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Solomon B Taiwo in 2017

Samuel Solomon Kelly Taiwo (Born 10 November 1990 ) known professionally as Solomon B Taiwo is an English actor and author.


Impact interview (2020)[edit]

Online Text

  • Learning about our history and diving deep in Enslaved, opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. Playing my character really inspired me – he was an author who had a role in the abolition of slavery and even signed the document.
  • When you’re playing someone, I feel the character taking over me, but I am also influencing the character. Becoming embodied in the character on set is, what I think, makes a really powerful actor. If the character is good enough in a script, it really affects you. This is why I try and become the character for one or two weeks.
  • The character plays you, and this really resonates with me because I am not professionally trained, I’m more of ‘an in the moment’ actor. I just enjoy the whole atmosphere of being on set and becoming the character and I love all aspects of filming from the producers to the AD whether its film or TV. You could definitely call me a fanatic when it comes to film.

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