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Looney Tunes are the most popular cartoon series in theaters from 1930 to 1969. Colourised editions are perennially broadcast on television down to the present day.

Bugs Bunny and Happy Rabbit[edit]

Bugs Bunny[edit]

  • Eh... [Chews carrot] What's up, doc?
  • Hi. I suppose you're expecting the Road Runner? Well, he sprained a giblet cornering a sharp kerf the other day, so I'm standing in for him. Uh-oh, here comes that old Coyote now. Better get on me horse.
  • [Getting so mad] Oooh, that so-soooo---brbrbrbrbr!!!
  • He don't know me very well, do he?
  • Duck Season!
  • Hey, Laughing Boy!
  • I knew I shoulda taken that left toin at Albekoikee.
  • I wish my brotha George was here! [as Liberace]
  • Well, now, I wouldn't say that!
  • [as an old woman] Help! Usher! Usher! That man's annoying me!
  • Surrender? Never heard of the word, so you'll have to try and take this ship! [a cannonball blasts through his hat] Now, he should know better than that!
  • I'm multiplying, see? I'm multiplying. [he is literally multiplying]
  • [Alternate line]I'm multiplyin', Doc! I'm multiplyin!
  • [Alternate line] Ah, ha! Multiplying!
  • [speaking in drag] Did I hurt you with my naughty gun?
  • [speaking in drag] I would just LOVE a duck dinner.
  • I'll do it, but I'll probably hate myself in the morning!
  • Mmm, rabbits. That sounds delicious. [Does a double-take.] Rabbits!
  • Of course you know (realize) this means war!
  • Poor little nimrod.
  • Well, what did ya expect in an opera, a HAPPY ending?
  • Hey, just a cotton-pickin minute! This don't look like Coachella Valley to me!
  • What a gulli-bull! What a nin-cow-poop!
  • Whatta maroon! Whatta ignoranimus!
  • Gee, ain't I a stinker?
  • [with Daffy Duck] Shhh! Be very, very quiet: we're hunting Elmers!
  • Now cut dat out!
  • What's all the hubbub, bub?
  • Hey, looks like one of them new electric can-openers broke loose.
  • Which way did he go, George, which way did he go?
  • You know, sometimes me conscience kinda bothers me... But not this time!
  • Poor little maroon. So trusting. So naive.
  • Carrots are divine...You get a dozen for a dime. It's maaaa-gic.
  • Eeeeeeh, watch me paste this pathetic palooka with a powerful, paralyzing, perfect, pachydermous, percussion pitch.
  • Don't think it hasn't been a little slice of heaven...'cause it hasn't!
  • Confidentially...I AM A WABBIT!!!!
  • Hurry, hurry, hurry! Get on the Bugs Bunny wagon! From the rockbound coast of Maine, to the smuggy shores of California! (That is a long walk.) I speak softly, but I carry a BIG STICK!
  • My, I'll bet you monsters lead interesting lives.
  • Ah, me public!
  • Here I go with the timid little woodland creature bit again. It's shameful, but...ehhh, it's a living.
  • I bet you say that to all the wabbits.
  • Whaddya think you're doing?
  • My stars! Where did you ever get that awful hairdo?
  • For shame, doc. Hunting rabbits with an elephant gun. Why don't you go shoot yourself an elephant?
  • Ya know, it's amazing the trouble this joker goes through to get a square meal.
  • Oh, someone's sending me a present. Better break out the party trimmings! I just love parties!
  • Eh, my mother told me there'd be days like this.
  • Oh, yeah? Well, I can prove a rabbit can be more obnoxious than anybody!
  • I know this defies the law of gravity, but I never studied law!
  • Ain't I a stinker?
  • The moral is: never get cut off in the middle of a long-distance fall.
  • Only a big fat rat would shoot a guy in the back.
  • Eh, what's up, doc? Jumpin' without a parachute? Kinda dangerous, ain't it?
  • Stop steamin' up my tail! Whataya tryin' ta do, wrinkle it?
  • Promenade across the floor. Sashay right on out the door. Out the door and into the glade and everybody promenade. Step right up you're doing fine. I'll pull your beard, you'll pull mine. Yank it again like you did before. Break it up with a tug of war. Now into the brook and fish for the trout. Dive right in and splash about. Trout! Trout! Pretty little trout! One more splash and come right out. Shake like a hound-dog. Shake again. Wallow around in the old pig pen. Wallow some more. Y'all know how. Roll around like an old fat sow. Alamand left with your right hand. Follow through with a great left band. Now lead your partner the dirty old thing. Follow through with an elbow swing. Grab a fence post. Hold it tight. Womp your partner with all your might. Hit him in the shin. Hit him in the head. Hit him again. The critter ain't dead. Womp him low and womp him high. Stick your finger in his eye. Pretty little ring. Pretty little sound. Bang your heads against the ground. Promenade all around the room. Promenade like a bride and groom. Open up the door and step right in. Close the door and into a spin. Whirl! Whirl! Twist and twirl! Jump all around like a flying squirrel. Now don't you fuss and don't you swear. Just come right out and form a square. Now right hand over and left hand under. Both join hands and run like thunder. Over the hill and over the dale. Duck your head and lift your tail. Don't you stray and don't you roam. Turn to your partner. Promenade home. Corn in the cornfield. Wheat in the sack. Turn to your partner. Promenade back. And now you're home. Bow to your partner. Bow to the gent across the hall. And that is all!
  • Rickety rack, Bric-a-bracka, Firecracker! Sis, boom, bah! Bugs Bunny! Bugs Bunny! Rah! Rah! Rah!
  • And remember, 'mud' spelled backwards is 'dum'.
  • She may not be very pretty now, but she was somebody's baby once.
  • Ah, what a beautiful dream! You know, It would be catastrophic if harm were to befall this Serene Scene.
  • Oh no! It's too gruesome! But I'll do it!
  • Wrong, doc! I'm gonna help ya! Eh, let's see now uh...[sits on Ala Bahma's shoulder] ...you was tryin' ta prestigujigate-eh...prestidadjigoot-eh...pru-eh..prestid-eh.....pull a rabbit out of a hat. [stands up on shoulder, assuming a diving position] Regardez! [dives into hat, then waves his hand from inside hat] Rrrrootah, vootah, zoot! [pulls himself out of the hat by his own ears and bows back and forth several times between the audience and Ala Bahma to the audience's applause]
  • If I dood it, I det a whippin'.......I dood it!
  • The rabbits are coming! Hooray! Hooray! The rabbits are coming! Hooray! Hooray!
  • Stop steaming up my tail! What's trying to do, wrinkle it?
  • [after Elmer Fudd shoots him in the back and calls himself "a dirty rat"] Yeah, have some cheese, rat! [shoves cheese in Elmer's mouth]
  • Ain't this monotonous?
  • Gurgle, gurgle! Why don't ya pay your water bill, doc?
  • Don't go down there! It's dark!
  • Don't go up there! It's dark!
  • Turn off that light!
  • Didja ever get the feeling you was being watched?
  • And so having disposed of the monster, exits our hero, stage right through the front door-none the worse from his harrowing experience.
  • So long, Sammy! See you in Miami!
  • So long, Screwy! See you in St. Louie!
  • Run for the hills, folks! Or you'll be up to your armpits in Martians!
  • Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute! Look, the people out there in the audience - the lady there with the long ears. They're getting longer all the time. And the guy back there in the seventeenth row with the cute tomato - he's gettin' all fuzzy. Yeah, they've got it. Everybody out there's got rabbititus! [screams]
  • Oh, Margaret, what a dope! That was just a gag, of course. You folks haven't got rabbititus.
  • Why, if you had rabbititus, you'd see red and yellow spots before your eyes. [red and yellow spots appear on the screen -- possible reference to Visual Snow?] Yeah, that's right. And then they'd start swirling and swirling around.
  • What a tough audience! It ain't like Saint Joe... Saint Joe! They love me there!
  • The moral of this story is don't try to steal no eighteen carrots from no rabbit.
  • [singing] I dream of Genie, she's a light brown hare...
  • [to Happy Rabbit] Can I help you?
  • Eh, you'll be fine if you remember t'ree things. One, your adversaries have tapioca for brains. Two, always eat your carrots. And three, villains always fall for cheesy disguises.
  • Boo! Boo! Boo! The Gas-House Gorillas are a bunch of dirty players! I could beat them in a ball game with one-hand tied behind my back! All by myself! Yeah, I'd get up there and WHAM! A homer! WHAM! Another homer! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Wha-? What's up, doc?
  • Ain't I a little Dickens, though?
  • Ooh, erm, this little piddy went to market, this little piddy stayed home, this little piddy had roast beef- and, uh-oh, what do you know? Ran out of piddies? Gee, ain't I a stinker?
  • Well, whaddaya know! I didn't think the little skinflint would ever change!
  • I'm sorry Mac, but da lady of da house ain't home, and besides, we mailed you people a check last week!
  • Oooh, that's far too hot for da little miser. He's liable to boil his money belt! Hehehehe! This'll probably cool off everything but his temper!
  • You don't have to be crazy to do this... But it sure helps!
  • Dat evil character's after that nice old lady's money! Looks like this boy scout's gonna do his deed for today.
  • If dis assignment doesn't toin out funny, Warner Bros. will disavow any knowledge of de episode and blame it on da writers.
  • I coulda swore I hoid somebody knockin'! Oh well.
  • [Old Elmer to Bugs] Good bye old Buddy. [Old Bugs] So long, Methuselah!
  • [After Daffy Duck says he tried all of Bug's methods to escape a hotel, Bugs is shown in the room next door locked up] Ah, don't work, do they?
  • [As Abraham Lincoln, to Yosemite Sam] What's this I hear you whippin' slaves?
  • Elmer Fudd: This is you new home, isn't it wovewy?
    Bugs Bunny: Frankly old man, I don't like it, it stinks!
  • Look at him stuffin' his great big face while a cold lil' rabbit lies out here starving!
  • Me and my big, FAT mouth!

