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Pacific Rim is a 2013 American science fiction monster film starring Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Robert Kazinsky, Max Martini, and Ron Perlman.

Directed by Guillermo del Toro. Written by Travis Beacham and Guillermo del Toro.

As a war between humankind and monstrous sea creatures wages on, a former pilot and a trainee are paired up to drive a seemingly obsolete special weapon in a desperate effort to save the world from the apocalypse.

Raleigh Becket

  • [narrating] When I was a kid, whenever I'd feel small or lonely, I'd look up at the stars. Wondered if there was life up there. Turns out I was looking in the wrong direction. When alien life entered our world, it was from deep beneath the Pacific Ocean. A fissure between two tectonic plates. A portal between dimensions. The Breach. I was fifteen when the first Kaiju made land in San Francisco. By the time tanks, jets and missiles took it down, six days and 35 miles later, three cities were destroyed. Tens of thousands of lives were lost. We mourned our dead, memorialized the event, and moved on. And then, only six months later, the second attack hit Manila. Then the third one hit Cabo. And then the fourth. And then we learned, that this was not gonna stop. This was just the beginning. We needed a new weapon. The world came together, pooling its resources and throwing aside old rivalries for the sake of the greater good. To fight monsters, we created monsters of our own. The Jaeger program was born. There were setbacks at first - the neural load to interface with the Jaeger proved too much for a single pilot. A two pilot system was implemented, left hemisphere, right hemisphere, pilot-controlled. We started winning, Jaegers stopping Kaijus everywhere. But the Jaegers were only as good as their pilots. So Jaeger pilots turned into rock stars, danger turned into propaganda, Kaijus into toys. We got really good at it... winning. Then... then it all changed.
  • Years before, you wouldn't have picked my brother Yancy and I for heroes. No chance. We were never star athletes, never at the head of the class. But we could hold our own in a fight. And it turned out we had a unique skill - we were drift compatible. [we see the two brothers being suited up and then boarding onto their Jaeger]
  • [we see the brothers initiating a neural handshake, effectively stepping into each other's minds] The drift. Jaeger tech. Based on DARPA jet fighter neural systems. Two pilots, mind-melding through memories, with the body of a giant machine. The deeper the bond, the better you fight.
  • There are things you can't fight - acts of God. You see a hurricane coming, you have to get out of the way. But when you're in a Jaeger, suddenly you can fight the hurricane. You can win.
  • [to Chuck] Apologize to her. I said Apologize to her.
  • Empty the clip, EMPTY THE CLIP!!
  • Come on! Let's do this! Together!

Stacker Pentecost

  • Haven't you heard, Mr. Becket? The world is coming to an end. So where would you rather die? Here, or in a Jaeger?
  • [to Hermann] YOU! SHUT UP! [to Newt] You. Keep talking.
  • That Kajiu is still alive!
  • Do not let my calm demeanor fool you, RANGER! Now is not a good moment for your insubordination! Mako is too inexperienced to reign in her memories during combat.
  • This conversation is over.
  • One: don't you ever touch me again. Two: don't you ever touch me again. Now, you have no idea who the hell I am or where I've come from, and I'm not about to tell you my whole life story. All I need to be to you and everybody on this dome is a fixed point. The last man standing. I do not need your sympathy or your admiration. All I need is your compliance and your fighting skills. And if I can't get that, then you can go back to the wall that I found you crawling on. Do I make myself clear?
  • Today. Today– at the edge of our hope, at the end of our time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other. Today there is not a man nor woman in here that shall stand alone. Not today. Today we face the monsters that are at our door, and bring the fight to them. Today, we are cancelling the apocalypse!
  • Mako! You can finish this! I'll always be there for you! You can always find me in the drift!
  • [at Hong Kong Shatterdome] Things have changed. We're not an army anymore, Mr. Becket. We're the resistance. Welcome to the Shatterdome.
  • War clock. We reset it after every Kaiju attack. Keeps everyone focused. The frequency of attacks is accelerating.
  • A week, if we're lucky. My experts believe there'll be a Kaiju attack– even before that. This complex used to lodge– 30 Jaegers in five bays just like this one. Now we only have four Jaegers left.
  • Crimson Typhoon, China. One of the greatest. Assembled in Changzhou. Full titanium core, no alloys. Fifty diesel engines per muscle strand. Deadly, precise fighter. She's piloted by the Wei Tang brothers. Triplets. Local lads. They've successfully defended Hong Kong port seven times. They use the Thundercloud formation.
  • Very effective. That tank, last of the T-90s. Chemo Alpha. First generation Mark 1. The heaviest and oldest Jaeger in the service. But make no mistake, Mr. Becket, it's a brutal war machine. And those two: Sasha and Aleksis Kaidanovsky.
  • On their watch it stayed unbreached for six years. Six years.

