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MTV Movie Awards Reloaded or MTV: Reloaded, is a short parody film made in 2003 for the 2003 MTV Movie Awards. Half of the film is made by Tenth Planet Productions, and the other half is archival footage from the The Matrix Reloaded, which was released in theaters at that time. The unedited version is on the DVD version of The Matrix Reloaded.


Justin: Quit playing around, Seann.
Seann: I'm not, dude. My key won't fit.
Keymaker: You must be the one's.
Justin: Oh cool, this is super.
Keymaker: Actually, I'm the Keymaker.
[fits the key into the lock]
Keymaker: Don't worry. You'll be inside in just a moment.
[opens the door]
Sean: Awesome, thanks.
[as they are just about to go in, they are transported into the Matrix]
Keymaker: [blows his key, looks at the two girls] What's happening, hot stuff's.

[Seann and Justin suddenly appear in Zion]
Seann: Uhh, dude!
Justin: Where the hell are we?
Zion Dancer: You're in Zion, baby!
Seann: What is this place?
Zion Dancer: Duh! Its obviously an underground city where the last remaining humans live and the robots are coming to kill us, doesn't that just make you wanna party? Yeah!

Neo: I see Trinity and something happens, something bad. She starts to fall and then I wake up.
Oracle: Now that's fucked up.

Stifler: Mr Timberlake.
Justin: Mr William Scott.
Oracle: Hey you that guy that got peed on American Pie...
[Sticks his hand into her stomach, she starts to transform into a clone]
Oracle: How big is your fist, good lord. Hey wait a minute man, this shit is dry clean only.
Stifler: You'll like being a dude.
Stifler clone: I do.

The Architect: Hello, I've been waiting for you three.
Neo: Who are you?
Justin: Yeah, who are you?
The Architect: I am the Architect. But please call me Larry.
Seann: Hey, Larry.
Justin: Larry!
The Architect: I created the Matrix and several popular video games, including Q*bert and Dig Dug.
Justin: [To Seann] Remember that?
Seann: Yeah.
The Architect: I didn't create Frogger, but I came up with the name for it. Can you believe they wanted to call it "Highway Crossing Frog"?
Sean: That is so lame!
The Architect: I know. It's the lamest thing I've ever heard of. "Highway Crossing Frog"?
Neo: Why am I here?
Seann: Yeah, why are we here?
The Architect: Is there an echo in here? [repeats it] The MTV Movie Awards are a systemic anomaly inherent to the programming of the Matrix. Although the transport process has altered your consciousness, you irrevocably remain human. Ergo, concordantly, vis-a-vis... You know what, I have no idea what the hell I'm saying, I just thought it would make me sound cool.
Neo: You haven't answered my question.
The Architect: I'm feeling a little vulnerable right now, so you just need to chill out. Can you do that? I appreciate that. Thank you. Now, originally Neo was the chosen one to host the show, but hosting is a full time commitment and he's been a little distracted lately.
Neo: [sees the footage of Trinity on the screens] Trinity.
The Architect: [to Seann and Justin] See what I'm talking about? [to Neo] That's why I brought in Seann and Justin, because you my friend are completely pussy whipped.
[Justin and Seann laugh]
Neo: Bullshit.
The Architect: Watch the sass, Captain sassy pants.
Seann: Yeah, you're kinda spazzin' out, dude.
Neo: You haven't answered my question.
The Architect: Yes I did. You see what I...
Neo: [repeats it again] You haven't answered my...
The Architect: I'm trying, you just need to let me talk.
Neo: Why am I here?
The Architect: [getting annoyed] Would you shut up!
Neo: You won't let it...
Neo: You haven't ans....
The Architect: [angrily] You do not want to see me get out of this chair! ERGO! OPEN YOUR YAPPER ONE MORE TIME AND I'M GONNA ARCHITECT A WORLD OF PAIN ALL OVER YOUR CANDY ASS! ERGO! VIS-A-VIS!
Neo: This is abo...
The Architect: CONCORDANTLY!!

The Architect: There are two doors. The door on your left, leads sissy boy here, back to his bitch.
[Neo sternly looks at him]
The Architect: Uh, huh. What up, G? You can't handle it.

Neo: If I were you...
The Architect: Bite your tongue. Bite it!
Neo: I would hope that we don't meet again.
The Architect: Why'd you say that. I told you to shut up. I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP!
[jumps at Neo and they both smash through the door]


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