Happy Rabbit[edit]

  • Put a net over a harmless little rabbit the SPCA shall hear about this
  • Eeek! Ooh! Ahh! (representing a monkey's sound)
  • (to Bugs) Hey got any carrots?
  • (to Egghead) Hello, sir?

Daffy Duck[edit]

  • [First ever line] Porky: Hey, th-th-th-that wasn't in the script!
    Daffy: Don't let it worry ya, Skipper. I'm just a crazy, darn fool duck. Hoo-hoo Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo...
  • You're deth-picable!
  • That's just plain old silly!
  • Duck hunters is da cwaziest peoples!
  • I'm not crazy, I just dont' give a darn!
  • I'm so crazy I don't know this isn't possible.
  • You ain't just whistling dixie!
  • Watch out for that first step! It's a loo-loo!
  • Wabbit Season!
  • They say you're getting all fatten up for Thanksgiving? So they give ya all this food and you eaten, eaten till you're nice and fat!
  • I'm rich, I'm a happy miser!
  • Hoo-Hoo, Hoo-Hoo!
  • [Dressed in snow gear] What a trip! What a trip! Blizzard all the way... snow twenty feet deep! But we had to get that serum through! It was mush, mush, mush all night! Come on!! MUSH, MUSH, MUSH, MUSH, MUSH!!! Suddenly, the glacier cracks, then the roar, TONS OF ICE, NO ESCAPE, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! [totally calm] So how's things been with you? ("Daffy Duck Hunt")
  • I may be a craven little coward, but I'm a greedy craven little coward.
  • It's burning holes in me! Help! It's burning holes in me!
  • I can't stand pain, it hurts me!
  • Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin.
  • That's Dis-dis-dis-disgusting.
  • Shoot me again! I enjoy it! I love the smell of burnt feathers... and gun powder...and cordite. I'm an elk! Shoot me! Go on!! It's elk season! I'm a fiddler crab. Why don't you shoot me?! It's fiddler crab season!
  • Anyone for Tennis?
  • Ho ho and ha ha eh? I'll ho ho and ha ha you, fat friar! [disappears off screen and reappears[ With my trustyyy quarterstaff! [sotto voice to audience] Actually, it's a buck-and-a-quarter quarterstaff, but I'm not tellin' him that.
  • HO! HA-HA! GUARD! TURN! PARRY! DODGE! SPIN! HA! THRUST! [hits the log he's standing on with his quarterstaff which rebounds and hits him, bending his beak upwards]
  • Can you imagine anything so ridiculous as majority rule?
  • Yoicks, and Away! [crashes into a tree] Yoicks, and Away! [crash into another tree] Yoicks, and Away... [crash] Yoicks...and...Away...[crash] Yoicks and away [crash] Yoicks...[crash]...and away [crash]. Why You! [chops all the trees down] Now then, yoicks and away! [eventually crashes into a boulder]
  • And it hasn't been the same without you. Although it's been eerily similar.
  • Duck Dodgers, in the 24th and a half CENTURY!
  • This is a job for... STUPOR DUCK!
  • Don't blame me— the Martian gets one episode per season.
  • Farewell, my Queen! We will always have Paris...
  • Maybe if I stare at this piece of paper long enough, people will think I can read.
  • That Cadet buys the worst Christmas presents.
  • Well whataya know, she loves me! That's just the advantage I need.
  • Yahoo! The grand brassiere is back in business, baby!
  • Oh no. Not again.
  • No, don't cut! Let the camera roll and record it for posterity, whilst I give this two-bitten nimrod a severe dressing-down! Sir, you have desecrated the spirit of show business make-believe by using real bullets! No, don't cut! Now get rid of this stupid thing, take your little popgun and stick to the script! NO, DON'T CUT! And another thing: expect a call from my attorneys about this unfortunate incident, and brother, when they call you, there's-
  • You smug son of a...
  • Whoops! Pardon me. Slight mishap.
  • Mine mine mine! It's all mine!
  • Ooh, that did it! Now I'm really burned up!
  • What a try! Oh, look at it go! Oh my goodness, it looks like... IT IS! IT'S IN! IT'S A HOLE-IN-ONE! I DID IT!
  • All right, you! Now you're gonna get flattened like a tortilla!
  • Ooooooo-eeeee! Sorry to cut off the tunes, fellow vagrants, but I'm Patch Scartissue, and I want you all to see that I ain't afraid of nothin', not even paper cuts! [slits his finger with an envelope] Aaaaaaah!! [faints]
  • I'm not crazy I just don't give a darn hoo-hoo.
  • Pronoun trouble.
  • Cutesy wutesy sugar plum? No! Hideous, terrifying monster? Yes!
  • Will you knock it off!? Sheesh! A bird could develop a complex around here!
  • C'mon doc, EVOLVE ME!
  • Does anybody understand what this duck is saying?
  • Ooooh, that's DAFFY! DAFFY Duck! I can't believe you'd mistake a big star like me for that other duck who can't even talk straight!
  • A wig?? What is this, 1984?
  • We've got to get a new agent. We're getting screwed!
  • What a hypocrite! What a jip! Community service, eh? I'll give 'em community service! I'll see that ingrate ghosts get whiped off the face of the earth! I'll rid the world of disgusting echtoplasmic slime, like J.P. Cubish... [loud thunder] ...er, I mean, NICE echtoplasmic slime, like J.P. Cubish!
  • It just goes to show you, you gotta kill yourself to win an Oswald in this town!
  • [trying to lift Porky] I knew I should've cast Speedy Gonzales as my sidekick!
  • Even though you're kind of little, I'll teach you how to spray your spittle!
  • Porky: T-t-tell me, Holmes, at what sort of school did you learn to be a detective?
    Daffy: Elementary my dear Watson! Elementary!
  • Stop teasin' the audience, ya stupid rabbit! Read my name!
  • Bugs: Now it's my toin to do an act.
    Daffy: Go ahead! I'd love to see the audience boo you off the stage!
  • This dressing room is so small I have to step outside to change my mind!
  • [After seeing Bugs Bunny's name topping his on a marquee]
    Boss: But Daffy, we billed according to drawing power.
    Daffy: Oh yeah? That rabbit couldn't draw flies if he was covered in syrup!

Porky Pig[edit]

  • [end credits] Th-th-th-th-That's all, Folks!
    • Adapted from earlier use by Bosko, without the stutter.
  • L-l-l-lucky for him it IS a one horse town.
  • You know, I b-b-b-beginning t-t-t-t-t-TO HATE PUSSYCATS!!!
  • M-m-m-m-m-mee-men from Mars!!!
  • Happy b-b-birthday you thing from another world you.
  • T-t-t-tell me, Sylvester, i-i-is there any insanity in your family?
  • What ridiculous histrioni-ni-ni....... h-h-histrioni-ni............What ridiculous ACTING!!
  • P-p-p-pithey oh t-t-t-travelling clown. C-c-c-couldst thou directeth me to Robin Hood's h-h-h-hideout?
  • N-n-n-n-now how I'm g-g-g-g-going to g-g-g-g-g-get rid of these m-m-m-m-mice?
  • I'll bet Gene Autry's horse d-d-d-doesn't act like this.
  • Y-y-you can't fool me. I have a high I.Q.
  • Keep away from that masked d-d-d-desporad-d-d-d...... that masked stinker!
  • C-c-c-come gather m-m-m-m-mmy-my-my-my ch-children and y-y-you shall h-h-hear of the mi-of the mi-of the mi-of the midnight r-r-ri-r-ri-r-ride of P-pa-p-pa-paul R-r-revere.
  • O-o-o-okay, everyone. N-n-n-nothing more to see. Th-th-the-th-the-th-that's all, folks. Hey, I l-l-like the sound of that.
  • Hey, what am I sliding for? I-I'm not DiMaggio. My name is P-p-p-p- [SPLASH] -M-m-m-m-mud.
  • P-p-p-p-p-p-et-t-tunia, w-w-w-will you m-m-m-m-m-m-marry m-m-m-me?
  • B-b-b-benedict Arnold! T-t-t-traitor!!
  • H-h-h-help! I-i-i-i-i-indians are coming! I-i-i-i-indians! B-b-b-bows and arrows! T-t-t-tomah-h-hatchets! W-w-w-wigwams! All kinds of - all kinds of stuff like that there!
  • Oh, will y-y-y-you s-s-s-s-stop t-t-t-that r-r-r-r-r-racket!? Now get outta here, y-y-you r-r-r-r-r-roosters!!
  • I'm n-n-n-n-not so stupid.
  • Th-th-th-th-that's silly!
  • Here we g-g-go again!
  • Hey that-that's not in the script!
  • Ralph: Duh, good morning, Porky.
    Porky: Go-go-go-go-go-go-good mo-mo-mo-mo-[gets honked at by a car behind him] ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT!! Hello.
  • [after smacking his thumb with a hammer] Oh, son of a bi-bi-, son of a bi-bi-, son of a bi-bi-bi-...a gun! [turns to the camera] Ha-ha-ha! You thought I was going to say 's-s-son of a bitch', didn't ya?!

