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Martin is an American sitcom produced by HBO Independent Productions (a subsidiary of HBO) that aired for five seasons, from August 27, 1992 to May 1, 1997 on Fox.

Season 1[edit]

Forever Sheneneh [1.06][edit]

"sheneneh is a round the way fillet" -Sheneneh

The Parents Are Coming, The Parents Are Coming [1.07][edit]

"Did you say '82? ... Cause if you said '83 i'd have to crack you in your head with the bottle." -Martin
"Gina! I ripped my drawers... got any panties I can wear!?" -Martin

Season 2[edit]

Hollywood Swinging Part 1 [2.11][edit]

"if you could take the children, bounce them on your knees. bounce them on your knee and then sing a melody, the varnell man can. Did you miss me?" -Varnell Hill

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