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Kvachi Kvachantiradze (Georgian: კვაჭი კვაჭანტირაძე) is a novel written by Mikheil Javakhishvili in 1924.  It was translated by Donald Rayfield in 2015.  This is the best Picaresque novel in Georgia.


  • Life is a struggle. What you can grab from it is yours, what you can't is lost.[page needed]
  • Georgia is too small to contain me[page needed]
  • Kvachi the businessman, Kvachi the financier, Kvachi the shareholder[page needed]
  • You still don't recognize me: I'm Kvachi Kvachantiradze, Silibistro's son.[page needed]
  • Don't be silly. I'm Kvachi.[page needed]
  • I'm Kvachi Kvachantiradze, and I'm not fake Ashordia gentry, or a fake prince, or a fake lord in waiting, nor a pickpocket, pimp, or traitor.[page needed]
  • Brother will attack brother, father – son, and they will not be sated by one another’s blood. The flames from the fires will reach the heavens, rivers will run red, and the groans of the dying with deafen the land. A new earth will be born: alien and unfamiliar, strange and puzzling.[page needed]

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