Elmer Fudd and Egghead[edit]

  • Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits!, He-e-e-e-e!
  • Come over here you scwewy wabbit.
  • Say your pwayers, wabbit!
  • Why, you wascally wabbit!
  • Kill da wabbit!
  • My name is Elmer J. Fudd. Miwwionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht.
  • West and wewaxation at wast!
  • Gwacious!
  • Have any of you giwls evew had an expewience wike this?
  • Just wait till I get my hands on that scwewy wabbit and that scwewball duck!
  • You're no shewiff! You're that scwewy wabbit!
  • Wisten to the whythmic whythm of the woodwinds as it wowws awound and awound...and it comes out here!
  • WHAT?! A Buck Wogers Wightning Quick Wabbit Kiwwer!
  • Sywvester......the handwing of money is a gweat wesponsibiwity.
  • That weawwy was an awfuwwy good weg of wamb.
  • Your Uncwe Wouis has kicked the bucket. You now inhewit thwee miwwion dowwars
  • Hewwo! Acme Pest Contwol? Well I have a pest I want contwolled.
  • But I haven't got a wiscence to shoot a fwicaseeing wabbit.
  • Wow! Wabbit Twacks!
  • Just cwick the shutter and you have a photogwaph of wild-wife suitable for fwaming.
  • Any time those two wittle nut cwackers think they can out-smart Ewmer J. Fudd they've got another thing coming.
  • Come on, Wover boy. Wet's go hunting.
  • I will do it with my spear and magic hewmet.
  • Gee, I hope it didn't hurt too much when I killed you, Mister Wabbit.
  • Whadda know? One buwwet weft!
  • Thewe's something scwewy going on around hewe...
  • WAAAAAA HA HAAAAAA! I'm a disgwace to the wegiment!
  • It's a Futuwatic Push-Button Sawesman Ejector!
  • I hope you can hewp me mister game warden. I've been towd I can shoot wabbits, mongooses, pigeons, dirty skunks and ducks. Can you teww me what season it weawwy is??!!
  • Good evening, sportsmen evewywhere...'Fwesh-Fwied, Fwesh-Fwozen Wabbit Company' bwings you 'The Sportsman's Hour,' with handy hunting tips by yours twuwy, Ewmer Fudd!.......And today I have a WEAL surpwise for you: I will demonstwate the pwoper pwocedure for hunting, twacking down and bwasting to smitheweens a weal, wive wabbit!...Now, be vewy, vewy quiet...
  • Wabbits wove cawwots.
  • At wast! The wong arm of the waw is reaching out and cwosing in on you. You scwewy wabbit.
  • Geez awfully quiet dang I wonder if there anymore hunters out here this mornin'
  • That duck CRAZY!
  • Wabbits! Wabbits! [crying] Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho!
  • OK, wabbit, we'll see whose I.Q is P.U. !
  • I'm a baaaaaad boy!
  • Hewwo, Mr. Supper!
  • Not this weekend, you're not! You're the symbol of Thanksgiving! Huhuhuhuhu! And you're dinner!
  • Come back, my wittle birdy banquet!
  • That was an awfuwwy good weg of wamb. (Elmer then enters his living room, turns on the radio, sits down on his armchair and reads a newspaper) I wonder how Dick Tracey made out today? (Someone then bangs on the door, Elmer answers it).
  • But you wang my phone operator. Oh yes, my phone went RIIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGG.
  • Elmer: Oh, Mr. Game Wawden, I've been told to shoot wabbits and pigeons and mongooses and dirty skunks and elks and ducks. Can you tell me what season it weawy is?
    Bugs Bunny: (as Game Warden) Certainly, m'boy! It's baseball season!
  • Elmer: [as Gutzon Borglum] Hold the stwing wight dere and be vewy vewy quiet. Woud noises can stawt--
    Loud Kiddington: [as Lincoln Borglum] WHAJDA SAY, POP?!?
    Elmer: An avawanche!! Aaaahhh! [a boulder crushes him]
  • Elmer: Aah, finished! West and wewaxation at wast! And thanks to your help, it only took fouteen yeaws to compwete.
    Loud Kiddington: Aww, you're only saying that because I'm your son.
    Elmer: No, I'm saying that because working awone, I could've finished it in six yeaws!!

Yosemite Sam[edit]

  • Ooooooooooooooooooh!!!
  • I hate rabbits and myself
  • Stop right there, varmint.
  • [to Bugs Bunny] I hate you!
  • Come back here, ya varmint!
  • It's like you do varmint!
  • Dragons is so stupid!
  • Open that bridge, varmint! Open it, I say!!! (The bridge landed on him) CLOSE IT!! CLOSE IT!! Close it up again!!!! (bridge closes) Okay, rabbit! Ya forced me to use force!
  • Why you...(He fell down to the moat, cursing to himself.)
  • You'll pay for this, varmint!
  • I hate you, rabbit.
  • I'm General Pandamonium, the meanest, nastiest, vicious high soldier in this man's army!
  • I want that paper and I want it now!!
  • I'm guilty! I'm guilty!!
  • Missed again, ya hammerhead halibut!
  • Get down, ya long-eared mountain goat!
  • Ooh, belay there, you long eared galoot! Get aloft and furl the tatter-sole top gallants before I keelhauls you!
  • This town ain't a big enough fer the two of us!
  • Yeah, Yosemite Sam - the roughest, toughest he-man stuffest hombré that's ever crossed the Rio Grande. An' I ain't no namby-pamby.
  • All right! Don't rush me. I'm a-thinking... and my head hurts.
  • Why did you pour ink on my head?
  • Now, ya lop-eared polecat, try and get out of this one!
  • You ornery fur-bearin' rebel, you'll pay for this!
  • Ya better say yer prayers, ya flea-bitten varmint, I'm a-gonna blow ya to smithereenies!
  • Great horny-toadies! I must've dug clean through to Chinee!
  • WHAT?! I paid my four bits to see the high diving act and I'm-a gonna SEE the high diving act!"
  • Now, ya carrot-chewin' coyote!! Git a goin'!!
  • Iron Cross? I'm sick and tired of Iron Crosses! What I want is a long furlough, to make booty with schnapps and beautiful hair-lines! And if I don't get it, I ain't a-gonna shoot down no more planes in flames!
  • Blast your ornery hide! If you does that once more I aint-a goin' after it.
  • I'm no doc, ya flee-bitten varming, I'm Riff-Raff Sam, the riffiest riff that ever riffed a raff!
  • OOOOOOHHH, I hate that rabbit!
  • Okay, rabbit, haul your carcass off'n my real estate!!
  • 10 dollars?!! Why it's getting so a man can't earn a dishonest living no more!
  • Why I knows that ornery fur-bearin' critter from waaaaays back.
  • Ha ha ha. Now I got ya, rabbit! Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Ooh.
  • Say there, boy, how's about playin' something peppy on that skinbox?
  • "What's up"? Why, you ornery fur-bearin' critter! This here's one of them train robbery hold ups.
  • Gotta burn ma boots! They touched Yankee soil!
  • Tossed coconut salad...fresh coconut milk...New England Boiled Coconut. Ooh, I HATES COCONUTS!!
  • AW, now you've gone and made me lose count!!
  • Ha ha ha, he jumped around like a toadie-frog!
  • Ooh, ya stupid idjit rabbit! Don't ya know matches is scarce on this island? Now I gotta go all the way to the ship to get another match!
  • Why, you doggone crazy idjit! That's my new hat!
  • "Cook! Where's my lunch?! Where's my dinner?!" Ooh, that gastronomic, epicure, culinary crepe suzette. I hate him!
  • Prepare yourself, rabbit. I'm-a comin' over the wall.
  • I smell carrots a cookin'. And whar thar's carrots, there's rabbits.
  • Oh no you don't! Get back in your seat!! The first one that tries to get out of here to warn that rabbit, gets his hide blown off! And that goes for the rest of ya! And I'll do it, too.
  • I want you baby! Your eyes! Your lips! Come with me to the Casbaaaaaaaah! We'll make beautiful music together!
  • Say yer prayers, ya long eared galoot!
  • Yeah, Chilcoot Sam, the roughest, toughest, rootin-est, shootin-est claim-jumper that's ever jumped a claim!
  • Twenty years trying and ya missed me again, ya shovel-nosed mackerel! No-good bushwacking barracuda!
  • So long, sucker! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! [noticed the police officers in the car he landed in] Woo...
  • Now start praying cuz I'm a-blowing ya to smithereenies at the count of ten! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Goodbye, rabbit!
  • OPEN UP THAT DOOR! You notice I didn't say Richard?
  • [after having the front part of his body flattened against the wall] You'll pay for this, varmint! [in a really nasal voice]
  • Great hornytoads! I'd recognize them flat feet anywhere!
  • Get back there, rabbit! I'm-a gonna rob that train!
  • [after jumping all startled out of Bugs Bunny's hole and screaming in pain] That consarn idjit rabbit bit my nose!
  • Look here, ya cheaters, we got rules around here! There's no lucky medals, THERE'S NO FOUR-LEAF CLOVERS, NO HORSESHOES, NO RABBIT'S FEET! [examines the rules one more time] I've been horn-swallowed. [his face and eyes turn red with rage]

