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Martin is an American sitcom produced by HBO Independent Productions (a subsidiary of HBO) that aired for five seasons, from August 27, 1992 to May 1, 1997 on Fox.


Season 1[edit]

Beauty and the Beast [1.01][edit]

The Gift Rapper [1.02][edit]

Things I Did For Love [1.03][edit]

Boyz 'R Us [1.04][edit]

Dead Mean Don't Flush [1.05][edit]

Forever Sheneneh [1.06][edit]

"sheneneh is a round the way fillet" -Sheneneh

The Parents Are Coming, The Parents Are Coming [1.07][edit]

"Did you say '82? ... Cause if you said '83 i'd have to crack you in your head with the bottle." -Martin
"Gina! I ripped my drawers... got any panties I can wear!?" -Martin

Woman With a Past [1.08][edit]

Baby It's Cole'd Outside [1.09][edit]

The Night He Came Home [1.10][edit]

The Great Payne Roberry [1.11][edit]

Three Men and a Mouse [1.12][edit]

Radio Days [1.13][edit]

I've Got a Secret [1.14][edit]

I Saw Gina Kissing Santa Claus [1.15][edit]

Do The Right Thing [1.16][edit]

Blackboard Jungle Fever [1.17][edit]

Break Up (1) [1.18][edit]

Break Up (2) [1.19][edit]

Break Up (3) [1.20][edit]

I'm Not Your Superwoman [1.21][edit]

Credit Card Blues [1.22][edit]

Jerome's in The House [1.23][edit]

Your Arms Are Too Short to Box With Martin [1.24][edit]

Variety Show [1.25][edit]

Baby You Can Drive My Car [1.26][edit]

Checks, Lies and Videotape [1.27][edit]

Season 2[edit]

Do You Remember the Time? [2.01][edit]

Really, Gina Is Not My Lover [2.02][edit]

Got to Be There [2.03][edit]

Beat It [2.04][edit]

Baby, It's You [2.05][edit]

Workin' Day & Night [2.06][edit]

Control [2.07][edit]

You've Got a Friend [2.08][edit]

To Kill a Talking Bird [2.09][edit]

Fat Like Dat [2.10][edit]

Hollywood Swinging (1) [2.11][edit]

"if you could take the children, bounce them on your knees. bounce them on your knee and then sing a melody, the varnell man can. Did you miss me?" -Varnell Hill

Hollywood Swinging (2) [2.12][edit]

Thanks For Nothing [2.13][edit]

Whoomp! There It Ain't [2.14][edit]

Holiday Blues [2.15][edit]

No Justice, No Piece [2.16][edit]

Suspicious Minds [2.17][edit]

Love Is In Your Face (1) [2.18][edit]

Love Is In Your Face (2) [2.19][edit]

Arms Are For Hugging [2.20][edit]

Guard Your Grill [2.21][edit]

Yours, Mine and Ours [2.22][edit]

I Don't Have the Heart [2.23][edit]

Crunchy Drawers [2.24][edit]

No Love Lost [2.25][edit]

The Hoedown in Motown [2.26][edit]

Martin's on The Move [2.27][edit]

Season 3[edit]

In Search of...Martin [3.01][edit]

Martin Returns [3.02][edit]

I've Got Work to Do [3.03][edit]

Martin Gets Paid [3.04][edit]

Break Up to Make Up [3.05][edit]

The Closer I Get To You [3.06][edit]

Movin' On In [3.07][edit]

Momma's Baby, Martin's Baby [3.08][edit]

Whole Lotto Trouble [3.09][edit]

Get a Job [3.10][edit]

Feast or Famine [3.11][edit]

Lockin' Boots [3.12][edit]

Go Tell It On the Martin [3.13][edit]

'Xpress Yourself [3.14][edit]

Sophisticated Ladies [3.15][edit]

Ain't Nuttin' Goin' on But the Rent [3.16][edit]

The Ex-Files [3.17][edit]

All the Players Came [3.18][edit]

Best and Bester [3.19][edit]

High Noon [3.20][edit]

Mother of the Bride [3.21][edit]

C.R.E.A.M. [3.22][edit]

Girlfriend [3.23][edit]

The Romantic Weekend [3.24][edit]

The Bachelor Weekend [3.25][edit]

The Wedding Bell Blues (1) [3.26][edit]

Love is a Beach [3.27][edit]

Season 4[edit]

Martin in th Corner Pocket [4.01][edit]

Kill Him With Kindness [4.02][edit]

Blow, Baby Blow [4.03][edit]

Ring a Ding, Ding Ding Gone [4.04][edit]

Love TKO [4.05][edit]

He Say, I Say [4.06][edit]

Uptown Friday Night [4.07][edit]

Old School Loving [4.08][edit]

Cole on Ice [4.09][edit]

Housekeeper From Hell [4.10][edit]

Three Homies and a Baby [4.11][edit]

Heading for Trouble [4.12][edit]

Swing Thing [4.13][edit]

The Bodyguard [4.14][edit]

Green Card [4.15][edit]

You're All I Need [4.16][edit]

Kicked to the Curb [4.17][edit]

The Best of Martin [4.18][edit]

The Love Jones Connection [4.19][edit]

Where the Party At [4.20][edit]

Homeo & Juliet [4.21][edit]

The Cabin Show [4.22][edit]

The Tooth Will Set You Free [4.23][edit]

Martin, I Want to Sing [4.24][edit]

DMV Blues [4.25][edit]

Why Can't We Be Friends (1) [4.26][edit]

Why Can't We Be Friends (2) [4.27][edit]

Season 5[edit]

Is You Or Isn't You [5.01][edit]

Back In Trouble Again [5.02][edit]

Sophomore Jinx [5.03][edit]

Working Girls [5.04][edit]

Boo's In the House [5.05][edit]

Banging Hard in the School Yard [5.06][edit]

The Live You Save... Might Make You Rich [5.07][edit]

Snow White [5.08][edit]

Come On Over to My Place [5.09][edit]

Scrooge [5.10][edit]

Waiting, Debating and Ovulating [5.11][edit]

You Play Too Much [5.12][edit]

Ain't That About A Ditch [5.13][edit]

Goin' Overboard (1) [5.14][edit]

Goin' Overboard (2) [5.15][edit]

Power to the People's Court [5.16][edit]

I, Martin, Take Thee Pam? [5.17][edit]

Auction [5.18][edit]

Daddy Dearest [5.19][edit]

Stake-Out [5.20][edit]

Goin' For Mine [5.21][edit]

One Flew Over the Hoochie's Net [5.22][edit]

California, Here We Come (1) [5.23][edit]

California, Here We Come (2) [5.24][edit]

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