activate all exterior hedgehog traps.
    Snively: But I thought you wanted him to get in.
    Robotnik: Yes! But we can't make it too easy!
  • Snively: Sir, Sir! They're inside the machine! Shall I alert the the forces?
    Robotnik: Oh no, no, no Snively. Let them explore. Perhaps they'll find my little surprise.
    Snively: (under his breath) Your stupidity will ruin everything, you ugly boil.
    Robotnik: WHAT was that, Snively?!
    Snively: I said the Doomsday Machine's going to need more oil, sir.
  • Sally: Sonic, time travel violates all the laws of physics.
    Sonic: So does Dulcy's flyin', but that doesn't stop her!
  • Sonic: Yo, Sal. Were going to blow this pop stand. (badly disguising his voice as Robotnik's) Open Cell #54.
    Computer: Voice print approved. Hand print necessary for certification.
    Sonic: Open up this cell or I'll rip out your electronic brain!
    Computer: Hand print unnecessary. You are Robotnik.
  • Sonic: Why do you ask so many questions?
    Sally: Why don't you use your brain?
    Sonic: It gives me a headache!
  • Robotnik: Oh, I'm almost sorry that it's over. If nothing else, you have been a most worthy adversary. But, in every game, there are winners and there are losers. And as you know, in this game, losers... get robotizicized!
  • Sonic: Ant, put a sock in it!
    Antoine: My socks? What is wrong with my socks?
  • Bunnie: Antoine, y'all are dearly startin' to tick me off!
    Antoine: What? I'm not even wearing my watch.
  • Antoine: Oh, this piece of quiet is making me sweating.
    Bunnie: Everything makes you sweating, Antoine. (pinches his cheek playfully) But you're still a little muffin!
  • Sally: Robotnik can really HURT you!
    Sonic: Hey! I'm still here, aren't I?
  • Sonic: Thanks for saving my life tonight, Bunnie.
    Bunnie: Sometimes a metal body comes in handy, but I still have somethin' a robot will never have; a heart and a mind of my own.
  • Sally: SONIC, I can NOT believe you would jeopardize our mission for a STUPID CHILI DOG!
    Sonic: A chili dog?! MOI? (gives a loud belch.) Oops.
    Sally: Don't tell me you forgot to check the blind drop!
    Sonic: Okay.
    Sally: Okay, what?!
    Sonic: I won't tell you I forgot to check the blind drop!
  • Sonic: Am I cool or what?
    Sally: You're what.
  • Sonic: If brains had hair, he'd [Antoine] be a cueball.
  • Sonic: Faster than lightning! Quieter than a mouse! I'm there and back before you know I'm even gone!
  • The King: No matter how long it takes, Julien. I will STOP YOU!!!
    Robotnik: Courageous words, sire. But anywhere you go, that'll be no possible. Open the void. Impressive, do you think? Be sure to give Naugus my regards. He's the sorcerer who invented it and uh... (chuckles) your new neighbor. Safe journer, sire.
    The King: You'll regret this, Julien. YOU'LL REGRET THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!
  • Bunnie: Where is Uncle Chuck?
    Sonic: On a train headed for the crystal mine.
    Antoine: Where is this crystal of mine?
  • Various characters: Shut up, Antoine! (and variants thereof)
  • Dulcy: Then, I had this really strange dream where my ma was telling me, "Come to Dragon's Nest! Come to Dragon's Nest!"
    Sonic: Dragon's Nest?
    Dulcy: It's where all the lady dragons go.
    Sally: NICOLE, access dragon behavior, emphasis on migration.
    Computer: Searching, Sally. One area found. Onset of migrational pattern behavior during adolesence.
    Sonic: Onset of what during whom?
  • Dulcy: (when she crash-lands) Hello, Ma! I'm home! (and variants thereof)
  • Chuck: Are you girls alright?
    Dulcy: We're fine, Uncle Chuck.
    Chuck: Oh, thanks for getting here so fast!
    Sally: What's wrong?
    Chuck: It's all on here.
