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Metalocalypse was an American animated television series that was aired on Adult Swim. The television program centers on the larger than life death metal band Dethklok, and often portrays dark and macabre content, including such subjects as violence, death, and the drawbacks of fame, with hyperbolic black comedy.


Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4


Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem[edit]

[The Doomstar is taking form in the sky, once it does the camera goes down and shows the Monks on top of the Church of The Black Klok]
Monks: *Chanting* Fata Sidus Oritur, Fata Sidus Oritur, Fata Sidus Oritur, Fata Sidus Oritur
Monk 1: Dethklok has disbanded
Monk 2: One of them was taken
Monk 1:*Camrea looks up at the sky and shows the Doomstar* We look to the skies to watch a new star awaken...

Ishnifus: Oh, the Doomstar has brought all the dethly light *Camera shows the Metalocalypse Prophecy drawings, which resemble Dethklok* And the star will turn to blood on this prophet's night *The drawings turn blood red* And the Prophecy has warned us that one of us must die... *Ishnifus takes his hood off, once he does Dethklok's heads flash a skull* Before this is all over... one of us must die!

Monks (Group): DoomSTAR! DoomSTAR!

[In the distance Charles Ofdensen is watching, he stands from his crouched position]
Charles: There was a time when the five of them were just a band, but that was yesterday! *Dethklok fades out behind him* So innocent of this church and all these prophecies, but then they took him away! *In the background, it shows Magnus holding Toki back from season 4 finale* The times have changed! The air's begun to taste of metal! The whales they chant, a constant warning! They keep singing and reapeating! One of Us Must Die!! ONE Of Us MUST DIE!!

Klokkateers: Bow before the Doomstar, Klok keeps ticking further!

Charle: Life on Earth will be eclipsed, The looming Metalocalypse! One of you must die! One of you must die!

Priest:*Standing in the middle of The Church* Dethklok, they must be rejoined! Evil, it must be destroyed! No more apathetic, stoic... They can learn to be heroic. Write the song that will be our salvation...


Main cast
  • Brendon Small - Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Pickles the Drummer, Charles Foster Offdensen, Dick "Magic Ears" Knubbler, Facebones, Edgar Jomfru, various
  • Tommy Blacha - Toki Wartooth, William Murderface, Dr. Rockzo, Dethklok Minute Host, various
  • Mark Hamill - Senator Stampingston, Mr. Salacia, Jean-Pierre, Roy Cornickleson, News Anchor, various
  • Victor Brandt - General Crozier, Cardinal Ravenwood, News Anchor, various
  • Malcolm McDowell - Vater Orlaag, News Anchor, various
Recurring guest stars

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