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Patricia Ann Carroll (May 5, 1927 – July 30, 2022) was an American actress, voice actress and comedian.


"Pat Carroll; Gertrude Stein was never a bore" (January 8, 1981)[edit]

Pat Carroll; Gertrude Stein was never a bore (January 8, 1981)

  • The best part about acting is reacting. Audiences don't know that they mustn't sit back and observe and say, "I will watch this." Whether it's my play or anybody's play, they must become participants. Too many people today are observing life instead of participating in it.
  • They call me the Joan of Arc in the family, and they're always saying, 'Mother's off on another one of her things. She's off fighting the world. She's off tilting at her windmills. But once they came to see the play, I think they understood what all those months [of study and rehearsal] had been about. I sat down with them at one point and told them I'd never finished anything in my life, although I'd started an awful lot of things. I said whether the play was a success or a failure didn't make any difference. What was important was that I finished it, because that element of not finishing projects is a failure in my character. And I think they understood that.
  • I just want to keep working and being enthusiastic and having dreams and working hard to make those dreams come true, anything else is boredom.

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