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SoulEaterFan (2015) is Youtuber series based on the YouTube user: SoulEaterFan. The series revolves Maka, Kim, Cartman, SpongeBob, And More Japanese Anime!

Episode 1[edit]

Swing Low, Sweet Charoit[2.1a][edit]

Kyle's Mom's a Bitch[2.1b][edit]

Patrick: Im gunna cum!

Cartman: ♪ ♫Weeeeeeeeeellll, Kyle's mom's a bitch, she's a big fat bitch, She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world, She a stupid bitch, if there ever was a bitch, She's a bitch to all the boys and girls.♪ ♫
Cartman: ♪ ♫On Monday she's a bitch, On Tuesday she's a bitch, On Wednesday to Saturday she's a bitch, Then on Sunday, just to be different, She's a super King Kamehameha biyotch!♪ ♫
Wendy: That's not what i meant, Cartman. THAT IS A BAD SONG!
Cartman: ♪ ♫Have you ever met my friend Kyle's mom? She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world. She's a mean ole bitch, and she has stupid hair. She's a bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch. Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch She's a stupid bitch! (Whooo!) Kyle's mom's a bitch And she's such a dirty bitch!♪ ♫ (Bitch!)
Cartman: Talk to kids around the world, And it might go a little bit something like this:
[Cartman fancies leading a Chinese choir]
Kǎi ěr de māmā shìgè biǎo zi yīgè biǎo zi,
[then a French one]
Elle est la plus grande garce dans le vaste monde,
[then a Dutch one (dressed as a Dutch girl),]
Ze is een stom kutwijf, als er iemand een kutwijf was,
[then an African one (in black-face)]
She's a bitch kwa wavulana na wasichana wote,
[then a Italian one]
Lei è la stronza numero uno al mondo.
[then a Japanese one]
Kanojo wa hiroi sekai de ichiban no meinudesu.
[then a German one]
Sie ist die Hündin Nummer eins in der weiten Welt.
[then a Portuguese one]
Ela é a maior vadia do mundo inteiro,
[When he sings in English again, the four choirs are behind him in the Netherlands]
Cartman: ♪ ♫Have you ever met my friend Kyle's mom? She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world. She's a mean ole bitch, and she has stupid hair. She's a bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch!♪ ♫
Daphne, Sandy, Maka, Kim, Ryuko, Nonon, Velma and Wendy: [Bursts in the door, and they're really pissed off] WHAT DID YOU SAY TO SHEILA THIS TIME?!?!
All: Woah! [They freeze as Nicole walks up behind Cartman.]
Cartman: ♪ ♫Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch. She's a stupid bitch!♪ ♫
Stan: Uh...Cartman?
Cartman: ♪ ♫Kyle's mom's a bitch, And she's such a dirty bitch! [showstopper] I really mean it. Kyle's mom, she's a big fat fucking bitch! Big ol' fat fucking bitch, Kyle's mom! Yeah, Chaaaa!♪ ♫ [He ends on his knees with a wide, open smile and outstretched arms. He opens his eyes and sees the horrified looks on the kids' faces] What?
Daphne: I FUCKING HATE YOU KENNY MCCORMICK!!! [Kills Kenny McCormick with a Big Chainsaw]
Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob: IDIOT!
Cartman: Oh fuck!

[cuts to SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Richard, Gumball, Darwin, Houka Inumata, Black Star, Kid, Aang, Zuko, Lincoln, Clyde and Even Larry are tied up on the tree]
SpongeBob: What is that?!?!?!
Patrick: I Cannot believe Kim, Maka, and the girls tied us up.
Cartman: What the FUCK are ya talking about?!?!
Sheila: You've been Trying to Sing a song about I was a bitch, including around the world a little bit of something like, Dutch, Chinese, French, Africa, Portugese, Japanese, Italian, and even German?!?! I WILL FUCKING DESTROY YOU!!!
Toph: YEAH! Get 'em, Sheila Brofloski!

