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Nicky Wire (born January 20 1969) is a bassist and lyricist for the Manic Street Preachers.


In Interviews etc.[edit]

  • If literature or music can make you think or become aware, then it's done something. That's what we've always wanted to do, just ignite sparks in people's minds. We can't offer a manifesto of how to make your life better.
    • Spiral Scratch interview (1991)
  • Where there's nature, or where there's breathing, there are true moments of joy. You've just got to recognise them and not take them for granted. And that's what I try to do, have moments of elation in life, however small, five minutes a day, and be able to think, 'Yeah, that'll do. That'll do me for now."
    • Vox (October, 1996)
  • We were are Number 94 in the charts, but everyone had an opinion on us. That was the most brilliant thing we'd achieved.
    • Melody Maker
  • We're looking forward to autodestructing more than ever.
    • The Observer
  • The only good thing about America is that you killed John Lennon.
    • On-stage in New York
  • Signing to a major record company is the price of an education. We don't care what they do to us.
    • NME
  • Last night on-stage I really thought that we could have made something happen, started a riot, but it was like looking into the abyss and being really scared of what to do about it.
    • NME

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