Mako Mori

  • [in Japanese] I imagined him differently.
  • [in Japanese] I apologize, Mr. Becket, I've heard a lot about you.
  • It's not their performance, it's yours. Your gambit. You could've taken all of them 2 moves earlier.
  • It's not obedience, Mr. Becket. It's respect.
  • [in Japanese] For the sake of my family!

Chuck Hansen

  • Yeah, he remembers how to turn it on.
  • Come on, Gipsy! Kick his ass!
  • [last words] Well, my father always said– he said "if you have a shot, you take it". So let's do this! It was a pleasure, sir.

Herc Hansen

  • Suits and ties and flashing smiles. That's all they are, Stacker.
  • Oi, show some respect. When his brother died, he got the Jaeger back to shore on his own. I've known one other pilot that's been able to do that.
  • You and I are the only thing standing between that ugly beast and a city of two million people! Now we have a choice here: we either sit and wait, or we take these flare guns and do something really stupid!
  • This is Marshall Hercules Hansen. The Breach is sealed. Stop the lock!

Dr. Newton Geiszler

  • Fortune favours the brave, dude.
  • 2,500 tons of awesome– Or awful. You know, whatever you wanna call it.
  • These beings, these masters... they're colonists. They overtake worlds, they just consume them and then they move on to the next. And they've been here before, as sort of a trial run. It was the dinosaurs! But the atmosphere wasn't conducive, right? So they waited it out, and they waited it out... and now, you know, with the ozone depletion, the carbon monoxide, polluted waters, well, we practically terraformed it for them! 'Cause now they're coming back, and it's perfect! See, the first wave, that was just the hounds! Categories 1 to 4, it was nothing! Their sole purpose was to aim for the populated areas and take out the vermin: us! The second wave, that is the exterminators, and they will finish the job! And then, the new tenants will take possession!

Dr. Hermann Gottlieb

  • Please excuse him. He's a Kaiju groupie, he loves them.
  • No Kaiju entrails over my side of the room, you know the rules! Every bloody day! It's incessant!
  • Numbers do not lie. Politics and poetry, promises – these are lies! Numbers are as close as we get to the handwriting of God.
  • I have asked you not to refer to me by my first name in front of others. I have more than 10 years–

Hannibal Chau

  • Now tell me what you want before I gut you like a pig and feed you to the skin louse.
  • Look at them. They believe the Kaiju were sent from heaven. That the gods are expressing their displeasure with our behavior. The silly bastards.
  • Both ways! [shoves Newt] "A hive mentality", you said! Maybe those Kaijus are tryna find you.
  • [inspecting the stillborn Kaiju] I knew it. Gone. His lungs weren't fully formed. Umbilical cord tied around his neck. No way he could survive outside the womb for more than a minute. [snaps his fingers] One look, that's all I needed. I knew he wouldn't make it. [throws his balisong at its nose]
  • Where is my goddamn shoe?

Yancy Becket

  • [to Raleigh] Hey, kid, don't get cocky.
  • [last words] Raleigh, listen to me! You need– [gets dragged out by Knifehead]


Tendo Choi: Good morning, Becket boys!
Raleigh Becket: Tendo, what's happenin', my man?
Yancy Becket: How did that date with Alison go last night, Mr. Choi?
Tendo Choi: [we see Tendo in the control room as he talks to the brothers] Oh, she loved me. Her boyfriend, not so much.
Raleigh Becket: You're gonna get your ass kicked.
Tendo Choi: [Tendo chuckles] A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, brother.
[at that moment, their commanding officer, Pentecost comes up behind Tendo]
Stacker Pentecost: Ready to drop, Mr. Choi?
Tendo Choi: Ready to drop, sir. Marshall Pentecost on deck. Securing Conn Pod getting ready to drop.
[the Jaeger pod is placed in position ready for the drop]
Yancy Becket: Ready for the big drop.
Raleigh Becket: Ready to go.