Episode 2[edit]

JokeBob [2.2a][edit]

Sandy: Naw, we just dun put glue on it so you wouldn't fall off. [sees Spongebob's flowers] Are 'dem flowers for us? You even dun got us a vase! [takes Spongebob's water helmet]
SpongeBob:But, Sandy, that-that's not a... :[Sandy puts the flowers in the water helmet]
Sandy: Ain't dat pretty?
Spongebob: [rapidly dehydrating] Sandy, I need fucking wa–
Sandy: Oh, dat's right! You'se a sea critter! Now what was that thing sea critters need? Umm, uhh... let's see, uhh... [a big lump in her throat wiggles up and down] Sea critters need, uhh...
SpongeBob: fucking Wa–
Haruko: Oh wait, don't tell me. We know this one.
SpongeBob: fucking Wa–
Sandy: Wallet… watch… waffles…?
SpongeBob: [desperate] Sandy, fucking water!
Sandy: Well, why didn't you just say so? Here ya go! [shoves a water hose into SpongeBob's mouth and turns it on] Yup, us squirrels sure is stupid.
SpongeBob: Sandy!
Sandy: Dumb, dumb, dumb. Squirrels is dumb.
SpongeBob: [rapidly inflating as he fills with water] Sandy! Okay, Sandy, I fucking get it!
Sandy: What's that, you want more? Okie-dokie! More water for the sea critter! [turns hose on full blast]
SpongeBob: OKAY, SANDY! OKAY!! I FUCKING GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!! [cut outside the Treedome, where Spongebob's body appears to have filled the interior of the dome; weakly] No more squirrel jokes…

The Secret[2.2b][edit]

Anais: Hey, where's Julie?
Gumball: [Comes out of the door] She went to jack-off with Yumi, Butters, and Master Yo.
Anais: Oh. [Whispering] So, did you tell Lindsay that Stan apologize to the Killer Grips?
Gumball: No. He must never know that we accidentally uploaded that clip on purpose.
[Gumball and Anais laugh after a short moment pause]
[The Sand Witch Project deleted scene that Gumball and Anais uploaded appears]
Justin: You guys gotta let me be the killer! The mask offers good protection for my beautiful face!
Anais: [Correctly Impressed] I guess that could be okay.
Izzy: [Lindsay raised a finger to speak, but Izzy interrupted her] Okay, I am such a way better scarcer, My own dog is terrified of me, okay?
Owen: But you're cute as a bug in a rug! [Izzy looks at him in disgusted]
Gumball: Dude, little tip: You're only picking Izzy as our serial killer for stupidity.
Bloo: [To Gumball] Just give it a chance, Just this once?
Mac: I think I'll have to go with Gumball on this one, Bloo, Sorry.
Lindsay: Hey, you guys? Um, Beth?
Justin: Later, Lindsay, I wanna be the killer, okay? And that's it.
Cartman: No way..
Panty: [To Justin] Yeah, and your beautiful face are the size of dinner plates. and fierce, and oh, God, are they sensitive!
Stocking: Of course girls who freak out over Justin's beautiful face. I say titters because his face is so beautiful, that actually make me laugh.
Panty: Ah. It's cool. Your tits keep you from looking like a girl. I get it. Then you won't feel like you're hooking up with a pedophile.
Izzy: [To Panty And Stocking] But look at my scary face! [she made a face, that is more silly than scary]
Stocking: [To Izzy, And gets it now] I do not understand how I can ever be related to you, You're nothing but a crazy, hoe-bagging nutjob!
Panty: Remember that time when I told you to become a killer? You gotta be the killer with that inner fucking peace!
Owen: [To Izzy] D'aw, that's not scary, that's adorable. [Izzy turns around, and hisses at him] This is a scary face.
Stan: [Growls Loudly And Then He Violently Begins To Shout At Her] I DON'T CARE!!!!! DAMN IT, WHY CAN'T YOU JUST GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME IN PEACE????!!!!!!!!!!! [Wrap sound, Stan opens his eyes, only to see everyone on his team are understandably and incredibly pissed off at him for all of the hurtful things he said, proceeding them to beat him up, it became silent, but for the next 10 seconds] I'm Dead Aren't I?
Izzy: LET'S GET HIM!!!!
Stan: no..No..NO...NO! [in lighting fast, they aggressively begin to beat him up mercilessly as the screen fades to black] AAAAGH!!! GET OFF OF ME YOU BUNCH OF MONSTERS!!!!!!
Gumball: So?
Anais: It looks like your face to face turned into more of a... face to fist...
Gumball: What the... What?!
Lindsay: [confessional] Can I just tell you that fel-
Stan: [Suddenly Snaps And He Launches Into An Rage Outburst] YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [With A lot Of Rage, Stan Violently Throw A Huge Rock At Lindsay, Smashing Her To The Sky, Screaming In The Process, Earthy Crust starts playing]
Stan: [Yells Back At Mordecai] YEAH REALLY!!!!!!!!
[Stan's Behavior Got Worse, And As Of A Huge Result, This Challenge Erupted Into A Violent Argument Of Fury, While Gumball And Anais Watches Them In True Horror]
Stan: STOCKING IS GONNA BE THE FUCKING SERIAL KILLER!!!!!! LOOK I DON'T CARE!!!! [Points at Beth angrily] BETH IS STUPID ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!! [That Was It, It Was At This Moment Where Lindsay's Patience Went Completely Dry]
Stan: [He Violently Loses It, Talking In Cartman's Voice] FUCK YOU, LINDSIOT!!!!!! [releases a furious fist, knocking Lindsay to the ground]
Cartman: FIGHT!!! [Stan begins to bruise her up violently, Mordecai punches Stan in the face, leads them into a full blown fight, everyone gather round to watch, Half of them are cheering them on, the other half stay quiet, Wendy cries and hides her face with her notebook, terrified at Stan's Violent Outburst]
Cody: Hoh-Woah, School Fight!
Junior: Yeah, Stan, You Beat Her Up, You Keep Fighting Him!
1Smash18: Oh You Got The Best Of Both Worlds Right There! Except There Attacking Each Other! [Eats Some Popcorn]
[The video clip shows the view count over 9,000,000,000 views]
Gumball: Well, that wasn't much help.
Anais: You're right, I think we need help from a real serial killer.

