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PT 109 is a 1963 biographical which depicts the actions of John F. Kennedy in command of Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 as an officer of the United States Navy during World War II. The movie was adapted by Vincent Flaherty and Howard Sheehan from the book PT 109: John F. Kennedy in World War II by Robert J. Donovan. Cliff Robertson stars as Kennedy.

Most men would have given up...But not the crew of PT 109.taglines


  • How would you like that coastwatcher job?
  • Some people fight a war behind a desk, others behind 15 inch gun. He's up there by himself. If the enemy finds him, that's the way he's going to die, alone.


  • Most men would have given up...But not the crew of PT 109
  • "The Story you wouldn't believe happened...but it did!"
  • The true story of Lt. John F. Kennedy's incredible adventure in the South Pacific!
  • A band of men left for dead in a flaming sea and their epic heroism and survival!


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