American UN Representative: The Kaiju are learning our defenses. They're adapting, evolving. We're losing Jaegers faster than we can build them. Lima. Seattle. Vladivostok. Category 4 Kaiju's are now coming through the Breach. I think that you can see, Marshall, this is no longer a sound strategy. The frequency of the attacks has increased. The Jaegers are not the most viable line of defense anymore.
Stacker Pentecost: I am aware. Those are my ranger that die every time a Jaeger falls, which is why I'm asking you for one last chance...
British UN Representative: Excuse me, Marshall. Excuse me!
Stacker Pentecost: One final assault with everything that we've got.
British UN Representative: Listen to me! The Jaeger program is dead, Marshall. On the other hand, the coastal wall program is a promising option.
American UN Representative: The world appreciates all that you and your men have done, but it's over. We will authorize you to take all remaining Jaegers to the last battle station in Hong Kong. We're prepared to fund you for the next eight months while the coastal wall is completed. After that, you will receive no further support.
Canadian UN Representative: You have our answer, Marshall.
[the TV monitors go black as the meeting ends]
Tendo Choi: So that's it? It's over?
Herc Hansen: Suits and ties and flashing smiles. That's all they are, Stacker.
Stacker Pentecost: We don't need them.

[Raleigh leads Stacker inside.]
Raleigh Becket: Step into my office, marshal.
Stacker Pentecost: Took me a while to find you. Anchorage. Sheldon Point. Nome–
Raleigh Becket: Yeah, a man in my position travels with the wall, chasing shifts to make a living. [sits down next to the structure] What do you want?
Stacker Pentecost: I've spent the last six months activating everything I can get my hands on. There's an old Jaeger, a Mark 3. You may know it. It needs a pilot.
Raleigh Becket: I'm guessing I wasn't your first choice.
Stacker Pentecost: You are my first choice. All the other Mark 3 pilots are dead.
Raleigh Becket: [stands up and steps towards Stacker] Look– I can't have anyone else in my head again. I'm done. I was still connected to my brother when he died. I can't go through that again, man. I'm sorry. [starts to walk away]
Stacker Pentecost: Haven't you heard, Mr. Becket? [Raleigh stops walking and turns around] The world is coming to an end. So where would you rather die? Here, or in a Jaeger?
[Raleigh stares at Stacker, knowing he has no choice but to go with him to the Shatterdome.]

[Raleigh, Mako, Stacker, Newt, and Hermann are taking the elevator to the bottom.]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Stay back! Kaiju specimens are extremely rare, so look but don't touch, please.
Stacker Pentecost: Mr. Becket, this is our research team. Dr. Gottlieb and Dr. Geiszler.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Oh, no, call me Newt. Only my mother calls me doctor. Hermann, these are human beings. Why don't you say hello?
Dr. Hermann Gottlieb: I have asked you not to refer to me by my first name around others. I am a doctor with over 10 years decorated experience–
Dr. Newton Geiszler: [imitating Hermann] 10 years of experience! And I'm very sorry.
Dr. Hermann Gottlieb: Oh, please.
[Newt rolls up his sleeves.]
Raleigh Becket: [notices Newt's tattoos on his arms] What is that, Yamarashi?
Dr. Newton Geiszler: [normal voice] Oh, this little Kaiju? Yeah, you got a good eye.
Raleigh Becket: My brother and I took him down in 2017.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: You know he was one of the biggest Category 3's ever? He was 2,500 tons of awesome. [Raleigh gives him a cold look] Or awful. You know, whatever you wanna call it.
Dr. Hermann Gottlieb: Please excuse him. He's a Kaiju groupie, he loves them.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Shut up, Hermann. I don't love them, okay? I study them. And unlike most people, I wanna see one live and up close one day.
[the elevator stops at the bottom. Mako and Stacker walk out of it.]
Raleigh Becket: [puts his hand on Newt's shoulder] Trust me, you don't want to. [pats Newt on his shoulder and leaves the elevator]