Episode 3[edit]

SoulEaterFan with Stan and Cartman Presents: The Face-Heel Turn of Sunset Shimmer [2.3a][edit]

Twilight Sparkle: You will never rule in Equestria! Any power you may have had in this world is gone! Tonight, you've shown everyone who you really are. You've shown them what is in your heart!
Sunset Shimmer: [crying] I-I'm sorry. I'm so sorry! I didn't know there was another way!
Stan: [shocked] Sunset Shimmer.... No...
Cartman: What the fuck are you doing?
Twilight Sparkle: The magic of friendship doesn't just exist in Equestria. It's everywhere. You can seek it out, or you can forever be alone. The choice is yours.
Sunset Shimmer: But... But all I've ever done since being here is drive everyone apart! I don't know the first thing about friendship.
Twilight Sparkle: I bet they can teach you.
Stan and Cartman: [first express shock, then enraged] AWWWW!!!!!!! [they leave their seats]
[The Bijou, day, outside. The two boys exit the theater]
Stan: Goddamnit, that pisses me off!
Cartman: [they reach the ticket booth] Yeah, we want our money back!
Ticket Salesman: Sorry, suckers, I can't refund your money. You sat through the whole movie.
Stan: That wasn't a movie, that was a retarded stick of friendship and happiness!
Cartman: Yeah! You can't charge people to watch a hero forgive the villain after they regret everything they've done while they're crying!
Ticket Salesman: That girl happened to be Sunset Shimmer, and she went through all that to embrace the magic of friendship!
Stan: We go to the Fright Zone to read all of the manipulative stuff we want! We go to movies to be entertained with all of the pain, betrayal, and dark moments! But when we saw a girl CRYING after she got blasted into the crater by Twilight and her friends, we weren't entertained! We wanted to see Sunset Shimmer regret Twilight Sparkle's offer of friendship and redemption, and we want our money back!
Ticket Salesman: I'm not allowed to give you your money back after you sat through the whole movie! You'd have to take your complaint up with the film's producers.
Stan: W-what? Jayson Thiessen and Meghan McCarthy?
Cartman: You're saying we have to get our money back from Jayson Thiessen and Meghan McCarthy?
Ticket Salesman: Yeah. I'd like to see you try.
Stan: Oh, we will! This is America! And in America, if something sucks, or someone gets redeemed to quickly without swearing revenge against the hero, you're supposed to be able to get your money back! Come on, Cartman! [he and Cartman storm off]

[Sunset Shimmer is at her locker getting her books. She closes it, only to find an very impulsive pissed off Stan and Cartman looking at her, angry at the betrayal of her rushed Heel-Face Turn mixed of Tears of Remorse from the end of the first movie of Equestria Girls they've already watched]
Sunset Shimmer: ......Okay.
Sunset Shimmer: Hey, don't freak out. There's enough space in my life for the both of you.
[Cartman smashes a picture of the good Sunset Shimmer on the ground]
Sunset Shimmer: Well, Adora wasn't there when had a rushed change of heart. I've got to find some way of keeping myself entertained.
Stan: ENTERTAIN????!!!!!!
[Cartman smashes another picture of her again]
Sunset Shimmer: Is it so bad that I've changed? I mean... I enjoy the time I spend with my friends.
Stan: FRIENDS???!!!!!! A FUCKING HEEL-FACE TURN?????!!!!!!!!!
[Cartman smashes the last picture of her to the ground, but this time, it's made out of cement]
Sunset Shimmer: What difference does it make when I started believing in friendship?
Stan: You bitch..... How many? [Shakes his head in disapproval and touches the bridge of his nose]
Sunset Shimmer: Five at the moment. But, people like the new me now.
Stan: I think I'm gonna be sick. [Welling up tears] The girl has a secret new life. [Sniffs] Cartman, smash another picture of Sunset Shimmer...
[Scene reveals that Cartman has run out of pictures to smash]
Cartman: [Gasps] Hold on, Stan.
[Cartman goes to his room to order picture online. Then he waits until the mailman arrives with the package. Once he receives the package, he opens it at the table and smashes one of the pictures of the good Sunset Shimmer. However, the picture falls in a plastic manner]
Cartman: God fucking-damnit, I bought the plastic ones....

