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Kids Incorporated (1984–1994) was an American children's TV show in which kids dance and sing their way through teenage issues. The show combined music and performance with the trials and tribulations of growing up.

Season 1[edit]

Her or Me [1.23][edit]

Renee: Always helping you.
Stacy: Oh yeah, with some help this morning, we're telling mom I felt the perfume.
Renee: Well, what was I supposed to do, Stacy, I did it?!
Stacy: Well, you could've come up something better.
Renee: You know what your problem is, Stacy, to think about yourself!
Stacy: Me?! You wouldn't even let me borrow your white sweater!
Renee: Well, that's because of the last time you borrowed one of my sweaters and it's so ended up in the drier and shrunk so much! The cabbage got patched up when you couldn't even wear it.
Stacy: Oh yeah?!
Renee: Yeah!
Mickey: Will you girls quit the arguing? Now let's rehearse?
Renee: Fine, Mickey.
[The music plays and Mickey lead sing and the rest of Kids Incorporated backup sing I Do (Do you love me?)]

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