    <He hands her a disk that she scans with her computer. A hologram pops up, showing Snively.>
    Snively: We're very close to finding the first Drood Henge scroll, sir. Yes, sir.
    Dulcy: Who's he talking to?
    Chuck: Robotnik. I could only record one side of the conversation.
    Snively: Yes, sir. We will continue our search.
    <hologram disappers>
    Sally: Drood Henge? There is something familiar about that name.
    Chuck: It was a royal family secret.
    Sally: But I was never told.
    Chuck: You were only 5 when Robotnik took over. It concerns the legendary Deep Power Stones, capable of incredible power, or incredible destruction!
    Sally: NICOLE, access information on Drood Henge.
    Computer: Access denied, Sally. Time encoded lock out.
    Chuck: Your father inserted many programs into NICOLE. Some are time locked until you come of age.
    Sally: But, that's 2 years from now! In the meantime, we have to find this Drood Henge!
    Chuck: Before Robotnik does. The thought of that fiend having such awesome power!
  • Robotnik: I HATE that hedgehog...I hate him!!! GGRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!
  • Snively: Good morning, Dr. Robotnik. Exciting trip?
    Robotnik: Shut up, Snively!
  • Messages of the SWATbots: Hedgehog alert! Hedgehog, Priority 1! Surrender, hedgehog!
  • Sonic: You ready, Rotor?
    Rotor: Ready!
    <Sonic strikes pose and hits an A chord with his electric guitar, then continues playing and sings>
    Sonic: Hey, hey, Sal! Don't you call me a fool! 'Cause, baby, you know that I'm way past cool! WAY PAST COOL! <strikes A chord again> Way past cool, huh? How do you like the entrance? You know, the way I come flying in and hit the old "axle rose pose" right on the downbeat?
    Rotor: Sally won't like it. It's too hard rock. It's got to be softer!
    Sonic: Softer? What do you mean, softer? Oh I hate softer! Softer is for pillows, for ice cream! Music has got to move! It's got to be pedal to the metal! It's got to...
    Rotor: <interrupting> Ballad.
    Sonic: Ballad? Schmallad? Uh-uh. No way, man! Ballads make me want to hurl! <pretends to prevent himself from vomiting> Chunkage contained.

[repeated line]

  • Snively: I HATE YOU!!!! I HATE YOU BOTH!!!!!
  • Sonic: Little news bulletin, Robotnik. Read the old lips. You are history, done, through, out of here, 'cause the Freedom Fighters are up and on the job!
    Rotor: We're there!
    Tails: Hi, mom!
    <as they prepare to leave, Robotnik's voice stops him, as he is talking through his Orb>
    Robotnik: Wait! Mark my words, hedgehog, before this day is done, you and the power rings will be right in the palm of my hand!
    Sonic: Should we hold our breath, guys?
    Tails and Rotor: Uh-uh. No way. Uh-uh-uh. Nope.
    Sonic: Let's juice!
    <the three run off>
  • Sonic: Wake up call, guys. The hedgehog has landed!
    Tails: Wow! How fast did we go, Sonic?
    Sonic: We were scootin' and rootin', little bro!
    Tails: Aw, no way! Scootin' and rootin'?
    Rotor: Yep. Scootin' and rootin'!
  • Snively: You there! What's your name?
    Sonic: I don't know.
    Snively: Well, not to worry, friend. You're with me, now.
  • Snively: Here's another one. How many worker bots does it take to change a lightbulb?
    Sonic: (chuckling) I don't know.
    Snively: All of them!
    <both laugh hysterically>
    Sally: What have they done to him?
    Chuck: Some kind of mind control. Go back to Knothole and warn the others. I'll snoop around here.
  • Robotnik: Well, nice of you to drop in, hedgehog.
    Sonic: <sarcastically> Did we miss dinner?
  • Robotnik: So nice of you to drop by, hedgehog. I do love surprises. Now why are you here?
    Sonic: <faking temper tantrum> It's the stress! I can't take it anymore! My hedgehog nerves are shot, I tell you! Shot! Shot! SHOT!