Stan: That's it! We're going to sue Hasbro and tell them to make Sunset Shimmer become evil again!
Jake: Eh, doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Their fans reactions wouldn't work if Sunset Shimmer didn't get reformed at the end of Equestria Girls.
Cartman: What? What the fuck are you talking about? Sunset Shimmer really was Catra's long lost sister after she turned into a She-Demon when she put on that crown!
Jake: No, she's not. Sunset Shimmer is on the side of good now, and Catra wasn't even there because She-Ra and the Princesses of Power didn't premiere until 2018. That's our dynamic, dude. Sunset Shimmer has changed, and sometimes you have to learn to deal with it.
Stan: We're going to bash Hasbro and manipulate Jayson Thiessen and Meghan McCarthy into making Sunset Shimmer revert back into her power-hungry popular bully-of-a-girl self!
Cartman: Yeah, and then we'll see how long she likes getting to know the old her again so she can take revenge against Twilight Sparkle!
Lancy Penn: You guys never stop, do you?

Stan: That fucking ending of Equestria Girls pisses me off. We can make Sunset Shimmer not be reformed in the very easy way, the Villains fandom.
Computer Voice: Welcome to the Villains fandom.
Cartman: Hmm! Hmm! We got this. Bam!
Computer Voice: Sunset Shimmer becomes immediately realize the error of her ways and apologizes for her actions, appearing to renounce her prior dishonest and unkind ways. However, she is also overcome with a great deal of despair and regret. Almost everyone now turns their back on her, further complicating her sadness. In the second film, Sunset Shimmer appears to have changed from her old self and started believing in friendship, becoming friends with her enemies, even Twilight, and she is seen as friendly, kind-hearted, rapturous, humble, graceful, helpful, sensitive, enthusiastic, delighted, caring, brave, selfless, and thoughtful.
Stan: Urgh... That pisses me off...
Cartman: This is really starting to piss us the fuck off....
[Had enough, Cartman grabs the chair and throws it at the window, sending it to Sunset Shimmer, who she dodges, offscreen, while Stan screams in rage]
[Stan punches the image of Twilight Sparkle embracing Sunset Shimmer the magic of friendship on the computer and begins to shake the computer as well]
Stan: WE WANT SUNSET SHIMMER TO BE THE FUCKING VILLAIN AGAIN, YOU STUPID FUCKING ANSWERING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!! [Ads pop up as a result of Stan and Cartman's fit of temper tantrum rage, and Stan stops shaking the computer] Crap! Ads!
Cartman: Ads, go away, now! [He starts closing ads, but he rests on one] Huh? Pandora's Box?
Stan: Increase your power to become a super power-hungry...
Cartman: Egotistical popular bully equals...
Stan and Cartman: More villainous then ever..

Rage Against Quinn's Redemption [2.3b][edit]

Stan: [walks in angrily] Too old for an action movie. Huh!
Sally: What is it this time, kid?
Cartman: Are you aware Larry Quinn is in the live-action Cat in the Hat 2003 movie?
Sally: They could've been ashamed of us!
Stan: But they are, and Larry is a... [close-up of his mouth] ...villian. [Conrad and Sally Scream.]
Stan: They have shunned our heroes.
Cartman: And he isn't nice to him either.
Conrad: [sobs] Now our dreams of being big screen heroes will never come true.
Stan: Well, that makes it even worse.
Sally: [puts his hands on Conrad's back] You bet it does, kid.
Conrad: And the worst part is... I can't remember why I started crying. [sobs some more]
Cartman: Why don't we just make our own movie?
Stan: Cartman, once again, you have exposed your brilliance. We'll make a real The Cat in the Hat movie, right here at The Walden Residence.
Conrad: [stops crying] You will?
Stan: Yes, and in doing so, we will right the wrong done to you by the evil Larry Quinn and... [close-up of his mouth] ...Their cunnings.
Conrad: [jumps on top of the table] Vindication is ours! Vindi... How did I get up here?'

