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This is a list of episodes in Pokémon XY: Kalos Quest, the eighteenth season of the Pokémon animated series.

Pathway to Performance Partnering

[Pancham and Chespin are standing in front of Serena and Clemont]
Serena: Listen, both of you! Don't you remember you're supposed to be friends? Now make up!
[Pancham kicks Chespin on the arm and Chespin whacks Pancham on the back]
Clemont: Hey, all you're doing is just being plain mean to each other! Come on!
[Pancham kicks Chespin on the arm again and Chespin whacks Pancham on the back again]
Serena & Clemont: STOP!!!

[Pancham and Chespin jump through a bush and crash into the back of a Farfetch'd. The Farfetch'd, joined by a Smoochum, confront Pancham and Chespin]
Smoochum: Smoochum! [Watch it!]
Farfetch'd: Farfetch'd... [That really hurt...]
[Pancham and Chespin look up to see Farfetch'd and Smoochum's trainer, a girl named Nini, angrily glaring at them]
Nini: [To Chespin and Pancham] What do you think you're doing to my Pokémon, huh?!
[Serena and Clemont come over]
Clemont: There you are!
Serena: What's going on?
Nini: Hey, you! Are these two ill-mannered brats your Pokémon? They used Tackle on my Pokémon for no reason!
Clemont: Forgive me, please!
Serena: Sorry.
[Clemont and Serena scold Chespin and Pancham for causing trouble]

Serena: OK, ready, Fennekin? Pancham?
[Pancham and Fennekin nod. However, Chespin charges straight into Pancham, sending Pancham flying]
Ash: Why is Chespin doing that?
Clemont: I guess it wants to show Pancham up.
[After Pancham is sent flying by Chespin, Pancham comes up to Chespin, fists raised]
Pancham: Pancham-Cham?! [You wanna take me on?!]
[Chespin and Pancham start fighting again. Bonnie comes over to stop them]
Bonnie: Come on, break it up!

[After Serena declines Nini's offer for a trade, Pancham turns to Chespin and sticks its tongue out at Chespin]
Chespin: Ches! [Why, you!]

When Light and Dark Collide!


A Stealthy Challenge!


A Race for Home!


Facing the Grand Design!


A Slippery Encounter!


One for the Goomy!


Thawing an Icy Panic

[Ramos uses his Gogoat's Vine Whip to rescue Ash from Vanillish and Vanilluxe's wrath]
Ramos: Hold on, whippersnapper, you'll freeze!
Ash: Alright, I've got to stop those two!
Ramos: Young man, attacking head on can be a good thing at times. Other times, you have to take the side roads.
Ash: The side roads? What do you mean?

[Ash had just discussed that he is here in Courmarine City for a Gym Battle]
Ramos: A Gym Battle, eh? I'm sure the Gym Leader would be more than happy to accept your challenge. Well then, see you again. [Ramos rides on his Gogoat, heading back home]
Ash, Serena, Nurse Joy, Clemont and Bonnie: Goodbye sir!
Clemont: [freaks out because he realizes something] That man is a Grass-type Gym Leader!
Ramos: [stops his Gogoat before turning around] Yes, I'm the Courmarine Gym Leader. I'll be waiting for ya! [continues riding back to his gym]

The Green, Green Grass Types of Home!

Ramos: [seeing Ash tear through the weeds at a rapid pace] No, no. Ash, you mustn't yank the weeds out so carelessly. Look closely. [parts some weeds aways to reveal some new sprouts] See? If you get all caught up with the things that are right in front of ya, you may lose sight of what's important.
Ash: Lose sight of what's important...
Ramos: You see, the first thing you need to do is to calm your mind. If you observe closely with a calm mind, you'll be able to discern the important things, especially during Gym Battles.
Ash: Right, I get you now!

Ash: Use Double Team!
[Frogadier creates copies of itself and run around Weepinbell]
Ramos: Well, that sure is an impressive Double Team. Weepinbell, Grass Knot!

