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Soulcalibur II is the third installment of the Soul series after Soul Edge (or Soul Blade) and Soulcalibur. It's noted for the guest appearances for Link, Heihachi Mishima, and Spawn. the game is available for the Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2.


  • (in the intro) Transcending history, and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.
  • (in battle) The almighty ones have granted you a sword to cut your own path.
  • (in battle) Entrust your noble soul in your sword.
  • (in battle) Watched over by the almighty ones, they unleash their fury.
  • (in battle) Fate conspired to arrange their battle.
  • (in battle) A hero desires a sword, and a sword desires truth.
  • (in battle) The fighters face a gruesome quest to search for the ultimate sword.
  • (in battle) Now, two souls are fiercely entangled.
  • (About Cassandra) If the love for her family is power, then no one is stronger.
  • (About Cassandra) She chooses her path like a free bird.
  • (About Sophitia) The holy light gave power to the soul of the Valkyrie.
  • (About Sophitia) The grief reflected in her eyes drives her to the battles.
  • (About Mitsurugi) His motivation is the thirst for power.
  • (About Mitsurugi) Battles risking the soul, a man becomes a slave to his own ambition.
  • (About Ivy) Her resolve is stronger and more tragic than any other.
  • (About Ivy) A difficult journey lies ahead of her.
  • (About Raphael) A solemn madness hones his blade.
  • (About Raphael) Love and betrayal slowly intertwine.
  • (About Yunsung) Youth and passion combine to create a hardened warrior.
  • (About Yunsung) His desire to surpass others drives him onward.
  • (About Seung Mina) Facing her enemies head on, her spirit cannot be repressed.
  • (About Seung Mina) Her soul knows no solace in the constant turmoil of her quest.
  • (About Voldo) The power of darkness turns the gears of madness once again.
  • (About Voldo) He lives only to fulfill his master's last wish.
  • (About Yoshimitsu) A man veiled in mystery appears.
  • (About Yoshimitsu) His purpose is shrouded in mystery.
  • (About Necrid) His fate is to live with the pain of countless regrets.
  • (About Necrid) Will this victim of the evil sword ever find peace?
  • (About Kilik) He plunges head-first into the vortex of destiny.
  • (About Kilik) His gentle eyes reveal a man of strong will.
  • (About Xianghua) She stands again before the start of a new legend.
  • (About Xianghua) Her graceful sword dance cuts through enemies.
  • (About Maxi) His soul burns violently for vengeance.
  • (About Maxi) A man rises again, for his fallen comrades.
  • (About Talim) To appease the stars, the last priestess rises to the challenge.
  • (About Talim) She rides the wind freely, singing her wind songs.
  • (About Nightmare) Hungry for souls, an evil force enslaves him.
  • (About Nightmare) The delicate balance between good and evil wavers within him.
  • (About Taki) Her shadow moves with stealth, then disappears into darkness.
  • (About Taki) She raises her swords to strike down demons.
  • (About Heihachi) His iron fist is unstoppable.
  • (About Heihachi) With an iron will, he travels his own path.
  • (About Link) He quests for peace and harmony.
  • (About Link) His courage and faith are his greatest weapons.
  • (About Spawn) A messenger from Hell cometh.
  • (About Spawn) With sorrow and anger hidden behind his mask, he stands his ground.
  • (About Charade) Seeking to complete itself, a fragment takes on human form.
  • (About Charade) Beware of the Evil Blade's powers.
  • (About Cervantes) The Evil Sword came back to life in his hands.
  • (About Cervantes) He lusts for the power and madness he once savored.
  • (About Astaroth) The Warrior of doom brandishes his axe, and gives his war cry.
  • (About Astaroth) The man from the black mist bore a light of madness.
  • (About Inferno) The seal was broken and a new era of terror has begun.
  • (About Inferno) The terror known as the catastrophe has revealed itself.

Heishiro Mitsurugi[edit]

  • Swords are not toys!
  • Fine, I accept your challange!
  • Don't cry!
  • It's too late to beg for mercy.
  • There will be no mercy.
  • (to Taki, in his Destined Battle with her) You again? I've had enough of you!
  • (After defeating Taki in his destined battle with her) No one will take Soul Edge from me!
  • (encountering Inferno) I will defeat you, no matter what!
  • (after defeating Inferno) This isn't what I've been searching for..

Isabella "Ivy" Valintine[edit]

  • Give up, already!
  • It's time to die!
  • No one can escape from me!
  • This sword is my destiny.
  • This sword.. (laughs manically).
  • (Chuckles) I like that.
  • (To Cervantes in her destined battle) Silence! I can change my own destiny!
  • (After defeating Cervantes) You die first, I will join you someday.
  • (encountering Inferno) Begone! Evil!
  • (after defeating Inferno) This is the end of my cursed journey.


  • Offer your soul!
  • Annihilate!
  • Sword, give me strength!
  • I will show you the greatest Nightmare.
  • Massacre!
  • There's no turning back.
  • Bloodbath!
  • Souls, give me strength!
  • Souls, come unto me!
  • My thirst is endless!
  • Blood, darkness, come unto me!
  • More, need more souls!
  • Hurry, give me the next soul!
  • This is it!
  • This is the end!
  • Ahahahahaha! Go away!
  • I'll be restored soon!
  • Fool!
  • Not yet!
  • How?!
  • This is...
  • ...the end!
  • Got you!
  • Begone!
  • The end!
  • Souls!
  • Come unto me!
  • Shatter!
  • More!
  • Die!
  • Suffer!
  • This is it!
  • Shatter.
  • More!
  • Die!
  • Suffer!
  • (To Raphael in his destined battle) You conceited, wretched human!
  • (After defeating Raphael) You're pathetic... Go away!
  • (Encountering Inferno) I have waited for this day, for too long!
  • (Defeating Inferno) Yes, this is it...


"Is there no other way?

"Over already?"


"This rod will be your doom!"

"Here, come on!"

"I got you!"

"Are you ready for this?"

"Nothing will come of hate."

"Master, I will do this."

"Sorry. But I need you to stay down."

"Sister. Show me the way"

"Kali-Yuga. Show me the path"

"I've got to focus."

"You can't fight this with strength alone! Please understand, Xianghua!"

"Xianghua, I can't let you risk your life." (Winning Destined Battle)

"Listen, can you hear my soul scream?!" (Cutscene with Inferno)

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