Stacker Pentecost: [after the match] Enough! I've seen what I need to see.
Raleigh Becket: [out of breath] Me too. [puts his hand on Mako's shoulder] She's my co-pilot.
Stacker Pentecost: That's not going to work.
Raleigh Becket: Why not?
Stacker Pentecost: Because I said so, Mr. Becket. I've already made my decision. Report to the Shatterdome in 2 hours and find out who your co-pilot will be.
[everyone leaves the room]

[Gottlieb rushes in while the Gipsy Danger is going through its inaugural trial run]
Dr. Hermann Gottlieb: Marshal! Marshal! I need to talk to you.
Stacker Pentecost: [dismissively] Not now, Mr. Gottlieb, I'm sure you can appreciate how important this moment is to me–
Dr. Hermann Gottlieb: Newton created a neural bridge from garbage and drifted with a Kaiju!

[Newt enters Hannibal Chau's secret lab, where workers are busy dissecting and examining Kaiju body parts. He is astonished by the amount of Kaiju parts in perfect condition.]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Is that a cuticle? In mint condition? Is that a Kaiju skin parasite? I've never seen one alive before! They– They usually die as soon as the Kaiju falls! I thought you couldn't keep them alive!
Hannibal Chau: You can, if you soak them in ammonia. [Newt turns around and sees him approaching] What do you want?
Dr. Newton Geiszler: I'm looking for Hannibal Chau. [holds up the symbol on the card] I was told he was here.
Hannibal Chau: [steps towards Newt] Who wants to know?
Dr. Newton Geiszler: I really can't say. [Hannibal whips out his golden balisong and sticks the tip up his right nostril, he yells in pain] Stacker Pentecost sent me! [Hannibal pulls his balisong off Newt's nostril, he holds his nose while groaning in pain and wipes it] Oh, that's great. That's real great. So I take it you're– you're Hannibal Chau, right?
Hannibal Chau: You like the name? I took it from, uh, my favorite historical figure and my second-favorite Szechuan restaurant in Brooklyn. Now tell me what you want before I gut you like a pig and feed you to the skin louse.

[Raleigh and Mako are waiting outside Stacker's office.]
Chuck Hansen: [from inside the office] She can't control her Drift, and he went out of phase first!
Stacker Pentecost: [from inside the office] We all know what happened.
Chuck Hansen: [from inside the office] We can't afford mistakes. The Kaiju keep evolving, they keep kicking our asses! He's a has-been, she's a rookie. I don't want them protecting my bomb run, sir. [opens the door and walks out]
Stacker Pentecost: [from inside the office] You need to watch your tone, Mr. Hansen.
Herc Hansen: [to his son] Hey. [Chuck turns to him] Stay there. Give me a moment. [closes the door]
Chuck Hansen: [to Raleigh and Mako] You two are a goddamn disgrace! You're gonna get us all killed, and here's the thing, Raleigh. I want to come back from this mission, 'cause I quite like my life. So why don't you– [flicks Raleigh in the chest] –just do us all a favor and disappear? It's the only thing you're good at.
Mako Mori: [angrily] Stop! Now! [Raleigh raises his hand to stop her from arguing further with Chuck]
Chuck Hansen: Yeah, that's right. You just hold back your little girlfriend. One of your bitches needs a leash.
[Consumed by far more rage, violence, and aggressiveness than before, Raleigh punches Chuck twice. Chuck punches him back. The two engage in a fistfight, until Raleigh punches Chuck, causing him to spit out blood.]
Raleigh Becket: Apologize to her.
Chuck Hansen: [wipes his mouth] Screw you.
[Raleigh and Chuck keep fighting, until Raleigh throws Chuck against the pipes on the wall, causing Chuck to scream in pain and glare at Raleigh.]
Raleigh Becket: I said, apologize to her.
[Chuck attacks Raleigh again, but Raleigh overpowers him and twists his arm.]
Herc Hansen: [comes out] Hey, hey! Enough! What's going on? On your feet, both of you!
[Raleigh and Chuck stand up as Stacker comes out.]
Stacker Pentecost: [to Raleigh and Mako] Becket, Mori, into my office.
Chuck Hansen: [starts to storm towards Raleigh] No, we aren't finished!
Herc Hansen: [grabs his son] Hey! This is over! You're a ranger for Christ's sake! Why don't you start acting like one?
[Chuck shoves his father off and turns and walks off. Herc turns to look at Stacker.]