[As Frogadier uses its frubbles to cover itself from Weepinbell's Poison Powder]
Ramos: I've never would have thought of that in a million years.
Clemont: That explains his choice.
Ash: Double Team, one more time!
Ramos: No, not again. Weepinbell, Grass Knot!

Ramos: [while petting his Gogoat] Ah, you're usually so calm. Instead, you're all fired up. You know, I'm all fired up too. Now off you go and use Razor Leaf!

Ramos: No matter how many times you try, that move [Double Team] won't work. Vine Whip!

Under the Pledging Tree!

Serena: [inside her thoughts] Wow. Ash and I are all alone. It's...it's almost like we're out on a date.
[She opens her hand anticipating Ash might see and hold it.]

[Ash walks through a gate where he is greeted by raining confetti and three men in front of him congratulate him on his win.]
All three men: Congratulations!
[After "Who's That Pokémon?"]
The men: You did it!
Man with glasses: You have the distinct honor of being our one millionth customer!
Ash: Who, me?
Man with glasses: Give this young man a round of applause. [The crowd do so congratulating Ash on his win]
Boy: Wow, congratulations!
Ash: Thank you!
Man on the right side: [He hands Ash a small gift box.] To commemorate this occasion, please accept this gift.
Ash: Hey, thanks a lot. Really.
[The scene changes to Ash and Serena riding a monorail.]
Ash: [giggles] I never expected I'd be the one to get a gift.
Serena: What'd they give you?! Please show me! Ash, come on!
[Ash opens the tiny box, revealing a rolled-up blue ribbon.]
Ash: Huh?
Serena: Wow, that's such a pretty ribbon!
Ash: Yeah... but I still have to get a present for all my Pokémon.
Serena: I forgot all about that.
Ash: [Groans]
[As Serena is talking] Huh?
Serena: Pikachu and the others will love anything you choose. All they care about is that the gift comes from you!
Ash: You think?
Serena: Sure! What would make you happy if you got a gift?
Ash: Make me happy? Does it matter?
Serena: Yeah, because they're your Pokémon. And they think just like you do!

A Showcase Debut!


An Oasis of Hope!


The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination!

[The helicopter has started up.]
Jolt: I'm on my way to our main offices in Lumiose City to brief on them what had happened today.
Clemont: Would it be possible if I came along with you to Lumiose City? [Ash, Serena and Bonnie are shocked by this question]
Jolt: Sure, if you want.
Ash: Clemont, what are you doing?
Clemont: I think it's time I headed back to Lumiose City.
Ash: Then we'll go along.
Clemont: No. I'm just not satisfied with where I am right now. I want to go home and work hard and train before you come to the Lumiose City Gym. By the time you challenge the Lumiose Gym, I'll be ready to give you a battle that you'd expect from a Gym Leader.
Ash: I see. But still, I'm not gonna lose no matter what. [Both Ash and Clemont shake hands]
Clemont: Serena, will you look after Bonnie?
Serena: You can count on me!
Bonnie: [tearing up] I'm not a little kid! I'll be fine!

A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways!


Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!


Good Friends, Great Training!


Confronting the Darkness!


The Moment of Lumiose Truth!

[Chespin walks into the bleachers grumbling over the fact that Clemont did not pick him for the battle]
Bonnie: Huh? You're not battling, Chespin?
Chespin: Chespin-pin! [No, I am not!]
Bonnie: Then you can cheer with all of us! [Braixen and Pancham convince Chespin to do so as well]
Chespin: Chespin Chespin! [Ok then! I'll do that!]

Clemont: [recalls Heliolisk] Great job Heliolisk! Take a good rest! You surprised me. I really thought I had you on the ropes. Tell me what that opening you saw was.
Ash: Its frills.
Clemont: Huh? What about them?
Ash: You see, every time Heliolisk uses an attack, it stops moving for a second. So all I had to do was watch and wait for that to happen. [Everyone stares in shock] It happens really fast, but with Hawlucha's speed, we could pull it off and then Hawlucha's High Jump Kick did the rest.

Garchomp's Mega Bond!


Defending the Homeland!


Beyond the Rainbow!


So You're Having a Bad Day!


