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36 learnings at 36 (2017)[edit]

  1. Happiness drives success and not the other way around. This past year I’ve experienced high stress levels. I felt I was not in control of things. It took me some time and difficult decisions to find the happiness route for my family life. Once on the right track, I was able to successfully regain control of my professional life. 
  2. Getting enough sleep is not a dream but a necessity. As soon as my young daughter began to sleep through the night, I’ve started to wake up more energized and keen to “do stuff” and enjoy the day. 
  3. Being self-aware is the best self-service. I’m not the person of my dreams, but I’m aware of my strengths and “imperfections”. Knowing what makes me “unique” or “weird” has helped me to understand when, where and how I can “add value”. 
  4. Working is like playing but for grownups. Sometimes it can be fun and rewarding. Sometimes it can be frustrating. Falling down and getting up is part of the “game”. Different goals, different reward systems, same satisfaction. Working and playing can always be made more fun. 
  5. Working “smarter”, not harder, is actually “smarter”. As a “perfectionist”, I tend to work hard to deliver “impeccable” work. Most of the time it would have been sufficient and smarter to just match the expectations if I had known them upfront. 
  6. Important to know: urgent tasks may not be important. Urgent = to be done as soon as possible.Important = if not done “the boat will sink”. Important is more important than urgent. 
  7. Blocking time to “get things done" will help get things done. If I’m not “in control” of my calendar, others will be. What is important for others may not be important for me. 
  8. Saying “No” can be extremely positive. One day I realized that if I had said “No” more often to things which were not important to me, the “world would not end” and I would have had more time to say “Yes” to things which are actually important to me.