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Mist: Sheepdog Tales is a documentary/fiction children’s television series that has run for three seasons on channel Fives “Milkshake” slot in the United Kingdom, and on multiple other channels world wide. It focuses on a real life pack of sheepdogs, flock of sheep and multiple other animals on Borough farm in Devon. The footage is of the real dogs going about there work but has had story lines and voices fitted to it to create the educational and entertaining short episodes. Each dog and animal has their own unique personality and voice.

===Quotes from the Dogs: Mist (voiced by Mel Giedroyc):

(one of her catch phrases)-"Crums!"

(to jake)- "Oh no it's wool brained Wendy, she'd forget her hooves if they weren't on the ends of her legs" (Under her breath as she searchs for the legend of borough woods)-"Maybe I am an amazing kind of a dog!"

(To theMacPhereson sisters)- "Morning ladies, what are your name..."
(usually in unison with jake or gail)-"Jobs a goodern"

(To Jake after she bites his tail, in the "Bite My Tail")-"oops, did I do it to hard?"

Jake (voiced by Paul Litchfield): (as he's digging up a mole hill)- "Moly, moly, moly, diggity diggity diggity, hello!"

(as he rounds up the sheep)-"Upsie-didly-doo-dar"
(under his breath as he searchs for Sam the lamb)-"If you go down to the woods to day your sure of a big surprise, there's Jake the sheepdog with gert long legs and beautiful big brown eyes!"
(to the lambs)-"Do you think I like running after you like a mad thing? I do actualy, I love it!"
(what he calls Sven the Seal from Sweden)-"Spender Seal from Sweedland"
(As he gets onto the quad bike and crashs it) "I'm gonna be the first dog to ride a quad, (removeing the break), waahee, bit fast now (as it rushs down hill), aaahhh, I can't steer! I can not steer! ahh, (it crashs Mist, Fern and the Boss all look at him.), it was the wind!"

Gail(voiced by Sandra Dickinson)

(to her self) "Oh I love a pasty!",
(under her breath as she sets off to help Fern)"The trials  not over until the fat lady begins."
(To the geese)"Get away from my girl!"
(to the chick when she falls off the fallen tree) "nobody saw that did they?"

Swift (Voiced by Gillian Hanna)

(to jake and the french ram Monsieur Mouton)- "No, how am I supposed to get my 21 hours of sleep a day with that clanging in my ears"

(To Aggy the lamb)- "You can't go up there! That's where the boss sleeps" "Oh no, you've done a woopsy on the boss's slippers he won't like that!" (to mist)-"Well there's no time to get lost today, the boss needs us to find.... THE LEGEND OF BOROUGH WOODS."

(To Fly)-"Fly are you eating a woopsy?" (after Fly brings the reinforcements for the Mist Rescue)-"Fly you nauty, brilliant girl!"

Fern (voiced by Una Stubbs):

(teasing Mist before Mist's sheepdog trial)-"As long as you don't go and round up the wrong flock in the rong field"
(to Mist as they run the flock through the woods)-"A bad sheepdog always blames her flock, I'm having no trouble with these"
( one of her catch phrases)-"I'm not your aunty!"
(Allways to Jake)-"Shut up jake!"
(Catch phrase)-"I heard that!"
(After Jake's crashed the quad bike) "Jake, you know what this means, I'm going to have to walk home!"
(Leading the Mist Rescue party and finding Mist just with the power of her ears.)-"It's Mist I'm sure of it!"

Ernie:(voiced by David McNeill)

(to Swift, who's beeing an over bearing mother)-"no way mum, I don't want to have to hang around waiting for you to keep up"
(Rescuing Swift from the rams)-"Get away from my mum now!"
(to the ews who can't get his name right)- "Ernie, it's Ernie!"
(To Mist who can't get out of her prison barn)- "Imagine that the wall is half as high and that your twice as tall and that your legs are like springs! you can do it mist!"

