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Samuli Paronen (Virolahti, 23 May 1917 - Hämeenlinna, August 26, 1974) was a Finnish novelist, painter and laborer. While living in modest circumstances Paronen published his first work at the age of 47 and died at the age of 57. In this brief period, he had amassed a prestigious production of eight novels, a collection of short stories and a collection of aphorisms.


  • Name is a fence and within it you are nameless.
    • Samuli Paronen, quoted in: M.kumar. Dictionary of Quotations, APH Publishing, 2008. p. 168
  • Real winners do not compete.
    • Samuli Paronen, quoted in: Pasi Sahlberg (2015), Finnish Lessons 2.0. p. 139

Quotes about Samuli Paronen[edit]

  • Two writers who have gone the furthest from their proletarian starting points are Hannu Salama and Samuli Paronen. In regard to both its structure and its perceptions, Salama's epic prose is unsurpassed. From the point of view of the lowest and poorest societal strata the very individualistic Paronen created a body of work that has proved to be remarkable, even as criticism of civilisation.
    • George C. Schoolfield (1998), A History of Finland's Literature. p. 223

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