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Quack Pack is an animated television series made by The The Walt Disney Compay, featuring [[w:Donal Duck|Donald Duck and his nephews. The show debuted on September 3, 1996. The series ran one season with 39 episodes. In Quack Pack, Donald Duck's nephews are teenagers.


  • Dewey was right, these aren't regular braces. They're some kind of mind control gadget. Cool!
  • Uncle Donald... is trying... to melt our brains.
  • (After Donald causes damage as a villain) So you tied up the freeway, drained a lake and put funny glasses on Mount Rushmore. Big deal!
  • (Backing away from a house cat and hiccuping) (Nervously) Err... excuse me. Err, drank too much soda (hiccups) must be over fizzed and under-burped (hiccups).
  • (Tonelessly) Teenage years. Every moment crammed with excitement.
  • (When he first got super powers) Call me the Really Incredibly Fast Guy! Err... until I can think of something better.
  • (To Louie when Donald is about to smash all the world's televisions) Hide your super sensitive eyes! It's too terrible to behold! Even for a manly hero like you!
  • (After stopping a tidal wave when he had super powers) A true hero accepts no thanks. But I'll take cash!
  • (Describing what the greatest thief in the world did) He went on to steal the pyramids of Egypt! Santa and his sleigh! And all the world's weapons! And then... (takes a deep breath) KAAAABOOOOM!!
  • This Duck of Doom will not force us to clean our room! Hey, that rhymes!
  • Cheesy rubber head aliens! We demand Donald Duck be set free!


  • Ok! Who gave me a wedgie?!
  • Halloween. Spooky old mansion. Stormy night! It's a prankster's paradise!
  • Ok, so Huey and I had a little disagreement. We're brothers, no sense getting upset. (After tricking Huey into sitting on a lizard and getting bitten) Especially when it's more fun getting even!
  • (When Donald is about to smash all the world's televisions) Stop! In the name of all that's electronic, spare those innocent television sets!
  • (When Donald sends the boys a note telling them to clean their room) Let's see, how shall I reply to this with the proper verve and panache?... No way José!
  • Nobody out-pranks Deuteronomy D. Duck!
  • (When statue warriors are attacking) I can't believe it, we're gonna be done in by walking flower pots!
  • (When Huey and Louie get kidnapped by a werewolf) (Casually) Hey Hue. Hey Lou. Hey werewolf. (Suddenly realising) HEY WEREWOLF?!?!
  • You can never find a cosmic infidibulator when you need one.


(When Huey and Dewey are arguing and sending missiles at each other.)

  • (To the audience) You know, this may look like mean spirited combat. (Huge explosion) And it may sound like mean spirited combat, but don't let that fool you. (A missile strikes Louie) It IS mean spirited combat. (Passes out).
  • (When Donald had turned into a baby) Nice Donnie Wonnie, come to uncle Louie Gooey!
  • (To Donald when he's targeted by a villian) Wow! And we thought you made up that story about saving the Earth from alien invaders!
  • (When the Earth got sliced in half by the moon) Uh-oh! I can fix this, sure, no prob. Err... anyone got some glue or staples or something?


Louie: (Refering to Huey) He's in one of his "Take Over The World" moods again.

Dewey: I hate it when he gets like that!

Louie: Uncle D is coming!!

Huey: And he's in one of those "Destroy The Universe" moods!!

Von Drake: Ok, all ready! Keep your capes on!

(When Dewey, Louie and Donald see Huey's headgear)


Huey: The errr screaming is not helping my morale, guys.


Dewey: Well, that'll put a cramp in your day.

Huey, Dewey & Louie: Extreme!

Huey: Coincidence?

Dewey & Louie: I think not!

(A robot disguised as a door salesman knocks at the door and Louie answers)

Robot: Greetings. May I speak to the dominant life form of the house?

Louie: Uncle D! There's an alien robot here to see you!

Donald: I'm not home!

Louie: He says he's not home.

Huey: Ok, your big, brave brother is scareda (hiccups)... puddy cats!

(Dewey & Louie share looks)

Huey: (annoyed) Well, go ahead, say it! (Impersonates a chicken.)

(Dewey & Louie share looks again before looking at Huey)

Dewey: Your brethren...

Louie: Call you chicken?

Dewey & Louie: Never!

Louie: 'Course if news of this ever got out to the general public...

Dewey & Louie: Poultry farm! (Impersonate chickens.)

(When Huey, Dewey & Louie first get super powers.)

Louie: (To Huey) Tell us, super H. What powers did you get?

(Huey shoots off screen and returns a second later wearing a slouch hat and holding a kangaroo.)

Huey: G'day mates!

Louie: It made him Australian?

Dewey: No! It made him super fast! Extreme!