Foghorn Leghorn[edit]

  • I say, I say, What's that big chicken hawk!
  • That's a joke, I say, that's a joke, son.
  • Boy's got a mouth like a cannon, always shootin' it off.
  • You gotta keep... I say, you gotta keep it on your toes! Toes that is! The fast ones get right by you. Keep your ears open.
  • Now, pay attention, son.
  • Pay attention when I'm talking to ya, boy!
  • That, I say, that boy's just like a tattoo. Gets right under your skin.
  • What kept, I say what kept you, son? I can't hold my breath forever. I'm not a fish. I gotta breathe air. My lungs crave air. Ya gotta keep things like that, boy.
  • Okay, I'll shut up. Some fellas have to keep their tongues flappin' but not me. I was brought up right. My pa used to tell me to shut up and I'd shut up. I wouldn't say nothin'. One time darn near starved to death. WOULDN'T TELL HIM I WAS HUNGRY!!
  • That boy's as sharp as a bowling ball.
  • I don't see no hula hula girls.
  • We have been flim-flammed.
  • That woman's as cold as a nudist on an iceberg.
  • Fortunately, I keep my feathers numbered for just such an emergency.
  • I say, I say, boy that's not how you make no airplane.
  • Boy's like a dead horse -- got no get-up-and-go.
  • That boy's as strong as an ox, and just about as smart.
  • This is gonna cause more confusion than a mouse in a burlesque show!
  • Go away, boy, ya bother me!
  • Kid don't stop talking so much he'll get his tongue sun burned.
  • Gal reminds me of the highway between Fort Worth and Dallas...No curves.
  • Don't you, I say, don't you call ME a chicken -- you chicken!
  • I don't think this kid's got all his marbles. Shakes his head when he means yes and nods when he means no.
  • If I'm a roo - I say - if I'm a rooster, I hope to be struck by--

[lightning flashes behind him] Well, let's put it another way. Way that is.

  • Some days it don't pay to get outta bed!
  • Did ya see that hawk after those hens? He scared 'em! That Rhode Island Red turned white, then blue. Rhode Island, red white and blue! That's a joke, son, a flag-waver! You're built too low. The fast ones go over your head. Ya got a hole in your glove. I keep pitchin' 'em and you keep missin' 'em! Ya gotta keep your eye on the ball! [realizes pun] Eye. Ball. Eyeball! I almost had a gag, son--a joke, that is!
  • Well, woman, blink your eyes or something. Yeesh!
  • Say, boy, you cover about as much as a flapper skirt in a high wind.
  • You gotta be a magician to keep a kid's attention more than two minutes nowadays.
  • Place your bet - Ah say - place your bets, gentlemen. Winner plays, loser stays. Everyone's a winne - well, not everyone.
  • A sensitive mind won't stand being picked on.
  • Nice boy, but he's got more nerve than a bum tooth.
  • That, I say, that dawg's busier than a centipede in a toe-counting contest.
  • Hey Dawg! I've come to bury the hatchet! Ha, ha. Not in your pointed head, Boy. I come in peace! I brought you a peace-offerin'.
  • No no boy!! You're meant to hit the ball. Not the bawl!!!
  • The snow's so deep, the farmers have to jack up the cows so they can milk 'em!
  • That dog, I say, that dog's strictly G.I....Gibbering Idiot that is.
  • Eh...any of this gettin' through that little ol' blue bonnet of yours?
  • OH that woman. Gotta mouth like an outboard motor. All the time: Putputputputputput-phut-phut-phut-putputputputputputputputphew!
  • I don't know what you're doing with that bowling ball, girly. But I'm not gonna stand by and let a lady do a man's job.
  • That boy's as timid as a canary at a cat-show.
  • I need, I say, I need a pointer, and that dog's got just the head for it. Pointed, that is.
  • Go away, boy! Or I'll spank you where the feathers are thinnest.
  • What'ya doin', I say, what'ya doin' with a pump, boy? Pumpin' for oil? You're crazy, boy. There's no oil in this ground. [knocks cat down, picks him up] Stand up, son. You're fallin' all over yourself.
  • There's no oil within 500 miles of here. Geology of the ground's all wrong. Even if there WAS oil you'd need a drill not a tire pump. [cat hits a hoe and falls down] All you're down again. You gotta learn to stand on your own feet, boy. I may not always be around to help ya.
  • Nice girl but about as sharp as a sack of wet mice.
  • Adios you chicken-pluckin' little stinker!
  • Explain yourself! Yer tongue's flappin' but no noise is comin' outa yer big mouth!
  • Pay attention to me boy - I'm not just talkin' to hear my head roar!
  • That dawg's as subtle as a hand grenade in a barrel 'a oatmeal.
  • 'Course, you know, this means war.
  • Hey, give me that! [takes the axe away from the cat] Who do you think you are, George Washington? [hits the cat over the head with the axe] Huh, there's no cherry trees around here.
  • Don't you wanna look at your cards first, son? Boy's about as sharp as a bowlin' ball.
  • Ah'm a rooster, son, not a chicken! Pay at-ah say, pay attention, boy! Ah'm talkin' to ya! Nice boy, but doesn't listen to a word ya say.
  • First - ah say - first time in my life someone else shot my mouth off.
  • Boy's as sharp as a pound of wet liver!
  • I can, I say, I can run faster than that in high heels...I ain't saying I wear high heels

Sylvester the cat[edit]

