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Taiwo in 2019

Solomon B Taiwo (Born 10 February 1986) is an English actor.


Kreol interview (2017)[edit]

Online Text

  • A good script is important to the success of a project and how it makes it easier to get into a particular role.
  • I’d like to have a bigger house, inspire twenty million people, and live on the moon – just to see what’s out there!
  • I was homeless but I had a strong mentality. I concentrated on what I wanted and I reached out to certain people, such as Les Brown. This helped me and made me more confident.
  • If you show me something and I accept the challenge, I’ll do it – I’m a one-man army!
  • I don’t like to talk before I walk, but I do want to leave a legacy, someone who started from nothing to become something.

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