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Sergio Mattarella in 2022

Sergio Mattarella (born 23 July 1941, in Palermo) is an Italian politician, jurist, academic, and lawyer who has served as the president of Italy since 2015.


  • The Council of Europe has always had the vocation of being the “common European home” and has been able to develop his vocation in the decades since its creation, as its current broad representation testifies. A home that, if it has been a faithful mirror of the divisions and difficulties between the different national communities, has also been able to be, above all, an expression of Europe’s courage for unity, often foreshadowing what could later be built, in other respects and in other areas, such as the European Union.
  • Peace does not impose itself automatically, by itself, but is the result of the will of men.
  • War is a voracious monster, never satiated.
    • [Speech by President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe], (Strasbourg, April 27, 2022)
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