[Raleigh, Mako, and Stacker are in Stacker's office.]
Raleigh Becket: I went out of phase first. It was my mistake.
Stacker Pentecost: No. It was my mistake. [turns around] I should've never let you two in the same machine.
Raleigh Becket: So, what? You're grounding us?
Stacker Pentecost: Not you.
[Stacker looks to his daughter, causing her to stand up.]
Mako Mori: [tearing up] Permission to be dismissed, sir.
Stacker Pentecost: Permission granted, Miss Mori.
[Mako bows to her father, then leaves.]
Raleigh Becket: [seeing Mako leaving] Mako. [Mako glances at Raleigh as she leaves, then turns to Stacker] Sir, what are you doing? She is the strongest candidate by far. [stands up, enraged] What other options do we have? Huh? Tell me!
Stacker Pentecost: Do not let my calm demeanor fool you, RANGER! Now is not a good moment for your insubordination! Mako is too inexperienced to reign in her memories during combat. [starts to leave]
Raleigh Becket: That's not why you grounded her. [Stacker turns around] I was in her memories. I saw everything.
Stacker Pentecost: [steps towards Raleigh] I don't care what you think you saw.
[Flashback shows Mako being rescued as a child by Stacker. Scene returns to present day.]
Raleigh Becket: I know what she means to you. I saw it, I– [Stacker leaves the office. He follows Stacker out of the office.] Hey! Hey!
Stacker Pentecost: This conversation is over.
Raleigh Becket: Marshal. Marshal! Can we just talk about this for one second? [grabs Stacker's arm, causing him to turn around] You rescued her. [Stacker presses a button] You raised her. But you're not protecting her now. You are holding her back.
Stacker Pentecost: One: Don't you ever touch me again. Two: Don't you ever touch me again. Now, you have no idea who the hell I am or where I've come from, and I'm not about to tell you my whole life story. All I need to be to you and everybody on this dome is a fixed point. The last man standing. I do not need your sympathy or your admiration. All I need is your compliance, and your fighting skills. And if I can't get that, then you can go back to the wall that I found you crawling on. Do I make myself clear?
[Raleigh nods in resignation. Stacker turns his head toward him and points to his own ear.]
Raleigh Becket: Yes, sir.
Stacker Pentecost: [takes his finger off his own ear] Good.
[Stacker enters the elevator. He and Raleigh stare at each other as the elevator doors close.]

Raleigh Becket: I'm sorry. I should've warned you. First drifts are rough. But you weren't just tapping into my memories, you tapping into my brother's too. When Yancy was taken, we were still connected. I felt his fear, his pain, his helplessness, and then...he was gone.
Mako Mori: I felt it. I know.
Raleigh Becket: You know, you live in someone else's head for so long, the hardest part to deal with is the silence. To let someone else in, to really connect, you have to trust them. And today, the drift was strong.
[a metal clank is heard]
Mako Mori: [turns to Gipsy Danger] Her heart. When's the last time you saw it?
Raleigh Becket: Not in a long time.

Hannibal Chau: I believe the Kaiju bone powder is $500 a pound. What do you want?
Dr. Newton Geiszler: I need to access a Kaiju brain, completely intact.
Hannibal Chau: No, no, no. The skull plate is so dense that by the time you drill into it...
Dr. Newton Geiszler: The brain's rotted away. But I'm talking about the secondary brain. Now we both know that the Kaiju are so large that they need 2 brains to move around, like a dinosaur. I wanna get my hands on that.
Hannibal Chau: Hmm. What the heck do you want a secondary brain for anyway? I mean, every part of the Kaiju sells. Cartilage, spleen, liver. Even the crap! 1 cubic meter of crap has enough phosphorus in it to fertilize a whole field! But the brain, too much ammonia. So what's the deal, little fella?
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Well, that's classified. So I couldn't tell you, even if I wanted to. But it is pretty cool. So I might tell you. I'm gonna tell you. I figured out how to drift with a Kaiju.
Hannibal Chau: Are you funnin' me, son?
Dr. Newton Geiszler: It's fascinating how their minds work. Every single Kaiju, his mind's connected. The species has, like a-like a hive mind.
Hannibal Chau: [inspects Newton's eye] Holy jeez. You've gone and done it, haven't you.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: I did a little bit, yeah.
Hannibal Chau: YOu goshdarn moron. [walks away]