  • Suffering succotash!
  • Son, you take care of all the little mice and I'll handle any BIG mice that come along.
  • Now, maybe that'll teach ys to keep your ugly traps shut!
  • Hello, breakfast oh sorry tweety!!
  • They forgot to put out the cat....The cat?!?! I'M the cat!!!
  • Okay, mouse, I'll fight you but I aint fightin' no dames.
  • Don't bother about slowing down! You better run as fast as you can!
  • Now, mouse, you do as I thay or... down the hatch.
  • Heyyy,......Tomcats can't be mothers......Cats can't lay eggs! There's something screwy here!
  • Y'see, son, if you build a BETTER MOUSETRAP, the mice'll BEAT A PATH to your door!
  • It's a good thing I HAVE got nine lives......with THIS kind of an army, I'll NEED' EM!!
  • When that mouse comes thru this opening....WHAM!!! She won't know what hit her!!
  • Hold it, Sam, HOLD IT!! Isn't it silly to jeopardize our neighborly relations over this scrawny bird?!?
  • "I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat!" Isn't it about time you saw something else? Sth-tupid bird....
  • I....I can't help it.....I'm a pussycat with NORMAL WEAKNESSES......OTHER pussycats eat birds!!........WHY pick on me?!? WHY?!??!?
  • Brother pussycats. We've been thhhhhhhhhkidded out, scooted out, backed out and booted out. But TONIGHT we were thhhhhhhhhcared out. It's inhothhhhpita-bitable!! And furthermore, it's "unnnnnnnnnnncatchhhhhhhhtitutional"!!! Are we men or are we mithhhhhhhhhhhhe?!
  • No mouse is no match for no cat. And I'm a cat. I think. MEOW!! Yep, I'm a cat. So MUHA HAHA HA HA HA, mouse!!!
  • Granny-shmanny! You're my Christmas present, and I'm wrapping you up, kid!
  • Aw, come on! Stand still! How do you expect me to grasp you when you jump around like a flea on a hot brick?!
  • She's about as helpless as a porcupine in a nudist colony.
  • And just so YOU don't get out and that GOON don't get IN, I'm lockin' the door, and tossin' the key out the window! THERE!!...and now, for that Tweety-Bird Sandwich I've been dreaming of!...STOP SQUIRMING! I can't stand a sore loser! Let's see...there's cloves...tabasco sauce...[Tweety turns into Mr. Hyde] ...what, no KETCHUP?! Well, I guess I'll hafta have my Tweety-Bird Sandwich without KE-E-E-E-E-ETCH---
  • Awwww, son......can't we just chase one of those big, slow, LETH-TH-TH-THARGIC birds, hmmmmmmm?!
  • From now on, birds are off my list! There! [several birds land on his shoulder and head] Thufferin' thuccatash! What a fine time I picked to go on a diet.
  • Y'see, son? The wheels in your father's head are STILL CLICKING!!
  • Okay, okay, I'll GET you yer mouse!! Spoiled-brat cat!
  • You're just not whistling Dixie, brother!!
  • I haven't been watching the wrestling matches on TV for nothin' ya know.
  • Okay! I'll do it!! I might as well die than starve to death.
  • Where there's cheeses, there's bound to be mouses.
  • Oh brother, another mystery. Doesn't Granny ever get tired of these?
  • Tweety: Oh, c'mon! You know you'll never catch me.
    Sylvester: Sez you!
    Tweety: Well, awl I know is that you can't eat me!
    Sylvester: Huh? And why do you sth-ay that?
    Tweety: 'Tuz, puddy, if you evew get wid of me, den we don't have a show!
    Sylvester: What?
    Tweety: Aftew all, I am de star!
    Sylvester: Oh yeah?! [eats Tweety] That thstar could've used thome thalt.
  • One thing I've learned while chasing the bird... Avoid the dog!!
  • Being a cat is easy if you remember these thsimple rulesth - cat chases bird, cat catches bird, cat eats bird.
  • Sorry, kid. I ain't your Mama!
  • Sufferin' Succotash! Somebody's been eaten my porridge!
  • Spoiled brat!
  • YEEOW!! My porridge is too hot!
  • (with a black nose instead of a red nose) Brother pussycats! We've been skidded out, scooted out, backed out, and booted out! But, tonight, we was SCARED out! It's unhospitabitable! And, furthermore, it's un-cat-stitutional! ARE WE MEN OR ARE WE MICE?!
  • Now just a minute my fine feathered friend! Ain't you got no aesthetic sense? No ear for musical appreciation?
  • First the wadding, then the shots, then the powder. Packit down good and....[BLAM!!] Wait! Wait! I know what I did wrong! First the shots, then the powder, then the wadding. Pack it down good and...[BLAM!!]


  • I tawt I taw a puddy tat!
  • I did! I did see a puddy tat!
  • Ho ho, dat puddy tat has a pink skin under his fur coat!
  • Stick 'em up, Geronimo! I'm Hop-Awong Cattidy!
  • AAAAAAAAH! You cwushed my widdy head! AH HA HA HAAAAAAA! You mashed me widdle metatarsel!!
  • Oh, wook, piddies! This widdle piddy went to market, this widdle piddy stayed home, this widdle piddy had woast beef, and this little pitty had.......whadaya know, wan outa piddies!
  • You know, I lose more putty tats dat way.
  • I may be wong, but I just don't twust puddy tat's honor.
  • I calm him down. [hits Sylvester with mallet] I guess I calm him down too much.
  • Gee whiz, puddy tat. I didn't know you could fwy.
  • Poor putty tat. Forgot his pawachute.
  • Are you okay, puddy tat? You were pooped.
  • Where oh where has my puddy tat gone? Oh where oh where can he be?
  • I tawt I taw a puddy tat. I tawt I taw another puddy tat. I'm tawounded by puddy tats.
  • Wike I said before: Once a bad ol' putty tat, awways a bad ol' putty tat.
  • Gosh, I never wealized that being a wittle bird could be so compwicated.
  • HUMPH! How does a bird go about getting twansferred out of this outfit?!
  • BRRRR! I feel a dwaft on my fwagile wittle body.
  • You know dat puddy is going to hurt himself if he not more careful.
  • Ooohhh what a hypotwit!
  • Forgot my wittle hat again!
  • Poor Puddy Tat!
  • Come on, little pawty dog! Hewp me find the little putty tat!
  • Awww, the poor putty tat, stuck on the ceiling!
  • That a good putty tat! Play nice with the little pawty dog! Don't fight!
  • Awwww Bad ol' Puddy Tat...he fall down, go...BOOM!!!!!
  • [on Sylester's backfires] Weww, at weast he's consistent!


  • Who were you expecting, Pocahontas?
  • Thought you could out fox old Granny, huh?! Well I was hep to ya all the time.
  • There, just as snug as a bug in a rug, eh Sylvester?
  • Well, here we are at last, Tweety, in VENICE......with all its Venetian blinds!!
  • Ooh, hoo hoo hoo!! Nothing like THIS has happened to me since the boys got back from Gettysburg!!!
  • Ohh, hoo hoo hoo!! Twenty years, nothing! And then it all carves up in one day!
  • Yeah, that'll teach you. Next time I'll give you what fir!!
  • (repeated line) Que sera sera.
  • If there's one little feather, just ONE little feather harmed of this bird, I'm going to sell you to the violin string factory!
  • I'll teach you to molest helpless little birdies!
  • Oh, why even bother with cooking? It's pizza tonight!
  • That's it! We've been cancelled!
  • The schedule said this is where we'd find the commercials. Now where could they be?

Speedy Gonzales[edit]

  • Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba! Yii-hah!
  • Hello, uno pussy gato. You got uno tacks problemente?
  • Hello, Poosie-cats! You looking for a nice fat mouse for deenner?
  • I don't see that seelly pussy cats today. He must be asleep. I better wake heem up!
  • They don't make pussy cats like they used to.
  • Thees ees the only way to run!
  • Hey, loco duck! Open the door, or I will break it down!
  • I like him. He's silly.
  • Okay, you tin-can cat! Now you're gonna get it!
  • Sure it's cheese, you Daffy Duck. What do you think we keep in here, gold?
  • Ah...A present from my loving Lupe. Such a sweet Lupe...I wonder which loving Lupe eet ees?
  • Excusa! Esta too mucho rapido for the eyes to follow? I'll show you in el slow motiono.
  • No mas tequila! Already mui loaded.
  • This guy's okay (next to Daffy Duck), but I want to party with this guy! (next to Bugs Bunny)
  • Thees pussy cats trying to lure me weeth thees cheese. HOKAY, PUSSY CATS, I AM LURING!
  • I don't why she don't like me. I'm so leetle. I don't take up much room. And don't eat much.
  • Gracias, Senorita Mi Amor! Adios! Hasta la vista! YEE-HEE!!!
  • Yee HA! Oh the funny theengs those fellows do to me!
  • Grab your sombraros, amigos. Here we go again.
  • You know, the pussy gato needs one of those psycholico... um... psycholica... um... you know, one of those head shreenking fellows.
  • I'm stirring, and I'm a mouse.
  • You know, I got the feeling like somebody is looking at me.
  • What's a matter, pussycats? You nervous?
  • You pooped? Hokay, I come back.
  • Buenos noches, senorita. You doing anythings tonight?
  • I don't know, but I theenk we are finally getting that duck's goat.
  • Deedn't your mother tell you to look both ways before crosseeng the railroad tracks? You could get hurt!
  • Oh, you have thee wrong house senor. Noone in here but us cheeckens!
  • Hey, why everybody vamoosa?
  • What's the matter, amigos? You meess me, ha?
  • Now that's what I call a brave poossy cat. YII-BAH!
  • Hey, poossy cat, I think it's only fair to warn you. I have to pass your way again. I'll slow down so eet weell be fair.
  • You'd better put back all my friends where you got heem.
  • I turned that duck into sometheeng. I do not know what.
  • Caramba! You always hungry! Okay I get you a tortilla.
  • Oh oh! I theenk thees ees where I come een.
  • Hey, senor duck! I am running een there to get one of those chocolate conejos!
  • Six thousand pesos? Holy frejoles! That'd buy a lot of cheese!
  • Only a fastest mouse can make it, which ees me. Not the slowest mouse, which ees you.
  • Slowpoke! What you're dooing here!
  • How's thees, cousin Slowpoke?
  • Cinco, quatro, tres, dos, uno. YEE haa!
  • Deessert? Holy frejoles!
  • Slowpoke, you can't do that!
  • Here I come by you again, senor pussy cats.
  • Holy frijoles! That theeng runs faster than me.

