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Ruediger Dahlke (born 24 July 1951) is a German physician, psychotherapist, esotericist, and author.


  • When I talk about cosmic laws I am not just referring to the greater contexts, such as the laws of polarity or resonance, but also to ideas like a proper diet and achieving a natural relationship between rest and activity. As humans, we were born omnivores with strong vegetarian tendencies. So we should not be surprised when, as we age, we develop conditions such as arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, etc., due to an exaggerated daily intake of protein. We are not abiding by the laws and have to pay for it. The fact that the majority of people ignores these laws does not change their validity.
    • Mandalas for Meditation (Sterling Publishing, 2001), pp. 10-11.
  • I have been a vegetarian for more than 40 years and, five years ago, I became a vegan. There are many wonderful gifts that have come out of this way of life. First, not only is it easier to maintain your ideal weight, but physical exercise turns out to be much more joyful, while raising metabolism and in turn making it easier to achieve your desired figure. Most importantly, your zest for life is enhanced … You have more energy, which makes you feel more at ease and puts you in a better mood. … Above all, it is a huge relief to get rid of the misery and torment of the slaughtered animals you otherwise would have eaten and to experience yourself in a free and peaceful manner. … We can meditate and pray for peace, and we can also eat peace. One does not exclude the other; on the contrary, a balanced vegetarian diet promotes deeper meditation which again enhances inner peace which, in my opinion, is a mandatory requirement for external peace.

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