Scary Hospitality!


A Fashionable Battle!

Bonnie: That girl's a keeper! Please take care of my big brother?
[Clemont grabs Bonnie with his Aipom Arm]
Clemont: Ugh, please! I told you to stop this a million times!
Bonnie: But, Clemont, she looks really, really, really nice!
Clemont: I don't need your help! I can find my own girlfriend, thank you!
Bonnie: When?

Bonnie: That girl's [Valerie] a keeper! Will you take care of my brother?
Valerie: [confused] I'm a keeper?
Serena: [embarrassed] Ah, Ah! It's nothing, it's nothing! Bonnie, stop it!
Bonnie: But you can see how pretty Valerie is.

Sawyer: Bagon, use Dragon Breath! [Bagon complies and hits Spritzee easily] Yeah! I landed the first attack! Huh?
[The smoke clears and Spritzee appears unscathed!]
Spritzee: Spritzee. [That's all you got?]
Sawyer: How can it be? I'm sure it made contact. [It did, but he's about to find out why it did not work. As Sawyer ponders about it, Spritzee flies towards Valerie, who snickers a bit]
Clemont: Ah, you see, Spritzee's a Fairy-type and Dragon-type moves have no effect at all on Fairy-types! [What is also worse is the fact that Dragon-types are weak to Fairy types]

Fairy-Type Trickery!

[Valerie walks over to her podium and takes a bow, finally meeting Ash face to face.]
Valerie: I welcome you all to my gym. I believe your name is Ash, right? How many gym badges do you have?
Ash: I have five of them right now and after this, I'll have six gym badges!
Valerie: [giggles] Such spirit. You certainly are confident, aren't you? But I won't let you win that easily.

[Valerie interacts with her Sylveon by speaking Sylveon's language, much to Ash and Pikachu's shock]
Ash: It's just like Serena said. Valerie talks with Pokemon.
Valerie: [hearing this, she looks back to Ash, but cheerfully admits...] Honestly, I've always wanted to be a Pokémon, so I managed to learn how to speak with them.
Ash: Awesome.
Valerie: It's true I can't communicate with all Pokémon but I can understand what most of what my Pokemon are telling me.
Sawyer: She learned to talk to Pokémon because she wanted to BE a Pokémon?!
Valerie: I use Fairy-type Pokémon in my Gym. I happened to be quite strong, so watch your step.

[Sylveon swings Fletchinder around with its feelers]
Valerie: So what do you think, Ash? Sylveon's ribbons can do more than just flutter beautifully, you see. While Fairy Types are graceful, they all possess dangerous hidden fangs.

[Sylveon collapses and faints from Fletchinder's Steel Wing.]
Valerie: [horrified] Sylveon! [The Furisode Girls all stare in shock as well] Kali, make the call!
Kali: Right....Sylveon is unable to battle. Fletchinder wins.

[Note: Since Kali is identified as the one in the Black Furisode, the other three Furisode Girls are based off the ones the player faces in Valerie's Gym in the Pokemon X and Y games.]
Linnea: Valerie's using Trick Room!
Blossom: And if so, that could only mean one thing...
Katherine: Valerie's totally serious about this battle!

[Trick Room deactivates]
Valerie: [disappointed] Dear, we're out of time...
Ash: Fletchinder, use Steel Wing! [Valerie is shocked by this attack]

[Fletchinder struck Spritzee with Steel Wing]
Ash: Alright!
Valerie: Not so fast. [Ash is confused] MOONBLAST! [Spritzee does so, knocking out Fletchinder]

Valerie: Thank you, but I must say, your multiple Flame Charges were a good idea. It's been a while since I've been surprised like that.
Sawyer: That Moonblast. That was another dangerous hidden fang.
Clemont: Ash took much too long and he paid a heavy price for doing that. [Waiting too long for Trick Room to deactivate in order to strike]

[As Ash sends in Hawlucha into battle, Hawlucha strikes multiple poses]
Valerie: [highly amused] My, my! Quite an amusing Pokemon!

