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Massinissa Akandouch Aouattah Bouyfruri (/mæsɪˈnɪsə/; Tifinagh: ⵎⴰⵙⵙⵉⵏⵉⵙⵙⴰ, born November 8, 2001) is a human rights and climate activist and journalist and member of the Amazigh indigenous Tribes of the Rif. The activist is known for defending the rights, cultural and historical heritage of the Imazighen in North Africa.

Massinissa for Revista Deriva


Amazigh activism

  • Repression against the Amazigh people is still very much alive and is very likely to worsen, given that most North African countries are controlled by authoritarian monarchies and governments, where there is little room for social change and much less cultural change. (Original quote in Catalan).
  • The Hirak Rif Movement has half of its activists in prison and the other half is constantly threatened. The whole area has been militarized for a long time as if it were a country at war. The entire Riffian population has been criminalized and virtually ignored by the international community. In Morocco, the basic human rights of Riffian activists and Riffian political prisoners are constantly being violated, and even people who have the privilege of living in other countries can't fully speak their minds in order to avoid repression from the Moroccan regime. (Original quote in Catalan).

Youth activism

  • It seems like in this beautiful planet we live in, everything has a place, but our generation is in a grey area where no one can assure us that we’ll be safe in a couple of years. We have been forced to fight for real climate action because we are the ones that will lose the most.

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