Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year-Door

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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year-Door is a single-player, role-playing game for the Nintendo GameCube, the second game in the Paper Mario series.

Paper Bowser[edit]

  • Are you gonna call me every time that guy [Paper Mario] blows his nose, or what? Sheesh!

Paper Princess Peach[edit]

Professor Frankly[edit]

  • I must research this more. Assuming will just make an... Well, you know the saying.

Miscellaneous Characters[edit]

Paper Mario's Partners[edit]

  • Vivian: Your name and body were stolen? Oh, well I guess that happens from time to time.
  • Paper Yoshi: Yow! Grubba got huge!

Other Characters[edit]


Paper Luigi's Story[edit]

Paper Luigi: "Well, like I said, it's a really long story, but here goes..."

Part 1: Waffle Kingdom Letter[edit]

"My big brother - that's you, Bro - got a letter from Princess Peach and took off. Left behind as usual, I was cooking a snack at home when another letter arrived. We don't get so much mail, so I was thinking, 'Huh?' This is what the letter said: 'Sirs! My name is Crepe. I am a cabinet minister in the far-off Waffle Kingdom. Our land has been attacked by the Chestnut King, who took our Princess Eclair. I ask, nay, BEG for your assistance! The Waffle Kingdom needs your skills. I humbly request your prompt response, sirs. Sincerely, Crepe' ...Well, i don't remember it exactly, but I think it went something like that. With Mario - that's you, Bro - gone, it fell to me to answer this plea! Hesitating only a teensy bit, I headed to the Waffle Kingdom to invesigate. Oh, no, first, I wrote a note to myself about what I was cooking. Then I left. Once I reached the Waffle Kingsome, I met Minister Crepe, who filled me in. The Chestnut King had kidnapped Princess Eclair and vanished. Apparently, though, some oracle said a Mavelous Compass could locate her. This Marvelous Compass had been broken into several parts by an ancient curse... and those parts had been scattered across the land. Can you believe it, Bro? Each part of the Marvelous Compass was said to point to the next. And since one of the parts was embedded in the tiara worn by the princess... I surmised that once I collected all the parts, I'd find her. Smart, huh? The minister gave me the compass base spoken of in Waffle fables... When it activated, the entire thing lit right up, indicating the deep south... It was pointing me toward the Rumblebump Volcano on the Pudding Continent. So, yeah, here I am! I'm sailing out of Rogueport for Rumblebump Volcano.It's probably gonna be pretty dangerous, but... I gotta rescue that princess!"

Part 2: Rumblebump Volcano[edit]

  • "As soon as my ship docked on the Pudding Continent, I set out for the volcano. To reach my destination, I spent several days fording through dense jungle... Scary beasts were all over! More than once I thought I was done for, Bro! I may have screamed a bit. To scare them off, you know. But as fate would have it... A Blooper named Blooey heard me shrieking and found me in this one town. Blooey was on a journey of his own, but he joined me after hearing my tale. Now, Blooey's a madman. Back in his hometown, they call him 'White Torpedo'! Yeah, he's a tough guy. Anyway, he helped me fight to Rumplebumb Volcano. This place was all about bubbling lava pools and heat that'd make the sun sweat. AND, the place was lousy with evil traps designed to protect the compass piece. The scariest one of all was this gigantic, 100-foot-tall statue that stomped around. Now, the weakness of this giant statue, Bro, was a red gem on its forehead... Now, I can jump high, but not high enough to reach this thing by a long shot. So I came up with this plan for Blooey to hit that weak spot! 'All you, man!' I said! I waited for a pause in the statue's movements and hucked Blooey up there! And bull's-eye! The White Torpedo saved the day! That jewel got whacked! It was a critical hit, and that stone statue toppled and crumbled into pieces! Once that was done, it was an easy stroll to the room where the treasure was. Unfortunately, Princess Eclair was nowhere to be found... But I got another piece of the Marvelous Compass, and put it in the base... Now the compass pointed west, to Plumpbelly Village on the Strudel Continent. So I set sails once again and came back here to Rogueport to recharge. That's what happened to me lately, but I'll be heading back out soon..."

Part 3: Plumpbelly Village[edit]

Part 4: Circuit Break Island[edit]

Part 5: Jazzafrazz Town[edit]

Part 6: Rapturous Ruins[edit]

Part 7: Hatesong Tower[edit]

Part 8: Super Luigi Book[edit]

Grifty's Tales[edit]

Part 1: The Fearsome Demon[edit]

Part 2: The Crystal Stars[edit]

Part 3: Dragons and Dungeons[edit]

Part 4: The Hero Who Arose[edit]

Part 5: The Wise Goomba[edit]

Part 6: The Stalwart Koopa[edit]

Part 7: The Four Heroes[edit]

Part 8: The Duel With the Demon[edit]

Part 9: The Demon Sealed Within[edit]

Part 10: The Demon's Curse[edit]

Part 11: The Great Tree and Punies[edit]

Part 12: The Boo Heroine's Last Days[edit]

Part 13: The Pirate King Cortez[edit]

Part 14: The Toad Hero's Final Days[edit]

Part 15: All Becomes Legend[edit]

Part 16: The Magical Map[edit]

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