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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–present) is a long-running crime drama, part of the popular Law & Order franchise created by Dick Wolf. The show focuses on the Special Victims Unit, a special squad dealing with sex crimes and crimes against children.

Gimme Shelter, Part II [24.01][edit]

Shaw: [to a pimp] The only thing people agree on nowadays is burying people who hurt young kids.

Cosgrove: Why don't we go in?
Benson: No. We're not doing this cowboy.

Stabler: So, what do you want? You want a deal? Because, right now, you have more leverage than you're ever going to have for the rest of your life. Right now, this moment. So, you tell me what you know, and I'll make happen whatever you want to make happen. Whatever you want. I'm gonna ask you again: where's Sirenko? Where would he go? We know he has a bomb. We know he's gonna use it. What's he planning? What is it?
Matvey: I want a lawyer.
Stabler: You want a lawyer. You've been sitting here with me for over an hour...
Matvey: Just wasting time. You're too late.
Stabler: Where is he?
Matvey: Tick, tick...
Stabler: Where is he?
Matvey: Boom.

The One You Feed [24.02][edit]

Velasco: Let me guess, you're using the heat from this case to bring justice to BX's non-white victims.
Duarte: It's on guys like me and you to do whatever it takes to clean up our own trash, just like Italian cops who took down the mob.
Velasco: I like working SVU.
Duarte: You can always go back. Think about the dent that we can make if you came and worked for me for one year.[hands him a business card] Call me when you're ready to grow up.

Duarte: Look, Benson, all due respect...
Benson: The next words out of your mouth better include "Captain".
Duarte: Our marriage keeps goin' like this, we're gonna need a safe word... Captain.

Duarte: Guys like me, Benson... there's two wolves fightin' in us.
Benson: Yeah. One is good and the other one's a congenital pain in my ass. But the real question is, which one's going to win in you?
Duarte: The one you feed.

Velasco: Everything all right, Sarge?
Fin: Well, this whole planet's floating in the middle of an explosion, so is anything ever all right?
Velasco: Let me ask you something. You started out in Narcotics, right?
Fin: Yeah.
Velasco: Why'd you make the move here?
Fin: I got tired of arresting people who weren't hurting anybody. Over here, the bad guys are the bad guys.

Mirror Effect [24.03][edit]

Limo driver: Yeah, I drove Kelsey and Austin last night. What, she called the cops on him?
Velasco: Yeah. Any reason she might've done that?
Muncy: She said she was assaulted in your limo, so that kinda makes you a witness.
Limo driver: I don't wanna get involved.
Muncy: So they did get in a fight.
Limo driver: Look, they might be in their late 20s on the outside, but inside, they're just kids who can't handle their emotions. You add in money, fame, constant validation...
Velasco: We get that. So what happened?
Limo driver: All I wanna say. They need a time-out.

Sonny: These "he said/she said" celebrity cases are difficult to prosecute. He's gonna hire the best attorney that money can buy.
Rollins: So we don't even try? She's a victim.
Benson: Rollins. No one said she wasn't victimized.
Sonny: All I'm saying is, he's claiming to be a victim, too. This is gonna come down to a popularity contest just to get a jury to convict.

Austin: I want to do the right thing.
Benson: I appreciate that, Austin, I do. But it isn't up to you, or Kelsey, or me. It's up to the DA now.
Austin: I went to my first meeting today. I want to get sober.
Benson: You know, we all have choices to make. And the kind of change you're talking about, real change, Austin, is not so much about what you put in the glass, but emotional maturity. Now, I'm guessing you didn't have the greatest role models growing up. My advice to you is, whatever you were taught about being a man, do the opposite.

Rollins: Opposites attract. Dysfunction attracts harder.

The Steps We Cannot Take [24.04][edit]

[Muncy takes a reluctant Velasco clothes shopping]
Velasco: Look, I'm not a stylist. Why am I even here?
Muncy: I told you, my brother's got a date.
Velasco: Yeah, well, for all you know, I could've been on one, too.
Muncy: Oh, yeah? With which hand?

