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Please note that these are rough translations of the Japanese dialect. Quotes from the manga are from TOKYOPOP's translation of the Pita-Ten manga.

Koboshi Uematsu[edit]


  • "That's right. I'm not losing to Misha-san. My bond with Kotaro-chan is even stronger THAN THOSE INSTANT GLUUEESS!!"
  • "I'm burning! Burning! Waaaaaaah, burning up!!"
  • "Ten-chan, how impolite! This is a situation in which you're supposed to at least lie!"


  • "It's not everyday that your heart gets broken..."
  • "Ever since Misha-san came along, Kotarou-chan has been alot warmer.... and I know he cares for Shia-san... as he would his mom. Sad thing is I'd probably never be like those two. But I don't care! I still wanna be with him... because someday I might be able to do something for him..."

Hiroshi Mitarai[edit]


  • (after Misha flings off her shoe and it hits him in the nose) "She's......so.....beautiful... like an.....an...gel..." (falls over)
  • "IT HURTS!!"


  • "Thailand is in our hearts lalalalala...."

Kaoru Mitarai[edit]


  • "Ara, Kaoru is always calm. Nya, nya nya!"
  • "Prepare yourself, Ayanakouji! For the sake of my brother, KAORU WILL TURN INTO A DEMON!!" (at the time she didn't know who really Ayanokouji was...)


  • "I shall avenge my brother's shame! Death to the transeggor!"



  • "I'm injuring him!"
  • "I'm sorry, but I've been feeling weak as of late. So the long distance is..."
  • "Thank you...Misha-san!"
  • "I'm still learning."


"Go and take care of the ones you love.... so that you won't have any regrets, once they're gone."


  • "Kotaro-kun seems to be feeling extra well today. Let's go -su!"
  • "That seems like it hurts -su!"
  • "Fight! Fight! Kotaro-kun!"


  • "An angel's job is to seek happiness on humans without wanting anything in return... and they help by nudging humans in the right direction toward happiness -su!"
  • "Kotaro-kun..(stop yellin') They're my wings. I can't help but have 'em. They might not be all great at times but I like them."

Kotaro Higuchi[edit]

  • "They cut it off like this!"
  • "It's not like I'm scared or anything really."
  • "ME?!"
  • "I was just enjoying that moment... and I yet at the time I was realizing my feelings for her."
  • "Why... why do I feel so relieved?"


  • "I never knew there could be so many 'mes'... until the 'su-girl' came into my life."
  • "You have gotten your wish..... you became a real angel."

Takashi Ayanokouji[edit]

  • "In love with a demon... what's wrong with me?"
  • "I'm not letting you insult Shia-san like that!"


  • "Kotaro... do you really think you could hit me... If I told you right now that I was going to steal Uematsu from you!? With everything you got!?"
  • "Shia-san.... I love you."
  • "I... I didn't write my name on my exam."



  • "An angel and demon friendship... this could be the end of the world -nya."


  • "Taking advantage of the weakest parts of a human's heart and causing complete havoc within... brilliant. She did it to you, your friend, that pathetic fool Taro... and me as well."

Pita-Ten Conversations[edit]

  • Koboshi: "That's right. I'm not losing to Misha-san! Kotaro-chan and I are much closer!"
     Voice: "Koboshi-chan?"
     Koboshi: "Huh?"
     Kotaro: "Something wrong?"
     Koboshi: "Nope, nothing really."
     Ten-chan: "Thought you were depressed from the teacher yelling at you."
     Koboshi: (carefreeness) "I'm always well!
     Ten-chan: "Oh, right. If you were depressed from the teacher yelling at you, you'd be  depressed every day!
     Koboshi: "Ten-chan!? What did you mean by that?"
     Ten-chan: "I meant what I said."
  • Nya: "What are you doing?"
     Shia: (while poking Kotaro with the staff) "I'm causing great pain."
     Nya: "No, you're just giving him a massage! You're supposed to do it like this! (stomping foot repeatingly)
  • Kotaro: "Misha-san, you'll catch a cold!"
     Misha: "I heard that if you make a wish under a giant waterfall... den it'll come truey-woo! I wish that Kotaro-kun does well on his testy-westie -su!"
     Kotaro: "I'll make that wish come true... by studying really hard."

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