Thing 2: Don't pudding me.
Cat: Ah, this is curse. Thing 2 would like to clarify that just because he wears the number 2 does not imply in any way that he's inferior to Thing 1.
Thing 2: i have Maka or Kim.
Cat: He says you may feel free to call him Thing A if you like. She'll also accept Super Thing, Thing King, Kid Dynamite, Chocolate Thun-dah' or Ben.
Thing 2: [chuckles] "Ben".
[Thing 1 jabbers incoherently]
Cat: Thing 1 says he's Thing 1 for a reason and some people should just get used to it. It's a Thing thing, you wouldn't understand. [to the Things bickering] Okay, enough! You're quickly turning into one of my least favorite Things! [closes the crate after Cartman opened it] Listen, Cartman, you probably don't wanna do that.
Stan: Why not? It's just a crate.
Cat: This isn't just any crate. It's the Transdimensional Transportolator. It's kinda like a doorway which leads from this world to my world.
Conrad: But it says "Made in the Philippines".
Cat: Yes, but not this Philippines. Look. Now I'm not usually a rules guy, but this is a biggie. No opening the crate. No looky, no touchy. Got it? [locks the crate]
Shelly: That Hairy man in a hat locked up a crate, Awesome.
Kimial Diehl: You're a T.H.I.N.G
Maka Albarn:[pulls out a chart] Thing Heinie Into Nothing Graph. You're Things!
Cartman: He'll also accept Super Thing, Thing King, Kid Dynamite,
Kyle:Chocolate Thun-dah'
Stan: or Ben.
Shelly: NOBODY LIKES A SUCK-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 4[edit]

Plankton Paranoia [2.4a][edit]

Mr. Krabs: I know you're in here, Plankton. Where are you hiding?
Plankton: [off-screen] I'm right here... [Mr. Krabs jumps out and sees the television on] at the Chum Bucket! Come on down and try our new Chum Nuggets, nigga.
Mr. Krabs: Heh. [turns off the television] Whew.
Nonon: What the crap is that?
Larry: Well, that's just Plankton.
Black Star: Don't you know why it's march?
SpongeBob, Black Star and Kid: Of Course Daphne, It's MARCH!
Sandy: How Impressive.

Screeching Humberfloob[2.4b][edit]

Episode 5[edit]

Bubbletown [2.5a][edit]

[Mr. Krabs comes out from his office and is shocked to see a long line of starving customers. Daphne is slumped over the cash register, sound asleep and snoring softly. Mr. Krabs yells in her face]
Daphne [startled]: Huh? Huh? What? Who? MR. EUGENE HAROLD KRABS, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!
Mr. Krabs: What's going on here? How long have these folks been waiting to give me their money?
[Old Man Jenkins, who is standing at the front of the line, keels over and dies. His angel begins to float away, but he grabs the angel and pulls him back into his body. He sits up and gives a thumbs up]
Old Man Jenkins: I'm okay.
Tweek: Hey, Slow Down!
Daphne: NO WAY IM GUNNA FUCKIN SLOW DOWN, I FUCKING HATE YOU KENNY, YOU WANT SOME OF THIS WHOREY SHIT?!?!?! [screams and beats Kenny way to hard, killing him to death]

Spin the Bottle (The Infamous Episode Featuring Cartman, Kyle, Haruko, Ryuko, SpongeBob, Mordecai, Rigby and More...) [2.5b][edit]

Sandy: Anais! Come on! You've been in there forever!
[Anais peeks from behind the door]
Anais: Oh, I'm sorry. But as Mom pays the water bill and you two are insensitive brats, I think you'll need to shower somewhere else. [She closes the door]
Cartman: Suck my asshole, taco vendor!
Squidward: [Mockingly] As Mom pays the water bill, I think you should shower somewhere else.
Anais: [From behind the door] You can say what you like, but you're not going to annoy me!
Kyle: I'm gonna shove that soap up your ass!
Mr. Krabs: you better not!
Velma: [Mockingly] You can say what you like, but you're not going-- [A soap bar flies from behind the door, hitting Velma squarely in the face. His nose swells up] Ow! My...nose!
Daphne: [Mockingly] Ow! My dose!
Kyle: [Furiously] THAT'S IT!!!!! [Opens up the bathroom and lunges at Daphne hard against the floor]
Stan: [Appears on-screen] DUDE!
[Kyle brutally beats up Daphne for throwing a soap at Velma and being an unlikeable jackass and violently shoves the soap up her ass]
Daphne: What do you think you're doing?!
Kyle: [Still beating the crap out of Velma] YOU MADE ME DO THIS!!! YOU MADE ME DO THIS!!!!!!!!!
Squidward: I wasn't built to take this much pressure!