Maxwell: Justice can be blind, but she's not entirely heartless. And you'll see how heartless I can be if this conversation comes back to haunt me.

Fin: Pay attention, Muncy. You're about to learn the difference between a bad lawyer and a good lawyer. A bad lawyer can drag a case out for months. A good lawyer can drag one out for years.

Maxwell: The Duchess County DA wants an update on the case. I mean, certainly, Elias is guilty of a lot. Attempted murder, abduction, confinement... but patricide?
Fin: What are we, in ancient Greece?

Breakwater [24.05][edit]

Benson: Paul Greco, you're under arrest for the rape of Daniela Cruz.
Greco: I have no idea who that is.
Benson: She knows you.

Greco: I am not the monster you think I am. I've devoted my entire career to saving lives, not destroying them.
Benson: You know, men like you become so good at lying they even start to believe the ones they tell themselves.

Greco: I'm the boss, and all my lifeguards know it.

Velasco: What does Greco have on you, Frank? Whatever it is, it's not on you. You know what he did to the other guys.
Frank: He's got pictures of me and him and a couple of the other guys doing... stuff. He sent them to me and he said if I didn't do what he said, he was gonna show them to everyone, my family, my girlfriend. He's right, what he said in there. He's the boss. He's got all the power.
Velasco: So take it back.

Controlled Burn [24.06][edit]

[Fin and Benson investigate a sex party]
Door Attendant: I just work here. I'm not actually into this stuff.
Fin: I get it. My fetish is green and colored, too.

Benson: [to Lena] You know, if we find out that you were involved in this assault, either overtly or implied, I'm coming back with a gift.
Lena: What's that?
Benson: A pair of bracelets.

Lena: Captain Benson, you got my thank you note for the bracelets you were so kind to give me.
Benson: Where are you?
Lena: On my way to Brussels or is it Dubai? Either one is so beautiful this time of year.
Benson: You trying to make me jealous or is there something that I can do for you?
Lena: You have my footage. A woman like you could do a lot with that.
Benson: You have no idea what kind of woman I am. Don't play with fire.
Lena: Well, that's no fun, Captain. [hangs up]

Dead Ball [24.07][edit]

Benson: Let me get something straight. I am not afraid of you and you have no leverage over me. Sooner or later, I will find something.

Velasco: [about Paulo] He's a giant superstar.
Muncy: Which means this case is going to be a giant pain in the ass.

Paulo: Do you remember those old westerns where the outlaw would rob a bank? That's me. I'm a safe-cracker. But you don't blow off the doors with dynamite. You listen for the clicks. Trainers, masseuses - that's one click, barely a challenge. A professional woman like Nellie, a reporter - that's two clicks. That's a better challenge, but that door's already open, and once it's open, it never shuts.
Antonio: And a young woman, like my Ana? She'd be how many clicks to you, Paulo?
Paulo: [hesitantly] Ana?
[Antonio produces an envelope]
Paulo: What the hell is that?
Antonio: The money you gave Marcia to keep your secret. That you violated my daughter.
Paolo: [panicked] Antonio, are you listening to yourself? I would never...
Antonio: NO! The things I've done for you, the things I've seen... I know all your lies. I am your lies!

Gelb: I need some time alone with my client.
Benson: Careful what you wish for.

A Better Person [24.08][edit]

Rollins: So whoever did this knew how to get rid of the DNA.
Medical Examiner: Sometimes an absence is a presence all in itself.

Mark McDaniel: If I'd only left everything alone, maybe Cora wouldn't have been attacked.
Benson: You know, Cora needed a father. You can still be that for Ada. You can call her by the name she chose.
Mark McDaniel: I was not a good person.
Benson: So be a better one.

Mark McDaniel: I couldn't accept Ada for who she was and that was my loss. I never got to know her.

