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Jakub Tencl (* August 16, 1978) is a Czech clinical hypnotherapist and writer

  • Our hearts are not able to feel something incorrectly. Why? Because we are creators.[1]
  • We are motivated by what makes our hearts feel lighter, no matter what is happening.[2]
  • I see life as an inspirational miracle; as having lot of mystery.[3]
  • Of course, the only way to recognize development, especially in yourself, is to see results.[4]
  • Music is the passion for sharing something untold.[5]
  • Love is wholeness, with no searching.[6]
  • By following your heart nothing is impossible.
  • Light is information, and we are light.[7]
  • I believe that the beginning doesn't have an end, because beginning something is a process, and doesn't truly exist.[8]
  • You will be here and now which opens a whole new space and even more.[9]