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Quack Pack is an animated television series made by The The Walt Disney Compay, featuring [[w:Donal Duck|Donald Duck and his nephews. The show debuted on September 3, 1996. The series ran one season with 39 episodes. In Quack Pack, Donald Duck's nephews are teenagers.


  • Dewey was right, these aren't regular braces. They're some kind of mind control gadget. Cool!
  • Uncle Donald... is trying... to melt our brains.
  • (After Donald causes damage as a villain) So you tied up the freeway, drained a lake and put funny glasses on Mount Rushmore. Big deal!
  • (Backing away from a house cat and hiccuping) (Nervously) Err... excuse me. Err, drank too much soda (hiccups) must be over fizzed and under-burped (hiccups).
  • (Tonelessly) Teenage years. Every moment crammed with excitement.
  • (When he first got super powers) Call me the Really Incredibly Fast Guy! Err... until I can think of something better.
  • (To Louie when Donald is about to smash all the world's televisions) Hide your super sensitive eyes! It's too terrible to behold! Even for a manly hero like you!
  • (After stopping a tidal wave when he had super powers) A true hero accepts no thanks. But I'll take cash!
  • (Describing what the greatest thief in the world did) He went on to steal the pyramids of Egypt! Santa and his sleigh! And all the world's weapons! And then... (takes a deep breath) KAAAABOOOOM!!
  • This Duck of Doom will not force us to clean our room! Hey, that rhymes!
  • Cheesy rubber head aliens! We demand Donald Duck be set free!
  • Dewey and Louie look is a black horse wild, can we ride em (louie grabs a saddle, huey grabs a rope, and dewey grabs a reins)
  • Look at me we're laugh like the evil (evil laugh)


  • Ok! Who gave me a wedgie?!
  • Halloween. Spooky old mansion. Stormy night! It's a prankster's paradise!
  • Ok, so Huey and I had a little disagreement. We're brothers, no sense getting upset. (After tricking Huey into sitting on a lizard and getting bitten) Especially when it's more fun getting even!
  • (When Donald is about to smash all the world's televisions) Stop! In the name of all that's electronic, spare those innocent television sets!
  • (When Donald sends the boys a note telling them to clean their room) Let's see, how shall I reply to this with the proper verve and panache?... No way José!
  • Nobody out-pranks Deuteronomy D. Duck!
  • I never thought being alone would be so... lonely.
  • (When statue warriors are attacking) I can't believe it, we're gonna be done in by walking flower pots!
  • (When Huey and Louie get kidnapped by a werewolf) (Casually) Hey Hue. Hey Lou. Hey werewolf. (Suddenly realising) HEY WEREWOLF?!?!
  • You can never find a cosmic infidibulator when you need one.
  • Look at him is a black horse, he is your friend louie. His name is Jefferson (louie hugs black horse's head)
  • Doom and fear (evil laugh)


(When Huey and Dewey are arguing and sending missiles at each other.)

  • (To the audience) You know, this may look like mean spirited combat. (Huge explosion) And it may sound like mean spirited combat, but don't let that fool you. (A missile strikes Louie) It IS mean spirited combat. (Passes out).
  • (When Donald had turned into a baby) Nice Donnie Wonnie, come to uncle Louie Gooey!
  • (To Donald when he's targeted by a villian) Wow! And we thought you made up that story about saving the Earth from alien invaders!
  • (When the Earth got sliced in half by the moon) Uh-oh! I can fix this, sure, no prob. Err... anyone got some glue or staples or something?
  • (Louie mounts the black horse) Horse, yeah. Pretending the evil spirits take off the places, need a hand pal. (huey and dewey mounts the black horse too) Next up, the Krusty Krab. Hyaahh? (Huey, Dewey & Louie Riding the Black Horse)
  • (evil laugh) That's not headless horseman's horse, that's a horse look at me (louie pets on horse's head) now who's with me (he's looking huey and dewey that hand's up) Now let's go catch monsters, FOOORRREEEVVVEEERRR. (evil laugh)


  • uh no uncle d that's on the first floor this is the fourth floor séance lab

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