    Robotnik: Oh, please. Something is rotten in Topeka... wherever that is. Now what are you up to?
    Sonic: Oh, about 3'4", give or take an inch. Little joke. there.
    Robotnik: Very little. <to SWATbots> Put him in the roboticizer.
    Sonic: Wait! Wait! There's one more thing I gotta do.
    <goes into his blue blur and wrecks the bots who have him captive>
    Robotnik: I'll get you...
    Sonic: <interupting> Have a seat, Robotnik! <thrusts Robotnik into his chair, then speaks, mimicking a game show host> Win and spin time, baldo! And you lose! <spins Robotnik and chair at supersonic speed, then rushes off> Activate anti-gravity system. Way cool! <activates system, grabs roboticizer parts> Ciao, baby. <runs off>
    Robotnik: I'll get you, hedgehog! I'll get you! SNIIIIVELY-EY-EY-EY-EY-EY!
  • Antoine: It is the curse! It is the curse!
  • Dulcy: <having just crashed> Hello, ma! I'm home!
    Sally: Dulcy! Did you see anything!
    Dulcy: Oh, sure! I saw owls and trees and...
    Sally: <interupting> Sonic! Did you see Sonic?
    Ducly: Sorry! I looked everywhere, too!
    Sally: Something is really wrong here. I've got to tell Uncle Chuck.
  • Bunnie: What's it say, Sally girl?
    Sally: I don't know. It's the ancient language of Mobius. NICOLE, can you translate?
    Computer: Translation: We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.
    Antoine: Well, I am shoeless!
    Sonic: You mean, clueless, Ant.
  • Antoine: This place is giving me some creepies.
  • Bunnie: I bet the temple's on the other side of that wall.
    Sally: I think you're right, Bunnie.
    Rotor: Cool. But how do we get up there?
    Sonic: What's next, Sal?
    Sally: Well, we have to find the first marker. The "chair."
    Sally: That's strange. That sound is always right on schedule. It sounds every 2.10 minutes.
    Rotor: We have to find shelter!
    Sonic: Behind the pillar! Grab on!
    <everyone grabs on>
    Sonic: Hang tight!
    <Sonic pulls everyone behind pillar, wind stops>
    Sonic: Yo, guys! Where did everybody go?
    Sally: Here we are, Sonic!
    Sonic: Where? I can't see you! <Sally walks up behind him> Man! That is too weird! That shadow makes you invisible!
    Antoine: I am still not liking this place too much!
    Sally: Come on. We've got a lot to do!
  • Sally: NICOLE, translate.
    Computer: Translation: what one cannot achieve in learning, one will achieve in the light of day.
    Sonic: This stuff boggles the hedgehog mind.
    Sally: It will become clear eventually, I hope.
  • Computer: According to Maga's history, each marker represents a test based on the ancient degrees of awareness: intelligence, spirit, and courage, in which only the worthy can succeed.
    Bunnie: Well, that's 3 degrees but there's only 2 markers, right?
    Sally: Right. It does boggle the mind.
    Antoine: Oh. I am so tired, I could pop!
    Rotor: Sally, what are we looking for?
    Sally: Something called the chair.
    Sonic: What kind of a chair?
    <pause, sunlight streams in and reveals chair>
    Sonic: Yep. Definitely a chair. Yow! You are sizzling, hedgehog!
  • Computer: What one cannot achieve in learning, one will achieve in the light of day.
    Sally: Just like the inscription. Good work, Sonic!
    Sonic: So, now what, Sal?
    Sally: I think we sit!
  • Bunnie: Oh my stars! This must be the place!
    Sally: It is! Come on!
  • Rotor: Sally, why are there two scrolls?
    Sally: One is a fake. If we approach the wrong platform, the temple will explode!
    Antoine: Explode? Eek, ook, eek, no, no, no, eek, oh, tympani, oh, no, no, no, no, no!
    Sonic: Man, they sure don't make this easy.
    Sally: Somewhere there is an answer.
    Bunnie: Hey, what about all those hyroglyphics NICOLE's been translating?
