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Joseph Annamkutty Jose is an author, vlogger, social influencer and a celebrity Radio Jockey working with Radio Mirchi. He has been actively lending his voice for numerous anti-drug and menstrual hygiene campaigns across the region and engages in prevalent, real time issues. ‘I am the Change’, his brutally honest vlog, catapulted him to overnight fame and there’s been no looking back ever since. At the age of 27, he has already penned his autobiography, ‘Buried Thoughts,’ which is a bestseller.


  • Although there are a hundred reasons to be happy about, for some reason, we are more prone towards sadness. Even if we get a lot of compliments and good comments for something we have done, how quickly do we get caught up when someone says a bad comment. One thing we tend to forget is that happiness, only has value when there are sorrows.
  • Nangeli is probably one of the earliest feminists to see Malayalam! What is feminism? It’s not anti-masculine, it’s not that crooked, blindfolded that women and men should be seen as equal everywhere, ‘feminism is the voice that rises when a woman is denied justice for being born a woman’.
  • We had games to find out which girl in the class was on her period. If we saw a girl run out of the classroom on the 22nd of a month, we would eagerly wait to see whether she would run out of class the same day in the next month. We used to even ask to see a girl’s bag. If she refused, it meant that she had sanitary pads. This was cheap behaviour from our side, but sadly, that’s how we understood menstruation.

About Joseph Annamkutty Jose[edit]

  • Each person’s life is a grand sum of a thousand tales, told and untold, with its uphills and downhills and with its bleakness and magnificence. Here, Joseph is narrating his own life experience with staggering honesty and you feel that you are a part of the plot. They speak to us about love, remembrance, mistake and hope that motivate us to re-examine our lives and find meaning in it. With the turn of each page, the author gives off a sensation that no matter how dark dusk is, dawn is always waiting at the end of the horizon. However, his writing will captivate you till the end and force you to bring back the memories you have buried alive under the slab called “Life”.

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