Slowpoke Rodriguez[edit]

  • Buenos Noches, senor gato. My name is Slowpoke Rodriguez.
  • I like your pussycat friend. He's nice and stupid.
  • When do we eat? I'm hungry.
  • It's no use. I got to get somethings to eat.
  • Maybe Slowpoke is pretty slow downstairs in the feet, but he's pretty fast upstairs in the cabeza.
  • You forgot the tobasco sauce speedy.

Road Runner[edit]

  • Beep!, Beep!

Wile E. Coyote[edit]

  • Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Wile E. Coyote, Genius. I am not selling anything nor am I working my way through college. And so let's get down to cases. You are a rabbit and I am going to eat you for supper. Now don't try to get away. I am more muscular, more cunning, faster and larger than you are and I'm a genius while you could hardly pass the entrance examinations to kindergarten. So I'll give you the customary 2 minutes to say your prayers. - From Operation Rabbit
  • Wile E. You genius. You've done it again.
  • Well, back to the old drawing board.
  • Gad, I'm such a genius
  • Genius. That's what it is. Sheer genius.
  • Being a genius certainly has it's advantages.
  • Brilliance. That's all I can say, sheer unadulterated brilliance.
  • Wile E. Coyote Super Genius. I like the way that rolls out. Wile E. Coyote Super Genius.
  • [groggily] Wile E. Coyote Super Genius.
  • [groggily] Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mud.
  • Ouch.
  • Why do they always want to do it the hard way?
  • [laughing] Finished! Wile E. You're such a genius!
  • Well, the boy has talent.
  • But how?
  • Well, even a genius can have an off day.
  • A legitimate question, young man, deserving a legitimate answer. Now then, I can easily understand why it should puzzle you that a person of my intelligence, I.Q. 207 super genius, should devote his valuable time chasing this ridiculous road runner, this bird that appears to be so skinny, scrawny, stringy, unappetizing, anemic, ugly and misbegotten. Ah, but how little you know about road runners. Actually, the road runner is to the taste buds of a coyote, what caviar, champagne, filet mignon and chocolate fudge are to the taste buds of a man. - from Adventures Of The Road Runner also Zip! Zip! Hooray
  • Let me see now. It is obvious that this is no ordinary rabbit. Therefore, I must dream up a brilliant master strategy, ingenious, daring.
  • In a hazardous business such as mine, I find it useful to keep an automatic record of my activities, to isolate possible errors such as the foregoing. This is proved by ingenious settings of motion picture cameras across the desert. In this way, I can record action at any angle: low-angle shots [picture shows a camera strapped to a tortoise], high-angle shots [picture shows a camera strapped to a stork], zooms [picture shows a camera strapped to a cactus like a catapult, trucks [picture shows a camera strapped to two rattlesnakes], down shots [picture show a camera strapped to the edge of cliff], direction shots [picture shows cameras strapped to the back street signs], close-ups [picture shows a camera disguises as a native American, picture than shows cameras hiding in a house], in other words, complete coverage. Needless to state the most scientific exact in nature, but it does eliminate error. - From Adventures Of The Road Runner, also Road Runner A Go-Go

Marvin the Martian[edit]

  • Oh dear, now I shall have to create more Martians.
  • Being disintegrated makes me very angry! Very angry, indeed!
  • At last, after 2,000 years of work, the Illudium PU36 Explosive Space Modulator. At long last, my dream come true.
  • The Earth? Oh, the Earth will be gone in just a few seconds.
  • Oh, I'm going to blow it up, it obstructs my view of Venus.
  • Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering kaboom!
  • The Illudium PU36 Explosive Space Modulator! That creature has stolen the space modulator!
  • Delays, delays.
  • Capture that creature and return the Illusion PU36 Explosive Space Modulator!
  • Oh dear, this is most inconvenient, now I'll have to call out the reserves.
  • We must capture a live earth creature K-9, and take it back with us to Mars. Isn't that a nice assignment, mmm?
  • Oh, that wasn't a bit nice...You have made me very angry... very angry indeed!
  • Please sir, do not interrupt my chain of thought, I'm a busy Martian.
  • Are you from the Earth? How interesting. I'm just about to solve the Earth's fuel problem.
  • I'm not angry, just terribly, terribly hurt.
  • Oh dear, now I suppose I shall have to use force.
  • Well, back to the old drawing board.
  • Daffy: I claim this planet in the name of the Earth!
    Marvin: I claim this planet in the name of Mars! Hmmm, isn't that lovely? - from Duck Dodgers In The 24th 1/2 Century
  • This insignificant planetoid has been found guilty of crimes against the universe.
  • Oh drat these computers, they're so naughty and so complex, I could pinch them.
  • Earthlings have the worst sense of direction!
  • I do believe you are right.
  • A mission? I'm all a-tingle!
  • There's nothing I enjoy more than frolicking in a room filled with empty plastic balls.
  • Wakey-wakey, friends. Time to wreak mayhem in the cause of evil.
  • Ugh, another delusional fan trying to emulate the famous trench scene. How many lives must that accursed film claim?!
  • Daffy: [as Duck Dodgers] So, what do you think? Could today end our mutual hatred?
    Marvin: Unlikely, Dodgers. Whether at war or peace, I shall always loathe you.
    Daffy: You shall always love me?! Eeeew!
    Marvin: I said loathe, you idiot!
  • Oh, no, Your Majesty. I like [General Z-9] in a way. In an 'I can't wait to go to his funeral' way!
  • Queen Tyrani: Need mouth to mouth resuscitation...

Pepe Le Pew[edit]

