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Did you mean: aeolian island
  • 4712, in British Museum. Atscough's Catalogue. A trip-hammer, with an Æolian attachment. Ralph Waldo Emerson, of John Carlyle, after meeting him in 1848
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  • we live, when we breathe; we begin our life with breathing. Nature is an Æolian Harp, a musical instrument; whose tones again are keys to higher strings
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  • which he took from Niuwentyt. Are we a piece of machinery that, like the Æolian harp, passive, takes the impression of the passing accident? Or do these
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  • Boeotians, who in more ancient days inhabited Thessaly and were then called Aeolians, the Phocians and the Delphians, each send two; ancient Doris sends one
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