(When Donald became a super villian and grew larger)

Huey: Whoa! How'd Uncle D get so big?

Dewey: It would seem that his anger is fuelling his super villian powers.

Huey: You mean the madder he gets, the bigger he gets?

Dewey: Precisely.

Huey: So annoying him might not be such a great idea?

Dewey: Indubitably.


Huey: NEVER! You can't make us clean our room if you can't catch us! We're outta here!

(When Dewey sneaks out of a haunted house when the others refuse to believe it is haunted and think it's Dewey pulling pranks.)

Dewey: It's not my fault they didn't believe me!

Dewey's conscience: Yes it is, Dewey. Your loving family didn't believe you because of all the pranks you've pulled.

Dewey: (Guiltily) Oh, terrific! It's my conscience. Look I don't have time for your goody two shoes advice, ok?

(Dewey walks off. Dewey's conscience looks angry, cracks his knuckles threateningly and pushes his halo forward looking determined.)

Dewey's conscience: (Drags Dewey back) Hold it... buster! You've ignored me for YEARS!! (He grows huge with red eyes and a deep furious voice) NOW NO MORE MISTER NICE CONSCIENCE!! (He picks up Dewey who screams and gets slammed to the ground with every few words). YOU GO BACK THERE (Slam) AND PROTECT THEM (Slam) OR I MIGHT (Slam) GET (Slam) A TRIFLE (Slam) UPSET!!

Dewey: (After explaining about the haunted house) So even though I got us outta there they still blame me! Anyway, lucky for us you happen to drive by.

Driver: Err, I'd hate to break it to ya, pal. (Changes into the ghost who was in the haunted house) But there's nothing lucky about it.

(Dewey looks terrified.)

Dewey: AAAARRGGHH! (Starts hammering on the back window where the van is behind it) A GHOST! A GHOST!

Ghost: By George! I think it got it!


Louie: (From the van on the other side to Huey and Donald) Ha! Does he really think we'd fall for that?


(Huey's eyes widen before they turn red and he grins evily. Dewey and Louie notice this.)

Dewey: Sounds like someone's got a plan.

Louie: Oooh! Is it sneaky and devious?

Dewey: And dirty and under-handed?

Huey: (His expression returns to normal) As usual!

(When the boys want to use Von Drake's machine to become super heroes again after Donald is targeted by a villian)

Louie: This is a bad idea, guys. The last time we became super heroes the whole universe got destroyed!

Huey: What's your point?

(When the boys get their super powers again)

Dewey: Brothers, we are once again... Brain Boy!

Louie: Captain Muscle!

Huey: And the Really Incredibly Fast Guy! Man! Is that a mouthful or what?!

(Occurring after Dewey brain swapped with an air hostess to try and land a plan in danger.)

Huey: I saved the West Coast! (Awkwardly) Well, you know except for some people and buildings and stuff. What did you do, Brain Boy?

Dewey: I found out what it's like to be a woman.

(Huey looks horrifed and moves far away from him.)

Louie: Look! It's the one substance that can steal our powers!

(Huey gasps.)

Huey, Dewey & Louie: Broccoli! NOOOOOOOOOO!

Donald: Boys, err... I'm sorry I didn't trust you.

Louie: It's ok you didn't trust us.

Dewey: Yeah, if you didn't do something snarf-headed now and then.....

Huey: You wouldn't be the Uncle D we know and love.

Donald: Thanks! I guess.

(Huey, Dewey & Louie go to a cabin to try and find Knuckles, Daisy's pet iguana. Huey knocks and a huge man answers the door, growling.)

Huey: Well, good afternoon, Sir. Have you seen an iguana scurrying about per chance?

Man: Rap roar.

(The three boys look confused.)

Louie: Sorry?

Huey: Didn't get that.

Dewey: Now we're not fluent in Neanderthal.

Man: (Laughs and pulls a rope) RAP ROAR!

(A trap door opens underneath Huey, Dewey & Louie's feet.)

Huey: Oh... trap... door.

Huey, Dewey & Louie: AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

Evil scientist: (To Huey, Dewey & Louie) You are here to see this! (Uncovers a large machine) My DNA Retro-Ray which turns any living thing into its prehistoric ancestor!

Huey: Aah, that's nothin'! This Gruesome Garlic Gum turns your lips green and makes your breath stink for a whole week!

An Evil Alien Over Lord: Surrender! Or be squished into... squishy... squish!

Dewey: This guy needs a thesaurus.

(When Dewey, as Brain Boy, attempts to get a boy's kite out of a tree.)

Dewey: Cease your occular discharge, I shall ammend the situation with my magnifucaltractonius mind!

Boy: (Confused) Is that a word?

Dewey: It is now!

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