Eddie: (voiced by Luke Treadaway)

(As he tries to round up Titch)-" ah this little dot will be no trouble. Hey come back! Your faster than you look, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm trying to take you to your mum! I don't know why your running you've got no where to hide, oh no, not the fox hole please not the fox hole! No no no, please don't go down...., titchy fella (Titch has exited down the fox hole and Eddie now has his head down it) come on out please! (taking out his head) disastral! I'm in so much trouble now!"
( with the cows)-"To the gate kind ladys thank you please."
(Sneeking past the geese)- "tippytoe tippitoe up the stairs, allright Mist?"
(To the geese as he chases them off)-"Don't you hiss at me,I'm Eddie the cow dog you know"

Fly: (Voiced by

(Nocking over the surf board and waking up Swift) "Just a surf board Aunty Swift!"
(To the sheep as she drives them into the pond to get the geese out)- "into the pond girls!"
(describing the fox whole)- "Dark, damp and smelly!"
(to Mist as Fly fails to round up the ducks)- "Oh aunty Mist I'm useless with these ducks!"
(to Swift, as fly brings the flock as reinforcements for the Mist rescue mission)- "Allright aunty swift? I brought a bit of help."

===Quotes from other animals: Rams (voiced by Clive Russell, David McNeill and Fergus Craig)

(to Swift who is trying to get them to have medicen)- "old orange cheeks yellow belly!"
(when they chase both Swift and Mist)-"come on boys ram her!"
(to all the dogs)-"wee doggy!"
one of the rams( to MacPhereson after the litter bug's frisby ring has landed on one of his horns)-"nice earing MacPhereson, ha" MacPhereson (after previous earing comment)- "Just wait until I find the numpty that through it!)

Ews: ( voiced by Vanessa Clarke, Karyn Claydon and Ruth Madoc)

Wendy(to mist)- "I'm wendy not Jake"
Vanessa (singing whilst on her back)-"There once was a ew who's tongue was blue"
Winnie (scoffing at Eddie)-"If Mist and Fern can't get me down there, you certainly won't!"

Helen horse: (voiced by Adie Allen)

(to Alfie the Alpaca)- "A what? Don't be silly Your a pony"
(looking down her nose at Mist, Jake and Fern)-"Why would the boss need little dogs like you when he's got a strapping great helen"

Ducks (Voiced by Derek Jacobi,Sandra Dickinson,Vanessa Clarke andKaryn Claydon)

Steve (singing about cake)- "cake, ca cake, ca cakeityity cake I want."
Steve (to mist)- "we're ducks, not dogs, ducks!"
Steve (moaning about the egg/ball incident)-"I was looking forward to having a duckling of mi own, he'd call me daddy, I'd call im Steve Junior,I'd teach him to swim and waddle and moan."
Jessica (to joice)- "He is your brother."
Jessica (about her egg)- "My last one took four weeks."
Joice (talking about her ducklings)-"and that's steve junior, I think he's got a bit of goose in him."
Joice(to Mist who's just confessed her lack of swimming knowledge)-"A dog who can't doggy paddle, are you pulling my tail? I've never heard anything so ridiculous! quackquackquackquack."
Josie (talking about the butterflys)- "int it beautiful! Natures colouring book brought to life!" "Let's eat them"

Ponies: one of the male ponies (after Mist confessing she can't sing)- "She don't sing Mary, well I'll be."

Mary pony(after Mist's confession about singing)"How do you keep warm with out singing?"
Pony songs: Nay ny niddly nay:
Oh the wind blows in and the snow blows in and the frost bites at our hooves.
But we do no winny and we do no wine and we do go clackety clay, 

What we do to keep us warm is sing nay ny niddly nay!

Nay ny nay ny niddly nay
nay dididly nay nay niddle i ay,
Nayolody nayolody lay.

Sun song:

Rise in the east and set in the west.
Just follow the sun girl and finesh your quest.
Keep going dear mist our favourite hound

, Keep your spirit a live and believe that you will be found.

As the sun meets the ground (low, as the sun meets the ground (middle) as the sun meets the ground (high) You'll be home on Windcutter Down.

===references /external links HTTP://www.mistthesheepdog.co.uk