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You still can't react that way. You've got to let it go.

Michael "Mike" Breen (born May 22, 1961) is an American sports commentator.



Pistons-Pacers brawl (2004)[edit]

ESPN (November 19, 2004). Indiana Pacers at Detroit Pistons. NBA on ESPN. Retrieved on February 14, 2014.
  • Good, balanced scoring. Artest with twenty-four, O'Neal had twenty. Croshere fifteen, Tinsley thirteen, and Jackson with twelve. All five starters in double figures. Ben Wallace is fouled, and Wallace did—almost! Right at Artest! This has potential to be serious if they don't get between. Wallace upset, players trying to hold each other off! Stephen Jackson and Rasheed Wallace trying to be peacemakers, without Jackson yelling. Wallace still going; you need the coaches in there to get him away. Jackson, challenging Derek Coleman. Somebody should just get Jackson out of there; that's what causes the problem. Rasheed Wallace did an excellent job, trying to keep everybody away, and trying to keep the peace, but it started after Artest with a hard foul on Wallace, after he got behind him. And- and Ben Wallace came over with a shove. And an ugly way for this one to wind down.
  • I want to see the foul again, because, it appeared Wallace was past him and Artest shoved him, and that's what Wallace took exception to, but you still can't react that way. You got to let it go. It's not a normal foul, but not that hard, and—and Ben Wallace can't react that way. Wallace is still charged up. Now Wallace, I would assume has been ejected. The way Stephen Jackson's carrying on, they should eject him as well. The problem is, if Wallace is ejected, I'm not sure, he'd have to walk past the Pacer bench to go—
  • Now Artest has jumped over the scorers' table, and is trying to get down to the bench! Artest is in the stands! Oh, this is awful! Fans are getting involved, Stephen Jackson's in the fans! Rasheed Wallace going into the stands! The security trying to somehow restore order! Fans and players are going at it, and the players are trying to help each other out! All the players now, they're jumping in there to try and get the other players out because the fans have come involved! Oh, what a sad scene, here at the Palace! And now another fight's breaking out in front of the Pistons bench! It's a p— It's a fan on the court! This is very, very dangerous. Fans are throwing cups, with liquid in them now onto the court.
  • Ron Artest has a look in his eye that's very scary right now. You wonder if the officials are going to let this game continue. Now they're throwing bottles, out onto the floor. They're trying to get the Pacers to go back to the locker room. What was, maybe, you could call it a hard foul at best, has turned into a—just a, an ugly, ugly scene. The officials—I think they're going to call this game off, and that should be the—the outcome is definitely decided. You know, these ridiculous fans trying to go at the players, are now throwing! Somebody could really get hurt!
  • This is a bad showing from the Pistons fans here; just firing bottles from the stands! The Pacers have all gone back, in toward the locker room, and they're getting thrown a lot of debris, and they're still not all the way through. And for some reason, one of the— they hold Austin Croshere out, they won't even let him get—go under the tunnel, because they're afraid for his safety! They're pouring liquid over them. What a disgraceful showing from the Pistons fans here! That's one of the worst scenes I have ever seen in an NBA—the players just have to get out of there. Just go back to the locker room and forget about it. The game has been called; the official announcement has been made.
  • The game has been called, which was the right call. The outcome obviously is over, and players—and fans in danger with the emotions and the tempers being completely lost. It all started with a foul, Ron Artest with a foul, that Ben Wallace deemed, was too hard—as you see the Pacers going underneath the tunnel, trying to cover their heads. You can see the debris, some of it being aimed at them, and a lot of it you can't see, but is just missing wildly. The security did their best, but it had escalated to a point where there's players and fans fighting in the stands, before there was enough security around. Let's go to Jim Gray.
  • Uh, that's what triggered the big brawl in the stands. You saw what just triggered the entire incident. Artest, with a foul that he should've let go. He fouled Wallace from behind, but Wallace overreacted to that foul. Err—It became such a dangerous situation. There you see Stephen Jackson in there taking shot, at the stands. And granted, it's very difficult, when you're a player, and the fans come at you, either physically or verbally, but you have to restrain yourself. You just can't respond to it! There are so many bottles and cups thrown—there's Artest, after what Jim Gray reported. And he saw there was no security around at the time, and it was too late.
  • Many of the players going in there to get Artest out of there. And it had seemed that the whole thing had calmed down, when that fan came at Ron Artest. And another incident from Ron Artest, so unfortunate. And again, the fan, hopefully, the security's able to get the fan and he'll receive proper punishment, but the overreaction. That was Larry Brown who tried to make an announcement to the fans, so upset with what happened. And the Pistons have some great fans, but a lot of them tonight were an absolute disgrace, the ones throwing things and getting involved. The final score, with the game cancelled before the time had run out. Pacers defeat the Pistons, with a very ugly, ugly scene to finish off. Now let's join John Saunders in our ESPN studio.

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