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Sex Drive is a 2008 film about a teenager who journeys, accompanied by his friends, to lose his virginity.

He's leaving virgin territory (taglines)


  • Holy buckets...she wants me to give her the D.


  • Who's gonna pound on it? Say it: 'Ian's gonna pound on it.'
  • I can't believe I'm banging an Amish chick. I mean seriously, what are the odds?
  • Oh, did you have a moment? A little moment? You're an idiot.


  • Which do you like better, the shaft or the balls?...You like 'em both, don't you.
  • Put a little sack into it, powder puff.
  • No way. No way my little brother's takin' it in the chili ring! You go and bang a female woman like the good Lord intended. And Ian...fill up the tank, would ya, buddy? Cause it's gettin' a little low.


  • I'm into you, and...I'm hard.
  • Hey, I was born to fertilize!
  • Do you have a phone number? ...You don't! Oh, okay.
  • You should pee on us!
  • You gotta get the monkey.
  • Nice hair. It'd look...look better in my crotch.


  • What up, English?
  • I miss sarcasm. It's mostly lost on my people. And gambling...went to Vegas once. [pause] And buttfucking.


  • Girl at Theme Park: I would've blown, you know!


  • He's leaving virgin territory.


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