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Natalie Payida Jabangwe (1983) is a Zimbabwean computer engineer and businesswoman, who serves as the Group Digital Executive Officer at Sanlam, based in Cape Town, South Africa.


  • "Sometimes, Go slow to go fast! Entrepreneurs like myself always want to go fast, we love to build. But there always comes a time when you face adversity, pressure and challenges. Every decision and reaction can’t be made just as quickly. Learning to go slow to go fast only gives you great room for perception."
    • Interview [[1]]
  • "Rest, reflect and meditate as often as you can. Taking time out to rest and re-energise provides for great foresight and minimises regrets."
    • Interview [[2]]
  • "Don’t take yourself too seriously, we’ll make mistakes along the way, correct them and keep going."
    • Interview [[3]]
  • "Intuition is a woman's most powerful asset. Intuition combined with logic makes for some of the most rewarding and accurate line of judgement."
    • Newspaper [[4]]

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