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Robinson Cruesoeland (A.K.A. Atoll K or Utopia) is a 1951 British comedy film. It stars the final film appearance of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. As they set sail to Oceania to a deserted island called Cruesoeland where Oliver Hardy becomes the president.

Directed by Léo Joannon. Written by John D. Klorer.
Their first NEW comedy feature in years!  (taglines)


London Mayor: Stan Laurel I presume..
Oliver Hardy: Oh, No, no, no! I am Oliver Hardy.
London Mayor: But where is Stan Laurel?
Oliver Hardy: Oh, Right over here! (Points at the wrong way)

Stan Laurel: What about me?
Oliver Hardy: Why, Stan? You are the people.

Stan Laurel: We won't do anything else but eat and sleep...
Oliver Hardy: And nobody who is going to tell us where we are.
A Lawyer: What are you doing here?
Oliver Hardy: What are we doing here?!? This is our island!!!
A Lawyer: Must be some mistake. This island has been taken over by the government for insufficient payment of inheritance taxes. Moreover you're also fined for the delay. It's my duty to seize your supplies and food. Take 'em away!
[The crew takes all of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy's belongings]
Oliver Hardy: Well, Here's Another Nice Mess You've Gotten Me Into!
Stan Laurel: (whines) Well, I Couldn't Help It! You've Always Blaming Me For Everything!
[Stan sobs loudly as The Cuckoo Song plays and the screen zooms out]


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