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Leonie Stevens (born 1962), Australian novelist.


Nature Strip (1994)[edit]

  • Dorland and I knew it was stretching the boundaries of our philosophy to believe that people like Jordan existed outside mental homes and city hairdressing salons, but there she was. Fourteen and already harbouring a deep yearning to be an actor.
    • Page 9.
  • Beckett was his real name. He had a brother named Brecht and a sister named Joyce. His parents had been fifties bohemians: now they were both Labour Party officials. He lived in Caulfield with a mob of ex-punkers, most of whom worked on Saturdays at the racecourse. Beckett, however, had a real job as a computer technician. He asked me, 'So what do you do, Caitlin?'
    • Page 86.
  • 'Excuse me,' Dekkar's voice said, and I realised he was underneath me, and the remains of my bottle of port were pouring over his brand new Iggy Pop T-shirt. 'That's ok,' I told him. 'He'd approve.'
    • Page 88.
    • See also wikipedia on Iggy Pop.

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