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Abu Nuwas (c. 750 – c. 810), Arab poet; Libertine pederast, lived in Baghdad during the reigns of Caliphs Harun al-Rashid and Muhammad al-Amin. His poetry describes a life of debauchery, wine, boys and women.


  • Critic, relent!
    Your hope for repentance
    Will meet with disapppointment.
    For this is the life,
    Not desert tents,
    Not camel’s milk!
    • Diwan, 11-12.
  • You, mad to expect repentance,
    Tear your robe all you want;
    I will never repent!
    • Diwan, 11-12.
  • I bought abandon dear
    And sold all piety for pleasure.
    My own free spirit I have followed,
    And never will I give up lust.
    • Diwan, 164.

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