[Hawlucha gets hit by Spritzee's Moonblast causing him to hit the Trick Room wall, but luckily, he is okay to continue]
Ash: Yep, it's strong.
Valerie: [surprised] My, you can talk to your Pokemon too, right?
Ash: Not really talking. It's more like I can sense what they mean. I just kind of know. [Both Pikachu and Hawlucha agree with him]
Valerie: [admirably] You have much promise.

[Ash orders Hawlucha to stand still and watch Spritzee's movements]
Valerie: He's such an interesting boy, so let's see what he's planning. [At this point, Spritzee stops zooming around] Use Gyro Ball. [Spritzee does so]
Ash: Hawlucha, catch that! [Spritzee just fell right into Ash's trap! Gyro Ball is a Steel Type move and it does not work well against Fighting types like Hawlucha. As soon as Spritzee hits Hawlucha, Hawlucha grabs Spritzee and spins as well]

[Ash merged victorious in his Gym battle]
Blossom: I just can't believe Valerie lost...
Linnea: I haven't seen that in so long.
[Valerie walks over to her defeated Spritzee]
Valerie: Spritzee! Sprit-Spritzee? [Spritzee, are you alright?]
Spritzee: [weakly] Spritzee. [I think so.]
Valerie: Sprit-Spritzee. [That's okay] You gave it your best effort. I'm so proud of you and Sylveon as well. [recalls her Spritzee and turns her attention to Ash.] That was truly well done! I haven't been that inspired in a while.

[Valerie and her assistant, Kali, walk up to Ash.]
Valerie: Ash, you know how a trainer's heart becomes one with their Pokemon when they're backed into a corner during a battle? I'm wondering, why is that?
Ash: [a bit confused while looking at Pikachu, Fletchinder and Hawlucha] I'm not really sure...but I do know what you mean!
Valerie: [smiles before handing Ash his 6th Kalos Gym Badge, the Fairy Badge] Here's proof that you won at the Laverre Gym. I present to you the Fairy Badge. Congratulations!

Rivals: Today and Tomorrow!

Bonnie: Hey, Sawyer. What are you gonna do?
Sawyer: I think I'm gonna head to the Coumarine Gym.
Ash: That Gym's awesome!
Bonnie: They've even got a monorail!
Clemont: If I remember, the Gym Leader is Ramos.
Ash: Yeah, and he's strong. Have fun and good luck!

A Not-so-Flying Start!


A Relay in the Sky!


A Frenzied Factory Fiasco!


Performing with Fiery Charm!


Rotom's Wish!


A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?

Ash: What? No way! Pikachu's my.. Hey! Come back right now!
[Smoke clears]
Ash: Pikachu!
Pikachu: Pika, Pika. [Ash, I'm right here.]

Over the Mountain of Snow!


Adventures in Running Errands!


Mending a Broken Spirit!

[The title card comes up]
Ash: (voiceover) Mending a Broken Spirit!
[Braixen is upset about her branch being broken]
Braixen: Braixen. [Not my stick.]
Pancham: Pancham, pan. [Sucks to be you.]
[She then turns crossly to Pancham]
Braixen: Braixen! [You take that back!]
Pancham: Pancham! [Make me!]
Serena: Wait, come on! Don't fight, you two. [Ash, Clemont and Bonnie run up to her]
Ash: Hey, what's the matter?
Pikachu: Pikachu? [Something wrong, Braixen?]
Braixen: Braixen. [Yes, look.] [Reveals her broken branch to Ash, Bonnie and Clemont who then become horrified]

A Legendary Photo Op!


The Tiny Caretaker!

[Note: Many fans think that Ash should have gotten a Tyrantrum for his team as it suits him quite well. However, Ash catching this Tyrantrum doesn't make sense as Bonnie is the one who bonded with Tyrantrum the most. Worst of all, by giving Ash a Tyrantrum, the writers just simply make half of Ash's Kalos team a copy-paste of Diantha's team.]
[Bonnie goes to the river to get some water for herself. As she fills up her Probopass thermos and takes a swig, she notices Tyrunt stuck in the rocks]
Bonnie: Huh? Oh no! [a few hops on the rocks in the stream] Hold on, I'll help you! [One pull later and Tyrunt is free!] See, you're okay now.
Tyrunt: Ty-runt! [Hey, thanks!]