Dr. Newton Geiszler: Hang on a second. Excuse me, what's going on here.
Hannibal Chau: There are 2 goshdarn Kaijus heading towards Hong Kong City.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: No, that's not possible. There's-There's never been 2 before.
Hannibal Chau: Well, maybe that's 'cause nobody's ever drifted with one before, eh, genius? When Jaeger pilots drift, it's a 2-way street. A bridge, right?
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Of course, yes.
Hannibal Chau: It sets up a connection. Both ways! [shoves Dr. Newton Geiszler] "A hive mentality", you said! Maybe those Kaijus are tryna find you.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: [shocked] What are you gonna do?
Hannibal Chau: I'm gonna wait out this death storm in my own private Kaiju bunker, but you are going to a public refuge. I've tried it once. [takes off his goggles to reveal a scar on his eyes] Once. Now get the heck outta here. [puts his goggles back on as his goons point their guns at Dr. Newton Geiszler's head]

Hermann Gottlieb: They're adapting. This isn't a defense mechanism, it's a weapon!
Stacker Pentecost: Get me Striker.
Tendo Choi: Nothing, sir. The Mark 5's digital's fried. It'll take me two hours to reroute the auxliary. All the Jaegers, they're digital!
Raleigh Becket: [approaches Stacker along with Mako] Not all of them, marshal. [Stacker turns to him and Mako] Gipsy's analog. Nuclear.
[Stacker stares at his daughter and Raleigh, knowing he has no choice but to send them out in Gipsy Danger to face Leatherback and Otachi.]

Raleigh Becket: Wait. I think this guy's dead. But let's check for a pulse.
Mako Mori: Okay.
[they shoot the monster several times]
Raleigh Becket: No pulse.

[Everyone in the Shatterdome are celebrating Raleigh and Mako's victory.]
Herc Hansen: [approaches Raleigh and Mako] Raleigh! [shakes Mako's hand] My kid'd never admit it– but he's grateful. [holds out his hand] We both are. [Raleigh takes his hand]
[Raleigh looks to Chuck, who nods to him.]
Stacker Pentecost: [comes out of his office] Mr. Becket! Miss Mori! [strides towards his daughter and Raleigh] In all of my years fighting– I've never seen anything like that. Well done. Proud of you. Proud of us all. But– as harsh as it sounds– [approaches everyone else] –there is no time to celebrate. We lost two crews. No time to grieve. Reset that clock!
[Mako notices blood dripping from her father's nose, prompting her to wipe her own nose.]
Stacker Pentecost: [touches the blood on his nose, prompting him to pull out a cloth and use it to wipe his nose] Reset the clock. [walks away]
[Raleigh and Mako exchange looks of concern.]

[Stacker is finishing washing his face when Raleigh enters.]
Raleigh Becket: How sick are you? And why didn't you tell me?
Stacker Pentecost: Uh– what's to tell? [takes a cloth and uses it to wipe his hands] You know, them Mark 1s, we scraped them bad boys together in 14 months. Last thing we were thinking about was radiation shielding. [uses the cloth to wipe his face, then throws it away] I ran nearly a dozen missions. I stayed under the medical radar for a while, but– [takes a folded shirt] –the last time I jockeyed was in Tokyo. I finished the fight solo, but for three hours, I burned. They warned me if I ever stepped foot into a Jaeger again, the toll would be too much. You and I are the only two that ever ran solo combat. That's why I brought you here.
[Raleigh and Stacker hear a computer beeping. Stacker gets a call from Tendo.]
Stacker Pentecost: What is it?
Tendo Choi: Sir, it's happening. I just got two signatures with unprecedented dilation, 40-meter strikes.
Stacker Pentecost: What category?
Tendo Choi: Checking the ratios, Category 4.
Stacker Pentecost: Where they headed?
Tendo Choi: That's the thing, they're not heading anywhere. They're hovering just above the Breach. It's– It's like they're protecting it or something.
Stacker Pentecost: Alright, Gipsy, Striker on deck.
Tendo Choi: Sir, Herc cannot ride. His arm–
Stacker Pentecost: You heard me. [heads out]