  • Hello, bebe...I am zee locksmith of love, no?
  • Come darling, we must be grown up about this thing; do not run away from zee love!
  • Hey, pennies from heaven!
  • Le bow-wow-wow! Le bow! Le wow! Le raraaowr...Le [Tarzan-like yell] I screech to you with jungle love, yes?
  • I am the daring young flea on a manly trapeze, no?
  • How impetuous can you get?
  • Look darling, perhaps I am old fashioned, but shouldn't we be introduced first? I am Pepe Le Pew. This is my first affair so, please, be kind. I'm shy but, uh, I'm willing... [She runs away] I am playing it too cool, no?
  • Where are you, my little Lona Misa? I am looking to find you!
  • I don’t know why but I don’t really go for this modern sculpture...
  • You are my peanut. I am your brittle.
  • Ah, my little darling, it is love at first sight, is it not, no?
  • Zee cabbage does not run away from zee corn-beef.
  • Getting there is only half the fun...
  • I am stupid. No?
  • Where are you, my little object of art? I am going to collect you!
  • Don't move, darling. I want to remember you just as you are. *runs away* Aw shucks...you moved!
  • Oh well, war is fine, but love is better. Right?
  • You found an interesting place for us, you clever you!
  • You know, she may have been a headache...but viva l'amour!
  • Did you know that when you are in love it is almost impossible to get insurance? But then, security isn't everything.
  • One nice thing is, the game of love is never called on account of darkness.
  • What is this? The stripe! It washes off! It is gone! This small one--she is not a skunk at all!
  • Permit me to introduce myself. I am Pepe Le Pew, your lover!
  • Impetuous but nice...
  • Ahh, this little one wishes to commit suicide to prove her love for me. What a sweet gesture. Nevertheless, I must prevent it!
  • Saved! [Penelope slips from his arms and fall] viva l'amour--We die together! [falls after her]
  • When you are a skunk, you learn how to hold your breath for a long time.
  • As a distinguished colleague of mine once noted: "There is very little difference between men and women but viva la difference!
  • Everyone should have a hobby, don't you think? Mine is making love...You are a girl, I am a boy [kisses twice] We have all that in common, darling.
  • Ah, my darling, I love you. Where have I been all your life?
  • I, I get a kick out from her...
  • Hey Lolita! Intimacy is difficult at this range.
  • Ah, this tempestous one. She is overcome by her emotions at seeing me again.
  • Hey Baby! Don't be impatient, enfant! I am proceeding to you! Do not abandon hope!
  • How do you like that? A touching gesture no? She would rather come into some suicide than leave without me. It, uh, makes you humble and sort of proud. (laughs) Oh sure, I realize it is just a command so...en guard minx!
  • You know, most men would get discouraged about now... fortunately for her, I am not most men.
  • Hello baby...You look sweet upon the seat of a camel that has been for two. *cat runs away* I am going to follow you!
  • Darling, you found me! [kisses twice] How sweet! [kisses twice] How clever! We will never part again! [Penelope runs away] I could be wrong you know.
  • Hey! I'm the abdominal snowman, no?
  • All right, Pink Rabbit. We have broken the ice. The courtship is now beginning...[kisses twice] Now starts the period of shy glances... [kisses] Fluttering eyelids... [kisses twice] Touching fingertips... [kisses three times before Penelope runs away] She must resist me because I am irresistible. What are you gonna do?
  • Eenie, meenie, miney mo, catch a lover by the toe, if she holler, hold her closer; eenie, meenie, miney mosa. O-U-T spells I love you!
  • Come to me, my melon baby collie!
  • This bayou baby is all right by me...
  • Le hiss, hiss...I am a snake and you have charmed me, no?
  • These American girls, on with "on the go".
  • A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and me?
  • You know, it is not just a case of physical attraction. I admire her mind too.
  • There are plenty of fish in the ocean... if you like fish. Personally, I prefer girls. Hmm, call it a weakness.
  • You know, it is be possible to be too attractive!
  • I tell you what. You stop resisting me, and I, I will stop resisting you. When have you had a better offer than that?
  • I must find out what this "pew" means every time I appear...
  • For her, I will make myself dainty!
  • Turn out the lights, darling. I know where everything is.
  • She want to play it the lover's chase. It is a little girl in her. C'est l'amour. Look petite one! I am the lover chaser! Observe, I chase you!
  • Where are you, pigeon?
  • This little love bundle...Now she is seeking for us a 'tristing place. Touching is it not?
  • Come my little peanut of brittle! I will help you!
  • I am the broken heart of love. I am the disillusioned. I am wish to enlist in the Foreign Legion so I may forget. Take me...
  • A pitiful case, am I not?
  • Why do they all go? Why do they leave the fort? (laughs) Oh but of course! Already I have achieved a post of honor! I have been left to defend the fort! Viva le Republic!
  • No matter how I disguise myself, you smell me out. *cat runs away* She flips me!
  • Come, pink pigeon, we are wasting valuable time! Oh-ho, we are going to play "Ali Thief and the 40 Babas" yes? En guard rabbit! I am going to find you!
  • For some strange reason this little orchid is shy.
  • Darling! I have waited for you! I'll remove them from you the bands of slavery, for you love!
  • Dashing, no?
  • Quel es? Ahh, la petite femme skunk fatale! The post of honor can wait, no? (clicks tongue twice)
  • Ah, ma cherie, this is an affair d'amour, is it not? It is an affair of we love each other madly!
  • Huh? What is this? Oh, but of course! This small one, she is wish to put on her face before we continue the wooing! Such dainty rabbits these days. I love them...
  • Are you lipsticked and mascaraed, little one?
  • But darling, tomorrow I may be shipped overseas!
  • You know, one of the mysteries of my life is, why a woman run away when all she really wish is to be captured.
  • Almost like shooting fish in a barrel.
  • Flirt...
  • I am the sheikh, no?
  • Ah the sentimental one. She's wish to play Jullio and Romiette...
  • Jullio, Jullio, herefore art me, Romiette.
  • But madame!
  • Madame, control yourself! Your conduct is untimely, control yourself! Madame!
  • Why is it when a man is captured by a woman, all he wish to do is get away?!
  • Just to think, radiant flower...you do not come with me to the casbah, we are already here!
  • I missed, fortunately for you. So now ma cherie, we can begin life anew!
  • C'est la guerre...Au revoir, Pigeon...! Sweeting is such part sorrows...
  • Who is it? [Sees soaking wet Penelope] Oh, it is you again.. [She locks the door and hides the key] What can I do.. to.. help.. you? Why do you lock the..? Oh no! [She starts to move towards him] Control yourself, madame! [He begins to walk backwards] You cannot be in earnest! Joke, yes? No! [He runs away]
  • Eh, wait a just minute! Quel es? Oh, a female lady skunk of the fair sex! You know, I think I deserve a vacation! [Runs away]
  • You know, I suddenly realize, I never learned how to swim! Ho ho, silly me!
  • All right cherie, ze courtship is over!
  • I find that 100 strokes with a steep brush would take care of the most stubborn tail.
  • Eh, I am a creamy puff, no?
  • Now then cherie, en guarde...!
  • Hello, cherie...
  • All is "fare" in love and war, eh darling?
  • All right butterduck, you have done all that could be expected. You have resisted your natural impulses and run away from me.
  • You little flirt!
  • Charming situation, is it not?
  • I am your guide to love, no?
  • Navigator to pilot: pretty girl at three o'clock, over! Pilot to Navigator: wow wow!!! Over!
  • I pierce you with the eck-eck of love, flower pot!
  • I always got A's in gym.
  • Darling, how good of you to wait for me?
  • She is no longer timid!
  • A true gentleman must be prepared for anything.
  • She looks everywhere for me, she find me, then she run away. Why??
  • Marry me...too sudden? Very well I shall play quite not so easy to get.
  • Strong-willed, am I not?
  • Come back darling, golden violet! I will unshy you! You are just insecure. All you need is a little occupational therapy, like making love!
  • I-I-I-love-love-love-you-you-you [echoing] I love you! I love you! I love you!
  • Pretty good, eh? *grabs cat* For a growing boy that is! Because darling I am a boy and I am growing fonder of you everyday...
  • The best things of life are worth waiting for.
  • Baby doll!
  • I am the peanut butter. You are the jelly. Come, let us make a sandwich of love.

Other Characters[edit]

  • Castaways: We're gonna have roast rabbit!
  • Henery Hawk: I'm a chicken hawk and you're a chicken!
  • Dan Backslide: A runabout. I'll steal it! NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!!!
  • Lola Bunny: Don't ever call me "doll".


From Buckaroo Bugs

Red Hot Ryder: (reading envelope) "To Red Hot Ryder". That's me-hee, that's me-hee, that's me-hee. (opening letter, then reading it) "Roses are red. Violets are pink. Flowers smell good, but you sure s---" (the rest of the last word is censored) I sure WHAT?!?
Bugs Bunny: "STINK.", YOU FOOL, "STINK."! (pulls Red Hot Ryder's hat over his head and makes off before snickering during that) So long, Flaptop!
Red Hot Ryder: (puts his hat back up and realizes that he's been tricked again, and gasps in shock, stammering) TH---TH---TH---THE MASKED MARAUDER!!! Which way did he go, part', which way did he go?

From Rabbit Fire

Daffy Duck: (disguised as Bugs) Eh... what's up, doc? Havin' any luck with those ducks? It's duck season, y'know!
Bugs Bunny: (disguised as Daffy) Just a darn minute! Where do you get that duck season stuff?!
Daffy Duck: Says so over there on that sign, you're so smart.
(Sign reads "Rabbit Season")
Daffy Duck: [to Elmer] You know what to do with that gun, doc.
(Elmer points the shotgun at Daffy and shoots him)

From The Unruly Hare

Elmer Fudd: (after shooting Bugs Bunny in the back) So, I'm a big, fat wat!
Bugs Bunny: Yeah, have some cheese, rat! (shoves a wedge of cheese in Elmer's mouth)

From The Wabbit Who Came to Supper

Bugs Bunny: Ya don't get the dough ay butterball?
Elmer Fudd: No, but I'm gonna get you!
Elmer Fudd: Good widdance to bad wubbish!

From Daffy Duck Slept Here

Daffy Duck: [appears to be drunk, whispering to the thin air next to him] Alright, Hymie. [Hic!] Be very quiet. People tryin' to sleep. [singing in a loud bolsterous tone] Ooooooh, I'm just wild about Hymie, and Hymie's wild about me, for he's a jolly good fellow, he's a jolly good fellow- [introducing himself to Porky] Glad to meetcha', chubby. [chanting] H-Y-M-I-E! H-Y-M-I-E! H-Y-M-I-E!! [chants faster and faster] Hymie!!

Daffy: [to Porky] Goodnight, fat boy!
Porky Pig: Eh, buenas noches.

[Daffy wakes up, and bonks Porky on the head with an alarm clock]

Daffy: What's buenas noches?
Porky Pig: It's, uh, Spanish for bon soir.
Daffy: Oh.

[Daffy wakes up again, and bonks Porky on the head with a alarm clock]

Daffy: What's Bon Sewer?
Porky Pig: It's, uh, French for b-buenos noches.
Daffy: Oh.

[Daffy wakes up again, and bonks Porky on the head with an alarm clock]

Daffy: Uh-, bah, skip it!

From Fresh Hare (After Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny have engaged in a snow chase in which Elmer crashed into a snow-covered tree which gave him a Santa hat and beard)

Bugs Bunny: Merry Christmas, Santy!
Elmer Fudd: (crying) I'm a disgwace to the wegimen!

