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Krull is a 1983 British-American heroic fantasy-science fiction film directed by Peter Yates and starring Ken Marshall and Lysette Anthony. It was produced by Ron Silverman and released by Columbia Pictures.


  • This, it was given to me to know...that many worlds have been enslaved by the Beast and his army, the Slayers. And this, too, was given me to know...that the Beast would come to our world, the world of Krull, and his Black Fortress would be seen in the land. That the smoke of burning villages would darken the sky, and the cries of the dying echo through deserted valleys. But one thing I cannot know, whether the prophecy be true, that a girl of ancient name shall become queen, that she shall choose a king, and that together they shall rule our world, and that their son shall rule the galaxy.


  • You have been brought here for a marriage. I am the king you will choose.
  • I will allow you to go wherever you please within these walls, for this is the palace from which you will rule this world and countless others. You cannot escape me. You will be my queen.
  • Consider this power! If you consent to be my queen, I will halt the attacks of the Slayers! It is in your power to stop the killing and burning! Each hour you delay, more innocent people will be killed. Think on it.


  • I am Ergo the magnificent! Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose and wide of vision! And I do not travel with peasants and beggars! Goodbye!
  • My name is no jest, beanpole; it's all very simple to have a short name when you're 20 feet tall, but small people need large names to give them weight!


Colwyn: The Glaive is nothing but an ancient symbol! It doesn't really exist!
Ynyr: It exists...up there, in a cave on the highest peak. Without the Glaive, you will never be able to reach Lyssa.
Colwyn: I need weapons, not symbols!
Ynyr: Once, the Glaive was a very powerful weapon. It can be so again, but only in the hands of the right man. For only the right man can retrieve the Glaive.
Colwyn: Am I that man?
Ynyr: I wish I knew. I cannot go with you.
Colwyn: Don't worry. If it's there, I'll come back with it.
Ynyr: If you do not come back with it, you will not come back at all.

Ynyr: [referring to the Glaive] Do not use it until you need it.
Colwyn: Well, how will I know when?
Ynyr: You will know.
Colwyn: If you lead me to the Black Fortress, I'll use this soon enough.
Ynyr: It will not be so easy. At each sunrise, the Black Fortress moves to another location. Sometimes it is in the mountains, sometimes in the desert, sometimes in the sea. Never the same place twice.
Colwyn: But you told me you knew where to find it!!
Ynyr: There are kingly virtues other than bravery! Courtesy is one of them!!
Colwyn: I'm sorry. It's just the thought of Lyssa there...
Ynyr: Yes. Yes. Well, I, too, was young...once. I, too, loved as you do. But your love will be...luckier than mine. What I told you is that I knew how to find the Fortress and that is by seeking the vision of the blind emerald Seer.
Colwyn: But this place isn't known, either.
Ynyr: It is known to me. It is a day's journey from here. Come!

Colwyn: You've been with us for a long way now.
Rell: Since the beginning. When I learned that the old one had come down, I knew that the time had come.
Colwyn: Join us, then. All men need company.
Rell: Yes. All men.

Ynyr: Lyssa...
Widow of the Web: I was young when I last heard that name.
Ynyr: I was young when I last spoke it to you.
Widow: And my face was as beautiful as my name.
Ynyr: And I loved you, Lyssa, with all my heart.
Widow: But you would not stay with me.
Ynyr: There were responsibilities, duties!
Widow: Ambition. You had a son. We had a son!
Ynyr: said nothing! Where is he?!
Widow: I killed him when he was born...and this is my punishment.
Ynyr: My son?!
Widow: Yes. Since I could not kill you, my rage needed a victim. I know you could never forgive me.
Ynyr: I cannot forgive myself; I have already forgiven you.
Widow: You could never forgive a woman who has killed your son!


  • A world light-years beyond your imagination.
  • Beyond our time, beyond our universe...There is a planet besieged by alien invaders, where a young king must rescue his love from the clutches of the Beast. Or risk the death of his world.

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