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Rahul Gandhi, 2009

Rahul Gandhi (born 19 June 1970) is an Indian politician and member of the Parliament of India.


  • The fact of the matter is that innocent people died in 1984 and innocent people dying is a horrible thing and should not happen. The difference between Gujarat and 1984 was that the Government of Gujarat was involved in the riots. [...] I think that riots, as all riots, were a horrible event. Frankly I was not in operation in the Congress party.
  • Every situation that Indian person finds himself in is extremely complex. We have to deal with the red lights. As young leaders here have to deal with senior leaders, suddenly someone disrupts your entire life. Everything happens, sort of, according to your karma; it’s all random.
  • If you go back a hundred, two hundred years, you would find that India is energy; it is a force. If you go back a thousand years, two thousand years, you would find that force came from our rivers: Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati. We worshiped these rivers and the reason we worshiped these rivers was because that is where our energy came from, and everything we had was built on these rivers. Now, we have gone way beyond that. We have built structures that are allowing this energy to rise, to explode.
  • India is the Saudi Arabia of human resources for the 21st century. The power that we used to get from oil in 20th century, we will get it from people like you in 21st century.

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