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Monkey See, Monkey Do is a American-Canadian CGI animated-live action hybrid series. The series was created by Tamar & Yuval Levy. The series first premiered on August 24, 2010 in the U.S. on Universal Kids (formerly known as Sprout) and later on TVOntario and Qubo. Monkey See Monkey Do has become so popular that a new series based on the saying, has been produced which is interactive with young children. Produced by HIT Entertainment, the TV series is shown on PBS Sprout where it has grown to be among the first three positions, Disney Latin America shows the show and another 100 countries.[1] In each episode of "Monkey See, Monkey Do", the animated monkey host, named Monkey, invites children to discover, imitate and dance along with the day's animal guest in one of five different environments. At the conclusion of the episode, everyone sings and dances to the special environment song, inviting the viewers at home to join in, before Monkey and the day's guest animal reappear for one last funny gag before the show ends.


Parrot: It's Time.
Monkey: Come on out everybody, and all of you at home too, let's play Monkey See, Monkey Do.


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