Ash: I wonder if it's wild?
Clemont: That would be really rare.
Bonnie: [noticing Tyrunt nibbling on her pajamas] Whoa! Tyrunt!
Clemont: You're wearing Tyrantrum pajamas so it's probably curious about you.
Bonnie: Huh? This? Like em? [Tyrunt starts snuggling with Bonnie. Awww...] Awww...sweet.

A Trip Down Memory Train!


A Frolicking Find in the Flowers!


Tag Team Battle Inspiration!

Tierno: Hey, you guys! Long time, no see!
Ash: Hi, Tierno!

A Performance Pop Quiz!


Cloudy Fate! Bright Future!

[As the episode starts, we see many psychic trainers bonding mentally with their Psychic-type Pokemon. Olympia is watching while one of her assistants named Charlene is teaching the students]
Charlene: Trust your heart with your Pokemon completely! And soon, you will have true vision! There is a heart, heart like hidden deep within our minds. The stars that will guide our lights from our minds to the vastness of space! Yes, we are all truly one with the universe! The truth, each and everyone of us is totally connected to the universe.

[Olympia breaks up the fight between Ash and pals and Olympia's apprentice, Carrie, by using her telekinesis to confiscate Carrie's third Poke-ball. Everybody is shocked at Olympia's arrival]
Serena: She's floating.
Bonnie: It's so weird.
Clemont: That must be Psychic power!
Olympia: Stand down now, Carrie.
Carrie: What? Stand down?
Olympia: [already furious with Carrie] YOU HEARD ME!
Carrie: Yes, ma'am...[Charlene shows up also furious]
Charlene: Hey! Do you have any idea what you just did, Carrie?!

Olympia: The purpose of our appearance is to admonish Carrie for her actions.

Carrie: Lady Olympia, I only did it to protect Anistar...
Olympia: Silence, Carrie.
Carrie: Yes, ma'am.
Charlene: [still outraged with her fellow psychic trainer's behavior] This has become a bad habit of yours, Carrie! Acting on what YOU think Lady Olympia's vision of the future means?! HOW MANY TIMES HAS THIS HAPPENED?!?

Professor Sycamore: Oh my, you're Olympia! Gym Leader of the Anistar Gym!
Ash: Gym Leader?
Olympia: Indeed, I am.

All Eyes on the Future!

Olympia: Keep an eye on the past as you decide who you will be in the future. Remember this as we battle.
Ash: Right. My path is to get that seventh Gym Badge for sure.
Pikachu: Pika!
Olympia: Ha! [summons her two Meowstic] Then let us begin. You will be battling these Meowstic.

Olympia: [seeing Ash struggling in battle] Well, well. Something wrong? Where's that spirit you showed before?! Alright, both of you [Meowstic] use Psyshock!

Ash: What do I do?! [looks at the ceiling of the Gym] Yeah! Pikachu, I want to try something!
Pikachu: Pika? [What is it?]
Ash: Okay now, listen closely...[whispers plan to Pikachu]
Olympia: Good, do what you can. This will be your test.
Ash: I'm all ready. I'll pass your test!

Professor Sycamore: Light Screen is not able to defend physical attacks. That was a marvellous idea!
Clemont: Classic Ash battle strategy. Offence is the best defence.

[Both Olympia's Meowstic take damage from their own attacks, Dark Pulse and Psyshock, due to Frogadier and Talonflame steering out of the way at the last second]
Olympia: How clever.

Pikachu: Pi, pi, pi. [Three, two, one.]
[Pikachu opens up it's eyes and gives Ash a heads-up about the Future Sight attack]
Pikachu: Pika, pi, pika, pika! [Ash, the Future Sight is coming now!]

Olympia: Well done. That timing was what I was looking for. [to her two Meowstic] Are you still able to go on? Now both of you use Psyshock! [Tierno should take notes on this battle]