Dr. Hermann Gottlieb: There are 2 Kaiju signatures at the Breach, not 3 like I predicted.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Hermann, I haven't exactly had a very good day, okay? I've got about 5 minutes...
Dr. Gottlieb: Should be 3.
Dr. Geiszler: ...before brain death occurs here. I don't wanna spend it talking about your theories!
Dr. Gottlieb: This is all wrong! There should be 3 Kaijus coming through, not 2.
Dr. Geiszler: Oh, there should be 3 and there's 2? I'm sorry, it hurts to be wrong.
Dr. Gottlieb: I am not wrong, but there is something here we don't understand.
Dr. Geiszler: [speaking fast] Okay, Hermann, hopefully we can argue about any mistakes you made in your predictive model in the future. But in the meantime, the neural interface is way off the charts. If you wanna help, help with that!
Dr. Gottlieb: Newton, I am not wrong! And there is only 1 way to make sure. [types his name on the monitor] And that is to do this...together. I'll go with you. [Newton turns around] That's what the Jaeger pilots do, share the neural load.
Dr. Geiszler: You're serious? You-You would do that for me? would do that with me?
Dr. Gottlieb: Well, with worldwide destruction a certain alternative, do I really have a choice?
Dr. Geiszler: Then say it with me, my man! We're gonna own this bad boy! [holds out his hand]
Dr. Gottlieb: By Jove, we are going to own this thing for sure! [they both shake hands, Newton laughs]

[Mako swims towards and climbs Raleigh's pod. She opens the hatch to find Raleigh unconscious. Mako removes Raleigh's helmet and checks his pulse.]
Mako Mori: I can't find his pulse. I don't think he's breathing.
Herc Hansen: Can you read his pulse?
Mako Mori: Raleigh?
Herc Hansen: Does he have a pulse?
Mako Mori: Raleigh?
Tendo Choi: Mako, listen to me. I think it could be the sensors not working. We can't be sure.
[Mako pulls Raleigh up. She hugs him while sobbing.]
Mako Mori: [sobbing] No. No. Don't go. Please.
Tendo Choi: Mako.
Mako Mori: Don't go.
Tendo Choi: Mako.
Mako Mori: No. Don't go, please.
[Mako hears Raleigh's voice.]
Raleigh Becket: You're squeezing me too tight. [Mako lets go of him] I couldn't breathe.
[Mako chuckles. Everyone in the command centre cheers.]
Herc Hansen: This is Marshal Hercules Hansen. The Breach is sealed. Stop the clock!
[everyone cheers as the war clock is set back to zero.]
Tendo Choi: Mako, Raleigh, we have your position. The choppers are on their way. Just– just hang on. Are you okay? Do you copy?
[Raleigh and Mako touch their heads intimately.]
Tendo Choi: Uh, guys?
[Raleigh and Mako embrace as choppers fly above them.]

[Mid-credits scene: Hannibal cuts his way out of the baby Kaiju's stomach.]
Hannibal Chau: Where is my goddamn shoe?


  • Charlie Hunnam as Raleigh Becket, a Jaeger pilot in the PPDC who quit after his brother's death.
  • Idris Elba as Marshal Stacker Pentecost, Mako's adoptive father, Raleigh's commanding officer, and the marshal of the PPDC who is suffering from radiation poisoning as a result of piloting the Jaeger Coyote Tango.
  • Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori, Stacker's adoptive daughter and Raleigh's co-pilot who lost her family in a Kaiju attack and who was adopted by Stacker.
  • Charlie Day as Dr. Newton "Newt" Geiszler, a scientist who is studying the Kaiju alongside Hermann.
  • Burn Gorman as Dr. Hermann Gottlieb, a scientist who is studying the Kaiju alongside Newt.
  • Clifton Collins Jr. as Tendo Choi, a technician in the PPDC.
  • Robert Kazinsky as Chuck Hansen, Herc's son and co-pilot who piloted Striker Eureka alongside Herc.
  • Max Martini as Hercules "Herc" Hansen, Chuck's father and co-pilot who piloted Striker Eureka alongside Chuck.
  • Ron Perlman as Hannibal Chau, a black market dealer who deals Kaiju organs.
  • Diego Klattenhoff as Yancy Becket, Raleigh's older brother and co-pilot who died during a battle with a Kaiju.
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