Ryuko: All right, the sauce.
SpongeBob: [takes a step back] ... What?
Maka: The sauce, I dunno. You're using too much sauce. Okay? Review's over. [Alternate-Dimension SpongeBob's eyes grow squinted and slanted, lips become distorted, and starts to spasm back and forth with his arms, making noises as if he's about to sob] What? [more stuttering]
Kim:What's the matter with you? All I said was a "little too much sauce", it's no big deal, really. [more stuttering]
Haruko:What do you want from us? A promotion?!
SpongeBob: [turns instantly normal] A pro-! A promo-! A promotion?!
Ryuko: Eeh, sure, kid. You're, uh... you're on Pizza Piehole now.
SpongeBob: [a lit fuse having appeared on his head as if he were a bomb] [gasps] What the Fuck, Pizza Piehole?! [explodes]

[Squidward's Nightmare Fuel gruesome death]
Squidward: What is wrong with you?! Don't you know people have feelings? He's trying to help us!
Kyle: What I understand is that you and your family totally screwed Daphne over!! I WISH HE DIDN'T HAVE ANY PARENTS!
Squidward: You are so insensitive! Would it really hurt you to-
Kyle: [Grabs Squidward by the throat] FUCK OFF, YOU WHINY CRYBABY BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!
SpongeBob: KYLE, NO!!!!
[Kyle knocks Squidward out with a right hook violently, and brutally murders him with a creepy chainsaw and blood bursts out of his head and his entire body in half, killing him]
SpongeBobb and Patrick: [horrified] SQUIDWARD!!!!!
Kyle: Ooh, who the hell cares? That stupid asshole is not even Gumball's responsibility anyway.
Shelly Marsh: Wow... Squidward's Mom isn't gonna like hearing that..
Houka: Welp, Home at last! What the--? [He, Ira, and Uzu Scream Together, A close-up of Squidward, he is completely cut in half by a Creepy Chainsaw, They start sobbing] NO!!!!
Daphne and Velma: [joins in Sobbing too] WHY, SQUIDWARD, WHY?!?!?! [Continue sobbing]
SpongeBob: Goodbye, Squidward...
Patrick: [gives Squidward a kiss] We will miss you.

[cuts to the Cemetery. Squidward's casket is being lowered into the plot. Present at the funeral are the Wattersons and the Cartmans, and the Broflovskis, and the Albarns, and the Diehls, and the Waldens, Mrs. Kwan, Mr. Humberfloob, The Cat in the Hat, Haruko, Naota, Ryuko, Nonon, Houka, Ira, Uzu, Mordecai & Rigby, SpongeBob, Patrick, the piper, and the priest, with a kippah on his head and a scarf on his shoulders]
Father Maxi: "Yea, usher us unto the Lord", sayeth some Jewish guy once. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
[He throws some ashes into the grave. As the piper plays Hava Nagila, everyone covers their ears. They go their separate ways]
SpongeBob: Oh, that poor Octopus. Gone forever out of our lives.
Patrick: Yeah, He was too young to be taken from us.
Gumball: [Mad at Kyle for killing Squidward] You just couldn't let it go, do you? Well, I hope you got what you wanted.
Kyle: Well, yeah. But, at least he stopped being such a whiny little bitch.
Mordecai: Dude, you're the one who cut him in half with a chainsaw.
Cartman: Let, let us remember the good times, that airheaded friend would have wanted it that way.
[Cartman begins to sob uncontrollably, and Kyle tries to console him]
Maka and Kim: Awww....
Rigby: [Notices] Hey, wait a minute. How come Darwin's tombstone has the American flag on it?
[Headstone reads: "Squidward J. Tentacles 1997-2019, Born a Pacific Ocean, died in an infamous tempt blood murder"]
Betsy: Well, Rigby, there's something you have to know. Darwin wasn't really SpongeBob and Patrick's Best Friend after all, he was a Neighbor.
Rigby: What?
Nicole: He was not really a Tentacles, he was an Octopus who sported legs. But we loved him all the same. [She starts to sob uncontrollably]
Haruko and Naota: [Joins in sobbing uncontrollably with Richard]
Rigby: So you mean to tell me that all this time Squidward's been throwing SpongeBob and Patrick right under his way to the Kristy Krab so he can avoid getting into trouble, and he's not even his real neighbor?!
Anais: What are you talking about?
[Uzu, Ira, and Houka Bursts out crying except Nonon, Who is Consoling them]
Nonon: Goodbye Squidward, We love you so very much...
Rigby: Dude, Gumball didn't apologize to his father.
Kyle: Yeah, I killed Squidward because he wouldn't shut up about how much SpongeBob and Patrick wants to encourage that fatass of a Dad of his!
[The boys turn right and walk away. Ira, Uzu, Haruko, Naota, And Houka Stop Crying. Maka and Kim Get Mad]
Maka, Kim and Nicole: [Outraged] WHAT?!!!
Gumball: Dude, you shouldn't have told them that! Now everyone is going to think that my family is evil and they're going to be arrested because of YOU!
Rigby: Who cares, Gumball, your parents deserve whatever they get.
Kyle: Yeah. And besides, they're liars and cheats after all.
Cartman: Fireman!
[Kenny falls into an open grave]
Kenny: Hey!
[The spiked tombstone falls in]
Kenny: Hey, you guys! I'm ok-
[The tombstone hits its mark. The grave is deep. The crowds reconvenes, this time for Kenny's funeral]
Father Maxi: [Removes kippah and scarf.] "Yea, let us ponder the Lord's mercy. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."
[The piper plays Hava Nagila again]