    Sally: Yes! Yes! The arrow-stone! We each see things differently. That's it!
    Rotor: It is?
    Sally: Yes! We overcame the first obstacle, the chair, with our intelligence!
    Sonic: Thank you, thank you!
    Bunnie: Then this is the second degree of awareness: spirit!
    Sonic: Yo! That's us! The Freedom Fighters!
    Rotor: Yeah. We're survivors!
    <everyone looks at non-glowing platform>
    All except Antoine: That's it!
    Sally: Only one way to find out. <begins to approach non-glowing platform> I can do this!
    Antoine: Oh! I cannot see this!
  • Sonic: Sal?
  • Bunnie: What's it say, Sally girl?
    Sally: NICOLE, translate!
    Computer: Accessing. The secret scrolls of Maga contained here within are the seven wonders of Mobius. Powerful, natural wonders, but dangerous if misued.
    Sonic: NICOLE! We're waiting!
    Computer: The first wonder is the wind tunnel, called, "The Breath of Mobius."
    Rotor: Blowhole! That's where the big wind came from!
    Sonic: That's cool! What's next?
    Sally: Courage!
    Sonic: Say what?
    Sally: There are three degrees of awareness. The last test is courage!
  • Robotnik: SURPRISE!
  • Robotnik: Give me the scrolls, princess!
    Sonic: That ain't gonna happen, Robuttnik! Snooze, you lose!
    Robotnik: As usual, you are making a serious mistake, hedgehog.
    Sonic: Give me a Sonic second, Robuttnik! Sal, when I juice, you guys run for it!
    Sally: Be careful, Sonic!
    Robotnik: I'm waiting, hedgehog!
    Sonic: Hey! That's my line! Listen! I'd like to hang with you botheads, but I've gotta juice!
  • Sally: Are you okay, Sonic?
    Sonic: Yeah, but Robuttnik isn't! He's history!
    Bunnie: Robotnik dead? I just can't believe that!
    Sonic: Believe it!
  • Antoine: Oh my goodness! Are you the angels?
  • Tails: Sonic, I have a problem.
    Sonic: Big, or little?
    Tails: Big!
  • Bunnie: My stars! What the heck is that?
    Sally: It's a baby terapod! How did he get down here?
  • Sally: Oh, he is really cute. But we can't keep him.
    Tails: How come? He's my friend!
    Sally: Because his heard is migrating to Boulder Bay right now and he has to go with them. <to terapod> Where's your mother, little guy?
    <terapod noise>
    Bunnie: Good luck trying to figure that out!
  • Sonic: <imitating Snively> Enjoyed the quality time, Snively! <back to normal voice as Tails laughs> And give our worst to the big round guy! Outta here!
    Snively: Oh, the big round guy? Oh, dash it all! I hate my life!
  • Chuck: And Snively is planning to use a memory scrambler on all of you like he did with Sonic!
    Dulcy: A memory scrambler?
    Chuck: It temporarily erases your memory!
    Sally: For how long?
    Chuck: I am not sure. But we can bring him out of it with a Power Ring.
    Sally: That's a problem. The next one is due in 2 minutes. We'll never make it!
    Tails: I can make it, Aunt Sally!
  • Sally: I just don't understand it, Rotor. I checked the sun-to-water ratios and energized the soil, but these trees don't respond.
    Rotor: Yeah. They look pretty sick, all right. In fact, a lot of the trees around here aren't looking so hot.
    Sally: Antoine, how are the other trees doing?
    <Antoine stops to salute>
    Antoine: Oh, not so too very good, my princess!
    Tails: How come the trees are dying, Aunt Sally?
    Sally: Well, I think Robotnik's pollution is spreading farther and farther from the city, honey.
    Antoine: Well, I am thinking that maybe they die from this horrible fratinizer! Eeu!
    Tails: Ha, ha! Not fratinizer, Antoine! Fertilizer!
    Antoine: Oh! What is this?
    Sally: Looks like a storm is coming! Maybe some rain will bring these trees back to life.