From Bugs and Thugs

[Bugs makes sounds like a police car stopping]
Bugs Bunny: [Irish accent] All right, Clancey, take the boys and surround the house.
[Runs through the door]
Bugs Bunny: Jiggers, the cops!
Rocky: Hide me! Quick, hide me!
Bugs Bunny: Here. hide in here, quick.
[Puts Rocky inside the stove]
Mugsy: Hide me too! Hide me! Wah-hah-hah! It's not fair! You've gotta hide me, too!
Bugs Bunny: I must be dreaming. It couldn't be this easy. Okay, quick. Hide in here.
[Hides Mugsy in stove]
Bugs Bunny: Now don't move until I tell you too.
Bugs Bunny: [Knocking on door] All right, open up! This is the police!
[Forces door open]
Bugs Bunny: All right, where's Rocky? Where's he hiding?
Bugs Bunny: [Normal] He's not in this stove.
Bugs Bunny: [as policeman] Oho! He's hiding in the stove, eh?
Bugs Bunny: Now look, would I turn on this gas if my friend Rocky was in there?
Bugs Bunny: [as policeman] Um, you might, rabbit. You might.
Bugs Bunny: Well, would I throw a lighted match in there if my friend was in there?
[Throws match in stove; it explodes]
Bugs Bunny: [as policeman] All right, rabbit, you've convinced me. I'll look for Rocky in the city.
[Closes door]
Bugs Bunny: The coast is clear, fellas. They've gone.
[Rocky and Mugsy come out of the oven, all burned and groggy; just then the real police arrives]
Policeman: Okay, Clancey. Take the boys and surround the house.
Bugs Bunny: Jiggers, fellas! The cops!
[Rocky and Mugsy hide back in the oven]
Policeman: [Knocking on door] Open up! This is the police!
[Bursts through door]
Policeman: All right, Rabbit. Where's Rocky? Where's he hiding?
Bugs Bunny: He's not in this stove.
Policeman: Oho! He's hiding in the stove, eh?
Bugs Bunny: Would I turn on this gas if he was in there?
Policeman: Um, you might, rabbit. You might.
Bugs Bunny: Well, would I throw a lighted match in there if he was in there?
Rocky: Oh no, you don't!
[He and Mugsy burst out of stove and grovel at the policeman's feet]
Rocky: Take me with you! Don't leave me with that crazy rabbit! I confess! I did it! Arrest me! Arrest me!

From French Rarebit

Bugs Bunny: Something tells me this grey hare is in the middle again.
Bugs Bunny: Of course, if you really want to make something good, nothing beats a good old Louisiana Back-bay Bayou Bunny Bordelaise, a la Antoine.
Francois: A la Antoine? You mean THIS Antoine of New Orleans?
Bugs Bunny: I don't mean Antoine of Flatbush.
Bugs Bunny: And now, for Antoine's recipe. First, immerse the rabbit thoroughly in wine.
[he dips Francois in wine]
Bugs Bunny: Then pickle.
Francois: Already I am ze [Hiccup] pickled.

From Duck! Rabbit! Duck!

Elmer Fudd: [after shooting a snowman of Bugs Bunny] Heavens! He disintegrated!
Bugs Bunny: [comes down dressed as an angel] Eh, what's up Doc? How are things down here on Earth?

[Daffy facepalms]

Elmer Fudd: [sadly] Golly, mister Wabbit. I hope I didn't hurt you too much when I killed you...
Daffy: [angrily] Are you nuts? Why, if he's dead, then I'm a mongoose!

[Bugs holds up a sign that reads "Mongoose Season", and Elmer shoots Daffy again, knocking off his beak. Daffy picks his beak up, reattaches it, and leads Elmer away]

Elmer Fudd: More briefing?
Daffy Duck: More briefing.

Daffy Duck: [after being shot yet again by Elmer] Shoot me again! I enjoy it! I love the smell of burnt feathers, and gunpowder, and cordite. I'm an elk! Shoot me! Go on! It's elk season! I'm a fiddler crab! Why don't ya shoot me?! It's fiddler crab season! [walking away as Bugs goes up to Elmer, dressed a game warden] What have I done? Where did I take the wrong turn?

From Often An Orphan

Charlie Dog: But mostly I'm all Labrador Retriever!
Porky Pig: Oh, you are not a Labrador Retriever.
Charlie Dog: I'm not?
Porky Pig: No!
Charlie Dog: Look, if you doubt my word, get me a Labrador, and I'll retrieve it for you. That's fair, isn't it?
Porky Pig: Uh, a Labrador? Why, sure, I uh...
Charlie Dog: Have you got a Labrador?
Porky Pig: No.
Charlie Dog: Know where you can get a Labrador?
Porky Pig: No.
Charlie Dog: Then shaddup!
[Porky sees red and attacks Charlie]

From Compressed Hare

Wile E. Coyote: [carrying a wheel burrow filled with quick-drying cement] Special delivery!
Bugs Bunny: Send it right down!
Wile E. Coyote: All right! [pours cement in Bugs' hole, then tiptoes away] What a perfect way to "cement" a friendship.
[A pillar of cement pops up from the ground, Wile E. bumps into it and it squishes him]

Suppressed Duck

Ranger: All hunters must stay on their OWN side of the boundary line! All BEARS should stay on the OTHER side of the line... heh-heh-heh... unless they wanna be SHOT! HA HA HA!

From Go Go Amigo

Daffy Duck: [turning the radio off and then back on everytime Speedy runs over to him] This will make him too pooped to pop! [Speedy slumps onto the floor unconscious] You should know better than to tangle with a pro, sucker!
Speedy Gonzales: [turns on the radio from behind; the slumped one that Daffy picked up was a decoy] 'Ey, duck! Why are you playin' with dolls?
Daffy Duck: [sarcastically] That's simple. Because I'm obviously stupid. [Speedy runs off] This time, I'll just hold it! [turns off radio, and hears the disappointed awws of Speedy's mice friends, then a hissing noise] Hey, what's that hissing sound? [a stick of dynamite blows up in Daffy's face, singing most of his feathers off] I think I should take up bullfighting. It's safer.

Daffy Duck: [trying to stop the music for Speedy Gonzales's birthday party] There's only one way to stop that rodent! [cuts the power to his store]
Mouse #1: That dirty duck cut the power. He wins again!
Speedy Gonzales: Don't worry, amigos! I've got this taken care of. [runs off and comes back with a radio]
Mouse #1: What is that?
Speedy Gonzales: It's a transistor radio.
Mouse #1: I have a sister that looks like a train.
Mouse #2: This one's a different kind, I think.

Radio Announcer: [Daffy went to the radio station to hold the radio crew hostage] We interrupt this program for an important announcement. A duck with a large pistole has arrived here in our studio, and wishes to play his own recordings!
Daffy Duck: You're not just whistling Dixie, buster!
Speedy Gonzales: It's that loco duck!
Daffy Duck: You're right, rodent! Let's see you swing to this! [plays slow orchestral music]
Mouse #1: Too bad you lose the fight, Speedy. I think we should go home.
Mouse #3: Si; who can dance to this music?
Speedy Gonzales: Don't worry, amigos. I'll go and fix this!
Mouse #1: You'd better! Or we'll go home.

[Speedy dashes off to the radio station, and ties Daffy up]

Speedy Gonzales: We interrupt this program again for some very exciting news. The duck with the pistole seems to be tied up at the moment; so back to the Mexican Bandstand with nothing but twist music. Everybody twist!
Daffy Duck: [sadly] Twist, he says. I can't move a finger.
Speedy Gonzales: You want to twist too, duck? Okay. Everybody twist! [turns on record player, leaving Daffy spinning]


Penelope: Please play it for me.
Daffy Duck: I hope you don't mean that Knock on Wood song. I've got a splitting headache.
Penelope: You know, my favorite song.

[Daffy looks at the camera and plays a single note]

Bugs: [appears out of nowhere] I thought I told you never to play that song!
Daffy Duck: [to Penelope] Hit the road, sister!

[noises of quacking and cat yowling from the club, followed by Daffy being kicked out]

Bugs: I stick my cottontail out for no one.
Penelope: Bugs, I don't know if I can leave you again.
Bugs: Listen, Kitty. If you don't go with him, you'll regret it. In this cwazy woild, the lives of three people don't amount to a...
Sylvester: Yeah, yeah. Hill o' greens, hill o' greens. We know. Gotta go, gotta go.

From The Whizzard of Ow

[Wile E. Coyote is falling from the sky on an Acme flying broom. He gets out his phone and dials for help]
Woman's Voice on Recording: You have reached Acme Flying Broom Customer Service. All of our operators are busy at this time. Your call is important....[Phone disintegrates]

From Looney Tunes Reality Check

Wile E. Coyote: Your honer, I condemn the Road Runner has ignored the intently fatality of this Acme merchindice, committing numerous violations of....
Judge Granny: [bangs hammer on desk] In English!
Wile E. Coyote: He won't let me catch him!
Judge Granny: Prove it!
Wile E. Coyote: Allow me to demonstrate.
Road Runner: Meep, Meep!
Foghorn Leghorn: Objection, I say objection your honor!
Judge Granny: Over ruled! [to Wile E.] Continue, Mr. Coyote.

Daffy Duck: [after the razor left him with a tomahawk] IS THAT ALL YOU MGOT RAZOR? YOU COULDN'T SHAVE THE FUZZ OFF OF PIGS!

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