[Cartman and Kyle's thoughts on The Infamous Hero]
Kyle: Who the hell would they want to watch Daphne being a sarcastic cheapskate, Squidward being an toxic friend to him, their Mom and Velma being evil assholes, or their Dad being a hero anyway? [drops to a whisper] The Hero freakin' sucked balls.
Cartman: Yeah, it sucked Hairy Butters' chin balls.

Episode 6[edit]

There's a Sponge in My Soup [2.6a][edit]

[SpongeBob is seen walking down the the Krusty Krab. Pearl, a melting Fire Hydrant, and Patrick are also shown in the background]
Patrick​​​: [On the phone] Okay, bye then.
SpongeBob: I'm here to serve, Mr. Krabs
[Patrick puts down the receiver, along with his head, and starts moonwalking. SpongeBob opens his locker, then a flood of water comes out of it. When it stops, a pineapple comes out of it and gets caught in SpongeBob's hands. Richard suddenly appears; only he has become a centaur, and starts talking to SpongeBob in a garbled language with the only real words being "of" (possibly) and "America"]
SpongeBob: No problem, Mr. President! I'll have it on your desk by the year 2025!
[Richard salutes and slides off, leaving a rainbow-colored trail. Cartman bounds in before SpongeBob can turn.]
SpongeBob: What?
Cartman: Everyone's gonna be charitable, and your Dad became a fucking hero instead of you standing up for yourself because of your stupid bastard of yours!! [Kyle and Shelly walk in behind him] YOU FUCKING SARCASTIC SMARTASS THE CHEAPSKATE RUINED EVERYTHING AGAIN!!!! [lunges after SpongeBob, promptly to attack him for disobeying the bet] AAAAAA!!!!! [Kyle and Shelly jump in and hold him back]
Kyle: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, hey! Cool it down, dude. This isn't gonna get us anywhere.
Cartman: It wasn't enough for Squidward to toxically concern your stupid fatass piece of shit, now you let Anais and your Mom get away scot-free after they abused you, huh?!
SpongeBob: Dude, don't freak out. There's enough space in my life for the both of you.
Larry: Yeah...

