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LazyTown is a children's television program that originated in Iceland in 2004-2014, where it is known as Latibær.

Robbie Rotten[edit]

  • Who wants a badge for ignoring the girl with the pink hair and the bad attitude?
  • Have you ever heard the sound of a rubber ball breaking a window?
  • I did it! I'm in the airship!
  • Woof woof woof
    He loves to howl
    Woof woof woof
    Oh what a growl!
    Woof woof woof
    Just watch him play
    And chase those annoying brats away!
  • They say that I should change
    And wear a perky smile
    But smiling makes my face hurt
    And happiness is vile.
  • Yeah, now to put my rotten plan in effect. Get the trophy and get rid of Sportacus forever.
  • Three minutes. There won't be any concert. Uh. Ah. Come on, ducky. Let's fix our hair.
  • Now kids, stand up, turn your book around, sit down AND.... Fall asleep.
  • Sportacus' memory is as lost as a sock in a dryer.
  • This will be as easy as stealing candy from a baby, and I should know.
  • Sometimes I'm so mean, that I scare myself.
  • (Deciding what to wear) Too girly. Too curly. Too pearly. Too fancy. (sheepishly) That didn't rhyme.
  • We are number one!
  • It's disguise time!
  • Who'd you expect, Sportaflop?


  • This mailbox is mine, and this triagonal sign.
  • That blue balloon, the month of June.
  • They're mine, mine, mine, mine, mine.
  • Ziggy's sweets are mine.
  • That birdie's tweets are mine.
  • The city's streets, the both of your feet.
  • They're all emphatically mine.
  • It all belongs to me, everything that I see.
  • North, south, east, and west.
  • I caress it 'cause I possess it, I'm Stingy, and it's mine!
  • And this instrumental break is also mine.
  • The floor and ceiling are mine.
  • All your feelings are mine.
  • You always knew it, that's all there is to it.
  • It's mine, mine, mine, mine, mine.
  • That's what I said, it's mine!


Pixel: Robbie Rotten moves a lot. But that's only when he's sneaking around.
Robbie Rotten: (disguised as Dr. Rottenstein) Isn't that the good-looking guy?
Stephanie: No!
Robbie Rotten: Yeah! In a "bad boy" sort of way.

Sportacus: I'm Sportacus.
Robbie Rotten: (dressed as Sportacus) No, I am Sportacus.
Sportacus: No, I'm Sportacus.
Robbie Rotten: Me, too!

Pixel: Robbie Rotten, get out of my computer.
Robbie Rotten: Not until after I rat your webpage.

Robbie Rotten: (flailing arms about and prancing) Robbie doesn't move! Robbie doesn't move!
Robbie-Robot: Robbie Rotten is moving now.

Sportacus: Are you okay?
Robbie-Mayor: Oh, why, yes, I'm fine, yes.
Sportacus: But my crystal beeped.
Robbie-Mayor: Oh, what? Well, obviously it's out of order. Why don't you just throw it away?

Sportacus: It's okay, Ziggy, everyone's afraid of something.
Ziggy: Even you, Sportacus?
Sportacus: No.

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