  • Sonic: <singing> Yo, put the pedal to the metal, and baby, I guarantee, you'll be juicing to the 10th degree! Crank it super sonic! It don't take any fuel, 'cause the rocket's in my pocket and I'm WAY PAST COOL!
  • Sonic: Whoa! Hold on, fishsticks, 'cause we're going to rock and reef!
  • Sonic: Rather have a chili dog anyway!
  • Sonic: And I tell you, that fish was so big, he pulled me right off the bridge, and I waterskiied behind him for ten miles! Then he stole my pole!
    Rotor: Bummer! I was ready for some fishsticks!
    Tails: I bet it was as big as a tree, huh, Sonic? Bet it was even as big as a house, huh?
    Sonic: You got it, big guy!
    Antoine: Pardon moi, Sonic, but are you thinking we were born tomorrow?
    Sonic: It's all true, Ant. A hedgehog never lies!
  • King Crab: Look what you have done to my world, surface creature!
    Sonic: Pal, I know you are having a bad hair day, but I don't have a clue what you're talking about!
    King Crab: I will show you what I am talking about!
  • Sally: Ready, Bunnie?
    Bunnie: Ready as a june bug in May, darling!
    <goes through roof> Whoa, Nellie!
    Sally: Bunnie, are you all right?
    Bunnie: How do I look?
    Sonic: Stuck in the old roof!
    Bunnie: That's just how I feel!
    Sonic: Hang tight, Bunnie!
    <runs on top of roof, Bunnie falls>
    Sonic: Was it something I said?
    Bunnie: These leg ladders will come in mighty handy next time I have to fix the elevator!
    Sally: If only you could get them to work right.
    Rotor: The power switch needs a little tweaking.
    Bunnie: Oh my stars! That's not all that needs tweaking! Whoa!
    Sonic: Gotcha, Bunnie!
    Bunnie: Thanks, sugar hog.
  • Sonic: Two doggies with the works, pal!
    Sally: What was that?
    Young Sonic: Two doggies with the works, pal!
    Sally: <sighs> Some things never change.
  • Bunnie: He's more stubborn than a ten-legged mule!
  • Sonic: What's up, guys?
    Tails: We have a surprise for you, Sonic?
    Sonic: Great! I love surprise!
    Bunnie: That's good, 'cause this one's gonna put you right up on cloud nine, sugar hog!
  • Antoine: Slice of pie, despot?
    Rotor: Antoine, it's a piece of cake.
    Antoine: Yes, I am happy this is so!
  • Dulcy: Is this my egg? What am I supposed to do? Fry it?
  • Bunnie: What the hoo-ah happened?
    Sally: Dulcy, are you all right?
    Dulcy: I don't know. I have been having these really weird spells where I can't control my wings.
    Bunnie: Maybe y'all just need a nap. It's been a long day.
    Dulcy: Yeah. I am kind of pooped.
  • Sonic: Finally! Home sweet Knothole!
    Snively: Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Yes! Ready the assult force! Tonight, Snively the Great destroys Knothole! <laughs manically>


Sonic Underground[edit]

  • Sonia: Who are you guys?
    Sonic: We're your brothers!
    Manic: We are?
  • Robotnik: Just to make sure the Sonic Tonic works I need a guinea pig...I mean a volunteer to try it out.
    Sleet: I believe Dingo should have the honor of being the first to try it.
    Dingo: Is it really yummy?
    Robotnik: You don't drink it dummy you pour it on your feet.
  • Sleet: This is taking too long. Go in and help the metal heads. Go!
    Dingo: You mean, through the door, there?
    Sleet: (sarcasticly) No, through the wall, genius.
    Dingo: Okey-Dokey! (Enters the bulding through the wall)
  • Dingo: Eh, what's an echidna?
    Sleet: Not what, you dolt, who. It's who guards this island! His name is Knuckles, and he's in for a big Robotnik surprise.
  • Knuckles: You wolf-faces should've stayed home! Now you get to be dinner.
    Dingo: Y-you're gonna eat us?
  • Knuckles: I hate thieves!!



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