Kyle: There, what do you think?
Lincoln: So, what do you wanna do today?
Daphne: Who is that guy?
Kyle: That's Lincoln Loud, he's from Royal Woods, Michigan.
Maka: Yeah, SpongeBob and Patrick's parents think he's out with them to get some pizza, and we have to bring the new Squidward back for dinner.
Cartman: Are you sure about this, Kyle?
Stan: Yeah, I think SpongeBob is going to notice that Pac-Man isn't Squidward.
Kyle: Not if I say he got cut into pieces and had to live in the hospital for 12 weeks.
Anais: You guys are idiots! It's never going to work, you have to tell SpongeBob the truth!
Kimial Diehl: Come on, dude. If it were your boss, we'd work for you.
[The Non-SpongeBob characters leave]
Anais: [Facepalms] Ugh! This is the stupidest idea...
[Anais starts to walk, but then stops.]
Anais: Wait a minute! No, you wouldn't!
["Daphne" will take Squidward's role for the rest of Seasons 2 because Kyle killed him in the episode "Spin the Bottle"]
Daphne: I know you're upset, but... could you at least make eye contact with me?
[SpongeBob ignores Dpahne as his body twists around]
Daphne: Okay, this is getting ridiculous.
Patrick: Look, I don't want to speak to you. There's nothing ridiculous about it.
[Patrick trips, untwists his body using his legs and got back up]
Daphne: Look, I can't believe I'm about to say this, but, I apologize. [Quietly] For something I didn't do. [Normal] Okay?
SpongeBob: I'm sorry man, I j- I can't accept your apology.
Mr. Krabs: I got an better idea.
[The scene changes to the hippies resting in their new place that is warmer than the soup vat]
Moon Gills: You know what? That old man Krabs wasn't such a bad dude after all.
Sunshine: [giggles] Whoa!
Crystal Dave: Someone just crashed our new pad.
[Their new place turns out to be Hot Springs where Tsubaki is about to take a nice, hot bath. The hippies pop out]
Moon Gills: Yo, bro, potato?
Tsubaki: Oh, thanks, man. [eats the potato and swallows it; she opens her eyes and screams] WHAT, HIPPIES!!!

Girls' Night Out [2.6b][edit]

Daphne: [angrily] I've got a better idea! [Throws the toaster at Velma from which knocks her out and goes to Karen] Why don't I ask your buddy some advice whose JOB it is to stand up to someones Mom! You know why? Because when I need a job [pokes Karen's torso] done, I get someone with a job [pokes Karen's torso again] to do [pokes Karen's torso for the third time] that JOB! [pokes Karen's torso for the fourth time]
Karen: [Pushes Daphne's hand away from his torso] what are you saying?
[Daphne Starts to drop the F word Bomb While Beaming]
Mrs. Puff: I'm not so sure about pranking SpongeBob. He can't help that he's insufferable.
Patrick: TAKE COVER!!! [Patrick, Uzu, Ira, Nonon, Houka and the Rest Take Cover]
SpongeBob: Listen, you crustaceous cheapskate!
Mr. Krabs: [Dumb-founded] What?!
SpongeBob: Houka Inumuta's been living in my house driving me crazy! AND YOU'RE NOT GOING TO CALL YOUR MOM A BITCH ALL BECAUSE YOU WANT TO APOLOGIZE TO YOUR STUPID DIME!?
Mr. Krabs: [Gives In] Guys, we have no other choice: We're gonna have to let Daphne and Velma go so they can apologize to their Dad and put an end to it. Environmental activists under peer pressure and cycle of abuse doesn't use logic of reason anymore.
Nonon: [Notices, then stops the feud arguement] Hey! What the hell's going on over there? [sees a group of kids gathered in front of Killik, who stands on a soapbox]
Killik: The American government thinks it has the right to police the world. Your government is going to kill two Canadian citizens, an action condemned by the UN. Home of the free, indeed!
Clyde: ...Let's play tetherball.
Craig, Tweek, SpongeBob, Karen, Daphne, Sandy, Kyle, Cartman, Ryuko, Nonon, Haruko, Maka, Kim and Velma: Yeah!
Wendy: This is about freedom of speech! About censorship! Can't you guys be more political like Killik?
Stan: [thinking] ♪ ♫There's the girl that I like. Now it appears that she likes another guy. It must be because he's political and stuff; I bet I could be political, too.♪ ♫ [smiles. Wendy walks up to him]
Wendy: What do you think, Stan? [he barfs on the grass] Ewwww! You okay now?
Stan: Yes, i'm okay... Night

Episode 7[edit]

Maka, Kim, Kyle, or Cartman? [2.7a][edit]

Toph it Up a Notch [2.7b][edit]

Episode 8[edit]

Patrick! The Game[2.8a][edit]

Shelly-pany Carnival[2.8b][edit]

Episode 9[edit]


The Slumber Party[2.9b][edit]

Episode 10[edit]

Stop! Wendy Time[2.10a][edit]

Patrick Takes the Cake[2.10b][edit]

Kupkake Inator![2.11][edit]

Yumi: Hey! Patrick, your him.
Patrick: What about it? Oh [bleep]! I've chopped it off, well that's intresting because... [After killing the host That is literally Kenny while cooking cupcakes at a television show] GOD [bleep] DAMNN IT, OH I REALLY HATE [bleep] I HATE THIS [bleep], YOU MOTHER [bleep], OH- [a loud and long bleep is heard and broadcast is terminated]

Episode 12[edit]

Everyone Knows It's Julie Hinikawa[2.12a][edit]

The Leaderbored...[2.12b][edit]

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