And a Trauma in a Pear Tree [24.09][edit]

Benson: Noah and Connor have been texting non-stop. I can't say no to this.
Fin: So what are you going to do?
Benson: What any self-respecting parent would do in this situation: ask you to do a complete background check on the family.

Rollins: Carisi and I decided that marriage is just like a crime. You have motive, means, and opportunity. And we didn't want to do this without all of you.

Jumped In [24.10][edit]

Benson: It is important for any victim of a violent or senseless act to regain their locus of control. That is my victim statement.

Fin: [to Benson] I heard you blew out one of their kneecaps.
Benson: I didn't want to shoot any of them. They were just kids.
Fin: You have a lot more restraint than I would.
Benson: That was somebody's son.
Fin: Some bullets have a lesson.

Soldier Up [24.11][edit]

Benson: I've seen psychopaths before, but never one with an army behind him.

Oscar Papa: [to Benson] You need some meat on those bones, Captain.
Benson: That would be touching if you hadn't just tried to kill me.

Benson: He's a kid and he's unaccompanied, and he is scared.
Carisi: He tried to kill you. Which one is the victim: you or him?

Blood Out [24.12][edit]

Benson: Nobody gets away with threatening my son without some type of justice. And right now, yours looks pretty good. You know the saying, blood for blood.

Bruno: I told you. I am done. That deaf girl case was my last case.
Fin: You have a monogrammed hammock in Mexico I don't know about it?

Oscar Papa: Captain Benson, I am sorry that you were hurt but I'm even more sorry that your son was traumatized.
Benson: If you say one more word against my son, it will be the last thing you ever say.

Benson: Elliot, I want to. I want to, but I can't.
Stabler: Why not?
Benson: Because what if it doesn't work out?
Stabler: And what if things work out?

Intersection [24.13][edit]

Danielle: What kind of sicko rapes a woman at the scene of an accident?
Benson: He targets the vulnerable just like every other predator on the planet.

Josh: While he was raping her, he looked right at me. I think he liked it, me being helpless. What is wrong with people?
Bruno: I think the world peaked in 1999. Y2K, the world ended. It just took the scenic route.

Bruno: Well, my gobs are smacked and my ghasts are flabbered.
Fin: Are you having a stroke or something?

Dutch Tears [24.14][edit]

Benson: Can we trust this CO?
Carisi: The guy is a grade-A scumbag with more self-interest than most.

Fin: I have done things I'm not too proud of.
Benson: Fortunately, you don't have to have a great past to have a great future.

Benson: We all like Fin's laid back personality and that sarcasm that is so sharp, it could cut through a brake line.

King of the Moon [24.15][edit]

Fin: Look, man, you're not half a hitman from Juarez anymore. You're a NYPD officer.
Velasco: And why do you think I became a cop in the first place?
Fin: Penance. I get it.
Velasco: I didn't kill anyone, Sarge.
Fin: We all make mistakes, OK? And even in the NYPD, there's room for redemption.
Velasco: But you don't think Benson sees it like that?
Fin: You're not asking for my advice, but I'ma give it to you anyway. Show your loyalty to her. Not me, not the NYPD, and definitely not someone guilty of an unsolved double murder in Fort Worth.

Benson: I feel bad for you, Velasco.
Velasco: Bad? Bad how?
Benson: Because you're 180 pounds of water in the shape of a man, and you take on the shape of anything that you're poured into. Duarte asked you to flip a banger, and you end up playing just as dirty as the guy that we're hunting. I mean, up until now, Velasco, you've been living a performance, not a life. That changes now. Understood?
Velasco: What do you want me to do?
Benson: You owe a debt to the two people that were killed, even though they were drug dealers. It doesn't have to happen today, and it doesn't have to happen tomorrow. But you will find that friend, and you will bring him to justice.
Velasco: [as Benson starts to walk away] Captain, wait. People change, you know?
Benson: Velasco, being a cop isn't some sort of penance. Putting your friend away for murder is.
Velasco: So that's what it takes for me and you to be all right?
Benson: That's what it takes for me and you to be all right.